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That afternoon. Yusuke was walking home alone; Kurama and Kuwabara already went their separate ways leaving him to ponder what to tell his mother about summer school.

"I can just hear her now," He was saying to himself, placing his arms to the back of his head and with every step he took he was slapped lightly on the back of his head with his school bag. "Yusuke, have you been skipping school again." He went on. "Or worse, she'll lay that whole guilt trip on me about how I need to be more responsible if I'm ever gonna make something of myself, that's always been a popular one." Looking up into the sky he saw one of the clouds wink at him and he blinked in disbelief looking at it harder. Then he heard a familiar laugh.

"Hello Yusuke, dull day again I see." The grim reaper said floating out of the sky.

"You could say that," He replied waiting for her to land beside him before he started walking again. "Where are Kuwabara and Kurama I need to speak with all of you." She was saying.

Yusuke dropped his hands to his sides slumping over a bit. "As if I don't have enough to think about." He muttered.

"Didn't catch that," Botan said cheerfully although she had heard him, she was used to the sour personality he had from time to time.

"Well I'm going to tell you so you can inform your comrades, alright?" She looked over at him, seeing his head still hung low. "Yusuke are you listening to me? This is important spirit world work."

Straightening himself up he looked over at her and shouted in her face. "Yeah Botan I'm listening, so what is it?!"

Taken aback the girl blinked and placed her arms behind her head. "Well you don't have to shout! A demon has been discovered underground and there's a chance this thing can be uncovered when a group of miners go up there to dig."

"What am I supposed to do, tell them they can't dig there? They won't listen to a bunch of punk teenagers." The spirit detective commented.

"Well duh Yusuke, that's why you're going to get there before they do." Botan informed. "If the four of you make it to the mine shaft then you can lure the demon out and apprehend it." Exampling with a sweep of her paddle. "Then I and Koenma will take care of the rest."

Thinking it over Yusuke shrugged. "That sounds easy enough, but what's with the little bit of info, you're gonna send us on a blind date with this thing?"

With a laugh Botan sat on her ore and floated up into the air. "When I have information I'll send it straight away." The grim reaper waved goodbye to him.

Yusuke watched her until she was gone then he continued to his house.

"Yuck," His mother said when he walked in. She was changing the channels with a look of pure disgust on her face.

"What's with you?" He asked.

His mother turned her head looking a little shocked that he'd come home right after school. He never usually did. "Oh I just saw something on TV." She muttered and went back to flipping.

"Oh." He started walking to his room.

She looked over her shoulder making sure to say loud enough for him to hear. "Nothing grosser than two guys kissing each other."

Yusuke looked as though he'd gotten hit in the back of the head and recovered, spinning around to go back into the living room. "What d'ya mean?" He asked trying to sound as though he had no feelings on the subject.

Atsuko waved a hand saying casually. "I just think men and woman shouldn't kiss the same sex, it's so dirty and a lot of them just do it for attention, like two of the same sex could really fall in love."

'She's gotta be kidding me.' Yusuke thought.

With a scoff, Atsuko turned off the television and turned herself on the couch to face her son. "Your friend Botan stopped over looking for you, am I gonna have to have the birds and the bees talk with you mister?"

He still had an odd look on his face of a guilty smile until he'd heard what his mother had said. "Botan isn't my girlfriend!" He snapped then relaxed his self crossing his arms adding. "and besides, I already know, she caught up to me outside."

Atsuko was acting as though she hadn't heard him going on. "Course she did mention Kuwabara too, is she dating him?" She asked him.

This was getting to him now and he unintentionally snapped at her again. "She isn't dating anyone, so just-..." He paused looking for a word. "be quiet!" With that he marched back to his room calling over his shoulder. "By the way, Kuwabara's coming over for dinner tonight." His door slammed seconds after.

Atsuko laughed to herself then said loud enough to be heard. "Oh good, I found a great couple's- I mean- couple of recipes in that cookbook of ours. Maybe he can help me with them."

'This is gonna be a nightmare.' The spirit detective thought grabbing his phone.

At the Minamino house. Kurama is going through his closet for some clothes. Hiei sat on his bed watching him carefully with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"What are you doing?" He asked, having the whole scene remind him of what Kuwabara was doing. Gross thought.

