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Kuwabara and Hiei had a moderately quiet drive home. Hiei seemed to be off in his own little world and Kuwabara had nothing to say to him, why speak? Hiei's head bobbed a second, but he shook it rapidly.

So the squirts tired. Tch. Makes sense since he's caused me so much trouble in the store he might as well rest up for another round of harass Kuwabara. He frowns. But who knows, maybe the damp weather was too much for him and he's getting worse... I should check his temperature.

Looking at Hiei, he shot a quick glance out the window to make sure there were no cars coming at the intersection. They were safe. Slapping the back of his hand to the male's head, he heard the youkai growl at him, but he made no attempt to swat the hand away.

He doesn't have a fever... maybe he's just tired. Happy with his theory, Kuwabara returns his attention to the road. Maybe he's hungry. I've never seen Hiei eat anything, not really anyway... this could be how he acts when he's hungry. Kind of like how he drops off when he's tired, he could take on the personality of someone sick when he's hungry. He glances at the boy again. Maan, humans are easier.

The car slowed to a stop in front of Mrs. Izumi's home. Kuwabara climbed out of the car, walking to the woman's front door. Once he returned the key to her with his "thanks", he snatched up his demon friend carting him into the house. Hiei was out cold.

So much for slipping him medicine with lunch. Hm... Since he is kinda out of it, maybe I could just get him to swallow some. Nobody likes being jerked out of their sleep.

Kuwabara laid the knocked out demon on the couch. That would be a fine place for now. He didn't want the bratty demon to get medicine on his bed should he decide to be a little more lively when it comes to taking it. His carpet was already starting to set with the stains the feisty youkai has been knocking around the place. He would either have to replace it or try his hardest to scrub it out.

Heading into the kitchen, Kuwabara snagged a piece of paper tacked to the entrance which meant that his sister had come by in the time the two of them were gone. While reading the note, he walked over to the drawer where they keep the spoons.

Hey Kazuma,

I guess Kurama must have come by to get Hiei. That's the only thing I can think of that has to two of you gone at the same time. That or he killed you and decided to hide the body in which case, I guess this note should be for him...

Kuwabara grit his teeth. What a jerk. It's possible that I could have killed Hiei, ya know. Continuing with the note he glances up to look around the kitchen.

I put the medicine on the counter, it should take care of whatever is wrong with him. The label says one spoonful and no more per day. So don't fuck it up.

"So don't fuck it up," he mocks. Snatching a bottle of 'Motrom' from the counter he made a displeased face at the gritty looking orange medicine inside. "Glad I don't have to take it."

Giving the bottle a quick shake, he put the note down on the counter and pushed the spoon drawer closed, the note blew over revealing something more written on the back.

"Huh?" Looking down at the paper his eyes drooped. "Chooooresss!"

The red head had a mental scream fest until he heard sounds coming from the living room. "Shoot."

Pouring the medicine onto the spoon, he made sure there would be no over spill by tapping it against the side of the sink. Perfect amount. Taking baby steps into the living room so that he wouldn't spill any of it, Kuwabara reached the couch where Hiei was just rolling over.

"Good, he's still asleep." Kneeling down, he reached out shaking the boys shoulder. "Hey Hiei?"

A muffled moan came from him.

"Hieeeeiiii," he kept his voice low enough so that the youkai wouldn't snap up and do something violent.

"What do you want?" The voice was low, almost too normal to belong to a grouch like Hiei.

"Open your mouth a minute."

He moaned in protest, but did as he was asked. Eyes still closed, he clamped his lips around whatever it was that was shoved inside his mouth. It taste a lot like oranges. Kind of like that ice cream he loves so much. It made him smile.

Kuwabara looked horrified. What the heck could Hiei be smiling for. Was he playing a trick on him, pretending to be asleep when in actuality he planned on doing something horrible to him, like spitting out the medicine. Sticky and sweet smelling, it would make Kuwabara sick. Or maybe he was smiling because he is asleep and dreaming about torturing him.

