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"Hang on, I'll go wake him." Shizuru said into the phone.

'Wake him?' Yusuke wondered if she were joking about that, but then he heard a sleepy Kuwabara's voice and started laughing.

"What?" The red head asked yawning a bit.

"You can't seriously be sleeping, it's nine o' clock." Yusuke laughed.

Kuwabara wiped his eyes and straightened up. "Nine forty five actually, and I always go to sleep at this time."

Yusuke scoffed hearing that saying. "Since when?"

Shizuru came into the kitchen entry way, with a smile on her face.

"Since I'm not over at your house tonight to keep me awake." She was sneaking up behind her brother, who didn't seem to notice her, as he continued talking.

"About that, seems my mom is leaving and who knows when she'll be back."

Shizuru's ear came to one end of the phone and she listened.

"So you wanna sleep over tonight?" The spirit detective asked.

"He'd love to, Yusuke." Shizuru answered.

"Shizuru!" Kuwabara felt his cheeks blushing and he walked a distance away from his sister, who was making kissing sounds in the background.

"Sure Urameshi, let me get my stuff." He swatted at his sister who just dodged his attempts and laughed.

"Stuff?" Yusuke repeats to an unlistening ear.

"Cut it out, I'm on the phone." He heard Kuwabara saying.

"Hey lover boy, tell Yusuke I said goodnight." Shizuru walked into the living room to watch the next episode of I love Lucy, playing on Nick at Night.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be right over."

Yusuke smiled hearing it and said his goodbye.

"See ya, Urameshi." Kuwabara hung up and walked into the living room. "I'm uuhh," He started to explain but Shizuru waved it off.

"Just don't come back here with a hickey or anything."

Kuwabara turned beet red and shouted. "Shizuru!" But she only laughed.

Grumbling to himself, Kuwabara walked into his bedroom grabbing something to wear for the next day, and his toothbrush, and pillow. He stuffed the contents into his sleeping bag backpack, since it was the smallest, and he walked out of the house.

"Hey Yusuke I'm leaving and won't be back till late, okay." Atsuko was saying.

"Sure mom, just make sure you're not carrying the house keys when you get drunk, and lost, again."

Atsuko smacked him in the back of the head and walked to the door. "I'm not going drinking smarty pants. I'm going out with the girls to a movie."

Yusuke crossed his arms with a whatever and turned on Nick at Night. Atsuko shrugged with a sigh and walked out the house. "Hm, don't see why she has to leave anyway." He was muttering to himself. "And where is Kuwabara!?"

"Man I'm tired, he picks the worst times to call." The red head stopped at a tree yawning.

His pillow was pressed against the trunk of the tree and he rested his head down onto it. A car went by honking it's horn waking him back up, and the driver laughed out loud noticing he startled him.

"Rrr. Every body's a comedian." He grumbled and continued his walk to Yusuke's house.

9 9 9

Kurama walked into his room after his nightly preparations. He was hoping that Hiei was in bed waiting for him, but when he walked into his room he saw the blanket laying flat and he frowned. 'I wonder where he may be?'

"Hiei... Daijoubu ka?"

A dark form appeared in the window silhouetted by the moonlight and Hiei said quietly.

"Daijoubu." The fire demon slid himself down off the window seat then walked over to the bed, joining his lover underneath the covers, after blowing out the candles on the dresser.

"Hiei," Kurama wrapped his arms around him and Hiei embraced him in the hug as well. "If you were upset from before than I apologize for it."

Hiei only snuggled in closer to Kurama, which he thought was a little odd, normally when Hiei is upset he plans to stay that way until he's either bored with it or thinks you've suffered enough.

"Don't bother, you sound ridiculous." He replied and Kurama smiled. Hiei is feeling better from what ever was bothering him. A hand came up to Kurama's cheek, and touching it tenderly Hiei whispered to him. "Kirei Shuichi."

Kurama instantly flushed hearing this. Hiei, regardless their relationship, has never once commented on his human looks. Sure he calls him stupid from time to time...okay a little more than time to time but he never says a word of how he looks.

His Youko form is the body that receives the fire demons praise and attention. But to hear Hiei calling him beautiful was a little surreal.

"Thank you..." He replied feeling a little foolish afterwards. He didn't know what to say to it, that's all.

Hiei didn't seem to care though and he pulled the two of their faces together for a kiss. It was different than his usual skin tearing kiss, it was almost as though he were kissing a part of Kurama he dared not touch, which is his human half and it was kind of nicer this way. Hiei broke away from the kiss and leaned up on an elbow pushing Kurama down on his back then he climbed on top of him. The fire demons tongue came out, parting the fox's lips before going inside.

Kurama's hands ran up Hiei's back into his hair and he crushed a handful inside his fist, then combined it with his fingers. Their breathing was opposite each other when Kurama's chest rose up, Hiei's fell away from it in vice versa. Their mouths parted a moment to catch their breath before they rejoined again.

Kurama moaned into Hiei's mouth and picked his shoulders and head up off the pillow to dive deeper into the kiss. The fire demon began rocking up and down on Kurama's stomach to get the tingle out of it; the fox could feel his hard on growing against him and he pushed Hiei's hips downward to let him know it was okay.