"I'm looking for something for you to wear tonight." Kurama answered casually.

"I'm not wearing anything." Hiei stated and uncrossed his arms resting himself against the head board.

"You can't be naked Hiei," The fire demon's face bent in anger when he heard Kurama's breathy laugh.

Hiei grumbled at him saying, "I meant I'm not wearing any of your ningen clothing, stupid fox." then he turned his nose up.

"Please Hiei, it would mean a lot to me if you wore something a little..." He searched for the word but couldn't quite find one.

So Hiei filled in the blanks. "Cleaner? Nicer? Brighter?!"

Kurama raised his hands in defense. "No Hiei, nothing like that," He walked over to his bed with a suit. "I just thought it would make for a nicer presentation if you wore a suit, and it would be less suspicious of your true nature."

Knowing that Kurama was right Hiei sighed letting him know he'd go along with it.

The fox smiled at him and stood up holding the suit out. "Stand up, I wanna see how it fits against you."

Hiei grumbled again but stood up, instantly having the suit held against his body; Kurama then laughed.

"You see, this is stupid I'm not wearing it."

Kurama shook his head. "I wasn't laughing at you, I like how it looks."

Shoving it into the youkai's hands he backed away from the bed to find something to wear himself. Hiei looked at the suit again and dropped it to the floor sitting back down.

When Kurama returned he noticed the suit and frowned. "You're going to wrinkle it if it's on the floor." He stooped down to pick it up then he spread it out on the bed. "Dinner isn't until an hour from now, so we've got time to do what we like before getting dressed." The fox hinted, pulling him in for a kiss but just as their lips were about to meet Hiei whispered.

"I'm not wearing the suit." Jumping back away from Kurama, the fox grabbed for him catching a handful of his shirt. "Let go of me Kurama!" He shouted.

The fox pinned the fire demon to the bed and laughed victoriously. "I don't care if I have to get you dressed myself, you're wearing it."

Hiei struggled for a second then stopped and smirked at him whispering. "Kurama," The two of them shared in a heated stare-down when there was a knock on the door.

"Shuichi are you in there?" It was his brother.

"Come in Hatanaka." He looked back down at Hiei and he was gone, nothing left of him but a shirt.

The door opened a crack then his brother said lowly. "Are you alone?"

"Yes, you can come in."

The door opened completely and the young boy walked in looking around with his eyes for Hiei but he was nowhere in sight. Kurama was beginning to wonder himself where he had gotten to so quickly but figured he'd be back in time.

"So what are you gonna tell mom about your friend?" Hatanaka asked sitting down on the bed.

"I thought I'd just start by telling her that he's a good friend of mine, then as dinner progresses I'll bring up the other part." Kurama lowered his eyes saying that. 'If I can hardly say it out loud to my brother how will I say it to my mother.'

The boy looked over his shoulder again then back at his brother. "So where is he, I got something I wanna show him."

'Show him? What could it possibly be?' Wondered the fox. "I'm not really sure, but he'll be here by dinner." Hatanaka seemed a little down about that making the fox's curiosity greater. "So what was it that you wanted to show him?" He asked.

"This." Hatanaka dug into his pocket a second then pulled out a match car racer.

"A car?" Kurama wondered.

"Yeah, I thought he might like it, it's pretty rare, and since you let me see him I figured it's the least I could do." Kurama laughed to himself and the boy looked confused. "What?"

"Shuichi, Hatanaka will you come help me with the table?" Their mother called upstairs.

"Coming!" Hatanaka shouted. "It's almost show time, this is really exciting huh?" He already sprang up from the bed and went out the door.

"He's more excited than I am. Maybe I should just let him do it." Kurama stood up and walked out the door. A breeze blew past the window and he figured that Hiei really had gone out. "I hope he does come." He closed the door behind him.

9 9 9

"You should have seen how crowded the subway was today," Atsuko was saying when they all sat down to dinner. "we were all so close we were practically having sex with the person in front of us from the butt." She reached out, touching Kuwabara's shoulder whispering. "I swear these two guys were actually enjoying it, they kept looking at each other smiling. Ugh, I was nauseated."

Kuwabara nodded and smiled at her, while Atsuko laughed to herself about what she was saying.

"Bunch of fags. Can you think of anything more disgusting then a guy on a guy?" She asked.

