Sick of- Achoo!

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Kuwabara races home. Droplets of water splash out onto the street, mixing with the trail of water that's lining the curb that's heading for the sewers. Kuwabara couldn't help but watch its steady trail to the oblivion of murky water that waits under the streets.

The red head remembered when he was a kid, of how he and his three hoodlum friends would slap on their swim trunks just to run out in the streets, where the drain is full, to kick and splash around in the knee high water. The good old days.

Shooting a glance from the side of his eyes, Kuwabara stepped off the curb kicking a big splash of water into the air. Laughing gaily, he did it again and again. "Oh man, this is still fun!" He declared to no one, as he allowed a little of his pants to get wet.

His laughter continued on until he felt a cold splash of water attack his back, causing him to shiver from the sudden cold. Growling, Kuwabara slit his eyes turning around as he said, "Whoever did that is gonna be sorry."

He blinked, blankly, seeing his boyfriend standing behind him, hands in his pocket and an impish look in his eyes.

"Ahahaha!" The boy laughed. "You're right, that is still fun." He agreed.

Regardless who the attacker was Kuwabara was still fuming, especially now that the wind was picking up. "Urameshi! You got me wet!"

"Well duh, I was just trying to help you while you" he wriggled his fingers. "reminisced." He stepped back up onto the curb. "I seem to remember that wet look on you a lot when it rained." The dark haired boy began to walk, knowing his boyfriend would follow.

The two of them were only slightly protected from the rain as they walked under the trees that lined the street.

"Remember how I used to try using you as a water sled when we were kids." He laughs again.

Kuwabara turned as red as his hair. He remembered that quite well actually. He would be walking to school, minding his own business when Yusuke would jump out of the bushes. Being the guy Kuwabara was he had to challenge him, which ended with Kuwabara being used as a human floatation device on the curb. Yusuke on his back shouting at the top of his lungs like they were surfing, though they weren't even moving.

"Yoo Hoo! Kuwabara? You still in there?" His boyfriend asks.

"Huh?" Kuwabara looked down at the dark haired teen. "You say something?"

"Not really. You were thinking awful hard, did it hurt?"

Kuwabara smirked. "If it did, I'd just take the pain killers you usually use when you think." The swordsman felt proud about his come back, then added. "And anyway, I was just thinking about how lucky you got to have me as a boyfriend."

That made Yusuke laugh. "If this is luck, I better try my hand at a three leaf clover." He slapped his lover on the back. "I might get a better deal then."

"Tch." He shoved the, laughing, detective into the street. "Shut up."

Yusuke found his balance, and chose to hum instead of laugh. They really should get inside; the rain wasn't letting up in the least. His mother was gonna have a fit if she thought she'd have to use the mop- wherever it is.

"So where were you all day? I was looking." Yusuke asks.

Kuwabara merely crossed his arms, pouting with his nose turned up. "Humph. Wouldn't you like to know."

Great. The agitator thought. His feelings are hurt. Looks like it was time to apologize- even if he didn't really see why he had to. "Hey Kuwabara," he grabbed his arm to stop him from moving. "I'm sorry I ragged on you... So you're over it, right?"

Kuwabara looked down at the other male from the side of his eye. "Hmm? If that's your apology... Then I guess I'll take it."

"Good," he smirked slightly. "Now gimme a kiss and get lost. I have to be home before my mom figures there's no one to cook for, she'll spend the money on herself for something to eat."

That cheered the, brooding, red head right up. "Okay!" Wrapping his arms around Yusuke's skinny little waist, he leaned over kissing him passionately.

"You've been practicing." Yusuke said in there departure.

"Yeah well," he beamed at the compliment. "I am the best."

"I meant that you brushed." Shoving Kuwabara's shoulder with a wink, Yusuke rushed off before his lover could smack him back.

Kuwabara watched him go, hands in his pocket, water dripping down his soggy hair. "Jerk." He spat in mock anger.

"Hey Kuwabara!" He hears Yusuke in the distance. Judging by the range he was half way home- the guy could yell if nothing else. "I'll call you!"

"You'd better!" He shouts back.

Glancing back to where the spirit detective had dashed off to, Kuwabara turned on his heels and started home. He had to get to cover, he could feel it in his bones that something bad was coming.


In another part of town, ten minutes earlier.

Hiei growled as he tried to pry open yet another locked window. What was wrong with this town, didn't anyone believe in self safety? If someone breaks in, fuck 'em up. Don't let the locked doors and windows be your protector. Hell. He has been out in the rain too long if he's wondering after human logic.

Pounding a fist to the window, Hiei sat on the railing of the apartment building, arms crossed. I can just see that idiot now, he pondered. Sitting around on his lazy ass, probably with some dazed look on his stupid face.

A lightning bolt struck something in the distance. Hiei stared off in that direction. He didn't want it to come to this, but the rain was getting so heavy there was almost nothing to see except for a sheet of gray as the water fell to the ground reflecting the sky's, dim, color.

