Sick of- Achoo!

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Shizuru scrunched her eyes. Rolling over, she grumbles incoherently.


Her grumble turned into a growl. Grabbing her pillow, she slapped it over her head trying to block out the noise.


"Rrrrr, that's it Kazuma, you're dead."

Tossing the pillow to the floor, Shizuru leans up on her elbows rolling then sideways so she can kick her feet over the side of the bed, upon sitting up. Locating the slippers, she slides her feet into them before standing.

"Monday morning and that nim-rod is laughing like a Hyena." Stretching her arms over her head, she let them drop back to her sides then walked out of the room.

Heading down the hall, she hears a faint sound from her brother's bedroom. If Kazuma is downstairs, that means that Hiei stayed over last night.

Of course, that was obvious by the fact that the two had been making so much noise last night it could have woken the whole block. But she figured the little spike-haired demon would have left after the noise had died down.

Stopping by the door, she cracked it open receiving a pillow to the head. Grunting, she picked up the discarded bed item then looked at the person who had thrown it. "Hiei?"

"Oh, it's you." He replied coolly.

"Yeah it's me. And you're gonna need more than a pillow to ward off my suffocating younger brother." Walking into the bedroom, she drops the pillow back onto the bed, then reaches out for the youkai's forehead with the back of her hand.

Backing away, Hiei gave the girl a warning glare, but she ignored it. "What are you doing?" He asked wanting to know why his personal-space was being invaded, yet again, by a Kuwabara? Who next? His parents?

"I'm checking to see if your head is warm." She finally managed to get him off guard, slapping the back of her hand to his forehead. "Hmm? A little warm... but nothing serious." Stepping back from the bed, she snapped her fingers than disappeared from the room.

Hiei rubbed his head where his Jagan eye lay. I have to get out of here, today.

"Aahaha, did he really just do that?!"

Kuwabara was heard again from downstairs. The guy left the bedroom and made his own little paradise downstairs it seems. That was fine with Hiei, he didn't want that noise in his ear, and he sure as hell didn't want the person making it so close to him doing it.

"Here you go." Shizuru came back into the bedroom, holding what appeared to be a bell.

"And what is this useless item for?" He asked, looking at it with curiosity rather than taking it.

"I have to go to work in an hour," the mild-mannered woman began. "I'll bring you back some medicine later, and you might as well take it if you want to get out of here anytime sooner. My baby brother might be a lot of bad things, but the good things about him are worse. So if the guy says he's gonna be your doctor... you're gonna have problems on your hands."

"Hn. I can handle myself." He crossed his arms.

"I'm sure you can," she tossed the bell to the bed. "But if you really wanna get to Kazuma, you're gonna have to work him ragged."

"And this-... thing can do it?" His red irises look down at the abandoned item.

"This is the Kuwabara family sick bell- and don't worry," she added when seeing that he's ready to shoot the item across the room. "It's been sterile for years, we keep it in a box in the hall closet, and since neither I nor Kazuma have been sick, it hasn't been touched."


Picking the bell up, she gave it a light shake. The bell jingled loudly, then she silenced it with her hand. "Ring it when you want something- even if you really don't." She dropped the bell with a wink.

A smile curled onto the sick demon's lips. He got it now.

"Give him hell." Heading for the door, Shizuru walked out with a laugh closing it after herself.

Kazuma was in for it now. That'll teach that little pest to make so much noise when she's trying to sleep. Speaking of which, she still needed to get ready for work. There would be time later to discipline a loud mouth little brother. Not to mention she had to take off at her lunch break to get medicine, and a few other items for the sick youkai staying with them. Shizuru felt truly sorry for Hiei having to stay with someone she could tell wasn't his favorite person. It would drive her nuts, so she could sympathize.

Closing her bedroom door, she walked into the bathroom and started the shower water. Too bad I can't stay here and watch Kazuma run himself dry. She chuckled in thought. Not even he can muster the energy to deal with that guy's demands.


Kuwabara has the tv up louder than needed. He didn't wanna hear the sounds of broken items in his bedroom from when Hiei wakes up, and realizes staying here wasn't some horrible dream. But hopefully the little jerk would be too sick to move. Last night was tiring for both of them. He was shocked he got up this morning. Usually, he stayed in his bedroom to watch cartoons, but with Hiei in there that simple activity would be impossible. So the couch was as good a place as anywhere.

He could still hear the little demon yelling at him yesterday.

"Get dressed!" Kuwabara barked.

Hiei crossed his arms, taking a seat at his desk. "No."

"Put some clothes on!"

"Make me."

Grabbing his arm to keep him seated, Kuwabara snatched another of his old shirts from the dresser. Hiei's clothes were still in the dryer, and his sister didn't appreciate naked men wandering around the house. Found that out the hard way on a day when he and Yusuke just got done with a shower together, and decided to drip their way into his bedroom. It was at that time Shizuru chose to head downstairs for a midnight snack and she saw them.

To put it mildly, Urameshi would never shower at his house again. He still cringes when he's over there and here's water turn on.

