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Kurama is walking very casually home from school and reading a book as he does so. It's now around 4:38; and he's more than ready to fall into the arms of his little fire demon. Since his mother wouldn't be home until 5 something, and his brother would undoubtedly be at a friend's house after classes. The two will be alone for a good hour or so and he had every intention of using that free time to their advantage.

That was good enough to make him avoid stopping to smell the roses, as they say. Raising his bookcase to his chest he stuffed the book he was holding back inside and walked hastily along the sidewalk.

"Hi Shuichi." One of his chess friends waved when he passed him at the stop sign.

Kurama waved back and continued along the rest of the trip uninterrupted and in silence. When he reached his house, he smiled to himself when pulling out his key to unlock the door, which in fact had only locked it. 'That's odd.' He thought and unlocked the door.

The first thing he heard was the television going and he wondered if maybe his mother were home, but instead he found his little brother sitting in the kitchen humming some tune he was listening to on his walkman. Hatanaka hadn't noticed his brother walk into the room until he heard the weight of Kurama's school books drop onto the table. Kurama figured he might as well do his homework too since he and Hiei wouldn't be getting that alone time after all.

Blinking back to reality Hatanaka took his headphones off, and blushed his vision down at his homework. "Shuichi I didn't hear you come in." He said almost bashfully.

Kurama smiled at his little brother replying. "You're not supposed to listen to music when you're doing your homework."

The younger boy looked away saying. "I know."

He slipped the walkman onto the seat of a vacant chair, then got his head back in the books. Kurama was already well distracted in his homework, so his little brother took this as an opportunity to study him.

'Shuiichi looks likes he always does,' the boy thought. 'He still sounds like himself too.'

Kurama wasn't oblivious as to what was going on around him and he knew his brother was watching him, but he couldn't figure out why? "Something wrong?" He asked.

The boy quickly shook his head and turned his attention back to his work. Kurama shook his head with a smile and returned his attention to his work as well.

Hatanaka figured he was just being silly. He hadn't seen anyone in his brother's room. It was so dark that he only thought he saw someone in there, but it could have easily just been a shadow or a stuffed animal. He didn't know everything about his brother so there is a good chance he sleeps with a fury friend to keep him company when ever he's scared. He used to do that once himself, until he grew out of it but he still has friends with bed pals.

Smiling at his realization he began to do his homework again, until something else struck his attention. When he opened the door to his brothers room a book fell right in the middle of the room as though someone had dropped it...Where had that come from, and who was the person in the window? Hatanaka wasn't entirely sure if he had really seen anyone but someone had to have moved the curtains from inside the room.

"Uhh," He heard his voice and couldn't believe he was gonna ask about it. Kurama looked up to show him he had his undivided attention. "Was...I...?" He trailed off.

Kurama scrunched his face and asked. "Were you, what?"

The boy shook his head and tried again. "Not me, um...I have this friend..." He looked for the right words to say but couldn't find them at the moment.

Kurama figured he'd better open the floor on discussion since his little brother was embarrassed about it. And he was pretty sure he knew where this was going. "If there's a girl in school that you like, you don't have to be embarrassed to talk to me about it."

This was getting messy, now he thought that it was him. "It's not me, it's you!" He exclaimed.

That was shocking to hear. Kurama wondered for a moment what it could be about. As far as he knew his brother knew nothing of what he did once out of the house- or in it for that matter. So what could it be? "What about me?" He asked.

Hatanaka thought he would just drop dead right there, his back was against the wall and he was being boxed in. Time to swallow the nervousness and just spit it out. "I saw you last night..." He said quietly.

Kurama had to think a moment of what on earth he was talking about, he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary last night, then it hit him. '...Hiei.' His eyes widened a second with fear but he relaxed himself incase that wasn't what his little brother were talking about.

"...Don't think this is weird or anything cause, I could be wrong but..." He paused a second and Kurama made a slight nod for him to go on. "...The other night it stormed and I...I was scared, so I went into your room and when I started to get in the bed something was blocking me..."

Kurama looked horrified now. 'He is talking about Hiei,' His throat had run instantly dry and his swallow was unsuccessful. 'Why hadn't I locked my door, because I didn't think it would storm that's why.' His little brother had paused for some time and looked down at his papers waiting for Kurama to say something but the fox had no words so he had no choice but to go on.

"...It was a body wasn't it...?" He asked. Kurama nodded. "...And it was a boy...?" He nodded again. "..Oh..." Silence. "Does this mean you're...? You know?" He asked cautiously.

Kurama didn't want to answer but lying wasn't always his first option- at least not to his family and friends. "..Yes." His voice was almost not there.

"Oh." Was all Hatanaka could say.

More silence. They casually broke the silence with their body movements by going back to their homework, but their voices had nothing more to say without being completely embarrassed or humiliated for being so nosey as to bring it up.