Yeeeah, where's that bell?

Turning his head from left to right in weak search of it, he realized that Hiei had never put it down when they left for the store. So where is it? Going into the kitchen to locate the offending object he noticed the time.

"How'd it get to be so late?" Sighing, he neglects his search for the bell and decides to start on his sisters chore list.

1. Clean the kitchen floor.

Taking out the spongemop and a bucket he filled it with warm water and suds. Cleaning the floor, he stuck his tongue out in disgust at the bits of ramen that were rolling out of hiding with each mop stroke he took.

"I don't see why it's my job to clean the place up when Hiei's the one that made the mess."

The water from the mop was squeezed into the bucket turning it a washed out tan color after he was done. Wiping an arm across his forehead, he looked around satisfied with his work.

"Done. Now what's next?"

Leaning over the table, he skips the second thing on the list which is 'vacuum the floor', the last thing he wanted was to wake up the youkai and have to deal with his demands as well as his sisters.

3. Clean out the bathroom, it looks like someone died in there.

That's right, I never got around to doing that. Eeeuww. I can't imagine what it smells like in there. Leaning over, he scooped up the dirty bucket of water then dumped it into the sink. Refilling the bucket with hot, HOT, water he then added some soap.

"I'd better do this quick," the red haired male wandered upstairs, mop and bucket in tow, then went to work in the bathroom.

Kuwabara worked as hard as he could to remove both the smell and the globs of Hiei's stomach fluid from the bathroom. It was disgusting work but he did a rather pleasing job at getting it all up.

The next thing on the list was to start dinner. That he didn't mind doing so much. But since he had time to take a quick shower he figured that was the best plan. No one would eat anything prepared by someone that smelled like death warmed over. Stripping off his clothes, the red head walked into his bedroom to gather his shower things.

"Shirt, boxers... showercap an- Eugh!" He lifts his foot; face scrunching as his foot landed in what had to be Hiei's latest mess. You think it would have dried by now. Giving his foot a quick shake, he began to walk to the bathroom again.

Hiei scrunched his eyes. He felt the sleep leaving him. It must have been a lighter nap than he anticipated. Taking in a breath of fresh air to get rid of the sleep cloud floating around him, Hiei cased the room with his eyes. Rubbing his forehead a moment his Jagan eye opened looking around as well.

There you are. He spots the red head in the bathroom upstairs. Closing his third eye, Hiei looks at the coffeetable. Hn. Ningen elixirs... Picking it up, he looked the bottle over. The spoon, that sat on the table beside where the bottle was, is clean. If there's any truth to what the gorilla says, than I should take this garbage to get better... But... Who knows what it might do to me. A smirk came across his face. He was never concern about anything before, why be concerned now?

Snapping up the spoon Hiei tipped the bottle over pouring the orange liquid onto the large white plastic spoon. Simple enough. Giving it a sniff, he opened his mouth then bit down. Scrunching his eyes at the odd taste, he swallowed every bit from the spoon.

"Hm." It kind of tasted like candy, but with the consistancy of that liquid chocolate Kurama sometimes puts on his ice cream. "No harm in taking a bit more. "The more I take the sooner I'll get better." Loading up another spoon, he took it down in on shot. Licking his lips, he figured it to be enough, so he set the bottle down.

Standing, the boys posture swayed. "I guess I'm still a little tired." Shaking off the feeling, he pulled his arms into the jacket then slid the rest of himself out of it from the bottom. The sunglasses were the next thing to be removed, then the hat. At least the ape took off his boots before abandoning him on the couch. The youkai heads upstairs into Kuwabara's bedroom. He thought a moment about calling Kurama but decided against it.

Hiei hated laying in Kuwabara's bed, being in his house, but what could he do at the time? So, slipping into the bed he made himself as comfortable as he could get then closed his eyes. It would be the first time he ever attempted sleep on his own, but anything was worth a shot.

