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Maybe going to the store with Kuwabara was a bad idea. Did he say 'maybe', it was definitely. One minute the youkai was standing at the front door waiting to go when Kuwabara disappeared upstairs for what felt like a good half an hour but was only ten minutes, to return with an arm full of his moldy old clothes.

"First, you'll have to cover up. Last thing I want is for you to get worse because you left the house." Tossing a scarf around Hiei's shoulders, Kuwabara then wrapped it around his exposed neck. "There. Neck's, protected." Leaning over, the red head snags a large jacket. "I couldn't find anything smaller than this, so you're just gonna have to deal with it."

Hiei narrowed his eyes, but his words were muffled due to the scarf coming up over his mouth so he was easily ignored.

Kuwabara helped the dark haired demon into the large red coat. The sleeves nearly hit the floor they were so long on the shorter male; Kuwabara bit his bottom lip wondering if he could roll up the sleeves or not? It wasn't the kind of jacket meant for fashion sense, just for keeping warm.

"And these are so no one recognizes you. Heh," he began to laugh as he spoke. "You look kinda like a weirdo what with the hair and those-" he slits his eyes in a way to show Hiei what his own look like. "Beady little eyes peering at people all the time."

Hiei muttered something else that, again, went ignored. But as if being ignored wasn't bad enough, Kuwabara slipped some weird tinted glasses over his face.

The only plus from this is I can't see his hideous face as clearly anymore. That made him smile. Nothing bothered Hiei more than looking at Kuwabara.

Next came a ski hat that mashed his hair down over his head in a big mess.

"Now put your shoes on and let's go." The front door was tugged open and the red head stepped outside into the cool winds. "Colder than I thought." Hearing a loud groaning sound, Kuwabara turns around looking at the sad little youkai as he attempted to do something. "What did you say? I can't hear you with that scarf around your mouth."

Hiei looked insane as he began to shake his head in attempts to remove the scarf that blocked his mouth. Why wouldn't it move! How tight did that idiot wrap it around him?! Sighing, Kuwabara stepped back into the house reaching out for Hiei's mouth. The moment the scarf was pulled down, Hiei snapped at him as though to bite his hand.

"Hey! I didn't have to help you, ya know!"

"You're too kind."

"Yeah, yeah. What the heck were you trying to say?" He looked over his shoulder. "We don't have all day to be out of the house; it looks like it's gonna rain again."

"I was saying that I can't lift my arms." Hiei mocked. "Your gorilla skin is weighing them down."

This made the red head laugh. Someone as strong as Hiei couldn't lift his arms inside one tiny little jacket? "Heheheheh. Okay shorty, I guess I can help you out." Scooping up the smaller male's boots Kuwabara gestured for him to sit down on the dip between the wood floor and the tile. Kneeling down, he then grabbed Hiei's foot and began to slide the boot on.

"Wait," he pushed again. "Dammit Hiei! Uncurl your toes!"

"Make me."

"Rrrrrr, you're just like a stupid kid!" Jerking the shoe from his stub of a foot he tried to go in at a different approach. Heel first, toes last. The little nightmare can try uncurling his feet while they're heading to the store, he didn't have time for this. Man, I wonder what time it is? Shizuru should have been back by now. It'd save me a trip and money, I don't have that much cash on me to spend it on some jerk that doesn't even like me. He sighs. How do I get myself into these messes?

Hiei continued to move his foot from left to right. He didn't care about going to the store or getting the right brand of noodles. He just wanted to bother the ugly jerk as much as he could, to let him know that he hates him and always will.


Hiei laughed seeing his foot come into contact with the creeps' chin.

"Will you please just put your foot in the shoe!?"

Rolling his eyes, Hiei uncurled his foot. That was all he needed: Tears. It wasn't that it would effect him in any way other than pure disgust in a face he's never seen the guy make, it's just that he couldn't believe what a crybaby some people could be. Hiei's foot slid easily into the boot and the other. Then, without asking for it, he was jerked to his feet dragged up by the collar of Kuwabara's jacket.

"Now let's go."