"Hiei," he opened the top of the shirt, trying to slip it over his head but the demon moved. "My sister is gonna be pissed if you walk around naked."

"Hn. I suppose I should be shaking in my boots."

"You should, she's pretty tough!" He leapt at him, shirt still in hands. Why was he being this way? Was it the sickness, or is he really this much of a jerk? "Got'cha!" The shirt snagged the towel-baring male around the forehead. "Now put it on!"

Hiei moved too suddenly, jerking his head away from the shirts hold. Unfortunately, he didn't notice the tip of the bed he was about to make contact with, and he fell. Kuwabara, being so head-strong to put some clothes on the angry little youkai, didn't see him fall and tripped over the collapsed's feet.

"Whoa!" He fell heavily on top of him; then came a shriek of terror as he knew what was going to happen next. "Aa!"

An animalistic growl came from beneath him and just as he tried to move away, Hiei thrust his buttocks into the air at him landing a hit right in the taller male's stomach. Kuwabara grunts, holding a hand over his gut.

"Why you little-...!"

Reaching for him, he managed to grab Hiei around the waist, but Hiei crawled away leaving the towel behind. His naked rear heading for the top of the bed; Kuwabara following right after him.

"Put on the shirt!"

Hiei raised his right leg to kick creep away, but it slipped between the red head's arm. "Get off!" Hiei cried out pushing at the Kuwabara's shoulders.

"I brought you guys some coc-..." Shizuru nearly dropped the cups of cocoa at the sight of the two in such a suggestive position. Hiei's leg almost wrapped around Kuwabara, their arms around each other. She wasn't stupid, she could figure out what they were going to do.

Kuwabara looked like the grim reaper was his best friend, and the bell tolled for him. Hiei looked more angry than shocked that they were walked in on, and just as he began to shove the red head away, Kuwabara just blurted out,

"Don't look at us!" Then, snatching the corner of the blanket, he rolled them up like a sloppy burrito which lands them on the floor.

What happened next she had to use her imagination, because she'd shut the door to her brother's bedroom; a loud impact that made the house wince, sounded in the room and she could tell her brother would have a nasty bruise in the morning. Oh well. That's what you get for desiring someone who wants nothing to do with you.

Kuwabara shuddered from the memory of last night. At least he finally managed to get the sick little jerk dressed and into bed without much complaint after that. With the way Hiei beat on him, it must have tired him out. He himself slept on the floor, laying on a ragged old futon he had stored away for when he camps.

Hiei slept peacefully enough, and that gave him a good enough chance to head for the hills when morning came. Now he's seated downstairs with his favorite cartoons and a big bowl of cocoa pebbles. Nothing could spoil this morning.


Well, almost nothing.

"Mind keeping it down next time? I can hear you all the way upstairs." His sister grabbed her keys from the bowl by the door. He didn't start the coffeemaker, so she'll have to get some on her way out. "I'll be back later on with medicine for your new boyfriend."

"Tch, what you walked in on was not two guys about to do it." The red head explained defensively. "I was trying to make him put some clothes on."

"Uh huh," she mutters. "Don't worry, I won't tell Yusuke."

"There's nothing to tell!" Yup. His morning was definitely ruined now.

"Try not to be too much of a pain in the ass today." Shizuru was saying on her way out. "Remember, he's sick."

"I know, I know." He waved a hand. "The guy vomited on me last night, how could I forget."

He was pretty much talking to himself as the door closed during half of what he was saying.

Hmph. Sisters. He grumped.

Upstairs. Hiei lays back on the putrid bed with its nauseating pillows and funky sheets. The only thing clean on it was the blanket he had wiped his hands on, but even that had taint as the red head had crawled over it last night. Yesterday still made his eye scrunch. Being naked and under that moron was something he did not want to repeat. Oh, Kuwabara was gonna suffer alright. Badly.

The door opened just then. Hiei turned his head to see whom it was, but no one was there. Hhmm?

"Meow." A bare sound filled the room for about a second.

Sitting up, he crawled slowly toward the edge of the bed where the sound had come from. Curiously, he peeked over the side of the bed and there, on the floor, wriggling its little butt was a cat. Not a very nice looking cat at that.

Seeing Hiei, the cat meows again. Arching its back, the cat leapt up onto the bed.

Hiei gasped, backing up to the head of the bed as quickly as he could. What the hell did the thing want from him? "Get lost cat!" He shouted at it, but the cat continued to advance.

Looking around almost frantically, Hiei grabbed a hold of the top of the blanket. This would have to do. Tossing it over the animal he then kicked the heavy blanket to the floor, cat and all, then he backed away waiting for what would happen next. Would the cat get out and attack again? Or will it go away?

The blanket moved, little bumps arched their way to an opening of the comforter. The cats head popped out of the blanket. Spotting the youkai, it meowed happily then started for him again. Grabbing a pillow for his defense, Hiei tossed it but missed. Grabbing the other pillow, he made contact but it didn't stop the happy cat that planned to do God knows what once it caught him.