After about ten minutes, Hiei realized that his attempts to get some sleep were failing him. He had to do something. Reaching into his pants pocket, he pulls out the bell. Giving it a shake, he frowned when there was no response. So, shaking it again, he waited for the red head to appear... Still nothing. Rolling his eyes, he slips from the bed and out into the hall way.

He has the nerve to bathe when I'm sitting in bed sick.

Riing! Riiing!

Kuwabara looked up wondering what that sound was. He thought, for a moment, that he was hearing things but hearing it again, a low ringing, he knew what it was. Gasping, he leaped from the shower. Grabbing his towel, he quickly wrapped it around his waist and plowed from the bathroom right into the shorter boy.


The two of them fell to the floor in a heap. Hiei's eyes bugged from his head when the red head's warm wet chest slapped him against the face. He was literally frozen in sickness.

"Out of the way tiny Tim, the phone's ringing." Picking himself up off the floor, Kuwabara continued down the hall into his bedroom. Snapping up the phone, he held it to his ear. "Hello! Hello! Kurama! Is that you?!"

"That was quick, did it even get a chance to ring on your end?" It was Yusuke.

"Damn it, Urameshi, I thought you were someone useful."

"That psychic thing can be a real freak out Kuwabara and- What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Nothing Urameshi, I just thought that you were Kurama."

"That guy still hasn't showed up yet. I wonder what happened to him."

"Wish I knew, because Hiei's been driving me crazy!" He went on. "Did you know that little jerk wrecked three aisles in the supermarket by taste testing food. I ended up paying for all that stuff."

Yusuke laughed so hard he dropped the receiver a moment.

"Not to mention he's been spilling things since he got here. I can't take it." He looked back at the hall where he left the youkai.

"Well, tell him to get a life and ignore him."

"I can't just ignore him, he's sick!"

"So what?! You've been sick in the head for years and I don't cater to you." He said very matter-of-factly.

"Oh shut up. You seem to like Hiei so much, you come over here and take him because I quit!" Slamming the phone down, he huffed with a cross of his arms. "Jerk." Straightening up he returned to the hall. Hiei was still on the floor looking traumatized. Sighing, Kuwabara leaned over shoving his hands under the guy's arms. "Alright, alright knock it off it wasn't that bad." Holding him bridal-style he carried him back into the bedroom and placed him down on the bed.

"So that's what I heard, this stupid bell." He snatched it from Hiei's hand.

"Kuwabara... I'm hungry."

Kuwabara wasn't sure if it were the fact that he was about to have a nervous breakdown or if it were that Hiei actually sounded sad, but he stood dropping the bell back onto the bed and walked out of the room to get the testy demon something to eat.

With a laugh he walked back into the bedroom. "Better get dressed first."

Hiei groaned, slapping a hand to his forehead.


Hiei ate dinner quietly, Kuwabara beside him sitting on the futon laid out on the floor. He prepared a chicken dish since Hiei didn't seem to like the fish his sister made. The youkai, though slowly, was actually eating it. No complaints, no spills, nothing. What the hell was he up to?

Kuwabara kept a side glance at him waiting for the big finish when he'd knock the bowl to the floor. It never happened. When Hiei was done, he dropped the bowl onto the dresser and continued watching television.

"Ssooo, youuu hit your head back there."


"Your head, did you hit your head on the floor when I fell into you."


Kuwabara went back to picking at his food. "Have youuu eaten something weird under the table or anything?"


Twisting his mouth around, Kuwabara wracked his brain for a reason why Hiei would be acting so strangely. Maybe he's still tired? That has to be it. Maybe sleep isn't a bad idea. I know I could use a rest after the day I had. Lowering himself into the bed, he pulled the covers up to his shoulders. "Umm, goodnight Hiei."

"Kuwabara." He spoke softly like he were asleep and dreaming.

