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At the Minamino home, the next morning. The sun winked into the blinds of Kurama's window. The beam had slightly warmed his eyelids causing them to open. At first he scrunched them from the glare of sun then he just shut them all together, and snuggled his face against Hiei's with a smile.

"..Hiei," He breathed out looking at him.

Tightening his hug when feeling no response from the slumbering body, Kurama planted a kiss on his little fire demon's cheek before hauling himself up out of bed going then into the bathroom.

His hair brush was the first thing he grabbed and, placing the length of his hair over his shoulder, he began to brush it while watching himself in the mirror to see that it isn't getting frizzy. After tending to his hair he grabbed his toothbrush and the toothpaste.

In his room, Hatanaka walks to the door and raises his fist to knock until he hears the sink water running in the bathroom. 'I wonder if Hiei's still in Shuichi's room?' The boy thought while returning to his own room to get his school bag.

Kurama left the bathroom, after 20 minutes of his usual morning routine, then walked downstairs and into the kitchen. The fox was still walking on air since last night and the feeling didn't seem to wanna go down. Not that he would have forced it away. The red head felt so good he actually couldn't wait to tell his mother about Hiei over dinner. Grabbing a few pans and sliding the toaster out of it's cover he started breakfast for his family, while humming a song 'Amazing Kiss'.

"Hey Shuichi," His little brother said walking into the kitchen, in mid-position of tugging his shirt over his head.

"Good morning Hatanaka, did you sleep well?" Kurama asked.

"Yeah, I had a really cool dream and your friend was there. You two were like super hero's" with a shrug the boy continues. "I don't know. Are you gonna tell mom about him tonight?"

"Tell me about who?" Shiori asked walking in.

"Uhh," Kurama muttered. 'I can't get cold feet now.' He coached himself.

"How thoughtful, you made breakfast." She noted while being handed a plate full of food. "Thank you." His mother sat down at the table.

Kurama placed a plate in front of his brother and sat down with his own. 'It's now or never.' He thought. "Mother, would it be alright if I had a friend over for dinner? I'd like for him to meet you."

Shiori smiled at her son saying. "Any friend of yours is okay with me. Bring him over."

Kurama grinned standing up to hug her and she gave a slight laugh.

"Besides, it's nice to cook for someone that hasn't tasted all my dishes."

"I'm sure he'll love it." Kurama picked up another plate and filled it with food. "I'm going to take this to my room, I still have to get ready for school, and I can't miss breakfast." The red head explained seeing a grin creep onto his brother's lips.

At Yusuke's house. The spirit detective woke up feeling the weight of Kuwabara on him followed by a gentle kiss. At first he kissed him back but remembering that it was now daylight he jumped up frantically, knocking the red head off the bed in the process.

"Heey!?" Kuwabara woke up with a shout.

Yusuke was rushing out his bedroom door calling over his shoulder. "Why didn't you wake me up, my mother could have seen us like that!"

Scanning around the house, he expected to find his mother sitting in a corner somewhere in a room going out of her mind, but there was no one.

'She's not home?' He thought this was odd, but returned to his room seeing Kuwabara recovering from the floor.

"Give a guy some warning next time." He muttered.

"Yeah sorry." Yusuke said picking up Kuwabara's book bag shaking it into his arms.

"What's gotten into you anyway?" The red head asked.

Yusuke went into his closet and grabbed his school uniform. "Nothing personal okay, I just thought my mom would've been back by now," tugging the green shirt over his head, he then started on the pants while the soft fabric of the shirt tumbled down the rest of his abdomen.

Kuwabara blinked hearing that and replied. "So?"

"Sooo? She could have seen us like that stupid!" The spirit detective explained.

Kuwabara started to get himself dressed for school all the while glancing at Yusuke who was tugging his close on practically at warp speed.

"We've gotta be out of here before she gets back." He said doing the buttons on his shirt.

With a sigh Kuwabara quickly dressed himself as well but found himself saying. "Y'know even if she did see us, at least you wouldn't have to find a way to tell her about it, all that'd be left is the explanation to why, I guess."

Yusuke slid his feet into his socks next then walked into the hallway. "Listen, I know this is important to you, which makes it important to me, but I'd rather do this my way. Okay?"

Kuwabara had basically stopped listening to him after 'if it's important to you than it is to me' because he was now on cloud nine and didn't care what he did. The two of them hustled out of the house just in time to bump into Atsuko, who was just getting in.

"Oh!" She called out from startle.

"Mom?!" Yusuke said a little shocked himself and reached out a hand to steady her.

"I see you two are off to school. It's nice to know I don't always have to tell you to go."

Yusuke placed his hands between the red heads shoulder blades and began to push. "Yeah well, we're kinda in a hurry so-..."