It hops onto the bed, just as Hiei jumped off. Snatching the bell he gave it a furious shake. Where the hell was that ugly fool when you needed him?

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"I know that sound…" Kuwabara hears the faint sound of the bell ringing. At first he just blinks, he wasn't quite as sure... then a smile spread across his face. "Alright! Ice cream!"

Hurrying around the living room, the grinning goof picked up as much money as he could locate. "Two... twenty five! That's two whole cones."

Dashing outside in his house slippers, he went to the end of the curb. Looking both ways, he wondered how far away the ice cream guy was that he didn't hear the bell anymore.


A cold gust of wind picked up causing him to shiver. Well, if there was an ice cream truck he missed it. A rumble in the sky quickened his pace back indoors. The moment he stepped into the house he heard the bell again.

"It's a phantom ice cream truck!" Looking up, his eyes widened. "It's coming from the house..." heading upstairs, the noise grew louder then it stopped but not before he finally found the source. Hiei had his cat within his hands, the poor things legs stretched apart in agony.


The youkai dropped the ugly cat to the floor looking as guilty as a fox in a chicken coop. The cat ran for the door without looking back.

"Hiei? What did you do to Eiikichi?"

"Keep that stupid animal out of here when I'm trying to sleep." He answered.

"She's not stupid, and who picks on a defenseless cat?" Walking into the room, he closes the door to keep the 'killer cat' away. "You really are heartless, Hiei." Grabbing the discarded blanket, he fluffs it out then spreads it back over the bed. Grabbing the pillows next, he looked over at Hiei. "What were you doing in here anyway?"

"Nothing." He snatched the second pillow from the floor. "I'm hungry. I want something to eat." He climbed back in bed, yanking the blanket to his waist.

"Fine, I'll make you something to eat." Kuwabara dropped the extra pillow back onto the bed. "Is cereal ok, cause I don't think we have any soup."

"Cereal?" There was question in his tone.

"Don't tell me you've never had cereal before- sheesh what does Kurama feed you over there." He was muttering mostly to himself.

"Food." The youkai snapped. "And be quick about."

"Okay, okay..." He walks to the door. "Hey Hiei, did you by chance hear a bell a little while ago?"

"Shut up, stupid."

"Whatever pipsqueak..." He opens the door. "You'd better hope Eiikichi doesn't decide to come back, I might not be nice enough to move her. Scaredofcats" He rushed the end together as though he were just saying scaredy cat. "Ahehehehe." He quickly slams the door before the flying pillow could pop him in the face.

Hiei turned his nose up to the comment. "Asshole." He mumbled.

Looking at the phone sitting on the desk, he slipped out of bed. Might as well give Kurama another try. He had to be home by now and awake at that. Doesn't the kitsune wonder where he is? Picking up the receiver, he holds it to his ear then dialing the number, he waits for Kurama to answer but, again, the machine came on.

Growling, he yells into the phone. "Get over here now!" Slamming the phone down, he hears the stairs. Kuwabara was back. Great.

Returning to the bed, he sat up with his back against the headboard. The door opens revealing the ugly male with a white bowl in his hands. "Here." He sat the bowl on Hiei's lap.

It crackled and popped and looked just awful. What the hell is this stuff? Yellow rectangles... with milk under it and over it. A spoon resting within the bowl wasn't as shiny as he would have liked it, and the bowl could very well be dirty. He didn't know what Kuwabara did to this stuff.

"Come on, eat up. Its good." Says the red head. "and regardless what they say, Cap n' crunch can get soggy."

And he's forcing him to eat it. There had to be something wrong with it.

"I don't want it." He flipped the bowl over the bed onto the floor.

"What did you do that for!?" He hurried to the mess and began to scoop the cereal back into the bowl, the milk would have to be wiped up with a towel and some cleaner. "I put a lot of work into making that. you could have just handed it back to me, you know!"

"Two minutes in the kitchen and it comes to me cold,"

"It's supposed to be cold!" Snaps the red head.

Hiei picked up the bell giving it a ring.

The bell! "It was you?"

"Make me something else, and I want to watch you do it." He crawled to the other side of the bed to get out so he wouldn't step in the wet mess. "I don't trust you, you might drop a piece of your gorilla hair in my food, or try to poison me."


"Wouldn't want me to tell Kurama, would you?" He was out the door heading down the hall, but Kuwabara heard the ringing of the bell bouncing off the wall. "Let's go, gorilla."

"...Where did he?" He wondered. "Shizuru...Rrrrrrr. Man, I hate having a sister." He hears the bell again. "I'm coming! You little jerk..." he mumbled with a low tone. It was gonna be a loooong day.


Commentary: Sorry I've been busy, so I can't update. Someone is working with me to have a book made aaaahhh! I'm losin' it with joy. But set man, my grammar blows, so we're working on that most of all before anything is a go. I'm sorry to me for not being able to properly learn my own language like an adult fussy-pants.

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