"Yeah?" The youkai was freaking him out. He'd rather deal with the cruel Hiei than this guy. What's gotten into him?

"Could you get me a drink."

"A drink?"

"I didn't have one with dinner. I'm thirsty." He lowered himself into the bed.

"Sure... I guess I could." Sitting up, he jerked the covers away and hefted himself to his feet.

He was gonna enjoy getting his bed back that was for sure. Kuwabara poured Hiei a drink remembering that he had specifically decided against getting the smaller boy a drink because he couldn't be trusted with it. But as he returned to the bed room he began to feel sorry for Hiei. Maybe he felt abandoned by Kurama. After all, they left messages but no one answered them.

"Here you go." He handed over the glass.

Hiei didn't even eyeball it like he usually would, he just titled his head back and took a drink. Then handing it back to Kuwabara he lay down. "Turn off the tv." He demanded.


Placing the glass down on the dresser Kuwabara then snatched up the remote from the bed and turned off the television. Nice and quiet. Just what he needed. A smile appeared on his face, he was... happy.

"Hey Kuwabara?"


He heard Hiei roll over as though to face him. "Why do they package noodles like that?"


"In the stores, why are they sealed up that way... you can't tell if they're good or not if they aren't cooked."

"I guess because it would go bad if there were just a bunch of pots full of cooked noodles sitting around." He shrugged.

It was silent again. Kuwabara closed his eyes waiting for sleep to take him over. No sooner had he felt dream land appear.


"Yeah?" He kind of wanted an apology but he knew that would never come.

"Why would you take care of me when I hate you?"

The red head pursed his lips. "Because... I don't know... I figure I owe it to Kurama and..." He blushed a bit. "Hell I don't know, I just think that deep down there's a nice guy inside of you and if I keep being nice maybe you'll show him some day."

It was silent. For a moment, the taller boy thought that Hiei had gone to sleep, but a tiny cough filled the room before it silenced again.

"Hold your breath until I do." Hiei said in a flat tone.

"Tch. Ya see! That's not fair!" He sat up. "I go out of my way to be nice to you and you still treat me like something under your boot."

"You'd never be under my boot, I'd scrape you off at the first curb."

"Yeah well... I... You're..." Hiei laughed at the desperate attempt to comeback. "Well I'm tired now, so just leave me alone."

"I'm bored."

"Then talk to yourself, sheesh. You think you'd want to since nobody wants to carry on conversation with you anyway."

Hiei rolled over, tugging the blanket nearly over his head. He didn't want to talk to that idiot anyway. He can force sleep, he's done it lots of times. Just calm the eye and relax.

"And anyway," Kuwabara jerked him from any sleep he planned on getting. "Why do you hate me so much anyway!? I never did anything to you- is it because I'm human, because that's a pretty stupid reason to hate someone?"

"Well it's part of my reason... the other half, I suppose, is just because you're unlikable."

Kuwabara made a sound to that. He then blinked. 'Unlikable'? Did Hiei really think so?

"Know this... For what I use in words is only making up for how much I truly hate you."

"Huh?" Did he hear that right? Hiei was... saying something nice about him? True he kind of said it in a rude way but... but he said it. "So, you mean you talk a lot of crap because deep down you really don't hate me as much as you make it seem!?"



Still silence.

Kuwabara laughed. "Sleep tight shorty, because tomorrow you're cleaning my carpet." Rolling over, he snuggled into bed. So Hiei doesn't hate me. Heh heh, who would have thought.


"Yeah," he smiles. This is it, the guys gonna tell me that we're friends. Heh heh, you know it's not entirely hard to believe. Most times when guys are alone for a long period of time they either confess undying love or friendship. Yeeah, I knew it was just a matter of time before Hiei showed his true feelings.

"Stop babbling, that isn't what I was going to say."

Kuwabara growled. "Would you quit doing that!"