The two walked from the Kuwabara home out onto the side walk. Kuwabara looked both ways. No cars were coming. Just when he raised his leg a woman called out his name.


"Huh?" Turning to see whom had said it, he then hopped in front of Hiei to block the odd boy from sight. He looked like E.T.

Stepping forward into the woman's front yard that is shielded from the street by a large cement wall, Kuwabara smiled at his neighbor. She's a sweet woman, lives with her husband and recently, or so the open window portrayed, they were trying to make a baby.

"Hello Mrs. Izumi. What are you doing?"

"I'm just taking down the laundry I hung, it's supposed to rain." She blinked. "Were you and your friend going some place?"

"Yup, we're just on our ways to the store. We ran out of something."

"You should bring an umbrella then..." Izumi continued to give Hiei a curious eye. "Is he very cold?"

"Oh! Him?!" Kuwabara looked down at the demon. "Yeah, and he's a bit shy..." He whispered.

Hiei turned his head to glare at Kuwabara but to them he looked like a blind child searching for the source of the voice.

"Saay, Mrs. Izumi," Kuwabara put on his smooth tone. The one that made ladies say... aahh who was he kidding. The only person remotely into him is Yusuke and he still can't figure that one out. "Can I borrow your car for a little bit? I have my license and everything, so I won't get in trouble."

"Sure Kuwabara. I have no where to go today."

"You mean it?!" He was ecstatic. He honestly wouldn't lend his car, granted he had one, to anybody. Especially not some punk kid. I must have more charm than I thought. And with a car, I won't have to walk along side that little pain in the butt. This is working out in my favor. Kuwabara foreverrr!

Shut up you buffoon. Hiei snapped at him telepathically.

The red head merely laughed the comment off. Saying something out loud would only make him look crazy. Which is hardly a good example of someone sane enough to drive. So, scooping up the little pain in the ass Kuwabara bowed to the woman then scooted to her car parked by the curb.

"Kazuma," Izumi said.

When Kuwabara looked over his shoulder she was nowhere in sight. Then, he blinked in confusion as she reappeared from her house. It wasn't until he heard the jingling of the car keys that he registered what was going on.

"Oh right." Holding out a hand he takes the keys from the kind woman. "Thank you very much."

"You're welcome. Tell your sister I said 'hello'."

"I will." Opening the car door for Hiei, he slammed it shut once the youkai was inside. Then moved around the maroon vehicle to climb into the drivers' seat.

The young woman went back into her home, laundry under arm in a basket, and gave Kuwabara and his odd friend one last wave.

"Okay..." Kuwabara's heart began to pound suddenly. This would be his first real drive someplace important. Usually, he just drove up the street to the arcade with Urameshi in tow. But now he had to go into real traffic with other real drivers. "Okay Kuwabara... don't lose your nerve."

"Don't talk to yourself out loud." Hiei chides.

"Not now, I'm concentrating." Reaching a hand up he looked into the rearview mirror. "Back mirror, check. Side mirror..." he reached his hand out of the car, giving the side mirror a look. "Check." Sticking the key in the ignition, he turned the car on but it switched back off when he turned the key back to one.

Hiei didn't know much about cars but he has been in one once or twice, so he was pretty sure that they were supposed to be moving and the engine was supposed to be on.

"I turned the key too hard, ehehehehe." Doing it once more turning the ignition to one before moving it back to three, he smiles when the car continues to hum beneath them. "Sweet."

The car shot forward, very, very, very, very... slowly. Kuwabara leaned forward his gaze looking under the wheel. He couldn't afford a mistake, this was someone else's car and he didn't want to hurt Hiei. Well, not because of some horrible car accident anyway.

"Heh, this isn't so bad." His smile broadens. "I'm gonna do great."



"Go around jerk!" He shouts before grumbling back in his little hiding place below the top of the wheel. "Everybody's in such a damn hurry today."


"Can't you see I have a passenger with me!" The red head barked out the window.

Hiei gnawed the scarf from his mouth, sticking his tongue out in disgust once it was past his lips. "Speed up!" Snaps the smaller boy.