Hiei growled, his fingers digging into the railing. Kurama will pay for this. Jumping to the ground, Hiei sped off in the direction to the home of the most vile creature that ever walked the earth now and after. Kuwabara's house.

Yusuke arrived at home a few seconds after Hiei's departure, unlocking the door, he hurries inside.


The red head made it to his block, soaking wet. He knew his sister was going to kill him for getting this wet. She told him to take an umbrella before he left but honestly, he didn't think that it would rain. Aand he had a bad habit of wanting to disagree with whatever his sister said. He couldn't help it!

I just hope she hasn't come back from shopping. He turned the corner to his home just in time to see his sister's car speeding up to the curb. Shit! I've gotta beat her through the door.

Kuwabara took off running. He had to beat her, he just had to! Shizuru climbed out of her car, spotting her younger brother rushing down the sidewalk to their house. An eye brow cocked, she looked at the soaking mess the boy let his self become. Dropping the bag back into the car, the brunette floored it to the front door, slamming it behind her once inside.

Kuwabara pounded the door once he got up to it. "Come on sis', this isn't fair!" He beat the door again. "I'm already wet enough, open the door!"

"Not until you tell me I'm right." Her subtle voice came from the other side of the door, Kuwabara wished he were on.

"No way! If it didn't look like rain to me, than it didn't look like rain." He huffed. "...Come on!" He tugs at the knob. "You can't predict the weather, so who really cares what you say!"

"Uh uuuhh, bad move little brother." She disappeared for a moment.

Kuwabara listened to the door. She must have gone into the kitchen. I better get my key before she comes back. Digging into his wet pockets Kuwabara found his house key. Smiling, he shoved it into the lock of the door.

Heh heh heh. Grabbing the knob giving it a twist, he was surprised to see that it didn't open. "Huh?"

"Give me a little more credit than that doofus." His sister was saying. "I unlocked the door while you were wailing like a bratty kid. I knew you'd try your key."

Kuwabara growled. This was getting impossible. "Dammit Shizuru! Open the door!"

"You're already wet, it won't kill you stand out there a bit longer."

Pouting, Kuwabara grabbed the door knob, dropping to his knees. "Pleeease, I'm begging you now."

A crash of thunder rumbled through the sky, lightning followed it.

"Tell you what. You bring the groceries to the door and I'll let you in." The cruel, yet reasonable, girl compromised. "No sense in both of us getting wet." She explains.

Kuwabara stood, a sneer on his face. "No sense in both of us getting wet." He mocked. "Fine. I'll bring 'em in. But you better actually let me in, no tricks."

"Of course not." Her voice sounded sincere. "And hurry up, I want to get dinner started."

Walking to the car, soaking wet, head hung low; Kuwabara grumbled miserably, wishing to anyone that would listen to wake him up from this cruel dream, and let him be part of a family with a better sister. Or hey, maybe even a brother! That would be kind of cool, especially if he were younger and idolized him, just like Kurama's brother.

Or was he his step brother? Kuwabara didn't know, but he had to get a move on if he didn't wanna end up looking like a drowned cat. His hair was already losing its attractive little poof. What if Yusuke came by and saw him like that? He would think he was a freak!

Leaning into the back seat, he grabbed two bags at a time. Eight bags?! He noticed. What? Did she do the shopping for the whole damn month?!

Turning back toward the house, Kuwabara grinned feeling that the rain had let up for a moment. Looking up at the sky, he turned his head toward his window with a questioned look across his face. Something black just smacked into his window. He was sure of it. Probably some crazy bird. Heh, my windows must be really clean. He dropped the first two bags off in front of the door.

They were protected from the rain by that little piece of roof that stuck out over the door. Heading back to the car, Kuwabara continued to glance at his window. The black thing he saw coming back into his thoughts as he unloaded another two bags.

"Kinda big for a bird though... I wonder what it was?"

Dropping off another set of bags, he noticed that the first two had been moved. That drove him to handle three the next time back, then he grabbed the last three.

"Good job. You didn't even get them too wet." His sister mentioned as she grabbed the last of the bags.

Kuwabara walked into the house, angry as hell that he had to stand around outside until it was summer. After dropping off the bags, his sister came back into the living room; in her hands was a bathrobe and towel.

"Here." She handed them off to the soggy boy. "Dry your hair and take off your clothes." Her brow arched. "I don't want you dripping on the floor, so leave your clothes there until I bring the basket."

"Thanks sis'." He sniffled in mock tears of joy that she would 'care'.

"Yeah, yeah." She disappeared into the kitchen.

Kuwabara stuck his thumb to his nose, wriggling his fingers as he stuck his tongue out at her. Maan, what is it... pick on the good looking day?

He wrapped the towel around his, de-puffed, hair then stripped off his clothes and slipped into the cotton bathrobe that usually doubled as a towel when someone- well- when he forgot to do the laundry. The chill left his bones when he stepped into his house slippers and started uptairs to get something to wear.