Atsuko cut him off leaning towards Kuwabara saying. "It usually takes a good slapping around for me to get him up this early, what's your secret?"

Kuwabara blushed and tried to hide his smile. "Well actually-..." He started but Yusuke shoved the him towards the elevator.

"With a voice like his who wouldn't wake up." The spirit detective kidded. "We're gonna be late if we don't leave now, bye mom."

"Bye Yusuke, bye Kuwabara." She waved. "I'll see you after school."

Yusuke waved over his shoulder and the two of them stepped into the elevator.

Kurama entered his bedroom. Hiei was just getting up from his sleep. With a yawn on his face and a hand to his eyes he winked one open and saw Kurama walking over to him. "Why didn't you wake me?" He asked.

"Isn't it better you sleep." Said the fox; but Hiei didn't think so. "I brought you breakfast."

He sat the food down beside him and leaned over to kiss Hiei which he gladly took. "Too bad I have to go to school,"

"Than don't leave." The fire demon said backing off of him. He looked down at the food picked up a piece of toast taking a bite.

Kurama watched him a second then blinked himself back to reality. "Sorry Hiei, but I have to go. I won't be late getting home so it'll be around two something." Kurama stood up from the bed and walked to the door. The fox said 'goodbye' but Hiei didn't say a thing. He just sat on the bed, contently, eating the breakfast his fox had made him.

"I have to get to school mother, I'll be home right after." He assured her and said goodbye to them both.

"Goodbye Shuichi." His mother said.

"See ya," waved Hatanaka.

Just as he opened the door Yusuke's fist came down onto it and he knocked on Kurama's forehead then jerked his hand back when he noticed. "Oops, sorry." He chuckles. "Why didn't you say anything." The spirit detective asked not really expecting an answer.

"That's alright Yusuke, I didn't feel a thing." Kurama said closing the door.

Kuwabara leaned his head back laughing loudly, pointing his finger at Yusuke, who swatted it away and rolled his eyes then smiled. "What a coincidence, I said the same thing to Kuwabara last night." He retorted and Kurama chuckled to himself.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Asked Kuwabara.

The three boys started their walk to school, even though it was a little early, they weren't exactly running so they'd get their just at the same time they usually did. Kuwabara and Yusuke were arguing with each other as they normally do on their way to school and Kurama laughed quietly to himself over hearing.

'What a beautiful day this is.' Kurama thought brushing a hand through the leaves of a low tree branch. 'I wonder if Hiei would like to go on a walk with me later.' A brief flash went through Kurama's mind of last night and he could feel the red filling his face.

"You're in a good mood." Said Yusuke, stopping his conversation with the red head.

"No more than usual, I don't think." Stated Kurama in a little white lie, he was beyond his normal cheerful state! I guess a feeling that good is hard to pass off as normal happiness.

"What's up, you get a raise in your allowance or something?" Yusuke continued to probe his good mood, did he plan on getting an answer?

Kurama couldn't just say it. So instead he replied with a hidden smile. "You could say that."

Kuwabara grinned at Yusuke tossing an arm over the fox's shoulders saying. "If it's not money, then it must be the good stuff." Said Kuwabara joining in on the probing.

Kurama couldn't hide his smile so instead he parted himself from his friends grips and walked ahead saying over his shoulder. "Let's just say I'm not a virgin anymore."

Yusuke and Kuwabara watched the fox walk on alone and they leaned close to each other placing a hand beside their mouths to whisper. "What does that mean? I thought Kurama and Hiei were already sleeping together." Said Kuwabara.

"Maybe they held back every time until now?" Commented Yusuke.

"So Kurama's finally gettin' the good stuff?"

Yusuke narrowed his eyes at the swordsman and said. "Kuwabara we're old enough to say it, and yeah I do think he's gettin' it on."

"Are you two coming. We don't want to be late." Kurama said, startling the two of them at how suddenly close he was.

"Ahaha right, we'll be right there." Said Yusuke.

He and Kuwabara parted and let Kurama walk ahead of them again.

Hearing a whistle follow him they placed an arm behind their heads and Yusuke mumbled from the side of his mouth. "Okay, he's weird." Kuwabara made a sound to agree with him and they followed Kurama to school.

7 7 7

At Sariyasaki Junior High school.

'When will this day end!' Yusuke mentally shouted while yawning. The spirit detective had his feet up on the desk and his head leaned back far enough to be laying on the person desk behind his.

"Do you mind?" The girl asked.

"Wah?" Asked Yusuke sitting up and turning around. It was the girl that got shoved into the wall, he remembered jumping into her that day to beat up those guys. "Oh sorry." He mentioned and returned himself to the position he had just come from hearing the girl sigh in defeat.

