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Kurama is in the bathroom brushing his teeth. 'I hate when I have to sneeze while brushing.' He rubbed his nose with the back of his free hand and continued brushing.

The only sounds in the bathroom were the running water and a soft swishing sound as the toothbrush coursed through Kurama's mouth. His shoulders slumped, as he continued the slow grueling brushing then he spat in the sink, rinsed his mouth, and walked out of the bathroom hitting the light switch down as he left.

'I didn't realize just how tired I was until now,' The red head thought as he entered his room.

A small form had one side of the blanket sticking up, outlining a body.

'Hiei must already be asleep.' Kurama smiled lovingly. Going over to the bed himself, he pinched the candles dead then lay himself down, closing his eyes.

"What took you so long?" Hiei asked not seconds after Kurama snuggled in for bed.

"Nightly duties tend to take awhile, sometimes."

Hiei didn't really care either way, he was just glad that Kurama was back. The fire demon would have never slept in the bed with Kurama before if not for some nights when the kitsune would take his blanket from his bed and sleep under the window sitting up, just to be next to Hiei.

But lately they braved it all from, kissing longer than a second with his mother right in the hallway to, trying their hand at sex in other places than the bedroom. But their favorite scandal of all, was nothing more than snuggling up with each other at night in the same bed.

"Sorry if I had awakened you." Kurama said drowsily.

"I wasn't sleeping." Was all Hiei said before feeling the gentle arms of the fox demon wrap around his body and pull him in closer.


It was so quaint that Hiei couldn't help but feel the need to lean up and kiss the fox. A single kiss... but a nice one.

There was silence a moment then Kurama cleared his throat and spoke. "Hiei, there's a chess match at school tomorrow, so I'll be home late." He waited for Hiei's usual- 'Hn, more ningen activities.' but it never came. Kurama lowered his vision and smiled. 'Sleeping.' He cuddled his face to his and closed his eyes. 'I'll tell him tomorrow then.'

The dark clouds that were forming over the afternoon finally exploded at night, and a storm raged outside. A suction sound was heard in the distance right before a large KA-BOOM!

"Aahh!" Hatanaka shouted and pulled his comforter over his head.

He hated storms with a passion, and usually found himself in the hall, and in his brother's room on nights like these. He'd join his mother but her bedroom is too far away with larger windows than the other rooms, and he couldn't take seeing the lightning flashing that vividly.

A sudden snap in the distance sent the younger boy flying out of his room down the hall, with his blanket around his shoulders much like a cape. "Shuichi, can I sleep in here with you?" He asked his knocked out brother.

Not hearing an answer he couldn't just stand in the hall way, so he let himself in, closing the door behind him. Hatanaka walked over to the bed and tried to get in, but his hand hit something that was never there before.

"What the-...?" He wondered briefly feeling forwards to touch it again. 'It's warm, and it has hair...maybe Shuichi found a stray animal and brought it home with him.'

Pulling the blanket quickly over to see what new pet they might have, the lightning flashed in the background revealing the tiny body of a human. "Shuichi what's...?" He couldn't find words, he just looked.

He wasn't sure what to think, until he saw them unconsciously give each other a kiss. The boy's eyes nearly dropped out of his head, and he backed away from the bed and ran out of the room.

The next morning, Kurama came down for breakfast. "Good morning mother, Hatanaka." He said casually.

"Good morning Shuiichi." Replies Shiori, placing a plate in front of him.

Hatanaka remained quiet, eating his cereal. Kurama thought that to be weird but he shook it off as nothing, even people his age can have their trying times.

"What will you boys be doing today?" Ms. Minamino asked sitting down to breakfast.

"I have a chess match after school and won't be home until a little later." Kurama said.

His mother smiled at him then turned to her other son. "Hatanaka?" She asked him; he shrugged indifferently. "What's the matter?" Her face was concerned with a serious frown.

"It's uh..." The young boy began but decided on keeping quiet.

Kurama looked at him with question as well; true, people do have trying days but this attitude wasn't like his brother at all. Maybe he could talk to him later.

Hearing the door bell ring five times, Kurama pushed his chair back and cleared his dishes. "That's Yusuke," He walked over to the table and kissed his mother on the cheek. "Goodbye mother, Hatanaka." He said patting the boy on the back, and he shrank away from his touch without actually making the movement.

Kurama sensed the unsaid feelings, but didn't know where it could have come from. 'Hm. No time to analyze this, I don't want to be late.' He grabbed his books and walked out of the door.

"Heey Kurama!" Yusuke greeted cheerfully.

"Hello Yusuke, where's Kuwabara?" The red head looked around in question.

Gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb the spirit detective replied. "Still at home." Kurama made a low sound of 'oh' as Yusuke went on. "I wanted to talk to you for a minute, and if he's around he's just gonna start up again." The two started walking away from the house and onto the side walk.

The clouds were still hanging around from last night's storm, threatening the people below to make even an odd glance at them and they'd down pour. Placing his hands behind his head, Yusuke leaned the weight of his head back on them slightly then he started whistling.

Even being as patient as Kurama you'd find his stalling ridiculous. "...Yusuke?"

He peeked an eye opened then turned to him. "Yeah?" He asked trying not to be obvious that he is, in fact, stalling about the conversation.

"You wanted to tell me something, remember?" The fox reminded.

Yusuke sighed. "Well, it's about Kuwabara and my mom," The spirit detective began.

It made instant sense to Kurama now, and he smiled at Kuwabara's determination on the subject. "He still wants to tell her about the two of you." He said rather as a statement than a question.

