Sick of- Achoo!

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"So Hiei just invited himself over," Yusuke was asking. "Why?"

Kuwabara's on the phone. He ended up calling Yusuke instead of the other way around. He needed to vent about dinner. The fact that Hiei is stillpresently, in his house and now, once again, sitting in his bedroom!

What was it gonna take to get that jerk to leave?! And anyway, Kuwabara thought that the grouchy demon hated him. So why, of all people, did he choose his house to invade while waiting for Kurama? It must be for amusement. That was the only answer that didn't make his skin crawl from thinking that Hiei may like him. Bleh.

"I don't know why, he said something about Kurama being gone and that he was waiting for him to call. I guess Kurama told him to stay over here."

Yusuke made a sound of acknowledgement. "But why? Wouldn't Hiei be happier at my house." It was mostly a statement.

Kuwabara slit his eyes to that. "Maybe he knows how good a time the two of you would have, with me he can trust a little better."

"And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?" The boy sounded offended, mostly, because he had no clue what the hell the red head was talking about.

"Well I don't mean to bring up the past," though it sounded like he did. "But I told Kurama that I had seen the two of you sitting in the window at your house in a suggestive position."

"That was like..." He thought back. "Six, maybe seven months ago! Get off it!"

"I am off it!" Barked his boyfriend. "Never mind any of that, I just want this guy out of my house."

"So ask him to leave," Yusuke spoke as though he hadn't just had an angry outburst.

"Yeah right. I have a code you know." Kuwabara cracked the closet door peeking out at Hiei, who is sitting at his desk just as he was when he first walked into the room. "I can't kick a guy when he's down. Plus, leaving Hiei out in the rain won't blow over big with Kurama- not to mention- the small-frie might beat me to a pulp."

"What for? He probably wants to leave as much as you want him gone."

"Doubt it," he closed the door back, soundlessly, returning his butt to his seat amongst the clothes hamper and an old sweater. "The guy looks like he's gonna make himself comfortable." He crossed his legs continuing. "I mean, you should have seen him at dinner."

"He had dinner over there too?" Yusuke laughed. "I can imagine what that was like."

"No you can't... it was a lot worse..."

~~Flash back~~

After recovering from the shock of Hiei being in his house, Kuwabara got dressed then went downstairs. He could see the jerk now, insulting his sister's food while calling him names. It was enough to make him go hungry- besides- he had filled up on meat buns earlier. He could easily go without dinner. But he had to make sure his sister would be all right.

Hurrying downstairs to the kitchen, Kuwabara skids to a stop passing the entrance completely, recovering, he walks into the kitchen in a huff. "Dammit Hiei, you cannot stay here!" Growls the red head.

"Don't be rude, stupid. He is your guest." His sister was saying, all while serving the uninvited guest THEIR dinner. "And he's saved your ass more than a dozen times, I'm sure."

"Yeah, stupid." Hiei said, intentional, not finishing the rest.

Kuwabara glared at him, wishing that the demon would find somewhere else to stay. Or not be such a baby about staying alone. He never would have pegged Hiei afraid of anything. But here he was, sitting at his kitchen table making him uncomfortable in his own home.

Growling, Kuwabara slumped down into one of the kitchen chairs away from the youkai. One hand on his cheek and the other resting on the table he looked around his vicinity then blinked.

"Where's my food?"

"You have legs don't you?" Shizuru mumbled while squeezing some lemon on her fish. "Get up and get it yourself."

"But you got his!" Angry, the red head didn't bother arguing anymore. He just got up from the table, fixed his self a plate then sat back down.

"You say something?" His dear sister asked.

"...No." He mumbled, though he had been quietly grouching about Hiei and his sister being in cahoots to get on his nerves.


"So your sister made you get your own food," Yusuke interrupts. "That doesn't seem so bad."

"It wasn't that part." His disgruntled lover insists. "It was afterwards."


Shizuru ate her dinner, muttering every once in a while as she held the newspaper open to- what Kuwabara snuck a peak and saw were- the WANT ADS. He didn't know his sister was changing jobs. Looking to his left, where Hiei sits, the youkai was barely eating his food as his chopsticks picked at the fish, while his eyes drilled holes in the rice and bowl of tea to pour over it. The red head looked hopeful as the demon stuck a piece of fish into his mouth, a nice sized piece, then waited for Hiei to finish chewing before he'd ask whether or not he liked it.

But Hiei didn't chew it. The food just kind of sat in his mouth as far as Kuwabara could tell. Or maybe Hiei doesn't need to chew?! Maybe it was some weird demon thing, where you just stick stuff in your mouth and it goes into some special hole. Naah, that seems far fetched, and besides, he's seen Hiei eating ice cream lots of times. He seemed to chew that.

