To Be Announced

BY : Resting-Madness
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything involving the YuYu Hakusho universe specifically the idea and characters. I also make no money from this, it's just good old fun.

Authors Note: The content between Yusuke and Hiei is in an actual book, its so funny. Nothing more traumatizing than seeing the many ways and days there are to get pleasure. *shudder*


At Kuwabara's house. The red head is taking his shower for the day, and he's currently trying to wash his feet but the one planted in the tub keeps threatening to make him slip.

"Geez, I always hate this part." He grumbled lowly, raising a foot again.

Just when he thought he was doing good.


Kuwabara latched a hand onto the soap dish to keep himself steady, but he suddenly grinned into a fantasy.

"Don't worry Kuwabara, I'll keep you steady." Yusuke was saying.

"Eh heh heh heh." He laughed coming back into reality. "Yeah right Kuwabara, like that would ever happen." He muttered to himself and continued his shower bitterly.

When the red head walked into his room, he climbed into bed grabbing a picture of Yusuke.

"Good night, Urameshi."

Kissing it, he then placed the picture back on the night stand, turned out the lights and went to sleep. Thinking he could get peace from his warm thoughts in there, he was soon proven wrong.

"Kuwabara..." Yusuke breathed into the red heads ear.

Kuwabara had the widest grin plastered to his face watching Yusuke lower himself onto his lap.

"How do you like it Kuwabara?" The spirit detective asked.

"How ever you do it, baby."

Just as there lips are going to meet, Kuwabara's eyes began to scrunch and open. "Aaaw man! Just when it was gettin' good." He said in a huff. "That's it." He reached over to his night stand taking a notepad and pen over to the bed with him. "Now let's see." He placed the pen to the paper; Eikichi opened a lazy eye looking at him. "Why Yusuke and Kuwabara should take their relationship a step further." He read off as he wrote it.

The next day.

"Here!" The scratchy voiced male tossed a piece of paper down in front of his lover's face, almost getting it on his food.

"And what's this supposed to be?" Yusuke asked with a laugh in his voice picking up the sheet of paper and running his eyes over it.

"It's a fully detailed, and well thought out list of reasons for why you and me should take the next step in our relationship." Kuwabara explained sitting down.

The red head reached for a piece of shrimp from Yusuke's ekiben and stuck it in his mouth. Reading the list Yusuke grinned into a laugh, and he let it drop from his fingers back onto the table.

"Yeah right," continues to laugh loudly. "as if I'd listen to a stupid piece of paper." He said.


Kuwabara goes from zero to 60 in seconds, and he is fuming. He stands up slamming his hands down on the table while leaning into Yusuke's face.

"Now listen here, I spent half the night writing out that list, and half the day trying to find your sorry ass, so the least you could do..." He dropped to his knees on the side Yusuke was on and held his lovers hands in his own lowering his voice to a sensitive one. "Is please hear me out?"

Yusuke tried to take his hand back but Kuwabara held on fast. "Let go." He said but the red head wasn't listening he just kept pleading with him.

"Come on, even if it's just once- well, maybe not just once..."

"Kuwabara?" The people in the restaurant were beginning to stare now, and it was becoming embarrassing.

"But after that, I'm good." Kuwabara finished.

"Kuwabara, let go!" Yusuke pulled his free hand back into a fist and let the red head have it!

"Aaahh!" Kuwabara falls back onto his butt.

Yusuke stood up on his seat and hopped over him, then looked down saying,

"Don't be so pushy next time," He walked to the door. Kuwabara was almost sure he heard him say. "Sorry for hitting you." Before he walked out.

"Hey!" The owner called after Yusuke. "You didn't pay your bill!"

Kuwabara raised himself up on the table, and let his chin drop down on it. "Ugh, I think he likes me." His weight slid him back to the floor where he stayed for the time being.

Outside. Yusuke's walking along the street in an angry huff.

"What's wrong with that guy?!" He was shouting. "Can't he leave well enough alone?!" He stomped his feet down harder as he walked along. "I mean," His voice lowered. "It's not as if I haven't thought about it myself... But he doesn't have to rush into things all the time!" As if he'd just heard what he said he laughed not so cheerfully. "Listen to what I'm saying, this guy makes me think too hard, I need some blockage."

As if on cue, Kurama comes walking out of the public library with his face practically planted into the book he was holding.

"Hey Kurama," Yusuke was saying when the half-demon approached, but he didn't seem to hear him as he kept going by. "Heey! Can't you hear me?!" The spirit detective called. "Kurama?!"

The fox demon just continued down the sidewalk.

"Tch, forget it." Yusuke turned back to the beaten path to his house. 'The whole world goes nuts over night, spring really is the worst season in the world.' He thought. 'What next?'

Kurama opened the door to the Lunch Box restaurant Yusuke had just gone from, still reading his book. He didn't notice Kuwabara on the floor as his foot came into contact with the sulking red heads side.


Kurama lowered his book and looked down. "I'm sorry Kuwabara, I didn't see you there." He held out a hand helping the teen up. "What were you doing down there on the floor?" Kurama asked as they took a seat.

"Urameshi punched me, that's all." He answered.

"You two fighting again?" His voice is less then concern, the couple are always throwing blows at each other.