"Yeah! I mean he won't let up, not even for a minute." His arms dropped from his head and he talked with his hands. "It's beginning to get on my nerves. I don't know what to do."

Kurama couldn't understand why. He had been introduced to Yusuke's mother at one point and though she's often referred to as 'a drunk', she seemed level-headed and nice to him.

"I think maybe you should just give in and tell her." Kurama said. "You never know, she may surprise you."

Yusuke felt himself tipping over with exhaustion on that side of the vote. "I thought of all people you would understand. I mean, you wouldn't tell your mother about Hiei, would you?"

That was a 'no'. Kurama could never tell his mother about...about his lover, Hiei. "It's different for me, Yusuke..." Kurama explained. "Hiei isn't human like Kuwabara, she wouldn't understand."

"Ah ha!" The spirit detective pointed a told you so finger. "You couldn't tell your mother either, so why should I tell mine?"

Kurama rolled his eyes. "Yusuke, it's completely different for me. Hiei isn't-..." But the spirit detective cut him off saying.

"Excuses, excuses, you wouldn't have to tell her that he's a demon, just dance around it."

Kurama could always do that, but Hiei meeting his mother wasn't the issue at hand. The problem was supposed to be about Yusuke telling his own mother about he and Kuwabara, not the other way around.

"...Are you embarrassed about the two of you?" Kurama then asked.

Yusuke could only look at his friend, then he shook away the question answering. "No. It's not that, why would I be embarrassed about us?"

Kurama made a mental shrug, and they continued walking in silence.

"I'll go get him." Yusuke said when they made it to the swordsman's house. He ran up the concrete path to the front door, shoving it open once he'd turned the knob. "Kuwabara come on! I thought you'd be ready by now?"

The spirit detective looked around the living room half expecting the red head to be sitting in front of the television, but he was nowhere in sight.

"I'm in the kitchen Urameshi!" He heard the scratchy voice call.

With a smile creeping up on his lips, he walked into the kitchen and saw his love eating breakfast still in his boxers and tank top. "What the-...?" He muttered when he seeing him this way. "You're still eating?" Picking up the bowl, Yusuke devoured what was left inside.

"Heeey!" Kuwabara protested, but the bowl was placed back down on the table, empty, as the day it was made.

Yusuke retreated into the living room calling over his shoulder. "Get dressed and come on, or we're going without you."

Kuwabara looked sadly into his bowl with tears welling falsely in his eyes. "But I wanted to eat it." His head sank between his shoulders in a sob.

Outside. Kurama waited for the two to leave the house, but sees only Yusuke return. "Where's Kuwabara?" He asked.

"Inside getting dressed, and they called me slow." Yusuke stood outside wanting to go back in but he waited patiently until Kuwabara came out.

"Yusuke?" Kurama started, but didn't wait for Yusuke to protest this time. "I really think you should reconsider this, you obviously don't care who knows about the two of you, so why is your mother an acceptation?"

The spirit detective really didn't know. He just didn't wanna tell her, was that so much of a crime!? Suddenly an idea struck him.

"Alright Kurama, since you seem to be on Kuwabara's side in this, I'll agree to it."

Kurama was no fool, there was a pause in his words as the 'but' and he knew more than well what the 'but' was.

"If you tell your mother about you and Hiei being together. You don't have to say anything else about him."

Kuwabara, who was walking up to them in the distance grinned and said. "Tell who anything about who?"

Kurama, looking at Yusuke, sighed and said. "I'm going to tell my mother about Hiei and I. And you Kuwabara, are going to be formally introduced to Yusuke's mother as his lover, as well."

The red head couldn't believe his ears, in fact, his whole body seemed to jump back from the words. "Whoa! Seriously?" Kuwabara asked.

Through a sigh he replied. "Sure Kuwabara, you're finally gonna tell my mother about us." With that, Yusuke walked down the sidewalk whistling again.

"Me?!" Kuwabara wondered if he'd heard right. "Urameshi wait!" He ran to catch up with him.

Kurama chuckled lowly at their everyday antics, but his face soon furrowed with a sigh. 'Yes, maybe it would be better for both Hiei and me if my mother knew my secret...' Looking on ahead to his friends that were about to get into an animated fight he shook his head lightly. 'I just wish I knew how to tell her without getting the wrong kind of response.'

"Kurama, you comin!" Kuwabara called.

Kurama raised a hand and ran to catch up to them.

9 9 9

Back at the Minamino house, Hatanaka is standing in front of Kurama's door. His hand reached out for the knob but he pulled back. 'No.' The boy shook his head. 'I have to know what's in there. There's no way I saw what I saw last night.' Putting his hand on the knob and giving it a turn without pushing it he sighed. 'There's no way that Shuichi is...'

Hiei was walking around Kurama's room looking through one of Kurama's books that he found in his desk. 'What does he see in these things anyway?' The fire demon wondered as he skimmed the pictures and pages. 'He picked up an axe.' Hiei mentally sounded out.
Without his knowing it, the door to the room swung open. Hiei had vanished instantly before the boy's eyes could even adjust to seeing what was in the room.

He sighed to himself and skimmed the room with his eyes. 'I shouldn't go inside...' The boy thought. 'I shouldn't...it's none of my business, and it was dark... I could have been imagining the whole thing.' Hatanaka sucked up his nerve and placed a foot inside the room. 'That wasn't so hard.' He put the other foot inside. 'What am I doing, I was seeing things.' He turned around and walked down the hall and out the front door.

When the boy was outside, he couldn't help but look up at his brother's window. "What the-…?" He said lowly seeing the curtain move over from a rather large crack that was made from the other side. His fears pricked up, and he ran the whole way to school.


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