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'Look at meee...' Urges Yusuke, who's sitting in his living room with Kuwabara.

The two of them came home from shopping and found themselves alone, so naturally the first thing they did was...watch the newest episode of Dragon Ball Z. Which happens to be Yusuke's favorite show; but being alone right now he didn't exactly find TV to be a top priority.

'Damn it! Look at me!' He thought again. 'Can't be obvious about it...' Looking around the house he wondered what he could use to get Kuwabara's attention. 'Nnnooo...' He thought passing up the kick him method.

Scanning the room with his eyes he noticed the fruit basket in the middle of the table.

'Bingo!' Blinking as though he'd just heard what he thought, he shook his head. 'I've been hanging around Botan too much.' The spirit detective reached forward and grabbed a banana from the bunch and started to peel it's skin back.

"Maaan, Goku sure is letting Uub off easy," Kuwabara was saying mostly to himself. "You think that this kid could really be Buu reincarnated? Kinda creepy if you ask me."

'Uh huh, that's reeeally interesting Kuwabara, now look at me!' Yusuke turned himself side ways on the couch and spread his legs just enough for the allure. "Hey gorilla," He started to say; Kuwabara looked at him. "want a banana?"

The spirit detective placed half of the peeled fruit in his mouth and started to suck on it like he's giving a blowjob, then he winked at Kuwabara, who grinned like an alligator on crack.

"I sure do!" He climbed into his lover's opened legs, and placed his mouth over the other end of the fruit.

Leaning them back into the middle of the couch so they are lying down, the two of them sucked their end of the banana as though they were doing it to each other. Every so often a tongue would slip out just passed the fruit, and onto the other's lip.

Kuwabara, never wanting to be out done by Yusuke for anything, grabbed onto his lover's crotch between their legs then kneads it and rubs it in heavy petting circles. Yusuke opened his eyes feeling the sudden attention on his sensitive area, but closed them again melting into the feeling.

"Mmm." He sighed through a stuffed mouth.

Noticing the slight mess he was leaving around Kuwabara's face, Yusuke slid his mouth from around the banana and kissed it off through sensual long licks. Taking his tongue around under the red heads chin and the side of his mouth until he was finished, he then repositioned himself and took the banana back into his mouth getting close enough to Kuwabara to actually kiss him.

As they sucked the fruit in a battle to get to the other person's mouth, their teeth slid up and down gradually breaking it down into what now ressembles a hot dog. They sucked on in a pattern, up and down, so the red head pulled and kneaded Yusuke's member in the same way through his unzipped jeans.

Yusuke ground himself into his lover's hand, enjoying the win he was giving him. Everyday was a contest with them of who does it best, but this was a loss that Yusuke would just have to admit to.

"Mmmhh," Another muffled moan, this time from Kuwabara as he leaned closer into the spirit detective.

Just as Yusuke got a full grown erection he heard a click behind them. 'Shit.'

Just as the door began to open the two of them bit off their end of the banana, then hurled themselves to opposite ends of the couch like from the start.

"Hey Yusuke, Kuwabara..." Atsuko muttered walking past the two of them to the kitchen.

They couldn't reply because they had to swallow the rest of the banana they were eating.

"Hey Ms. Urameshi," Kuwabara looked at Yusuke and the spirit detective shrugged.

She walked back out of the kitchen with a can of mixed nuts in her hand, then she flopped down between them on the couch and sighed. "You have no idea how hard it is looking for a job." Atsuko mentioned dully. "How do they expect everyone to be good at everything, they should just let you be; they should just let you go there and be paid once every two weeks."

Yusuke grabbed a handful of his hair gesturing behind his mother's back to Kuwabara, that he was gonna rip his hair out. "So what are you kids watching? Dragon ball? You know that show is gay based right?" She picked up the remote and changed the channel.

It took all the strength Kuwabara had not to laugh at that, then he stood up and bowed to Yusuke's mother. "I've gotta go ma'am, good luck with the job hunt." He said before walking to the door. "See ya Urameshi," He called over his shoulder when the door was opened.

Atsuko looked after where Kuwabara had just gone and shrugged with her arms out, shaking her head. "He sure left in a hurry, and here I was gonna invite him to stay for dinner."

Suddenly the door reopened and Kuwabara walked back in. "Well since you put it that way," He laughed in his pause. "I'll stay, I can even give you a hand in the kitchen."