The principal walked into the class room and talked to the teacher briefly before standing in front of the room holding up a few papers for the class to notice. "May I have your attentions?" Mr. Hashiba asked them but the class continued to talk. "Students may I have your attention?" He asked again.

Yusuke cracked his eye open and looked to the front of the room mentally declaring the topic, 'Boring.' He straightened up in his seat turning to his left, and leaned forward to talk to Kuwbara just as Mr. Akashi slammed a book down on his desk to quiet them. "Did you see the wrestle mania last week?" He asked the red head.

"For someone who doesn't like school you seem to love staying after class." Mr. Akashi remarked. "Might I suggest you zip it."

"Yeah yeah," The spirit detective turned his attention to the front of the room and the principal cleared his voice saying.

"Since we are coming to the end of the year, I wanted to tell you all that we're going to have a family picnic on the last day, so do bring your parents or you won't be getting your grades."

Moans and groans of complaint went up from the students, and the man raised his hand to silence them.

"Now now, it's our way of giving you a nice change of pace- that- and making sure your parents actually see what you got before you get a chance to tamper with them."

"Wonderful," Yusuke dropped his head knowing the fate that lay ahead for him. 'With all this stuff Koenma made us do I didn't have time to focus on school...' He grumbled in anguish.

"I've also come here to hand these out." Mr. Hashiba went on remembering the papers in his hand.

The principal walked between the desk of the first row and handed out a piece of paper to only one of the students in that section of desks.

"Hey Urameshi," Kuwabara started but Yusuke's attention was taken away from him when the principal handed one of the papers to him. "What's it say?" Asked the nosy red head after not receiving one. He didn't wanna be out of the loop- especially when a few kids shouted and started to ball them up.

Taking a look himself Yusuke's eyes widened. "Summer school!" He fumed. "Not me! I have an excuse." He griped but the principal shrugged before walking out of the room. He held the paper up towards the sky looking at the yellow, illumination, from the sun. "I can't believe I have to go to summer school." He was saying again.

He and Kuwabara are sitting in their usual spot of the roof for lunch, and since Kurama's school has a free period, he came across the way to join them. Only Yusuke is too disoriented to eat at the moment.

"What did you expect, you've skipped a lot of school, Yusuke." Kurama said bluntly.

"Thanks for the sympathy." He said with his voice dripping of sarcasm, but Kurama merely smiled and took a bite from his lunch. Yusuke sighed and stuffed the paper into his school bag. "Besides what's that got to do with anything, Kuwabara missed a lot of school too and he's not going."

There was a laugh from the red head and he placed his fist to hips holding his head up with pride. "That's because I started studying and made up all that missed work." He laughed again looking over to Yusuke. "Last test I took, I got a C minus."

'He just missed a D.' Thought Kurama with a humble expression.

"Wish I'd of done that." Yusuke said, already imagining everything he'd be missing while stuck in school. Letting out a loud groan he slumped over saying. "Greeeat."

"Don't worry Yusuke, Kuwabara and I will help you with your work this summer." Kurama was saying looking towards Kuwabara.

"Yeah sure."

Perking up, Yusuke said. "Look at that, knowing nice nerds does pay off." Kurama and Kuwabara scowled at him but Yusuke waved it off. "Now, killing this touching moment what did you and Hiei do last night?" Kurama felt that same blush coming over him again and he looked down into his lap. "Musta been pretty good if your gonna blush like that every time we say Hiei's name." The spirit detective scooted closer to him staring at his face.

"Come on, we won't laugh." Kuwabara said scooting closer too.

Kurama seemed guarded but then he opened his mouth and said. "Wasn't that the bell?" With that he stood up and walked to the door on the roof.

"Hey wait!" They called after him. The two rushed down the stairs after their friend stopping him at the door.

"I'm going to insist you ask me no more questions about the matter."

Yusuke and Kuwabara looked as though they were listening to his request until Kuwabara said. "I'll tell you what me and Urameshi did after school the other day."

"That's a fair trade." Kurama chuckled lightly. "Listen, I'll tell you after school. Now if you'll excuse me I must be getting to class." He walked past them through the double doors.

"Guess I better go too, wouldn't wanna add on to my sentencing and miss winter break." Giving the red head a quick kiss Yusuke pushed through the doors. "See ya Kuwabara." Yusuke walked down the hall to his next class.

Kuwabara waved a hand saying, "See ya." then went in the opposite direction.

Back on the roof. Botan flew down from the sky, landing perfectly on her feet. "Somehow I always seem to miss them." Botan was saying pulling out her mirror and looking into it. "Sorry Koenma sir, but they've already gone back to class."

Koenma scowled. "Dumb as a rock and they still think there's hope. Well talk to them when you can this is a very important case. Koenma out."

The mirror returned to a normal item and Botan sighed. "My work is never done."


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