Hiei glared at Kuwabara a moment, then began to pick bits of the fish from it's bones, dropping them into tea. The smaller boy seemed content with this little project until Kuwabara spoke to him.

"Hiei, you're not supposed to put the fish in there," he reached across the table. "See. It goes over the ri-..."

Hiei growled at the offending hand. He looked ready to maim the stubby-nailed, pasty colored, appendage but before he could react, the red head withdrew his hand choosing to keep it.

"Sheesh... I was just trying to help you out." He turned his attention back to his own meal though he continued talking to the demon. "It would taste a lot better if you ate it right."

"Here." His sister dropped the paper beside him.

"What's this for?" He picked it up, musing over the little read circles. "You want me to pick out a job for you? I didn't know my opinion mattered so much."

"It doesn't." Shizuru stood up, taking her dishes with her to the sink.

Hiei snickered to himself from the girl's comment, still putting pieces of fish into his tea until there wasn't a morsel left on the bones. He then proceeds to drop clumps of rice into the tea. It looked like a pre-chewed mess.

Dropping her dishes into the sink, she ran a bit of water over them before turning back to her idiot brother. "The job isn't for me, it's for you." Now a bit filled with water, the brunette added some dish liquid to it.

"For me!? What do I need a job for?" Her brother complained. "I'm still in school! And... and... I save the world for crying out loud! How'm I supposed to juggle a job with school and saving the world?!"

Turning off the water, satisfied with the height and the bubble content she walked back over to the table picking up the newspaper. "Figure it out." With a flick of her hand she left the kitchen, adding. "Clean up when you're done." With that, she was gone.

It was at that time Hiei chose to knock over his little creation. A simple flick of the hand and the contents of the bowl spilled over the table, drizzling down the side onto the floor and a piece of chair that was in its path.

"Hey!?" Kuwabara stood up. "You'd better clean that up!"

"I don't think so," The fish bones were the next to be turned over then the youkai stood, leaning over the table where he spat out the chunk he had held in his mouth earlier, "the food here stinks." He started for the exit to the living room. "You clean it up."

Kuwabara stared after him, but knew that if his sister was to come back into the kitchen and see the mess she'd jump on him about it, not Hiei. "It's just for a little while," the red head grabbed a rag from the sink. "He'll be gone just as soon as Kurama gets back."

Scooping the spilled rice from the table back into the bowl, he made a disgusted face when his pant leg brushed the rim of the table and soaked up a bit of the tea that was in the rice.

"Dammit... I don't even know when he's coming back!" This day just couldn't get any worse.

Walking upstairs, after the mess was cleaned, Kuwabara turned into his bedroom; he expected Hiei to wait downstairs but no, there he was, sitting at his desk as though he had never moved from it in the first place.

Okay. If he's gonna stay at my house than it's time to make some ground rules.

Walking over to the male, self-esteem peeking, his confidence shattered the second Hiei cast those red eyes on him. A look of malice written through out the gaze. So, snatching his phone from the desk the red haired, chicken, headed for the closet where he closed his self in and called his boyfriend.


Yusuke was quiet for a minute. Then slowly spoke. "Ssssooo?"

"So!" Kuwabara couldn't believe Yusuke didn't understand. "He's being a jerk on purpose, I know, because dinner was actually really good- for my sister's cooking."

"So maybe Hiei doesn't like rice or fish. It's no big deal."

"You know you're not helping me in any way, what did I even call you for?" He heard foot steps moving across the floor. Wanting to peek out of the closet, he quickly decided against it. "Sssshhh... I think he's coming."

"I don't think he can hear me." Assured the spirit detective.

Kuwabara wasn't listening, his ear's now pressed to the door. Hiei is moving! It sounds like he's beside his bed, maybe beside the tv? Was he gonna wreck his movies now?!

"What's he doing?" Yusuke asks in a whisper. He couldn't help it, Kuwabara was starting to make him paranoid, like his lover were suddenly starring in a horror movie.

"I think he's... Hello?" Kuwabara moved the phone from his ear, then pressed it to it again. "Hello? Urameshi?"

Suddenly the closet door swung open. Hiei stood before the closet, unplugged phonecord in hand. "If you're done whispering about what disgusting things the two of you wish you could do with what little you have to work with... I need you to call Kurama."

"You can't just unplug a guys' phone." Kuwabara said as he came from the closet. Straightening up, his back cracked in joy of being out of its cramped position. "And why don't you call Kurama yourself, or maybe go over there and wait for him- what are you scared?" Kuwabara was definitely upset, he would never usually be brave enough to talk to the fire demon that way, but as he realized what he had said and whom he said it to Kuwabara seemed to back down a bit waiting for the fireworks.