Atsuko beamed hearing that, she didn't really feel like cooking and planned on going to bed actually. "Wonderful, I'll start the stove." She stood but then plopped back down. "I didn't realize how tired I was, Yusuke could you and your friend do it?" She asked sweetly.

The spirit detective scrunched his face up to protest, but walked into the kitchen with Kuwabara on his heels.

"What do you think you're doing Kuwabara?" Yusuke asked when they were out of earshot.

"Well she said I could stay." The red head defended himself with a motherly shield. "She already likes me Urameshi, so what's your problem." It was more of a statement than a real question.

"Just forget about it and help me fix dinner. I know she won't do anything." Yusuke muttered under his breath while starting the stove, then he walked to the cabinet a little ways away from it. "So what'dya need?" He asked the red head.

"Hand me a carrot, a radish, and that pack of noodles up there," Yusuke looked around the kitchen and started to take the things out that Kuwabara needed and put them on the counter. "Chicken breast, two leeks and a-.."

"Slow down will ya, I can only remember so many things at once." Yusuke griped.

"And uhhhh, chicken stock."

Yusuke didn't even know what that was, muchless where he'd stuck it when they unpacked the groceries. "Right, chicken stock… where was that again?" He asked with an arm behind his head.

"I got it." His mother said so suddenly Yusuke nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Mom what are you doing in here?" He asked with no real question, just demand.

"I said 'I was gonna make dinner', so what are we having?" She asked.

"My specialty, Sumo wrestler stew!" Kuwabara announced with pride.

"I've heard of that," Yusuke's mother replied casually.

"Yeah right." Yusuke muttered and sat at the kitchen table.

Both Atsuko and Kuwabara looked at him, and he straightened up from their stares asking.

"What?" He crossed his arms and turned his head away from them. "Just cook your dinner and leave me alone."

"Don't mind him, he's always cranky when he's hungry." Atsuko stated, and Kuwabara laughed to himself.

"Don't worry little baby, we'll make dinner as fast as we can."

Atsuko laughed merrily hearing the red head's remark, and nodded to agree.

"He does act like a baby doesn't he?" The two of them laughed their heads off.

"Baby baby," Kuwabara chanted.

Yusuke was boiling over with anger, and he stood up shouting. "Stop calling me a baby you ass hole!" He made a retreat into the living room and they quieted down.

"Geez, I was only joking." The red head stated. "Think I should go talk to him?"

Atsuko shrugged, she didn't really care either way. She was used to his fits of rage.

"You start dinner ma'am, the recipe is in the cook book." He slid the apron off and walked out of the kitchen.

Walking down the hall he heard Yusuke's door slam shut. "Urameshi," He said through the door when he reached it. "Can I come in?" He tried to lower his voice into a serious and soothing one, but it wasn't working on Yusuke because he called through the door saying.

"Take a hike."

Kuwabara's mouth twisted up in anger to yell at him but he fought the urge. "Listen I'm sorry for calling you a baby before..." Silence. "Come oon! I said I was sorry." He listened for the his lover's voice. "Fine then, whatever, dinner's at six." Kuwabara, defeated, turned away from the door until he heard it open.

"Change your mind?" He asked, but Yusuke yanked him into the room slamming the door closed behind them.

Their mouths engulfed each other's hastily, and the spirit detective yanked Kuwabara's shirt free from his pants then shoved his hand down inside.

The red head banged the back of his head into the door feeling the tingle run up his back. "What about..." His words broke from the panting. "your mother?"

But Yusuke didn't say a word, he just continued jerking Kuwabara off while kissing his lover's neck.

"Wait a sec," The red head pulled Yusuke's hand free, and picked him up sitting him around his waist.

Walking them over to the bed Kuwabara laid them down, but Yusuke rolled over to be on top.

The spirit detective rocked up and down on his lover's lap grabbing the waist band on his pants yanking them down, then he un-fascines his own sliding them away.

"Uuh," Kuwabara moaned feeling his hot member pressed against Yusuke's but he couldn't give in to this, his mother is right in the kitchen!

"Urameshi wait." The red head protested when he felt a finger around his anus. Expecting a finger he instead got the whole package shoved in. "Aaahh!" Kuwabara moaned.

In the kitchen, Atsuko is busy chopping the leek for the stew when she hears the shout. "I told him not to bother." She said to herself and could only imagine the beating the poor boy was getting for calling her son a baby. But oh well, they've been fighting since they met each other, why break it up now.

