Sick of- Achoo!

BY : Resting-Madness
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Kuwabara jumped from the sound.


He jumped again from the next. Why was Hiei making that sound? Was he crazy?! Did he think it was funny? Because there was no way in hell the youkai could be sick in his house. There was just NO WAY!

Hiei made a sound of disgust as he looked over his sticky, snotty, fingers. He shook his hands out to remove the foreign liquids.

Kuwabara's jaw dropped. "GROSS! STOP THAT!"

Getting off his bed, he dashed into the hall, hurrying to the bathroom to snag some toilet paper. The red head was floored when he saw the smaller boy standing beside his bed post, hands on the blanket, moving them up and down to clean them off.

"Hiei! Nooooo!" Charging into his bedroom, he grabbed the male's hands with the tissue.

"Don't touch me!" Gripes Hiei, struggling to get free.

Why couldn't he pull his self free? He is not weak. He could easily knock the red head around like a doll any day of the week, so why now was this guy's grip so strong?

"Looook!" He said as though he were talking to a young child that went out in the rain then came in tracking mud. "You wiped your nasty hands all over my blanket."

"Really? I hadn't noticed," the demon retorts. "Now I'm gonna have to burn them clean."

"Very funny." He continued to wipe at the struggling male's hands with the tissue. "Now I have to get them washed."

"Sorry to," he finally jerked his hands free- that- or Kuwabara had let them go. "break your life long streak of sleeping in your own filth."

Kuwabara was busy yanking the blankets from his bed to hear what he'd said. He couldn't believe how disgusting some people could be. Especially Hiei! He seemed to be the cleanest guy in their little group next to their resident, nancy-boy, Kurama. He smelled like really pretty flowers for crying out loud! It doesn't get much prissier than that.

The blanket bunched in his hands. He then shoved a wad under his arm to balance the weight evenly. Hiei was gonna pay for this. He might not have any money- which Kuwabara didn't even want or need- but Kuwabara had some thing much worse planned for the unwanted pest. He would make him... He would make him... Be nice to him, for a whole day. That would get him back, teach him to never wipe his hands on another man's property.

Hiei sniffles twice, his eyes drooped. The air in this place is making me sick. I have to get out of here before I get worse. He started across the room.

Kuwabara walked into the hall, angry curses spewing from his mouth as he did so. His feet thumped heavily down the stairs as he dragged his large blue blanket along after him.

Shizuru looked up from her book to watch her brother storm through the living room to the kitchen. A smirk appeared on her face. Kazuma is making this too easy now. She mused. Sounds coming from the kitchen identified what her younger brother was up to.


The cat fled in retreat after her owner stomped on her tail. "Sorry Eikichi!" He called after the fleeing feline.

He didn't have time to worry about the cat, the night was pressing and he didn't want to be cold. Kuwabara would get one of the spares, but they all smell like moth balls. This was the last straw. Guy comes into his sisters house, wasting his food, insulting him and now the little-...snot, wipes some of his slime onto his blanket! Kuwabara had the good mind to throw that guy right out on the street.

"The nerve of that guy- and what are you smiling about?"

"Hiei insult your taste in bed spreads?" She asked. "I didn't know you cared so much, and here I thought you were into Yusuke."

"I am into Yusuke!" He calmed his voice. "That weirdo just wiped a handful of snot on my blanket. Like it was no big deal!"

"Yeah, and I'm sure that's the first time something sticky and clear got wiped on it." His sister stuck out her tongue then returned to her book.

She could tell by the red on her brother's face that he was about to have one of his episodes of rage over this and that. She really didn't care to hear it.

"Don't talk like that!" He began but was silenced by a thump sounding from upstairs.

Both siblings look up at the ceiling. Kuwabara's bedroom was right over the living room. So the noise could only have come from Hiei.

"He'd better not be knocking over the tv or something." The red head rushed upstairs to protect his precious, unguarded, bedroom.

Shizuru sat on the couch waiting to hear a shrill scream over his broken item or bones, from the pain Hiei might inflict on him.

"Shizuru! Come quick!"

Sighing, the girl stood up slowly and made her way upstairs at an easy pace. Whatever it was was hardly worth 'coming quick' to.

"Shizu', HURRY!"

Sighing bitterly, she quickened her step by 30 seconds. "All right, but this had better be worth i-... What did you do, open your underwear drawer?" The girl asked, seeing the dark haired demon on the floor.

"He was just like this when I found him." Kuwabara looked like he were ready to have a heart attack.

If Hiei was dead then Kurama would kill him for sure. The little jerk just has to wake up.