The fire demon smirked and slipped the fabric away from Kurama's hips and he grabbed onto his member jerking lightly on it, while he moved himself back up to Kurama's mouth. Kurama Lifted his hips off the bed a second to let the fabric fall evenly around his legs. Hiei's hands explored the lower region of Kurama's body until it was underneath him.

His kisses soon fell to Kurama's collar bone, while he probed him with his finger at his anal passage. Just when the fox thought Hiei was going to stick his finger inside of him, he was soon surprised by the suddenly large amount of pleasure that came inside of him. He moaned quietly inside himself and felt his legs being lifted to his chest while Hiei positioned his self around him.

The fire demons thumbs rubbed and caressed Kurama's chest and nipples while they kissed. The two kept a steady pace with each other rocking in and out, over and off. Hiei licked Kurama's lips then down on his neck then back up to his mouth again.

"Shuichi," Hiei moaned into Kurama's mouth.

'I can't believe this is really happening, Hiei is making love to my human half and not just my youko side.' Kurama thought.

The fire demon's warmth trickled inside of Kurama and it made his body jerk from the heat. Hiei ran his hands up and down the inner thigh of Kurama's legs and over his hips and pelvic area. While kissing his ear Kurama kept hearing the faint whisper of Hiei calling him beautiful again. Their speed picked up down below but their kissing remained slow and intense.

"Aah!" Kurama called out a little louder not meaning to but he didn't care if the whole world heard him. At that moment all he wanted was to feel it and enjoy.

9 9 9

Kuwabara arrived at Yusuke's house ten minutes later than the normal time it takes to get to the spirit detectives house, and when he walked inside Yusuke had already fallen asleep on the couch.

"Urameshi?" Kuwabara asked looking down at the sleeping figure. "Well, at least we'll be going to sleep."

Kuwabara put his things in Yusuke's room, then returned to the living room picking the boy up into a sitting position in his arms.

"Geez you gotta lay off the fried chicken, you're getting heavy."

Kuwabara laughed at his comment and took him into his bedroom. After lying Yusuke on the bed he undressed from the pant's he tossed on over his boxers then he climbed into bed with him, adjusting them both under the blankets then snuggled them together in a hug then after giving Yusuke a quick kiss and, "Goodnight." he went quickly to sleep.

It took only a minute or two for Yusuke to wake up and notice he was in his room. At first, when he felt the red head's arms around him, he just snuggled closer to him. But a smile appeared on his lips and he started to rub his chest around his nipples.

'This'll wake him up.' He thought, slipping his hand underneath the fabric. Kuwabara remained asleep. 'Still sleeping huh?' Yusuke pushed the shirt up so it was high enough to show the hardened nipple he was playing on and he licked it. Still nothing. "Kuwabaraaa," He whispered and continued his groping and kissing. 'Give me a break, suddenly this guy can sleep through a hurricane?'

Another thought occurred to him and Yusuke's fingers walked themselves down Kuwabara's chest and stomach until reaching his crotch. At first his fingers just lightly played on it, then he grabbed a hold and started to slowly jerk Kuwabara off.

He then began to lick his chest again and the red head shifted his position.

'See, now that's what I'm talking about.' Yusuke smiled to himself squeezing his lover harder. A laugh projected from Kuwabara and he rubbed Yusuke's arms opening his eyes.

"Urameshi," he said sounding really aroused. Kuwabara rolled over on top of him and leaned down for a kiss but instead said in a loud tone. "I'm trying to sleep!"

That took Yusuke by surprise, and the red head rolled off of him mumbling something about school tomorrow and Yusuke moped a minute then climbed on top of him in a straddle.

"Well what for? We're both awake now." He was saying and Kuwabara sighed. "And who knows when my mom'll wander back in, so we can be as loud as we want." The spirit detectives voice was kind and pleading but it wasn't working at all.

"Uh uh." Stated Kuwabara and closed his eyes knocking Yusuke to the side.

"Fine then, go to sleep." Yusuke climbed back under the blanket with a, "See if I care." then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Kuwabara chuckled a little then rolled over on top of him. "Alright, maybe just one little kiss..." Silence. "Urameshi?" He looked him over and surely enough he had gone back to sleep. "Some guys can't take a joke,"

Giving Yusuke another kiss, Kuwabara relaxed himself on top of the spirit detective then went to sleep as well.

The front door cracked open then Atsuko appeared in the entry way, then she waved over her shoulder to her friends that had honked the car horn as a goodbye. Going to the closet she dropped her jacket off and walked to her sons bedroom assuming he wouldn't be asleep this early.

"Hey Yusuke, I got you a box of that candy you like so mu-..."

Her words were sucked back into her mouth, when she walked over to the bed and saw her son more than a little close to his friend Kuwabara.

"Ohh myy..." But she trailed off and smiled. 'So that's why he didn't have any bruises on him...Oh Yusuke, you think you're so clever don't you...well son you're dealing with a pro.' Atsuko walked out of the room with a smile on her face. 'and two can play at this game.'

She dropped the box of candy onto the coffee table and went to her own room to go to bed, but not before she set her alarm clock to wake her up early so she could sneak out and make it seem as though she just got in. If her son was gonna keep this from her she'd find a way to get it out of him.


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