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Kurama was getting nervous now, he actually thought he felt sweat forming on his forehead. 'Where is Hiei?' He wondered looking out of the kitchen entry way at the front door. 'He's five minutes late.'

"Shuichi, is your friend still coming for dinner?" His mother asked. "You did tell him the right time didn't you?"

Kurama nodded. "Yes mother, I've told him." He looked to his little brother who placed a glass down shrugging, then shot his eyes to the direction of the stairs. "I just remembered I forgot something upstairs," Kurama was saying until he heard the door bell ring.

Shiori smiled and wiped her hands on her apron. "That must be him." She walked into the living room with Kurama and Hatanaka right on her heels.

When the door opened Kurama's eyes went wide with shock, Hiei isn't wearing the suit he'd given him. Instead, he was wearing his usual pants with a light blue long sleeved shirt covered by a black sleeveless kataginu which was covered at the neck by a scarf.

Hiei smirked at Kurama's shocked face but Hatanaka thought it looked cool. Shiori on the other hand had looked over his head then down. "Oh! Hello," She bowed lightly to him and stood aside. "please come in."

Hiei glanced at her then walked into the house with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

'Please don't let Hiei make a scene.' Prayed the red head; sure he trusts Hiei but you never can predict what he's going to do, especially when he's always wearing a poker face.

"We were just about to have dinner." She said directing the fire demon into the kitchen with the others. Kurama wanted to sneak a moment of word in with Hiei, but his mother wasn't giving him a chance to snag the fire demon away.

"I hope you like Chirashi." She said going to the stove and bringing back a large wooden bowl filled with seafood, mushrooms and vegetables spread over rice. Hatanaka and Kurama had already taken their seats but Hiei was still standing. Shiori smiled at his politeness to not sitting before a lady- she assumed- and says. "You may sit where ever you like."

She set the bowl down on the table in the middle and Hiei turned to Kurama putting a hand on the back of his seat looking at him as though he were planning to sit on his lap. "I'll sit," Hiei paused a second making Kurama really nervous then he said casually and took a seat next to his mother. "here."

Shiori smiled at him. "Such a lovely boy." She commented. "I hope you like seafood with your rice. This dish is my specialty." Ms. Minamino scooped out some of the dish and placed it onto Hiei's plate.

He smirked at her and looked across the table at Kurama who looked as though he were going to have a heart attack at any second.

"Let me know what you think." She finished serving the dinner to her children then gave a spoonful to herself.

Everyone had their eyes glued to Hiei as he stared at his chopsticks hard enough to burn holes in them. He reached up to pick them up. Kurama caught his breath.

'I forgot to teach him how to use chopsticks.' The fox thought panicking.

But Hiei seemed fine with it, as he placed them between his fingers as pinchers and stuck them into the rice. Glancing at Kurama's mother, she smiled at him and he smiled back faintly before placing the food into his mouth. Hiei chewed it as though it would take him forever.

When he swallowed he looked at Shiori saying, "It's fine."

Clasping her hands together Ms. Minamino grinned and picked up her chopsticks as well. "Thank you. It's a family recipe."

"I thought you said it was Chirashi?" Hiei questioned.

Shiori laughed. Hatanaka tried to fight it but he laughed too receiving a sharp glare from Kurama, but he only shrugged in response.

'Please don't let him be offended.' Prayed Kurama.

"What's so funny?" Asked Hiei.

Waving a hand, Shiori simply said, "You're very cute, uh... I'm sorry, what is your name?" She asked.

"Silly me I forgot to introduce you," Kurama was saying.

'So the cat hasn't gotten your tongue.' Hiei said telepathically causing Kurama to blush.

"Mother, this is my friend Hiei, from around the neighborhood."

She nodded saying, "Nice to meet you Hiei."

Kurama turned his attention to Hiei. "And this is my mother, Shiori Minamino."

"Nice to see your feeling better. Last I'd heard you were sick." Hiei said.

Shiori wondered what he was talking about then she remembered that she was very sick once almost on her death bed, then in a miracle she felt almost as good as new. "Thank you for your concern. I am feeling much better now."

Kurama looked at the youkai then saying telepathically. 'Please Hiei, be nice.'

Hiei smirked again creating more worry for Kurama. They continued with dinner, speaking casually to each other about this and that, making it hard for Kurama to cut in with what he really had to say. Which is telling her about their relationship.

