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Kuwabara and Yusuke waved goodbye and walked away from the school, rapidly, actually, almost at a run. Their walk was a silent one, but Yusuke could feel the unasked question in the air and he turned to his love and raised an eyebrow.

"Well?" He said to be a little more obvious.

"What?" Kuwabara asked.

'God this guy really is dense.' Yusuke thought then grinned slyly asking. "Well aren't you gonna ask why I said yes to telling my mom about us?"

Kuwabara kept his pace steady and his eyes forward then he shrugged. "I just figured Kurama said something to you about it, and you caved." Seeing Yusuke's frown, the red head laughed knowing that he was right. "It didn't take a genius to figure it out."

"No kidding, you got it right off." This time it was Yusuke who laughed; but Kuwabara just rolled his eyes. "Come on it was a pretty good one, you walked right into it." He continued to laugh.

Smiling Kuwabara simply said. "Whatever Urameshi, see ya tomorrow." He turned at the corner and started for his house.

Yusuke turned himself in the opposite direction and started for his own house, until he noticed that Shizuru's car wasn't in the drive way. "Heey Kuwabara!" The red head turned to his name.

"Yeah?" He said a little low for someone far enough away.

The two of them tore each other's clothing off tossing them aside to the floor in a heap. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss and they held a vice grip to each other's faces. When ever their lips parted they found their tongues exploring the other person's mouth and face.

The two of them were still tumbling around on the bed to see who would be on top, and Yusuke won the battle by pinning the swordsman to the bed by his wrist. His mouth dove down onto Kuwabara's and he sucked powerfully at the tip of his tongue. "Uuah," Moaned the red head when his lover moved away and rimmed him, under his chin, to his chest then down to his naval making a little nipping circle around it when he was there then he continued down to his more private area.

Coursing it along his shaft to the very head, he licked the slit at the tip receiving the wet reward dripping out. Yusuke freed Kuwabara's hands only to get a nice hold on the boy's waist while he went to work. The red head's legs tensed from the more than enjoyed feeling he was receiving but he wanted to get a little action himself.

"Aauuhhh," Pant a moment than tries again. "Urameshi hang on." The boy held the sides of his lover's face and raised his head up a bit. "Let's sixty nine." He panted out.

Yusuke smiled taking his time letting the hot member slide from his mouth. His tongue swished back and forth while his lips clamped down tighter. The sensual surge, scrunched the boys stomach in.


Yusuke chuckled under his breath liking his lover's reaction to it, then he pulled away. Kuwabara let himself lay flat on the bed again and he picked Yusuke up by the waist placing him down on his face slowly, taking his time as well, licking gently back and forth on the dangling heat before him.

Just as Yusuke melted into the feeling and waited for his shaft to be enclosed in the warmth of Kuwabara's mouth it went past it and onto his pelvis, then his balls were met with Kuwabara's mouth. Yusuke's whole body shook feeling a shock wave run up his spine. He bit his tongue to resist the scream that was coming out.

His breathing is a ragged pant now, and he tried bobbing his hips up and down in his mouth but Kuwabara was holding him too steadily. "Aaaahhhuuahhh." Yusuke moaned. The red head mock-chewed one of the tasty pieces of meat into his mouth, with his lips over his teeth for protection.

He finally had him completely rested on his face and he continued to suck away at them. Yusuke was too engrossed in the feeling he was receiving, but he felt a gentle push between his shoulder and he remembered to dip his head down and do the same.

Yusuke took Kuwabara's entire shaft into his mouth and he sucked. His hands slid around the red head's butt as he grabbed a hold of his balls to see how he liked it. He felt Kuwabara's stomach arch up onto his own and he rocked forward and back, gliding his abs along his body.

The two of them moaned through a mouth full and continued sucking. Kuwabara felt the little puddle forming in the dip of his neck and his hand slid up his chest and picked up the spirit detective's abandoned member. He rubbed it up and down while their body boat waved up and down.