"Noo...I just told him that it was about time me and him went all the way, then he got all mad." Kuwabara went on explaining. "I just don't get that guy, does he hate me or something? We've been together for six months already!"

Kurama just smiled politely as he listened. "Maybe he just needs more time." He replied.

"How much time, like an hour?" Kuwabara asked and Kurama chuckled lowly.

"Only Yusuke knows how long it can take. For some people many months, maybe even years."

"Yeears!?" The red head shrieked. "I don't have years!" He pounded a fist into the table. "Well if he thinks I'm gonna wait around for him forever, this relationship is off." Standing he walked to the door.

"Kuwabara, maybe you should rethink this?" He said standing as well.

"Nuh uh," He replied leaving the place.

"There's trouble, I hope I haven't done anything wrong?" The fox prayed.

"Guy thinks he can keep blowin' me off." Kuwabara fumed when he was outside. "He's got another thing coming." He marched down the street to his house. "I'll write him a goodbye, thanks for your service, and that'll be all." The red head nodded to agree with himself, it seemed like a perfectly good idea to him. "I just hope I don't chicken out."

9 9 9

Kurama made his way home still reading the book he'd checked out from the public library. "I can't believe people actually do these sorts of things," He was saying to himself.

Reaching his house, Kurama pulled a key from his pocket and let himself in. Normally, he would have called to his mother to tell her, but she isn't at home today because she's out visiting her sister in another city.

"Hey Shuichi," His brother Hatanaka said, as Kurama passed through the living room.

"Hello Hatanaka. Has mother called?" He asked stopping his pace to talk with his younger brother.

The two have a wonderful relationship with each other, and rarely have a reason to fight. And they both watch after the house whenever their mother is gone.

"Not yet, you think she might be on her way back?" The younger boy asked.

"Possibly, we should clean up a bit before she does come back though, wouldn't want her to see the place in a mess." Kurama suggested. "I have to put this away, I'll be down in a moment."

Disappearing on the stairs, Kurama heard his brother getting up to put the bag of chips away that he was eating. Smiling to himself, he opened his door and dropped the book down on his bed. Then he removed his shirt to put on something that he didn't mind getting a little dirty when he cleaned.

'I've never really liked this purple one.' He thought searching through his closet.

The kistune walked to his bed and sat down, slipping the shirt over his head. The window slid open and Hiei climbed in. Seeing his new lover on the bed, he walked over to him and just as Kurama popped his head out of his shirt Hiei planted his lips to his while wrapping his arms around the red head's neck.

When the fire demon moved away Kurama smiled. "Nice to see you too?" He replied to the kiss.

Kurama and Hiei have been together since Christmas; and every time Hiei saw the kitsune he would press his mouth to his for a kiss. It was like watching middle schooler's kiss. They've never gone any further than that with the parting of lips, or tongues. So Kurama thought it was time enough to move onto the next part of a relationship- or at least open mouth's.

"Hiei," Kurama started but the fire demon picked up the book looking over the cover.

"Reading again," He commented as though he were alone.

"Yes, and I thought maybe you and I could try some thing's from the book." He points a slender finger to the book.

Hiei cocked an eyebrow and opened the book, looking over the pictures. Kurama's heart was in his throat knowing some of the things that are in that book, and he prayed that Hiei wouldn't see them. There was silence while the fire demon looked through the book, it was becoming rather uncomfortable.

"...Hiei?" He said and his lover tossed the book aside.

"Hmph, baka." He stated.

"What's so stupid about it?" Kurama asked wondering what it was that Hiei saw to think it were dumb.

"What do I look like, some dumb female?" The fire demon exclaimed sounding kind of irritated.

"No of course not, those are just pictures in the book, all I wanted was to show you a new way of kissing."

Hiei furrowed his eyebrows.

"Here, let me show you." Kurama reached out for him, but Hiei moved back.

The youkai didn't seem to want to listen and he turned his nose up. "If you don't like the way I kiss, then why don't you kiss the stupid book if it has so many good ideas."

He picked it up and shoved it into Kurama's hands, but the kitsune set it aside. Leaning forward, he takes his lover's face in his hands and kisses him. The kitsune pushed his lover's lips apart with his tongue and Hiei's eyes opened when he felt it. Kurama's tongue explored his mouth and Hiei relaxed into the sensation, trying it out for himself.

'He catches on quickly.' Kurama thought when feeling Hiei wrap his arms around his neck. The kiss lasted for what felt like 20 or 30 seconds.

When they pulled away Kurama looked over Hiei's face to see what he thought of it. "Well?" He asked after getting nothing.

"My way is better." Hiei replied, but there was a faint smile on his face that showed he liked it.

"Hey Shuichi," His door flew opened and Hiei disappeared.

"Yes?" The older brother replied with a squeak in his tone, and he's glancing to where Hiei is standing.

"You gonna help me clean up or not?" The young boy asked.

"I'll be right there."


When the door was closed and he was sure his little brother was out of earshot, Kurama got up from the bed and pulled Hiei in giving him another kiss. "I have to go clean up before my mother gets back." He explained. "Will you be here when I return?"

"Maybe." Hiei answered already walking to the window.

"I guess I'll see you later then."

Kurama walked out of his room closing the door behind him. Hiei looked over at the bed where the book is laying, narrowing his eyes at it he walked over to Kurama's bed and picked it up, then left the house.


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