"I wonder if Urameshi got home yet." He ponders out loud. Walking down the hall he heard a thumping from behind the door. What the hell was that? His ear pressed directly to the door now as he listened closely for any other noises.

0 0 0

Hiei soared from roof top to roof top as he made his way to the ugly male's house. He thought at least a thousand times over about going back to Kurama's- screw the rain and the locked doors- or maybe he could just go back to spirit world? Nah, he wanted to be with Kurama. Not in any sappy kind of way, just for... sake. Yeah, sake. Even if it meant that he has to stay over at his- eyes- worst enemy's home for a while.

Just as Hiei made it to the ugly male's house, he saw said person turning around the corner a little ways down the block. Perfect. That means the loser is definitely home- or at least he would be if he would hurry up and stop walking.

As if Kuwabara had heard his thoughts, he took off for his house. For a moment, Hiei had thought that he had seen him and was speeding up to say something to him. Yuck! But then he saw a car pulling up to the curb, then that brunette girl from the Dark Tournament stepping out of it.

Hiei watched the two have an argument through the door that was wedged between them. He rolled his eyes. How did Kuwabara manage to save anyone when he couldn't even win a verbal fight with his sister? Slipping down from the roof, Hiei tugged on the window, smirking when it gave way. Climbing inside, he closed it after himself.

Why didn't I just go back to Kurama's? He wondered as he peered around the familiar bedroom.

He had been in here once, when he came to talk to the gorilla about Kurama wanting his mother to meet him. He hated it then and still carried the same distaste for it now. Nothing changed! He still has his bed in the exact same place as the first time. Same jacket hung over the chair at his desk. Same ugly bed spreads, same tacky curtains. Same ridiculous pictures of Yusuke, posing like he's a circus clown. Did he just not notice these things?

Ha. Of course not. Thinks the male. He looks at his reflection everyday and still manages to think he's good looking, so I doubt an ugly room would phase him at all.

The faint sound of tapping caught his ears. Looking down, he saw a small puddle forming under his feet, the water darkening the light blue carpet on the floor. Grabbing his clothes, he gave them a good squeeze. The water caught up in the clothes pounded the floor making an even bigger mess on the carpet.

As a second thought, Hiei took off his long black jacket revealing his blue shirt that luckily wasn't as wet as the rest of him. Trampsing across the carpet, Hiei searched the room for something to dry himself off with. Somethiiing- well- anything untouched by the owner. Which in the male's bedroom was probably nothing.

Foot steps. Humming. Kuwabara was coming! Hiei didn't want to be seen right away, at least not until he could think of a good enough excuse for why he had come to the house. Waiting for Kurama just seemed sooo, embarrassing. Backing up, the youkai hit a dresser. The wood thumped from his contact giving him away. It would only be a matter of minutes before the door would open and Kuwabara would walk in...

"If you're a burglar you picked the wrong bedroom to steal money from pal," Kuwabara was saying through the door. "My sister's room is down the hall, she has all the cash."

Hiei rolled his eyes. Idiot. His eyes narrow. It didn't matter what reasons he would need for being there now. Beating him up would keep him from asking any questions.

"You'd better go out the way you came in," the door cracked open. "cause it's clobbering time!" The red head rushed in, fist raised, ready to bean the person who would break into his precious bedroom, when he saw Hiei standing on the other side of his bed. "What the-...?" He stumbled, falling to the floor. "Hiei!? What are you doing here?!" He sat up from his fall to the floor. "This is my room!"

"And here I was wondering what that smell was." The youkai comments, casually taking a seat at the desk; his pants squished a bit. Before the red head could say another word Hiei continued. "I'm staying here until Kurama gets back from- wherever it is- he went. So deal with it."

"Tah... but... you CAN'T stay here. I live here, with my sister!" The outraged mentioned.

Hiei said nothing, just crossed his arms staring at the darkening sky. When had it gotten so late? He could see the street lights coming on from there. Kurama's view is much better. He has a tree to look at and a nice view of the mountains in the distance. All Kuwabara has is ningen industry. Hardly worth looking at.

"Look Hiei, I don't care what you're doing you can't sta-..."

"Hey brat, dinner." Shizuru looked past her brother to the short demon seated at her brother's desk. "Oh? Didn't know you had company." Looking at her brother she smirked. "Does Yusuke know?"

Kuwabara glared at his sister's wink. "As if I'd ever go out with a short tempered jerk like him." He countered.

"Hn." Was Hiei's response.

"Well, when you two kids are done playing house, dinner is on the table." Backing out of the room making kissing noises, Shizuru closed the door.

"Not a bad idea." Hiei muttered. "I am a little hungry." Standing, the youkai walked out the door leaving it open after his departure.

Kuwabara just sat on the floor. Stunned. This really is going to be a bad day.


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