"Hiei..." He shook the smaller male's shoulders. "Hiei... Come on, you just gotta wake up!"

"Poor guy probably passed out realizing he would have to stay here over night." Her hand waved casually.

"Stop trying to be funny and give me a hand here."

Walking into the bedroom, Shizuru looked over the tiny fallen figure. "You mean to tell me you can't pick him up yourself."

"I can, I just need you to hold him while I take off these damp clothes."

He frantically leans the huddled mass against his chest, then began to tug at his shirt. Shizuru watched attentively.

"Don't you think this is the kinda thing you should do when he's conscious?"

"What, and get killed?" He finally yanked the shirt free, tossing the damp object to some corner of his bedroom. "It's better this way, besides, he can't object if he wakes up in dry clothes."

"Uh huh... And what exactly is he gonna wear?" She knelt down, reaching for the rim of the pants. "Your bed buddy didn't exactly bring a change of clothes."

"I said stop making jokes! This is serious..." He rests Hiei's, now naked, body on the carpeted floor. "I think Hiei might be sick, the guy sneezed like four times and now he's just blacked out."

Going to his dresser, he rummaged through the pile of clothes inside until he located an old pair of blue, yellow, and white cotton pajama pants, and a pale blue tee-shirt. Slamming the drawer shut, unintentionally, he scowled when a picture of Yusuke dropped to the floor. But at least it didn't break.

"This guy's worth more trouble than he is..." He knelt down on the floor, lifting Hiei up. "Here, slip the shirt over his head, I'll get the pants."

It was like dressing a life-sized doll- so long as the life-sixed person was a ten year old. Hiei's body moved easily enough for the two of them to get him dressed and in the bed, without stirring him enough to wake him up. Kuwabara pulled the unfitted sheet over his, unwanted, guest's tiny body. Tucking the sheet in tighter to ensure that no air got in around him, he slumped down on the side of the bed sighing.

"Done..." Brushing the back of his arm over his forehead, he smiled at his sister. "Thanks sis'."

"Whatever. I'm going back to my reading, try not to make too much noise up here."

"Of course not." Retorts her brother. "I wouldn't wanna mess up the dirty scenes in your little book."

The monotone girl flipped the red head off, before closing the door after her departure. Kuwabara turned on his knees, peeking over the bed at Hiei's sleeping figure. His eyes narrowed. Dammit... You would have a cold, wouldn't you? Tch. Kurama's gonna owe me big time for this. Turning his eyes toward the phone, Kuwabara got on all fours, crawling toward the dresser. "I'll just call him myself."

At reaching his destination, he picked up the receiver, holding it to his ear. Wait a second, this seems familiar... His eyes turned, his head moving with them in slow motion. It was just as he thought, Hiei is sitting up! He had 'murderer' written right across his forehead, as he whipped his Katana out from nowhere and leapt into the air, slicing the boy in half before he could even turn around to face him all the way.

A shiver ran up Kuwabara's spine. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw that Hiei was still unconscious on his bed. "Swoo. I'm getting too worked up." An unsteady laugh choked from his mouth. "Like Hiei would have his sword with him, where would he have hid it all this time?" Nodding with confidence, he dials Kurama's house. "If anything, he'd use my baseball bat in the corner." Looking to the corner of the room where his bat should be, his eyes went wide with fear seeing that, it was gone!

"Batter up." He heard Hiei's stoic voice behind him.

"No Hiei! Don't!" He cried out. Squeezing his eyes shut, he opened them when there was no impact. "Oh yeah, heh heh... I don't own a baseball bat. Maan, I really am paranoid."

He hung up the phone realizing the machine had picked up. He hoped he didn't leave a message of all the things he'd been saying. He would sound like a lunatic!

"Hey, Kazuma! Your blankets done."

"I'm coming!" He called back. Looking at Hiei one last time, Kuwabara stood then left his bedroom, closing the door after himself.

Hiei's eyes scrunched, but he merely rolled over onto his side, gripping the pillow in his hand.

Downstairs. Kuwabara trailed through the living room, the cat giving him an uneasy stare before he scooped her up and carried her into the kitchen with him. "Sorry about before Eikichi, I didn't know you were there."

The cat seemed to accept it as she purred against her owner's body heat. Kuwabara placed her on top of the dryer, while he pulled his blanket from the washer.

Maybe I should wash Hiei's clothes? Guy's probably not gonna be too happy about waking up in someone else's clothes. He might even be out long enough for me to get him back into his own.

The blanket bunched under his arms, he shuddered in the moist cold state the washer had left it in. The red head gave fabric softner a second thought but it was too late now. Anyway, there was no time for a second rinse. If he really is sick then he'll need more to cover him than some flimsy sheet.