"Oh not you too!" Though he gave the car a bit more gas. "Haven't you ever played that game 'wagon trail'? You lose more sick guys speeding than you do when you go slow." Glancing up out of the windshield he frowns.

The clouds were already threatening downpour. Ten to one it would happen the moment they found a parking space. That's the way life worked when you're a guy like Kuwabara. You get stuck with jerks like Hiei, then rained on.

"Get the fuck off the road!" A man shouted as he passed the slow moving car.

A woman honked her horn. "My daughter is late for her appointment because of you!"

"Where did you learn how to drive?!"

This was becoming too much. "Don't make me jump out of this car." Threatens the youkai.

"Tah! I wish you would jump from this car you little runt." The car slowed again as they finally neared the super market. "Save me the trouble of buying you something."

"You're too kind."

"Put your scarf back up and zip it."

The car wheeled easily into a parking space, granted there were several other cars honking their horns for the slow old lady or man parking in the space. With satisfaction, Kuwabara was glowing since they made it to the store in one piece. Maybe he wasn't such a bad driver after all.

"Can I take off this ridiculous coat?" Asks the other boy.

"No, you'll get worse."

"Won't it be warm inside the store?"

"What if we pass the frozen goods section? You'll freeze to death."

Grunting with insult, Hiei unsnapped his seatbelt. "It's the fact that you think I'm cold at all that insults me."

Kuwabara wasn't listening, he was checking his wallet to see how much money he held. "I can afford a few things, so don't get greedy. And if you want something you'd better run it by me first... Hiei?" Looking this way and that, Kuwabara finally spotted the smaller male, well a big red dot, walking across the lot toward the store. "Dammit Hiei! Wait!"

Climbing from the car, he gave chase. He didn't want to think of what Kurama would do to him if Hiei were to get run over. Muchless what he would do. There was no way Hiei could go to the hospital, what if they find out about him? Koenma would kill him, Urameshi would laugh, and Kurama would hate him forever.

This jerk is too much responsibility. I'm the one who needs the vacation. Looking back up, he noticed that Hiei had paused in the middle of the side walk and street to raise his arms up, in what he figured was an attempt to find his hands.

"Hiei look out!" He rushed forward to shove the idiot away from the oncoming car. But Hiei was already across the street once he got there. "AAAHH!"

The speeding car honked on its way past. Kuwabara froze in fear as he came inches away from being a street pancake. Or worse, the first member of the Kuwabara family to fly as his body gets hurled fifty yards away due to impact. Gathering his nerves, he held his head high and continued across the street. To his surprise Hiei hadn't gone into the store without him, in fact, it looked as though he may actually be waiting for him... Nah.

"Don't make me get a dog leash for you." Said the red head when he was finally out of danger. "Now come on!" Snatching the dark haired demon by his jacket collar, he pulled him into the market.

The place was well-sized. Not very crowded. And definitely has the best food in town, for the lowest prices. Kuwabara swiped a basket from beside the register. Hiei watched him, then followed as he walked through the aisle in search of noodles. A couple items caught the youkai's eye. A box of what read 'cookies', another box that said 'honey bears'. The little cartoon bears were having a picnic, that consist of nothing but cookies.

Hiei couldn't put his finger on why, but with a good shaking of the jacket sleeve to reveal his hand he reached out and took the box. Why not? The bears commanded it. With their mischievous smiles and tantalizing colored shirts. The box was torn open and Hiei's small hand reached in. Tasting a cookie, he frowned.


The box thumped against the floor, spilling a few cookies to the clean tile. Turning, he searched for the red head who had left him in the aisle alone without his even noticing. His plan was to just walk and look. He would never call out for Kuwabara. Waaay to familiar because of that dream long ago. It still haunts him.

The demon wandered down this aisle and that. Where the hell is Kuwabara? Didn't he notice that the giant red dot that was Hiei, wasn't behind him anymore? The youkai's eyes flicked back and forth as he passed each section of shelves. some of them he walked between, picking up an item giving it a taste before walking away from it.

"Clean up on aisle five!" A loud speaker sounded. A moment later, it sounded again. "Pick up on aisle six and three."