Hiei glared at him, but in the end just snatched the red phone from his hand. Walking it over to the desk, he sat it down then picked up the receiver.

"You're not gonna get very far with it unplugged." Kuwabara mentioned in amusement. Smug look on his face and arms crossed. He waited for Hiei to either hand him the cord or plug it in his self.

Hiei looked at the phone cord that was still in his hand. Looking up at the red head, he winced at the sight but strolled over to him holding the cord out for him to reach.

"Humph." He smirked in triumph, but wound up growling in anger when Hiei dropped the cord just as his hand went to close around it. "Wise guy."

Plugging the cord back into the wall beside the tv, Kuwabara then walked over to his closet to grab his night clothes. He loved wearing pajamas until it was time for bed; he would have been in them sooner if Hiei weren't around. But even if he'd of put them on, chances were his sister would make him change into some 'civilized' clothes when people are over.

Hiei stood by the phone, his finger paused over the one. He wasn't hesitant about calling Kurama. He knew he wanted out of the house as soon as possible. But... he didn't exactly remember the number. Why learn it when you're not going to use it. Smart words then, but they lost some of their luster now that he actually needed it.

Kuwabara tugged the t-shirt over his head, next reaching for the rim of his pants. He knew Hiei wasn't going to look- in fact, he was sure he could get completely naked and try to stand in his face, and the demon would avert his vision as though his life depended on it. Why wasn't he calling Kurama though? Did he think the phone would just do the work for him?

Man, he must be a real pain in the ass to live with. I can see why Kurama would want to get away from him for a while. Hopping once so that his feet came out the other end of the cotton pants, which he chose to wear until Hiei left; Kuwabara usually sleeps in boxers but he didn't feel like being insulted by the youkai anymore today. One 'gorilla' was enough for him.

"Well, go ahead." He sits on his bed. "You wanna leave so badly, don't wait for my permission."

His scratchy voice grated on Hiei's nerves as he pressed down on the one. Then hung it up. "I don't know the number." Hiei thought for sure that the ugly swordsman would make fun of him for that, but Kuwabara pointed a finger where he stood saying,

"There's a black book in my desk, Kurama's number is the one written in red."

Hiei gave that his usual reply of a 'Hn' but he looked through the desk anyway, retrieving a little leather black book. The youkai recognized the type of book, Kurama has one just like it. Yusuke probably does too. But not that he cared. Looking down at the page, he dialed the number on the phone. He could feel Kuwabara's blue eyes on him. He has to get out of here.

"This is Shuiichi Minamino," Kurama's answering machine began. "I'm not in right now, so leave a message and I'll get back to you." Hiei heard his voice in the background make some sort of a snort of laughter.

He smirked faintly, remembering how many messages he'd caused Kurama to mess up before he finally let him do what he had to do. Was it his fault Kurama couldn't suppress a moan from a simple kiss on the neck and maybe a hand on his crotch.

"I'm at the gorilla's house. Come get me once you hear this." When the beep sounded, Hiei looked confused for a moment, then hung up the phone sure that the sound meant his message had gone through.

"He's still not home?" Asks Kuwabara. "I'd sure like to know where that guy goes some times. He can act really mysterious."

"I wouldn't notice." Hiei sat down at the desk, his attention going to the now glowing television screen.

Kuwabara was flipping channels, trying to find something to watch. Hiei just hoped whatever it was wouldn't make him sick. His teeth bared from a flash of pain that shot through his gut.

What was that? He wondered, having never felt pain like that except for when he was in battle and, maybe, someone had cut him a little too deep. And as far as Hiei knew he wasn't hurt, granted still a little damp from the rain, but not hurt. Better take his mind off of it.

"So, you just sit around rotting away what little brain cells you have left with television."

"No. Sometimes I'm on the phone too," he explains. "Me and Urameshi watch the same thing, so we figure we'd call each other and talk about it."

"I don't care." He turned his gaze back to the tv.

Silence. Not complete silence, there was the tv after all. Some stupid cartoon with a bunch of yellow people. Their daughter seemed to be having a hard time learning how to dance. Hiei wasn't sure but-...

"Hm?" He looked down at his lap when something, with enough weight to call his attention, touched him.

Pressing a finger onto his lap, he observed the clear substance between his fingers. It slowly pulled away from itself before snapping away to opposite sides. When another droplet of- whatever the hell the stuff was had decided to land on his hand, he flicked it away as though it were some kind of poisonous bug.

Kuwabara cocked his brow watching from the side of his eye. What was he up to now? Humph. Jerks probably gonna say that I have fleas or something... If he does I'll-... His thoughts came to a screeching halt when he heard a sound he never thought possible for Hiei to make.


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