For Kurama's sake only, I'll take care of him until he's better. Ha. Looks like it's doctor Kuwabara time! He beamed.


It was cold. Really cold. Hiei had never really felt what cold was before. If this was it, he didn't like it. He felt kind of bad now knowing that Kurama had to feel this every winter. Then again, with the way he plays with the stuff with those two idiots, maybe the kitsune doesn't feel it as much as he thinks.

His body starts to shake a bit. But then without warning he felt heat rising to his forehead. Then his cheeks and neck, then down the rest of his body. It's nice.

Wait... I know where I am now... The demon thought, as his body relaxed in his thought of location. I'm in Kurama's bathroom. He and I were in here once before...

He could see it all. The bathroom with its sunken tub and shining sink and toilet. The wooden floors decorated with a few mats here and there. But the best thing of all about the bathroom is...

"Kurama," The fire demon breathed.

Kurama leaned back into Hiei's touch, closing his eyes. "Hiei..." He breathed back.

"Need some help?" Asks the youkai without really meaning for it to be a question.

"Always." His lover replies.

Hiei's hands fell into the water then ran out as though they were frightened, the water ran up Kurama's chest and the fox inhaled the sweetness of the water.

Hiei's hands went back into the water, only this time he made a point of making an under water wave rush over Kurama's member before the water went coursing back up his lean torso.

Hiei pinched Kurama's nipples between his fingers when they met the two little stiff points on his lover's chest. When the fire demon's hands returned into the water he made another mini wave beneath it over Kurama's length, receiving a low sigh of pleasure.

When Hiei brought his hands back up the Kitsune's chest his left hand slipped along to the fox demon's back down between his shoulderblades, then up to his neck. Kurama, who had his eyes closed the whole time suddenly snapped them opened from the feeling of Hiei's warm hands on his throat.

"Aaah, Hiei..." He breathed at feeling the warm wet hands massage the back of his sensitive neck. Much like cats, foxes or any animal family really have a place on their necks sensitive to touch. It's often so pleasurable that they instantly go fall limp to it, which is why Kurama had always made a point to cover his neck up with clothing.

But being exposed now, Hiei was going to take full advantage as he dipped his hands back into the water and used the wet heat to wash Kurama's neck through a massaging touch.

"Aaahh, aahh." The red head panted, when Hiei's fingers took over making quick scratches along the front and back and sides of his neck.

A fanged smile appeared on the fire demons lips as he continued to scratch the back of that smooth, delicate neck, his free hand dropped into the water. The index and middle finger held themselves out like chopsticks. "Kuramaaa," Hiei whispered in a kiss, when the Kitsune leaned his head back on Hiei's shoulder.

Hiei's fingers ran along side of Kurama's shaft at such a sudden fast pace sending the red head forward on his hands and knees moaning. "Aahh!"

Hiei's smile broadened as he rocked against Kurama's bent over body and his ministrations soon latched onto his member, then started to jerk it. The youkai's length bobbed up and down against the red head's backside, wishing for entrance. He couldn't wait to do it...

"Hieeeeei?" He heard a vile voice calling him from somewhere in his thoughts.

Kurama moans, rocking his hips back against him. "Faster..."

"Hey Hiei!" The voice was louder.

"Shut up, you ape!" Hiei spoke out loud.

The kitsune blinks hearing that. "What?"

"Not you."

"I think he's really hurt." The awful voice continued. "Hiei, it's me. Kuwabara."

"I know that! Stop talking to me." He barks.

"Hiei, are you all right?" Kurama asks.

"I'm fine. Can't you hear that annoying voice?!"

Kurama listened. "I don't hear anything." The red head smiles at his little lover. "Are you having those dreams again, the ones with you and Kuwabara-..."

Feeling his cheeks heat, Hiei shook his head. "I told you that I never had dreams like that."

"Maybe if I smack him." He heard Kuwabara saying.

Kuwabara wrapped his arms around Hiei's body. Where did he come from!? His lips touched his neck!

Hiei shot up in bed, horrified. His breathing was fast and frightened, and whose wouldn't be? Turning his head, he looked around to find a place to throw his blind rage.

"You're awake!" He sighed with relief. "I thought for a minute that you had hit your head too hard and- AAAHHH!"

The red haired boy flew across his bedroom landing on the floor in a huddled mess of bones and skin. A slight laugh came out of his mouth from hysterics.

"Hn. Let that be a reminder." The demon stretched his muscles then yawned. "Stay out of my dreams."

"G.. ge.. got it."

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