Kuwabara listened to the announcements but paid it no mind. "Hurry up and pick the one you want." He bellowed at the shorter male who was supposed to be behind him.

Finally! Hiei heard the red head's scratchy voice a shelf away. Crossing between paths, he was nearly hit by a shopping cart.

"Oh! I'm sorry little boy." A woman clutched her heart. "I almost hit you, where's your mother?"

Hiei eyed her from behind the glasses before walking away with an answer of, "Dead."

"Hiei? Hey Hieeei?" Kuwabara called. "Oh there you are."

"Didn't you notice I wasn't behind you?"

"Not really, where'd you go?"

Hiei only growled.

"Doesn't matter, pick out your noodles and let's get out of here. My sister might be back with the medicine for you. She's gonna flip if we're not there."

The no longer interested in food demon turned his attention on the packed shelves. There were more noodles than any person knew what to do with! It was amazing! Fat ones, thin ones, tiny broken noodles. Special shaped pieces. Where the hell is the Soba?

"I'm gonna be in the next aisle, okay?"

"Just go."

Kuwabara looked as though he were going to say something, but decided against it. Why cause a scene in front of a markets-worth of people; besides, it's better to keep Hiei in a trusting mood that way when he slips him the medicine in his lunch- breakfast was so over by now- Hiei would eat every bite and not suspect a thing.

Hiei could read a bit sure, but he was better with demonic reading than ningen words. How am I supposed to know what I want when all of it is packaged. Taking a packet of broad noodles from the shelf, he tore it open giving it a sniff. It smelled alright. Better taste it to be sure. The dry noodles snapped in his mouth, crumbling and cracking into pieces with each bite. Turning his head Hiei spat the dried noodle bits to the floor. That wasn't the right one. Tossing the bag down shattering pieces of the item about the floor. His search mission went on like that for a while.

Kuwabara skimmed the medicine section. He wasn't sure what was wrong with Hiei but he could guess it was somewhere along the lines of a cold. Maybe a little flu. One of these was the right one for him. "Hm... Don't they usually put symptoms on these things?"

He searched this bottle and that until he came across: Headache, cold and flu. Knowing it was the best one for Hiei, he stuffed it into his pocket. After a second thought, he pulled it back out. Sure enough with a glance up, he noticed a large black bubble that held a store camera. Smiling, cheekily at it he pointed to the bottle then held up his wallet to show that he was going to pay for it. He loved doing that, not sure why, but its always given him a good laugh.

"Hmm... Hiei seems to like ice cream. Maybe I should get him some? Heh, that'll make him listen to me." Leaving that aisle to get to the frozen section, he wondered briefly how Hiei was making out with finding his lunch. Maybe they could pick something up on the way back and he wouldn't have to make the guy's lunch at all. Hiei couldn't disagree with it if, technically, he didn't touch it. This day might actually look up.

"Is this yours?" A man asked.

Kuwabara looked confused for a moment wondering whom the, well-dressed man had been speaking to, when he looked down and saw his shrimpy little friend.

"What did you do now!?" Shouts the red head. "I can't leave you alone for five minutes!"

"Well, what your little friend did was waste thirty eight dollars worth in food by opening the packages deciding then to leave it all over the floor!" The man's hands came up to his hips. "I suppose since he's with you, you're going to pay for it all."

Kuwabara was going to object but he knows Hiei has no money so why fight it. Slumping his shoulders, he drops the carton of ice cream back into the freezer. He was looking forward to having some of that himself, but he couldn't afford it now. Shifting through the money, the kicked-dog snatched out a few dollars handing them over.

"Thank you." The manager counted the bills.

"Yeah," watching the man leave Kuwabara looked into his wallet noting that he only had 22 dollars left. "At least I can still get the medicine." He said mostly to himself. "Did you at least find the damned noodles you wanted?"

Hiei shoved the pack into the disgruntled red head's hands.

At least he didn't call me a name or anything. He smiled picking up the carton of ice cream again.

"Let's go moron."

Sighing, Kuwabara dropped it into the freezer once again. "Why do I even bother trying to be nice to this guy?"


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