Reviews for Loney Afternoon Strip Clubs

BY : suicidein_angeleyes

  • From Cuzosu on August 07, 2012

    While there might not be plot here, you could actually create plot from this and extend the story. I wouldn't mind a bit.
    ;) 'specially since I definitely enjoyed this threesome.
    Usually I'm not much into true AU's, unless they're written by an author I trust not to mess things up, but...I also have this undying curiosity over the strangest things (I've read books because, on the cover, it looked like there was a jewel hidden beneath the tie in someone's ponytail before, and I wondered why) and so the title and stripper notion reeled me in to check it out. And I'm glad; it was hot and amusing, and reminds me of my stoner friends. (While I don't do drugs - or smoke, period - I have no problems with other people doing so. It's a personal choice.)
    May the words just flow,

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  • From writeaddict on February 01, 2012

    I liked it. I generally like K/H/Y threesomes though, they're my OTP. It was very well done and unexpected- Kurama a stripper?- but after you wrote it I could see him that way and being very successful at it too. I could see him being a top whore in charge of a strip joint or renting out people and using his looks and his body to his advantage.
    Romeo and Juliet was also a nice touch, no pun intended. And I also thought you did fine on the grammar, there were very few mistakes.

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  • From starchilds on December 16, 2011

    I thought that the story was very hot and sweet at the same time. Thank you, Starchilds

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