While quietly working Hatanaka realized that he had a lot of questions to ask, and he knew Kurama wouldn't exactly wanna answer them. Kurama on the other hand had a few questions himself like, what his brother planned on doing with this new information and if he was going to tell their mother before he could ever get the chance to.

The fox was shortly given the question without asking when his brother asked. "Does mom know?"

As if on cue the woman walked into the house, with her keys jingling in her hand and a big smile on her face. "Good afternoon boys, how was school?" She asked.

"Good." They both replied almost simultaneously.

"That's wonderful." She said and disappeared into the living room.

Kurama shook his head to the question asked earlier then leaning sideways toward his brother he added whispering. "And you can't tell her Hatanaka, please. I planned on doing that myself and very soon...but until then this secret is between you and me, understand?"

His little brother nodded hastily and Kurama smiled reassuring him that nothing would change from the way it normally was. And he was glad Kurama wasn't mad at him for his accidental prying. So now he knows the fox's secret, and for his brothers sake he was gonna guard it with his life.

At first, Kurama's being gay came as a shock for him but he had never actually seen his brother with any girls period. Where as most boys his age are always bringing their girlfriends over and getting caught in bed with them Kurama never did anything like that.

Hatanaka was beginning to think he was an alien or something. But now he knows the truth and after a while of arguing with himself he excepted it as...ok. Weird, but ok.

Kurama returned to his room after finishing his homework and was ready to tell Hiei about tonight. Or tomorrow night...now that he's thinking about it, maybe it isn't such a good idea after all. 'I wonder if Yusuke will understand?' He thought, placing his books into his desk drawer.

The fox walked over to the window and moved the curtains aside expecting to see Hiei sitting there, as he usually was, but instead it was empty. 'That's odd. I wonder where he could have gone to?'

Turning to leave he nearly fell over the little fire demon who was now standing directly behind him. "...Kurama." Was all he said.

The fire demon looked less than happy to see him and he could only wonder what the problem could have been.

"Hiei, if this is about staying after school, I had meant to tell you." He explained but the fire demon scoffed his words off by turning his nose up.

A tiny smile appeared now and he walked over to the fox and pinned him to the window sill by his wrist. Kurama could only watch as the scene unfolded before him. Hiei's lips met his and they kissed each other viciously, until Kurama moved his mouth away with a sigh regaining his breathing.

"Hiei we can't do this, my family is right downstairs." He pleaded with him, but Hiei's grip tightened and he hopped himself up around Kurama's hips without knocking the kitsune down onto the window seat and he gradually rocked into him.

His kiss tasted like flaming wine in Kurama's mouth and he didn't want to resist him, but Kurama knew that this was only going to lead to disaster if they didn't stop. But with every melting kiss his mind and body turned to mush. Hiei left little piercing bites on the boy's lips every once in a while and Kurama sighed in pleasure feeling his legs weaken beneath him.

The fire demon breathed his inner warmth onto his lovers mouth and hissed. "I thought you wanted everyone to know what you've been doing."

Kurama's eyes snapped open and he looked down at Hiei, who was smirking devilishly at him.

"So you know." Kurama stated more than asked.

"If you mean that you're becoming a gullible fool just like the rest of these ningen, than, yes."

Letting his hands fall free from Kurama's wrist, Hiei wrapped his arms around the fox's neck instead. "Hiei, I was going to tell you. Really." Kurama began but the fire demon cut him off with a sharp tongued,

"Save it." And he moved completely away from him, walking over to the bed.

Kurama downcast his eyes knowing there is no arguing with Hiei when he was in a mood like this, so he decided on defensive for a while.

"And what exactly were you going to tell them Kurama?" Hiei then asked.

"Listen... I wasn't planning on telling them without getting your consent first..." He trailed waiting for Hiei to say something but nothing came out so he went on. "The only thing I was going to say is that we're together and that's it...Yusuke and Kuwabara-..."

"Are ningen fools as well." Hiei commented cutting him off again. "...They told me about how they tricked you into doing this."

Kurama felt cornered now and he was beginning to grow impatient, but he kept his composure as he often did. "You need to understand that this has nothing to do with how, just why... I think it is about time you and I stopped sneaking around."

He studied Hiei closely which was a little hard due to the fact that he has his back to him but either way he'd shown no signs of listening or care for the situation. Walking over to his little lover Kurama placed a hand onto Hiei's shoulder before walking around to face him.

"Hiei?" He started. "Wouldn't you rather come and go as you please, rather than stay in my room like a caged animal."

Hiei seemed to be listening now- only a little- but listening.

Kurama's face softened as he walked backwards guiding the fire demon with him by the hand. "This is something we both need." He said with a sweet tone. The fox's hands slipped into his lovers black blue hair and he leaned him in for a kiss which was quickly interrupted from a knock.

