Reviews for Indigo Temptation

BY : RaineTensai

  • From suicidein_angeleyes on November 05, 2011

    I normally can't stand Karasu, but... Damn this was hot. Just... Wow... I loved this story. So, so much. It was fabulous.

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  • From BlueUtopiah on October 17, 2011


    THIS. This is the story I've been looking for. Karasu/Kurama/Hiei is my fierce OT3 and sometimes I want the rough sex consensual and not full-on rape. Babe, you nailed it and nailed it hard. From the AU plot (which could really be a multi-chapter fic in itself) to Hiei and Karasu being in that black car with the sunglasses and all, to Kurama being in that outfit with mascara'd lashes and his under-the-outfit hardware, to Hiei seeing hues and colours, to Kurama being treated like a slave...I DIED. I must have read this 3 times in a row and I can barely speak. I know I'm red in the face because my man walked by awhile ago and cackled at me.

    THEN THERE IS THE SEX. The whole lemon was gorgeous and sensual and depraved and extra special because of the Hiei-seeing colours and Kurama being a dirty slut and Karasu being depraved thing. And I can tell that you KNOW BDSM because there were all these little hints in action and dialogue. Also, the DP left me brainless. I can't even get into that because there isn't enough room on the internetz. All I can say is thank thank thank you and you're a fucking awesome lady.

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