"Hn." He rolled over so that he was no longer facing the ugly boy. "All I was going to say is that I've never known anyone to be ugly even in the dark."

"Why you little." Raising his pillow in the air, he slammed it down over the demon's head. Hiei only laughed.

"Will you two keep it down in there! I have work to do!" Shizuru barked from down the hall.

"Heheheh, you love me. You're just to proud to admit it." Laying down on the pillowless futon, Kuwabara went to sleep.

Shortly after that, and a few well placed glares at the slumbering red head, Hiei fell asleep as well.

"I hope he wasn't too much of a problem for you Kuwabara." A soft voice spoke.

Hiei must be tired because it almost sounded like Kurama.

"No trouble at all!" The gorilla wailed louder than needed following it with a stream of annoying laughter. "Just don't bring him back."

Kurama laughed quietly; his gaze going down to the small demon in his arms. "Hiei, you're awake." He smiled warmly.


"You look as if you're surprised to see me..."

Hiei had nothing to say. He honestly didn't expect to wake up and find himself in Kurama's arms. He thought for sure he'd be with Kuwabara having some poorly prepared breakfast shoved into his face. Shaking off his surprised look, Hiei removed himself from the red head's arms.

"Hn. Hardly." Stuffing his hands into his pockets he walked out the front door. He wasn't sure what was in that medicine but it seemed like it really did the trick. "Let's go before you need a flee bath as well."

Kurama gave Kuwabara a sympathetic look. He wasn't sure what went on between the two of them, but he was pretty sure alone time with Hiei, especially when you're Kuwabara, couldn't possibly be a picnic.

"See you later, Kuwabara."

Waving a hand, the red head began to close the front door. "Yeah, see ya Kurama."

The moment the door was closed, Kuwabara sagged against it. He needed to sleep because for some reason it seemed like he was up all night...

At the Minamino house later that evening. Hiei had just come from a bath with the kitsune. He was in no mood to spend the day smelling like Kuwabara and they hopped in the moment they got in the house, although Kurama didn't exactly join him until he was done 'being Shuichi' as Hiei put it. And now they would spend the rest of the day in bed, in each others arms.

"Mind telling me where you were?"

"I left you a note, didn't you get it?" The answer to that was obvious.

"I couldn't get in, so if there were any note of course I didn't read it." His tone was full of scorn.

Kurama blinked in confusion. "I'm sorry. I hadn't realized my brother locked my window until it was too late." Kurama tilted his head down and began to laugh.

"What's so funny."

"Nothing Hiei, it's just that... the idea of you spending three days with Kuwabara is funny."

Narrowing his eyes, Hiei turned his nose up. "You wouldn't think it was so funny if you were sick and got stuck there."

"I suppose not. Then again I have a key."

Raising his fist, he popped the amused bastard on his head. "Shut up, fox." Closing his eyes, Hiei drifts off.

Kurama watched him wondering what actually happened at Kuwabara's house. He guessed he would never know. But, the image of Hiei and Kuwabara snuggled in the swordsman's bed together wasn't something that would leave him so soon. Then again, Hiei did have his hands around the other boy's neck. Hm. Better not to dive into it.

"Good night, Hiei."

The youkai made a sound to say the same, and they knocked off. Hiei would sleep better than any day in his life tonight. Too bad Kuwabara wouldn't.

"Aaa- Aaaa- Aaaachooo!" The red head wiped his nose in a tissue, groaning at his splitting headache.


Yusuke: Man, I get tired just thinking about shows that I'm barely in. Why would anyone wanna focus attention on two guys that hate each other. What about me? I could have been doing something pretty interesting at my place. Or Kurama at his grandmother's.

Hey guys, Yusuke here. If you thought that left a sour taste in your mouth than you better get ready for something a little sweet. It's about Kuwabara and his... well... let's face it, the big lug is odd! He sees and can talk to ghost. Next time on Yu Yu Hakusho: 3 Shades of Kuwabara.

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