"It's nice to know my son has a friend as nice as you. He never usually brings his friends over, or at least, not when I'm around."

Kurama felt bad for doing it but sometimes they had to talk about things she couldn't hear. And other times his mother just wasn't at home. "I'll try to bring them over more." Kurama assured.

"Oh don't worry about it, I wasn't saying it to make you feel guilty." She pats her son's hand.

"Kurama's guilty of everything." Hiei said plain as day.

Shiori turned to him with question. "Kurama?" She questioned.

The kitsune started waving his hands with a guilty smile on his face. "It's just a school name mother, nothing to make a fuss about."

"I thought you knew him from the neighborhood?" Shiori questioned.

"Uh yes, I do but, Hiei attends private school and..." Kurama could hear Hiei's laughter in the back of his mind and he scowled. 'You're going to make this hard for me, aren't you?' He asked telepathically.

'You're doing a fine job of that on your own,' Replied Hiei. 'keep it up Kurama and she'll soon think you're crazy.'

The fox chuckled inward uncomfortably and looked away thinking. 'Just let this night be over.'

Shiori wiped her mouth with a napkin then looked to Hiei who turned his attention back to her. "What's private school like, is it as horrible as everyone says it is?"

Hiei turned his nose up at the thought saying, "I wouldn't know,"

Kurama felt on the verge of choking off his next bite as his throat tensed waiting to explain what ever Hiei said. 'He wouldn't do this to me.' He thought.

"I never have trouble with anything." Hiei finished and looked at Kurama saying. 'Will you relax, I'm not going to ruin your precious mothers dinner.'

Shiori nodded saying as she looked around the table for empty plates. "You must be very popular." Picking up her own dish. "Are all of you finished?" She asked then saw Kurama's plate.

"You've hardly touched your dinner Shuichi, is there something wrong?" She asked.

"I think maybe he's nervous because of-..." Hatanaka started but quieted feeling a pinch on his leg from his brother. "Mid-terms." He said lamely.

"Oh." She picked up their plates and placed them into the sink. "Who wants dessert?" Shiori then asked going to the freezer.

"Hatanaka you musn't tell her, I have to do this." Kurama whispered.

"Well you're doing a fine job of it, dinner's almost over... then what?"

"The boy is right Kurama," Hiei spoke up loud enough to be heard but his mother didn't seem to hear. "speed it up or I'm leaving, your wasting my time."

Returning to the table with a small tray, resting on top were four cups filled with green ice cream. "I didn't know what type of dessert you might like so I went with everyone's favorite and picked ice cream." She placed a bowl in front of Hiei who eyeballed it.

'Why is it green? Kurama's is usually white or orange.'

"Dig in." She said and they began to eat. As they ate Shiori thought of another question to ask Hiei and waited until he swallowed to ask.

'Kurama,' when he looked up he asked him. 'Kore wa nan desu ka?' (What is this?) Just as Kurama was about to answer him his mother spoke up with her question.

"My son Shuichi, or is it Kurama now?" She asked him.

He smiled sweetly saying. "Shuichi is fine." Kurama said.

"Shuichi used to attend private school as well, did you two ever see each other?" She asked.

"Not entirely we..."

"Kurama and I fought the first time we met." Blurted the youkai.

Shiori's eyebrows rose hearing that and she looked at her son as if asking why didn't you tell me. He had always said he liked school. "What were you two fighting for?" She asked looking from Hiei to Kurama.

'Do you want to tell her?' The fire demon dared him.

'I trust you won't say anything inappropriate, go ahead.'

Hiei smirked at his new found back bone and answered. "I mistook him for someone else."

Shiori placed a hand to her chest and sighed with relief that the fight was no big deal. "As long as you're friends now."

"About that..." Kurama interrupted. "Mother there's something I want to tell you."

Hatanaka's eyes went wide in shock, his brother was really going to do it.

"What is it Shuichi?" She asked.

Kurama's voice caught in his throat and only a low sigh came out. "It's about Hiei and me..." He took a deep breath closing his eyes. "Mother," his head dropped. "the reason that I wanted Hiei to come to dinner tonight wasn't just so the two of you could meet." She blinked hearing this and urged her son to go on by placing a hand on his shoulder. "He and I have a relationship, a little bit different than friends..." He trailed off.

The room was silent and all they could do was wait for final words and the fall out.

