Sick of- Achoo!

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Hiei looked around the bedroom as if taking it in for the first time. He didn't know for how long he had been 'out', but he didn't appreciate waking up still in the ugly goon's home. Hadn't Kurama come back by now, didn't the red head get his message?

The window came into view. It's dark outside. Darker than when he had arrived. Looking around for some type of clock, he spots a hand clock on the wall. Narrowing his eyes he frowns at the answer to his unasked question.

10:50. It was pretty late.

Kuwabara groans, his body shifts a bit. "Uuuh man... what hit me?' He mutters. Sitting up, he shook off the dizziness.

Looking down at the heap of stupidity that is Kuwabara, his frown increased. "Get up stupid. I didn't hit you that hard."

"Damn it, Hiei! Stop being a jerk to me, I'm taking care of you here."

"I don't need to be 'taken care' of, because I'm not sick."

"Yes. You. Are..." He composed his self then stood, walking over to the bed. Throwing his hands out for effect, he explained as though he were talking to a simpleton or a child. "Hiei, there's a chance you caught a cold while you were outside, and if that's true than I'm gonna take care of you- here- at my house."

"Hn." The demon crossed his arms, turning his nose up.

Growling, Kuwabara stamped his foot. "Fine. If you don't think you're sick than you can get out of here and go see if Kurama's home- because I'm sick of you pushing me around in my own house." His arms crossed for emphasis that he was fed up.

The youkai seemed annoyed, with a growl of his own, he yanked over the covers and slipped out of the bed. "Figures you'd give me one of your ningen diseases."

He started to walk toward the window, but his balance caused him to sway. Mostly because his feet stepped on his pants. Grabbing the waistband to hold them up, he looked down taking notice to what he was wearing.

"Where are my clothes?"

Kuwabara merely stuck his nose higher in the air. If Hiei wanted to know where his clothes were he would just have to find them for his self.

Bunching the waist of the pants in his hands, he kicked his feet from the legs. Kuwabara would have laughed at him if he didn't think the guy was gonna fall over and crack his head open on the dresser. Growling at the damned mess of pants around his body, Hiei just stuck his head into the air and tried walking again.

Kuwabara laughed this time as his pants tumbled free and started to slide down around the pest's hips. But when Hiei swayed in his steps again, the red head freaked out, reaching a hand out to the guy, to steady him, but it was smacked away.

"I don't need your help," Hiei held the dresser. "I'm going back to Kurama's. Whether he's home or not." His foot steps were heavy and his weight dragged. It felt like he had been walking forever but he was barely away from the bed.

"But it's raining, and it's getting worse." Kuwabara stated, looking out the window at a crack of lightning. What am I saying, it's almost as if I want this little jerk to stay.

"I can't stand another minute in this shit-hole you call a home."

That did it! No more Mr. Nice Guy. "Alright then, get out!" Barked the red head.

He was practically shoving at him. The window was a lot faster than using the front door. And if Hiei should fall and maybe splatter into an angry little mess in front of the house, oh well!

"Stop touching me." The demon fumed over the rude assault.

"Not until you're gone." Retorts the red head.

The two had a little hand to hand slap fest. One trying to shove the other off and the other trying to shove him out.

"Dammit Hiei! Stop fighting me and," he sent his free hand flying to hit the unwanted guest. "leeeeave!"

"I am leaving," he stopped when a hand came across his face. "Just as soon as you stop helping." His fist hit the taller bastard in the gut.

Kuwabara slumped over in pain, so Hiei grabbed his head, kneeing him right in the mouth.

Kuwabara fell to the floor but recovered quickly, throwing his arms around the Hiei's legs, knocking him to the floor ready for a flat-out brawl.

"Get off of me!" Hiei cried out in what felt like the hundredth time that night.

"No!" Kuwabara straddled him. "I'm gonna make you sorry for picking on me by knocking some sense into you." He raised his fist.

Hiei moved easily when he saw the attack coming. Sending one out his self, he socked the ugly creep across his cheek.

"Heh heh, didn't even feel it." He laughed.

Hiei was becoming demonically angry. His little legs kicking wildly. Why couldn't he throw him off! Laughing, mostly from hysterics, Hiei grabbed a hold of the swordsman's throat. It was his ace in the hole. If he couldn't kick him off, he would choke him.

"Tell me Kuwabara," he grunted from the red head trying to pull from the hold. "Did you enjoy seeing me naked when you stole my clothes? You going to sleep with them?"

"What?!" Kuwabara jerked his body up and down, not to break free but to beat the little jerk, who latched onto him, against the floor and it was working. Hiei grunted in, possible pain, or just from impact of his head popping against the floor.