Kuwabara could feel where Yusuke was going next and he lifted his butt up off the bed letting his lover's finger dip into his anal passage taking them into a seventy one position as Kuwabara's free hand caressed up Yusuke's backside. His index finger played around the hole running little circles around and around.

Until it slipped casually inside, their fingers pumped in and out of each other and they paused for a moment from their blowjobs to moan then they picked right back up in it. Their hands caressed their balls and chains, increasing the friction until they both shot off. Yusuke on Kuwabara's chest and Kuwabara in Yusuke's mouth.

The red head's head fell back onto his pillow letting his exhausted mouth take a break. While his finger continued to pump Yusuke's hole. The spirit detective licked his lover clean before resting his weight down in a slump, his face was laying carefully against Kuwabara's sex, letting his hot pants run off and on his lap.

"Aaah!" Yusuke called out feeling Kuwabara remove his finger when he was done, just as he had with his. The spirit detective rolled off to the side and lay against the bed. Kuwabara sat up and joined him at the bottom end of the bed. The two shared a brief kiss, then rest in each others arms with a sigh.

Yusuke felt his strength slowly returning, and he gave Kuwabara a kiss before getting up. "I gotta go, okay?" He said plainly.

"Yeah sure," Replied the red head watching him move about the room to dress. "So about your mom" Kuwabara was saying. "when are we gonna tell her? Today or tomorrow?"

Yusuke glanced at him a second while zipping up and wiping the cum off his stomach and he replied. "Hmm, tomorrow. I need time to think of what to say."

"Okay." Though he didn't believe him at all.

Yusuke walked over to the bed and climbed on top of him giving him one last kiss. "See ya." He said, sliding away and walking out of the room.

"Yeah, see ya."

9 9 9

At the Minamino's.

Hiei waited patiently for Kurama to walk through the door. He was looking out the window as he often did, but he didn't see the fox walking up the sidewalk. 'Where is he?' He wondered. 'I'll give him five more minutes, then I'm going after him.'

Luck gave him the next best thing, as he saw Yusuke walking by the house. He smirked slightly and vanished.

Yusuke walked steadily along whistling a tune to an anime he's seen before. He couldn't remember the name, something like trij- tri..ah, not important. 'Now what should I saay?' He wondered. 'Say mom guess what? I'm gay!' He rolled his eyes to that one. 'Oh that'll blow over big...' He looked ahead of him and saw the little point of black before the actual face. "Hey Hiei." He said and continued by while the fire demon fell into step with him.

"Yusuke." He said flatly in response.

They walked in silence. 'This is beginning to become a pattern.' Yusuke thought.

Hiei looked straight ahead then asked. "Where's Kurama?"

Yusuke shrugged and said. "At school. He's doing some chess thing."

Hiei's eyes narrowed at that. "They can keep you after as well."

"Ha, that's what they do best, especially to guys like me."

Hiei didn't get the joke, but Yusuke chuckled to himself. Looking around the fire demon smirked and said. "I don't see the ape anywhere. Did you finally break up?"

Yusuke blinked then laughed slightly. "Noo, he's at home- and don't even say that, it puts it out there." The spirit detective quieted after that.

"Why are you walking around then?" Asked the youkai.

"I'm thinking about something." He replied quietly.

Hiei wasn't much for whose doing what but, being bored all day, he needed to talk to someone.

"You see, it's like this," Yusuke continued on. "I'm gonna tell my mom about Kuwabara and me, and I kinda need to think of a way to break it to her." It was quiet a moment.

"Hn, baka." Hiei remarked.

"Why, what's so stupid about that." Asked the spirit detective.

"Kurama wouldn't waist his time, because it's none of their business." The fire demon stated.

Yusuke couldn't believe his ears. "Noow somebody is on my side." He couldn't believe it. "Where the hell were you all day when I was debating this with Kurama and Kuwabara?"

Hiei was clearly confused.