"...Mother..." another pause then he exhaled saying. "Hiei and I are lovers." His vision jumped away from her face, he couldn't bare to look at her.

His mother's silence was more than words could say, she's probably shocked and mortified beyond belief, he just knew it. She made a sound but quieted again.

Hiei was saying something to him telepathically but he couldn't hear anything but the stilled silence and the pounding of his heart beat in his ears.

"Are you sure?" The sudden voice made everyone turn and look at her.

"Yes." Said Kurama.

"Last Christmas, I heard someone walking around in your bedroom, that was..." She looked at the fire demon who seemed guilty of the charges. "And all those times I thought you were talking to yourself he was with you?" She asked.

Kurama nodded. Silence again.

Then Shiori let out a breath and said to the two. "Hatanaka, Hiei will you excuse us please? I need to speak with Shuichi."

Hatanaka pushed his chair out making a slight sound with it from its contact with the floor. "Uhhh come on Hiei, I'll show you something neat." The boy said walking over to him to take his wrist. Hiei stood up, shockingly with the boys hand around his wrist and he lead them out of the kitchen. "You wanna see my car?" Hatanaka asked the youkai after taking a seat. "It's the rarest one, I wanted to show you earlier but you were gone."

Hiei wasn't listening, instead he stood next to the couch staring after the kitchen wondering what the two were talking about, but didn't bother eaves dropping to give Kurama his privacy.

"You can sit if you want to." He heard the boy say.

Hiei looked down at the child and rolled his eyes taking a seat Indian style on the arm of the chair.

"Worried about what's going on in there?" The boy asked him.

"I never worry." Hiei stated plainly.

"Yeah but you look concerned." Hatanaka looked to the kitchen as well then back at Hiei. "Don't be concerned then, Mom is really understanding a lot of the time, she'll let you two see each other."

'I'll continue to see him even if she doesn't.' Thought the fire demon.

In the kitchen. "...Shuichi," she took his hands and he shook his head.

"Mother I know what you're going to say, and I do love Hiei very much."

Putting a hand up for him to listen she spoke. "I'm glad that you've decided to tell me rather than hide it as a secret." There was a pause and Kurama waited for the 'but'. "But, I can't stand fully behind your decision. I'm very glad that you're in love, and that Hiei loves you in return."

Kurama seemed stunned to hear that. 'Hiei loves me?' He wondered to himself.

"But the fact will have to weigh itself down on me," The kitsune thought that it was logical. "I'm not going to keep you apart, and I'm not telling you to repel yourselves from being together around me... I just need time to come to grips with it."

"Come to grips with what? If you said you understand, I'm afraid I can't see your feelings about holding off your acceptance." Said Kurama trying to make some sense of why she understood but couldn't accept it.

"Shuichi, I want you to know that I'm behind you. But when a mother has children, with those children come hopes and dreams," He knew what she meant now. "All those thoughts of the perfect girl, and weddings, grandchildren… having a same sex relationship just changes that a bit."

"I see." Kurama murmured.

"Oh Shuichi, you'll always make my dreams come true no matter what you choose to do." She pulled him into a hug. "I know you're gonna be happy together."

A smile spread across Kurama's face and he hugged her back. "Brings a tear to your eyes doesn't it?" Hatanaka said suddenly.

Shiori and Kurama turned their heads seeing Hatanaka and Hiei at the door. "I thought I heard the scurrying of feet."

"Can I finish my dessert now?" The young boy asked walking into the kitchen.

"I think it's already melted but I'll get you some more."

"Alright!" Hatanaka cheered.

Kurama got up and walked over to Hiei. "Well?" He asked.

"Everything's fine, just like I knew it would be." Hiei scoffed a smile. Kurama leaned down and kissed him.

"None of that you two, you've got dishes to wash." Shiori said.

Kurama moved away with a guilty smile and replied. "Right away mother."

"Hn, I don't do dishes." Hiei stated turning to leave but Ms. Minamino placed her hands on his shoulders. "Uh uh uh Hiei, if you're going to be a part of this family then you're going to have to get used to doing dishes."

A small smile showed on the corner of Hiei's mouth as he said. "Than maybe I should say goodbye to your son now."

"Don't even think about it." Said Kurama, not believing the scene that was playing out. 'Maybe telling her wasn't so bad after all. I hope things are going alright with Yusuke and Kuwabara.'

