Reviews for Seedling

BY : Artemick

  • From ANON - Sekah on November 07, 2011


    *gasps for breath for a long, long while*

    Come. I give my body willingly, we'll make love for this story.

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  • From NyteKit13 on September 30, 2011

    "Your toy is gone. His toy is gone. Back to business." -- Best line ever!

    That totally fit how I picture Sakyo acting were one of them to die. Not like it's a big deal to him, as long as he still has Toguro to work for him. Really nice job portraying a different side of capture Kurama. I've seen fearful and I've seen unbreakable, but this, this acceptance of Karasu (as a way of trickery, of course) was quite different, and quite nice. Also interesting that you had Karasu show a bit of honor towards the end. And Kurama showed him the same, in his own way, I believe. Nice job writing this!

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