Hiei, of course, had vanished instantly.

Kurama sighed in exasperation then picked himself up from the bed and walked to the door. "Yes?" He asked when he opened it. Its his brother. He had his eyes down to the floor and his face looked flushed as though he were embarrassed to even come near his brothers room now.

"Uh... I came to tell you that dinner is gonna be ready in a half hour."

Kurama smiled faintly and opened the door a bit wider. "Would you like to come in Hatanaka, it's perfectly alright." He asked and the little boy looked up at him suddenly and blinked.

"It's ok?" He asked as though he had thought about the actions himself rather than had it offered to him. His brother nodded stepping out of his way.

Hatanaka glanced around the room almost expecting to see the strange boy sitting around somewhere, but it was empty as it would have been any other day of the week. Well except that it never actually was empty because the boy was just hiding out.

'I hope this weirdness passes eventually.' The young boys eyes continued to dart around the room until he relaxed seeing that there was no threat lurking anywhere.

At least he thought so until the bedroom door closed behind him and neither of them were close enough to have done it. "Uhhh," The boys voice suddenly stuttered his fear out and Kurama laughed.

"Have a seat Hatanaka." He insisted.

Swallowing a hard lump in his throat the boy did as he was instructed. "Sure is dark in here," Hatanaka noticed out loud.

"He likes the dark." Kurama couldn't help but have fun with it. After all, every big brother picks on the younger one eventually.

Feeling a shudder run up his spine Hatanaka couldn't help but ask, "Who?"

Kurama smiled as wickedly as he could and looked into the darkness in the corner of the room by the door. "My boyfriend of course." A pause. "Would you like to meet him?" He thought his brothers eyes were gonna fall out of his head they became so wide.

"Could I?" He wondered out loud.

"Of course," Kurama looked to where Hiei was standing.

The little fire demon's eyes glowing red, but luckily his brother hadn't seen it. Then he stepped into the light and walked over to them. "This is Hiei." Kurama introduced and was almost expecting to see his brothers eyes fall to the floor because his jaw would catch them from rolling away.

Hiei stood there motionless as his brother gawked at him. Hatanaka's curiosity took the better of him and he stood up going over to him for a closer look. "Wow." He said so lowly it was almost unheard. The young boy walked a complete circle around him, looking the fire demon up and down.

From his arms to his legs, his clothes and height to his oddly colored hair. Hiei was a lot for a person to look at when they're first introduced to him. Whether in demon form or not. "...Wow." Hatanaka commented again.

Kurama chuckled lowly to himself and Hiei didn't seem to thrilled having a kid circle him like a buzzard.

When the boy finished looking Hiei over, he reached out to touch but Kurama grabbed his brothers arm back and the fire demon smirked. "Hiei, this is my brother. Hatanaka."

The young boy held out a hand and Hiei looked down at it, receiving a please behave look from Kurama so he rolled his eyes and took the kids hand refusing to look at him while they shook hands like a couple of humans.

"Wow!" Hatanaka stated feeling that Hiei is indeed real. Give him a break, finding out your brother is gay and that he's been hoarding his lover at your house the whole time, can be a real shock to some people.

Hiei took his hand back wagging it about a little then he looked at Hatanaka saying sarcastically. "What an extensive vocabulary." Kurama laughed inward and shook it off.

"Mom's gonna freak out when she sees him..." His brother said suddenly regaining his normal pattern of speech. "are you gonna bring him down to dinner tonight?" He asked.

'Dinner?' Kurama had thought that he would merely tell her about Hiei not sit down for an entire dinner or anything.

"We'll see." Kurama placed a hand behind his head not really sure of the answer.

"Why not," Hiei said suddenly. "It beats eating alone in here."

Now it was Kurama whose jaw was dropping to the floor. Since when was Hiei into participating?

"Really? You wanna come down right now? Getting on mom's good side is easy when you help out around the house." Hatanaka was saying. "You could set the table."

This was all happening too fast, he had to get some control before Hiei actually does go downstairs just to spite him.

"We'll all have dinner tomorrow Hatanaka, I promise." Kurama said placing his hands on the back of the boy's back and practically shoving him out of the room. "Until then you can't tell mother about Hiei, understand?"

The young boy nodded and looked around his brothers body waving to Hiei. "Nice meeting you." Hiei just crossed his arms turning his nose up.

"I'll be down for dinner shortly, and please remember what I told you." Kurama informed. "I will," His brother replied and ran down the hall to the stairs. Letting out a sigh, the fox turned around and looked at Hiei who was still standing beside his bed with his arms crossed and the fire demon glared at him.

"Satisfied?" He asked.

Kurama opened his mouth but nothing came out and taking that as a no, Hiei scoffed and vanished. Kurama figured he went to blow off some steam and he walked out of his room closing the door after him.


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