Rubbing the backs of Kuwabara's bent legs, Yusuke slammed into him, not making a sound while Kuwabara panted and moaned from the feeling. His arms and legs, that are wrapped around the spirit detective's body, have to grip down like a vice.

He was seconds away from exploding with every minute of the in and out ram, and Kuwabara knew he wouldn't be able to keep his voice down from the unexpected event of it. Just as he started to release himself with a pleasured sigh, Yusuke drowned him out moaning loudly into his mouth to dull the noise and they lay there in a heap panting.

When the two returned to the kitchen Atsuko had everything under control, sure the slices were a little thick but it wouldn't ruin the stew at all. "I think I did everything right, but you're gonna have to check it." Atsuko stated.

Kuwabara looked into the pot and gave her a reassuring smile. "It looks ok to me."

"Good, you can take over now. Right?" The woman said taking a step back.

"I'd be happy to; stand back and let iron chef Chen take over." The red head said, grabbing the apron he was wearing a moment ago and whipping out a bandana that read, 'Iron Chef' across it's front.

"Chef who?" Asked Atsuko.

"Don't ask." Replied Yusuke.

"In about thirty minutes you're gonna taste the reason why this is my specialty." Kuwabara boasted proudly.

"I'll set the table." Yusuke's mother chirped.

"This isn't gonna be like that time we made pizza is it?" Yusuke asked the red head.

"Uh uh, this time I know I can make it- and go wash your hands 'cause-" With a glance over his shoulder he turned back to Yusuke with a smile, "I know where they've been."

Yusuke smirked and leaned forward whispering back. "You didn't seem to mind when you were sucking them clean."

"What are you guys whispering about, I've heard every man joke in the book." Atsuko was saying when she returned to the kitchen, and saw the two backing off of each other.

"Nothing mom. I've gotta go wash my hands." Yusuke walked into the living room then into the hallway bathroom.

Atsuko couldn't believe her ears, her son would never say, and to be more precise, do anything like that before. "Being friends with you sure has changed him." She mentioned walking over to the stove and looking down into the pot.

"He really has ma'am."

With a nod, Atsuko dipped a spoon into the stew and gave the broth a taste. "Not bad, you should come over here and cook more often."

Kuwabara chuckled to the thought of that. "I might just do that, if it's alright with Urameshi."

"If what's all right with Urameshi?" Yusuke asked when he came back into the kitchen.

"Nothing Yusuke." Atsuko said walking over to the table.

"Stew's ready." Kuwabara announced and they all sat down to eat.

At first, they were eating in silence.

Deciding to break the, soon to be, long lasting mood of the room, Atsuko looked up at her son and Kuwabara. "Well, looks like my son went easy on you this time," The two paused mid-bites wondering if she knew what they were doing in his bed room. "There aren't any bruises." She finished.

Kuwabara made a face of relief then a smile thinking. 'Not where you can see them anyway.'

Yusuke slid his hands under the table and onto Kuwabara's leg, giving it a squeeze.

"Deh!" He made a sudden sound of pain when Yusuke touched the little welts his fingernails left when they were in the room.

"Something wrong Kuwabara?" Atsuko asked.

"N-no ma'am, just uuuh.. swallowed it wrong."

She made a sound in her mouth of 'oh' and went back to eating. Yusuke winked at Kuwabara, who grinned in return.

"Thanks for having me over for dinner Ms. Urameshi." Kuwabara was saying as he left the house.

"Atsuko, Kuwabara, and your welcome. Stop by anytime to cook it." She waved him off and Yusuke walked out behind him, closing the door.

"Kuwabara, listen," He started but the red head blushed and scratched the back of his head saying.

"That was pretty sexy back their Urameshi, we should do it again sometime."

"Haha, I thought so." Yusuke replied wrapping his arms around his lover's neck saying. "See why we shouldn't tell my mom about us? It'll just ruin everything." He kissed him wishing he could go further but he pulled away.

"Yeah I guess so… but think of how much we could do that and know she won't care?" Kuwabara stated walking away.

"That doesn't even make sense doofus! Just go home, I'll be by tomorrow."

Kuwabara chuckled to himself as he walked down the outside corridor to the elevator.
Letting out a sigh, Yusuke laughed flatly and went back inside.


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