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Swoosh...swoosh. Kurama's hands ran back and forth through the warm green water in his bath.

The red heads bathroom was done in natural Japanese design, with its wooden floor boarding going straight to the tub set low in the floor forcing you down two dinky little steps leading inside. A mini shower a distance away from the tub, along with a wooden drawer sink, and black porcelain toilet. Kurama had already done the showering part, now he sat back and relaxed in the tub. Lazily running the scented water on himself every once in a while.

"Hmm hmm hmm," The boy hummed lowly and tipped his head forward to splash water on his face. "Aaaa," He sighed out.

While Kurama was distracted with his task, he hadn't noticed the door opening in the distance; while he's scooping a handful of the bubbles that surrounded him into his hands, the intruder stripped his clothing off piece by piece. White scarf, long black jacket, blue shirt and black pants. Kurama was still unaware of anyone being in the bathroom with him, that emmersed in the comfort until he felt the arms coming around his back land a predator like grip around his body.

"Kurama," The fire demon breathed.

Kurama leaned back into Hiei's touch, closing his eyes. "Hiei..." He breathed back.

"Need some help." Asks the youkai without really meaning for it to be a question.

"Anytime." Replied Kurama.

Hiei's hands fell into the water then ran out as though they were frightened, to get water running down Kurama's chest, and the fox inhaled the sweetness of the water when sucking in a gasp over having his lover's hands brush his nipples.

Hiei's hands dip back into the water, only this time he made a point of making an under water wave rush over Kurama's member before the water went coursing back up the red heads body, by dragging the water forward then back with a force.

Hiei pinched Kurama's nipples between his fingers when they met the two little hard points on his lover's chest. And returning his hands into the water, he made another mini wave beneath it over Kurama's need, received a low sigh of pleasure from the red head.

When Hiei brought his hands back up to kitsune's chest his left hand slipped along to the fox demons back, between his shoulder blades then up to his neck. Kurama, who had his eyes closed the whole time suddenly snapped them opened from the feeling of Hiei's warm hands on his throat.

"Hiei..." He breathed feeling the warm wet hands massage the back of his sensitive neck.

Much like cats, foxes, or any animal family their necks are sensitive to touch. It's often so pleasurable that they instantly fall limp to it, which is why Kurama had always made a point to cover his neck up with clothing.

But being exposed now, Hiei was going to take full advantage as he dipped his hands back into the water and used the wet heat to wash Kurama's neck in a massaging touch. The red head was a flurry of pant when Hiei's fingers took over making quick scratches along the front, back and sides of Kurama's neck.

A fanged smile appeared on the fire demon's lips as he continued to scratch the back of his lover's neck, his free hand dropped into the water and upon exit he uses the droplets of water to sprinkle onto the back of Kurama's neck. Free hand back in the water, the index and middle finger held themselves out like chopsticks.

"Kuramaaa," Hiei whispered in a kiss, when the kitsune leaned his head back on Hiei's shoulder. A little pleasure for the ears as well as the body.

Hiei's fingers ran along side of Kurama's shaft at such a sudden fast pace sending the touched male forward on his hands and knees moaning. Hiei's smile broadened as he rocked against Kurama's bent over body, and his fingers soon fisted the rod, then he starts to jerk it. The youkai breathed lowly into Kurama's ear sending a wave of pleasure through him again.


Shiori Minamino walked into the house after returning from work, hanging her car keys on a hook by the door she then looked around for any faces. "Hatanaka?!" She called. "Shuichi?" Nothing. 'Right, Hatanaka is at soccer practice. Shuichi should be home though.'


Hearing the sudden shout, Shiori looked at the stairway. "That sounded like Shuichi." The woman hurried herself to the stairs to find the cause of her sons pain. "Shuichi?" She called faintly when she was at the door.


She heard a moment later. Nervous, she calls through the door again "I'm coming in." before pushing the door open.

From the side of Hiei's eye, he glanced over at the door then vanished. Kurama hadn't seemed to really notice until he heard his Mother's voice to snap him out of the ecstasy.

"Shuichi? Are you all right?" His mother asked.

Kurama caught his breath a second and nodded. "Sorry to frighten you mother, I just got some soap in my eye that's all."

Placing a hand to her heart she sighed in relief. "Thank goodness, I thought you were in real danger."

Kurama placed a hand behind his head and chuckled lowly. "No. I just lost my grip that's all." Her son explained.

With a slight nod, his mother raised a hand for him not to explain before backing out of the bathroom pulling the door closed behind her. "Oh and Shuichi," she said through the closed door. "I'm going to pick your brother up from soccer practice. Then I'm going to the store, would you like to join me?"

"Yes mother, I just need to finish up here and I'll be right out." Kurama replied.

"Take your time." Waiting for her foot steps to fade down the hall.

Kurama relaxed again. "That was close." He stated.

"You're losing your touch, fox." Hiei said from the other end of the tub. "You didn't even notice when I came in." He drifted to the other side of the tub and into his lover's arms.

"Care to finish where we left off?" The kitsune asked.

"No," The red head cocked an eyebrow to Hiei's response. "It's your turn." The little fire demon explained.

With a smile, Kurama grabbed the wash rag and soaped it up washing up and down Hiei's back lovingly. The fire demon sighed into Kurama's chest where he rest his forehead. Letting the rag go lower, Kurama caressed it over the shorter male's butt, around to the side and between. Hiei moaned lowly into Kurama's chest feeling the cloth separating his entry when it ran between him. He wanted more from the touch so he rocked his hips downward against it.