With a wicked grin Yusuke cleared it up for him. "Ohh, that's right, Kurama never got a chance to tell you because he was gone all morning." Yusuke clasped his hands together and chuckled starting to feel a little better that he wasn't the only one on the other end.

"Tell me what?" Hiei asked, pausing in his steps.

Yusuke held back his laughter and said. "Kurama's gonna tell his mom about you too! He's gonna have a hell of a time coming up with a way to do that." The spirit detective started to walk again but Hiei remained still.

'He wouldn't.' Hiei could still hear Yusuke babbling on ahead and he turned away and vanished.

At Kuwabara's house. The red head is searching through his closet for something nice to wear tomorrow. A suit? Maybe his normal attire? Nah, he wanted to wear something that said 'I'm not too concerned with what I wear but if I have to put something on it'll be nice.'

"Let's seeeee," He mused to himself. "something red maybe?" He examined his wardrobe carefully and sighed. "Maybe I'll just go in a suit?" He took his only suit from the closet and held it against himself like the woman did in their dressing rooms. "Hmm, can't really tell much from just lookin' down, maybe I should get a camera?"

The curtains blew gently over at Kuwabara's window, but he hadn't noticed since he was back in the closet again. Hiei peeked inside and remained in the window sill. He had never actually been to Kuwabara's house except once during that- Christmas thing, but they remained downstairs the whole time playing those ningen games.

'Such a fool completely oblivious to attacks.' Hiei thought with a smirk.

"Hey Hiei." Kuwabara said plainly and continued to rummage through his clothes.

'How did he?' The fire demon wondered.

The red head came from his closet showing a sly grin. "Guess you didn't know my spirit awareness has gotten better, I could sense your energy."

With a tight smirk, Hiei shrugged it off and turned himself in the window to a more comfortable position saying. "Hn, who really cares anyway..."

Kuwabara chuckled to himself knowing that deep down the half pint was impressed. "Now where was I?" The red head placed a shirt on his bed and slid his own off to change into the dressier one.

Hiei watched, bored, sighing when the red head was through with his life long task.

"So what do ya think?" Kuwabara asked, taking him by surprise and Hiei smiled with a little fang saying. "You're not actually going there like that are you?"

Kuwabara looked down and frowned. "What? You don't like the shirt?" He asked.

Hiei turned his nose up saying. "I meant your face."

Feeling his blood boiling Kuwabara raised his fist in anger and shouted. "What?! You wanna say that to my face shrimp boy!"

Hiei was in Kuwabara's face like a flash causing him to step back. "You're ugly." He said and returned himself to the window missing Kuwabara's fist that sailed at him.

The red head grumbled but returned to his normal state and shrugged. "You think you're such a hot shot," He commented. "Well I can't wait to hear what Kurama's mom says about you tomorrow." He went to his closet muttering under his breath.

Hiei's eyes widened. "How did you know about that?" He asked trying to seem as though he didn't really care it was just a legitimist question.

"Cuz Urameshi and Kurama were talking about it earlier." He tossed three shirts behind him and onto his bed and continued talking. "I owe that guy a huge thanks. If he didn't agree to telling his mom about you, Urameshi wouldn't have agreed to it either."

"Agreed to?" Hiei asked.

"Sure, it was his idea that if Kurama told about you he'd tell about me, he's a pretty stand up guy to be doin' it too."

Hiei's eyes narrowed as he thought absently. 'I'll kill him.' Meaning Yusuke.

"So how's about this one?" The red head asked tugging another shirt over his head.

"Just as bad as the last." Remarked the fire demon.

"If you're gonna sit around insulting me, you don't have to stay." Kuwabara snapped at him, knowing he was being overly sensitive but the task at hand was a little important to him.

"No." Hiei eased himself to the floor and walked over to the red head's bed and sat down quietly.

"Heh heh, that's better." Kuwabara chuckled and walked back into his closet.

Hiei used the opportunity to look around Kuwabara's bedroom. It was simple but nice, though not as nice as Kurama's room. But nice all the same. He looked at a pair of pictures sitting on his TV stand and walked over to see them up close.