"Nope not a thing." The red head replied quickly.

'Kuwabara!?' It was time to take aggressive action. "Will you shut up mom, he doesn't care!" The spirit detective shouted.

"He seems interested to me, aren't you interested Kuwabara?" She asked.

"Sure ma'am, I love hearing your stories." The red head answered, but Yusuke could see his false smile.

"You see. He doesn't care, why don't you stop being such a baby just because you're not comfortable with the subject." Atsuko said. The baby word quieted him down and he sat back scowling.

"I don't see why you care anyway when your friends are drag queens." Yusuke mumbled.

The two of them just looked at him a second until his face registered annoyed and he asked. "What?"

Atsuko waved him off saying. "Oh Yusuke that's completely different, they're just guys that want to be girls they're not kissing men as they are." Before her son could say anything she turned her attention away and continued talking to Kuwabara. "Anyway you're a really good cook Kuwabara, any girl would be lucky to have you."

Kuwabara just laughed a little uncomfortably and bit down onto his fork. "Ow!" He cried out but it wasn't from what he did, and looking down he saw Yusuke's fork leaving from his pant leg.

Leaning over Kuwabara hissed at him saying, "What did you do that for?"

Yusuke sneered and whispered. "I need to talk to you in the living room." Standing up Yusuke muttered they were going into the living room a moment.

Atsuko shrugged taking a long drink from her mug.

"What the hell are you doing agreeing with my mom about all that stuff? She thinks we're straight!"

Kuwabara crossed his arms and sighed. "Well duh Urameshi, no one said this was gonna be easy."

Scowling, Yusuke glared at him. "It would be a lot easier if you weren't backing her up!"

Kuwabara waved his hands telling him to keep quiet. "I was just trying to stay on her good side."

"Worry more about mine." Yusuke said before turning to go back into the kitchen.

"You two finally done bickering, geez you'd swear you were in love with each other with all this 'private time' you're spending together." Both of their faces turned red and she laughed. "No need to get angry- I was only joking. I didn't raise any fags."

Kuwabara jabbed Yusuke in his side and he swallowed really hard with a laugh saying, "Yeah about that..." But he was cut off by his mother continuing on.

"I can't imagine what it must be like for other parents that have to face that, why I'd just throw Yusuke out on the streets. I have no use for him anymore."

Anger was welling up inside of the spirit detective, since when was his mother this vindictive? And why was she making such a big deal out of gay people all of a sudden? Has she always felt this way? There were too many questions running through his mind right now that eventually he just exploded. "Dammit mom, will you shut up!"

Atsuko looked insulted and blinked in disbelief. "What's with you?" She then asked.

Yusuke couldn't let the train screech to a halt now so he went on. "I'm sick of sitting here listening to you babble on about gay this and that when... when..."

She raised a brow in question. "When what...?"

He sat down and mumbled out. "When Kuwabara and me are seeing each other." Atsuko's eyes went wide in shock and she put a hand up to her mouth.

At Kurama's house. He returned to his room to change out of his school uniform for dinner. Just as he stepped in, Hiei walked out from the closet and stood before him in the suit. "Well," He said.

"You look really handsome Hiei." Said Kurama walking over to him then around. "Does this mean you're going to wear it to dinner?" He asked.

Hiei turned his nose up walking over to the bed saying. "I put it on… didn't I."

Kurama went into his closet taking out his casual house wear and started to undress. Hiei watched him contently. Kurama looked over at him with a smile. "I didn't know I was putting on a show." The fire demon looked away. Kurama wasn't entirely sure but, if Hiei were ever the type, it seemed as though he were blushing.

After slipping on the rest of his clothes he walked over to the bed sitting down, then began to fix the legs on the suit. "You don't need the jacket," He mentioned sliding it off and continued rolling the legs up at the bottom. "There." Hiei looked down at it then back up to Kurama. "I need for you to go out the window and ring the door bell."

"What for, I'm already here." Hiei stated.

"Yes, but it would be better if you used the door." They heard his mother calling for dinner and Kurama gave him a pleading look to behave. Hiei smirked slightly so the fox figured that he'd listen- even if he didn't really want to. "Thank you Hiei," Kurama left the room leaving Hiei alone and the fire demon looked at the window.

'You owe me Kurama.' He vanished.


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