"I have never, nor would I EVER wanna sleep with you."

"Yeah right..." Hiei tightened his grip and Kuwabara stopped his jerking motion. "Then why did you steal my clothes?"

"I didn't!" The taller male grabbed at Hiei's hands trying to loosen them. He was starting to feel light headed. "They're being washed!"

The two rolled around trying to gain control of who was on top. A lamp fell from the dresser, it didn't break, but it was the significance that counts. "Stop," he gasped for air. "trashing my room!"

"Oh you hate that, do you." Letting go of Kuwabara's neck, Hiei hurried across the room to where the clock stood.

Kuwabara held his neck, gasping for air. "Nooo!"

Grabbing the clock from the wall, Hiei held it over his spiked head. "Get my clothes, or the clock gets it."

"Get 'em yourself-.." he slapped a hand over his mouth. That's not what he wanted to say.

Hiei narrowed his eyes, then tossed the clock in the red head's direction. Kuwabara hid his head between his arms to lessen the pain from the contact, but it missed him by only an inch or so. Uncovering his head, he looked for the boy.

"No!" He leaned over to his hands and knees. "Not my paper weight with Eikichi!" He watched Hiei raise the glass box, with a picture of his beloved cat covering every side, over his head. "Pleeease! I'll get your clothes, anything you want!"

Hiei thought this over. "Than say it."

"Say what? Say what?!"

"Say that I'm not sick," He added after a second thought. "And that you're an idiot with a face like a gorilla."

Kuwabara seemed to waver until Hiei's grip began to loosen. "Okay! Okay... I'm an idiot,"


Grumbling, he started again. "I'm an idiot with a face like a gorilla! There! I said it, now put it down."

"Gladly." Opening his hands, the little glass box dropped to the floor with a dull shatter. The weight split in two fine diagonal pieces.

Kuwabara looked like an old crumpled paper bag. His face dropped to what Hiei considered to be the ugliest he's looked all his life. "I should have known I couldn't trust your word."

"I never said anything," he replied coolly. "I told you to say something and you did it. I wasn't aware you thought it was a bargaining." He smirks. "You're just too stupid to realize when someone is fucking with you." He laughed.

Growling, Kuwabara leapt across the room at the menace. Hiei moved out of the way, laughing even more.

"You stupid jerk!"

"Now that's an original," he moved again from another of the hopeless advances.

They would have continued on like that if not for Hiei stopping by the bedroom door, with a funny look on his face.

"Think about it monkey. Do I look sick to you?" His red eyes scrunched and as if on cue, his body betrayed him and Hiei sneezed.

The red head laughed with a pointed finger as the youkai stood confused at the door. "Oh yeah, you're perfectly healthy. Still wanna go to Kurama's house- loser." He continued to laugh.

"Yea-." Hiei's mouth dropped open and vomit came shooting out, and down Kuwabara's night shirt and pants.

"Aaaahhh!" The red head screamed for his carpet.

When he saw that Hiei was about to do it again, he sprung into action. Snatching him up from under his arms, Kuwabara carried him to the bathroom, face turned away and eyes slightly closed as though the sickly male was a baby that had just made his diaper incredibly stinky.

"Eeeeuuuwww!" He wails as his foot steps in some of the gross contents that fell from Hiei's shirt.

But once they made it to the bathroom it was Hiei's turn to be disgusted as Kuwabara shoved his head nearly into the water of the toilet. He gasped, holding the side of the nasty cold porcelain of the toilet. Straining against the ape's hold, so that he wouldn't taste toilet water, Hiei grits his teeth speaking in a threatening tone.

"What are you doing?"

"Throw up in there sicko," he explains, easing up his grip on the youkai's head. "You're not gonna get that on my floor."


After ten minutes of forcing Hiei to remain over the toilet, Kuwabara collapses against the sink cabinet. "Man... I thought for sure I was gonna end up getting barfed on."

Hiei sat back as well, exhausted, but still angry; and the fact that he could feel cold wet slime seeping through the shirt didn't help it. Looking at Kuwabara, he sneered. "I suppose I have you to thank for this."

"Me? How the hell did I make you throw up?"

"Your disgusting house is making me sick," Hiei brushed a hand down his chest, the stomach fluids splat against the floor. "the smell alone would make anyone's stomach turn."

"Oh be quiet and take your clothes off."

"What?" He was starting to stand but paused hearing the odd comment.

"I said take your clothes off," Kuwabara stood instead, crossing the bathroom to the large white tub. "Your taking a bath." He turned the knobs, warm and cold, then felt a hand underneath to check the temperature. "How do you like your water?"