The first one was an obvious couples picture with both he and Yusuke trying to out do the other with a flexing pose and the second of the four of them and Koenma- older Koenma. That was taken after the tournament by Botan.

This time Kuwabara had a huge grin on his face and his arm around Yusuke with his fist twisting into his hair and the spirit detective may have been smiling but it looked as though he were gonna toss him over his shoulder at any second.

He and Kurama were a little different but not entirely; Hiei looked as though he didn't wanna be there and Kurama had an adorable smile on, with his arms around Hiei's neck. The picture made him smile a little, Kurama kept his copy in his photo book which Hiei looked through when ever he was at school.

Remembering where he was he returned to the bed noticing that he hadn't even heard Kuwabara mumbling about this and that while he looked for something to wear. "What do you think of this one?" He asked, joining Hiei at his bed. The fire demon just gave him a bored expression.

"Well I like it, I think I'll go with this one." He removed the shirt and pants without hesitation because he knew Hiei of all people wouldn't look even if he were bare butt naked in front of him. Slipping into a pair of jeans he yanked a blue, white and tan t-shirt on and started to pick up his scattered clothing.

Hiei sat quietly watching then said almost too low to be heard. "...Kuwabara?"

Thinking he was mistaken the red head almost didn't answer but he was pretty sure he'd heard him say his name. Instead of making him uncomfortable by picking on him about it he just turned and asked. "Yeah?"

'Dammit. I was hoping he hadn't heard me.' The fire demon thought. "What do you plan to say once Yusuke tells his mother about the two of you?"

Kuwabara hadn't thought that far ahead, he figured Atsuko and Yusuke would hash it out for a while then she'd say 'do what you want' and he'd say 'I planned too' then all would be normal. "Gee, I don't know." He finally said. "What about you, you think Kurama's gonna tell his mom everything about you and him?"

Hiei knew Kurama wouldn't be that stupid, but to be tricked into something like this by Yusuke wasn't exactly smart to begin with. "I don't plan on saying anything about it, except to Kurama when I change his mind."

Kuwabara looked horrified, shocked, and shook his head raising his voice unintentionally. "W-Heey! You can't do that!" Hiei was already standing up to leave. "This means a lot to me and if Kurama doesn't do it, Urameshi might back down."

"Not my problem." Hiei said half way through Kuwabara's words but he'd heard him any way.

"What do you mean not your problem, so make it!" He ran to the window and stood in front of it with his arms spread out.

"Move." The fire demon demanded with a hint of force in voice.

"Uh uh, not until you listen to me." Kuwabara said.

Hiei sighed and decided to listen even though he didn't really need the big ape to move aside while he got by, he just figured he'd humor him for today.

"Now listen, wouldn't it be great if you could spend time with Kurama, non-stop, anywhere in the house even though people are around? It can't be any fun hiding all the time."

He had a point there but it wasn't enough to convince him this whole thing wasn't a dumb idea.

"And she doesn't have to know everything just that you two are seeing each other."

Hiei wasn't impressed and started past the swordsman again.

"Wait wait!" He called turning around and grabbing onto Hiei's clothes giving him the saddest face he could make.

"Please Hiei, I know you and me don't always get along too good," He started and Hiei rolled his eyes. "But I've always thought of you as a pretty good guy- sure a little creepy and moody sometimes but all the same pretty ok..." He paused seeing if it were working then he just shouted out. "You gotta!" He was nearly in tears, he never wanted something so badly in all his life.

Hiei yanked his clothing free and climbed into the window saying. "We'll see."

"Gee thanks! And good luck tomorrow." Kuwabara cheered to himself and turned away from the window.

"I don't need it..." He was about to disappear until he stopped and muttered. "Don't think we're friends or anything now but, maybe you won't screw up as much as I thought you would."

With that he was gone. "Was that Hiei...being nice to me?" He laughed slapping a hand behind his head then said. "Oh well take what you can get."


Author's Note: Geez, spicy cheecheechee


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