Back at the Urameshi house. Atsuko has her mouth covered and her eyes closed and she's lightly shaking.

"Hey!" Yusuke shouted. "I'm the one who should be crying, now that my own mother is gonna kick me out for being gay." He heard the sound of laughter slip through her hand, "What?" before she flat out burst into laughter. "Now you're laughing at me, some mother!"

Atsuko waved a hand laughing harder before she could calm herself. "Oh Yusuke, you're such a drama queen."

Narrowing his eyes he asked. "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"I already knew about you and Kuwabara, what with all that time you two were spending together, when you used to be sworn rivals. Something was bound to happen sooner or later."

Their jaws dropped to the floor and Yusuke fell back out of his seat. "All this time you knew and weren't gonna say anything?!"

With a sly smile Atsuko shrugged saying. "What would be the point, I knew you planned on telling me sooner or later. That is why you two were acting so funny this week right?"

This time Kuwabara started laughing. "Nothing gets by you huh ma'am."

"Not really!" She laughed harder. "Aaaww you should have seen you two the other night, sleeping like little babies."

"You saw us!?" Yusuke panicked.

"Well it's not like I looked through the window or anything, I just saw you sleeping together."

Slumping forwards in exhaustion. "This is all too much." The spirit detective mumbled. "But hey! What was with all that gay bashing stuff?"

Standing, Atsuko stretched then picked up her dishes. "What fun would it have been for me." Placing them in the sink. "I loved watching you sweat, and who knows... you could have backed down if I didn't force it out of you."

"Got me there." He muttered.

"Mua," She gave him an audible kiss on the cheek. "I'm happy for you son, always use protection though."

Gasping Yusuke pushed himself out of the hug. "Mooom! Don't be so gross."

Parting herself with him she then hugged Kuwabara. "Make my son a better man, okay? I've given up all hope."

"I heard that." Snapped Yusuke, crossing his arms.

"Goodnight you two." Atsuko waved and walked out of the kitchen leaving them alone.

"Heh heh, you're mom's the best Urameshi." Kuwabara mentioned.

"Yeah for a snoop, I can't believe she knew the whole time!"

Kuwabara smacked him in the shoulder saying. "What difference does it make, as long as she's fine with us being together."

"Yeeeah I guess you're right." Yusuke stood up and Kuwabara did the same.

"Of course I'm right, I'm always right." Said Kuwabara picking up their plates putting them away.

"Ha, since when?" Mocked the spirit detective hearing the TV volume go up and sounds of his mother's favorite show following.

"Since a few months ago when I said you and me should sleep together and you said it was a bad idea," After placing the dishes into the sink, "and now this." He went on. "I told you she wouldn't care."

They walked idly to the door and Kuwabara opened it turning around giving Yusuke a quick kiss. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're leaving?" He asked, just noticing they were at the door.

"Sure, we do have school tomorrow." Kuwabara replied.

"I thought we were gonna celebrate our new found acceptance." The spirit detective said receiving a slight laugh.

"Maybe on the weekend, I'll see ya later Urameshi." Kuwabara turned on his heals and started away to the elevator.

"Yeah bye." Yusuke watched him walk to the elevator before looking up at the sky then he called to him. "You better hurry up though, it looks like rain." Kuwabara waved over his head knowing what he was trying to do. "Can't blame a guy for trying." He turned and went back into the house.

Sighing and slumping over, he said to himself. "I'm beat."

Yusuke walked into his room stripping as he went then he tugged on his pajamas and climbed into the bed. 'So maybe Kuwabara is usually right. It doesn't mean I can't...' He yawned. 'hassle him about things until proven wrong.'

He closed his eyes snuggling in and listened to the rain start banging against his window mixed with his mothers laughter and the television.

The End

Hey gang it's Yusuke, and I know what your thinking, 'that was warm and fuzzy' well it's about to get a lot softer- oh sure we'll be the same wise cracking smart asses we always are- but I mean, we're gonna look at me and Kuwabara's relationship for all those who just think we're about sex or just can't see us together.

We're gonna show you how Kuwabara and me got together from preschool to... hopefully not as far back as diaper changes.

We're no Kurama and Hiei, not even close, but we do have something between us, *sigh* I hate this mushy talk, so you better catch it yourself on the next Yu Yu Hakusho, 'Be with you'


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