Readjusting the water temperature, he grumbles. "Tch. Figures."

Hiei joined Kuwabara by the bathtub, watching the water steam as it filled the tub. Turning his gaze to the red head, Hiei smiles, an honest smile. An honestly creepy smile, that Kuwabara didn't appreciate.

Might as well play nice, thinks the swordsman. The sickness might be messing with his head. I wouldn't wanna ruin my chances of him being a decent guy by yelling at him for smiling at me. So, doing what felt right, Kuwabara smiles back at him.

Hiei laughs, broadening his smile. Kuwabara did the same. The two seemed to be in full blown laughter until Hiei suddenly stopped. Kuwabara's laughter faded into an embarrassed chuckle, until it stopped as well.

"You know I'm not getting in that tub." States the youkai, in a flat tone.

"But you're all dirty. Don't tell me you wanna walk around like that."

"I'm not walking around like anything; you're gonna get my clothes then I'm leaving."

He sounded so serious, Kuwabara considered those words. If he leaves- sick or not- that means I won't have to take care of him.

A brief flash of Kurama ran through Kuwabara's thoughts. The crimson haired half demon stood sadly over Hiei's fallen, lifeless body. Tears in his big green eyes. Obvious hatred underneath that as he would wonder how his best friend could betray him like that. No. It was too much for him to bare. He was gonna have to suffer with the little monster for as long as it took.

"No. I'm gonna get your clothes, but..." He stood, puffing out his chest to show authority. "You're getting in that tub, and then you're going right to bed."

"Am I?"

"Yup." Crossing his arms, the ego powered teen stamped his foot on the tiled floor.

"Ha.. Whatever." Turning to leave, he was snatched against the red head.

"I said in the tub!"


"Dammit Hiei! Stop being a baby!" He reached for the hem of the shirt Hiei's in, then gave it a swift yank upward.

"What? Now you're gonna steal these from me too?" He struggled to get free. "I knew you wanted me naked."

"So what," He pushed him to the floor. "You have to get naked to take a bath."

They were not gonna start this little game of rolling and punching again. Kuwabara was gonna strip this creep and give him a bath if he-... if he has to stay in the bathroom and wash him his self.

Bingo! His brain hatched an idea. "Alright fine, if you don't wanna take a bath on your own, then I'll just have to give you one myself."

The shirt went over his face, bits of his own vomit brushed his lips. He spit out what had touched him before saying, "You wouldn't dare..."

"I would. Being sick has obviously made you weak." Kuwabara sounded all knowing. "I could just pick you up and drop you in, I'll scrub until that dirty skin is nice and pink."

"Not if I kill you first." He leapt at him.

But, being the genius that he is, Kuwabara stepped out of the way giving the sickling a nice shove toward the bathtub. By a miracle, Kuwabara managed to get the shirt from the Hiei, but the pants were still on. But hey, if getting the pants wet was what it would cost to get the hurl cleaned from him, it was just a price he would have to pay.

If the water wasn't hot before, it would be boiling now. Hiei turned completely red, anger written all over his face. If the death threats to Kuwabara meant nothing before, they would surely mean something now.

Taking a step back, hands up to protect any vital places where embittered might aim, the red head was shocked to feel the heated wet pants slap against his face.

"Fine." Was all the youkai said.

Kuwabara beamed. "Does that mean you'll listen to me?"

Hiei said nothing.

Kuwabara looked at him, and Hiei looked back. "Ooo... kay. I'll just get you a towel... Eh heh heh... I'll be right back."

He backed slowly out of the bathroom, closing the door, shuddering from a chill that went up his spine. "That guys even creepier when he doesn't talk." Looking at the door. "Sure hope he isn't hatching some plan in there, 'cause I'll be toast if he is." Grabbing a towel from the closet across from the bathroom, the red head walked down the hall to the stairs. "I hope the little jerk gets better after tonight, I can't take another day of this."

In the bathroom, Hiei remains sitting up straight in the water, his legs crossed. His red eyes skimmed every inch of the bathroom and he turned his nose up to all of it.

No wood... a white bath, with an attached shower. Pathetic. Who could be comfortable in a place that's so... infected. The discolored toilet was enough to make anyone shit outside. There was a small basket of trash shoved between the sink and toilet.


A small basket of girlie bath products sat in a basket on top of the toilet.


The whole bathroom looked a little too lived in for his taste. If he wanted to get out of here, he had to come up with a way that would make the creep throw him out- still sick or not. Then it hit him, as a smile curled upon his lips.

Torture... He almost laughed out loud as he began to soap up, but as the thoughts of what he would do to the swordsman kept coming to him, he actually did.

"Ahahaha... Ahahahaha."


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