"Kuramaa" He breathed.

The kitsune kept up the steady rubbing until the rag fell gently away from his hand being replaced with the side of his fingers as his thumb ran along the outside of Hiei's soft rump. Gently one of Kurama's fingers dipped itself into his body then it came back out, then slipping it in again it was soon joined by another finger.

He moved himself up and down over the red head's fingers moaning gently, still with his face planted into his lover's chest, and the little fire demon placed kisses along Kurama's chest then to his nipples.

When his lips removed themselves. Raising a hand, Hiei brushed his the pad of his thumb over the pert little bud, while the index finger made half circles around the perimeter. Kurama let Hiei rock up and down over his fingers at his own pace until he pulled them away replacing it with his throbbing erection that needed to release from the attention Hiei had given it a moment ago.

They both let out a moan in unison feeling it go inside- while he felt himself fully entered. Hiei kissed Kurama's neck while they rose and fell with each other. The fire demon's teeth nibbled gently on his lover's skin but Kurama shook his head. "No Hiei, it may bleed later and I have to leave."

Obeying what Kurama said Hiei resisted his urge to bite into him.

"Faster." Hiei whispered.

Kurama obliged, speeding himself up. Moans and hisses explode like fireworks into the steamed air; and the water rocked a sloshed back and forth.

"Aauuhh!" They both called out together in a hug.

"I'll be waiting for you." Hiei stated disappearing.

Kurama looked around the quiet bathroom and smiled. Calming his breathing, he grabbed for the soap and finished cleaning himself.

9 9 9

"Every week it's the same thing," Yusuke was saying placing hands behind his head as he walked. "Do the shopping for this week Yusuke, and don't screw it up." He impersonated his Mother's voice. "If we've got all this much money to be shopping every week, why don't we hire someone to do it for u-...Hey!" The spirit detective broke into a huge grin. "Kuwabara!" Yusuke shouted with a wave.

When the red head looked up seeing his lover in the distance he grinned and rushed up to him. "Urameshi..."

The spirit detective greeted his lover with a kiss on the lips.

"What'cha doin' Urameshi, buying drugs?" Kuwabara asked seeing the money in the spirit detective's hand.

Hearing that, Yusuke turned his happy expression into one of annoyed answer by narrowing his eyes adding a frown, and he replied. "Nooo. I'm shopping for my mom. Dummy."

"Sorry," Kuwabara said with a shrug.

"Aaw who cares, you wanna help?" Asked Yusuke, glancing into the store and taking a step back from the opening door when the person on the other end came out.

Kuwabara reached for the bar that opened the door, and held it opened for the woman and her children.

"Yeah yeah, can I have a treat now, mamma?" A little girl begged.

"When we get home." The woman answered before turning to Kuwabara and saying. "Thank you, young man."

"You're welcome, ma'am." The red head replied.

"Have a nice day." The woman bowed politely, then walked away with her children following behind her.

"Weeelll, look at this." Yusuke was saying.

Kuwabara looked around wondering what the spirit detective was talking about. "Look at what?" He asked.

"Ha," The boy walked into the store talking along the way. "If I'd of known I was dating a boy scout I would have cleaned my act up ages ago. Wouldn't want any badges ripped off ya cause I'm such a slob."

Kuwabara blinked from what he'd heard, but followed his lover into the store. Walking beside him, a huge grin appeared on his face as he marched cheerfully beside Yusuke. "That comes from my natural upbringing, ya know." His chest puffed out with pride that Yusuke would notice such a thing about him. "Aaand with enough practice you can be just as good." The red head boasted on.

"Uh huh," Yusuke said looking around for the aisle they were supposed to be in. "Get me a basket, okay?" He said to Kuwabara.

"Oh sure," Picking up one of the baskets beside them, Kuwabara walked up behind Yusuke and started into the conversation again. "I'm serious Urameshi, and people sometimes even give you rewards for it."

Yusuke smiled into a laugh saying. "No thanks, I think I'm fine the way I am, and one good-samaritan in this relationship is enough." The boy walked away without another word.

"Suit yourself." Stated Kuwabara. "What are we buying anyway?"

"Minor things, mostly junk that'll go in a day." Grabbing a package of noodles, Yusuke looked the brand over and put it back. "Can't get much for 40 bucks." He commented going to another aisle.

"Well sure you can," Kuwabara stated with a cheer. "I know what it's like to be on a budget, we lived that way when I was a kid." Placing a hand on Yusuke's shoulder he placed a hand to his chest and looked into the distance. "Leave the shopping to me Urameshi."

Stunned the spirit detective replied. "What?"

"I'll get you tons of good stuff and even have change to spare," Letting go of his lover's shoulder Kuwabara took a step forward and went on saying. "Just leave it in my capable hands baby, and all will be well."

"Ah hah hah, you know you scare me when you talk like that." Yusuke stated and walked away from him. "Besides, I'm not some charity case, and I'm not a girl. So cut it out with all that baby stuff, okay?" He knew full well his red haired lover called Yukina that more times than a little bit, and he would not be using it on him as well. Couldn't he go with something a little more manly. Then he would accept it.

Walking off, Yusuke mutters something Kuwabara couldn't understand but the red head followed along. They walked quietly up and down the aisles of the supermarket not saying anything until Yusuke turned around and faced his lover. "Well what are you waiting for, shop!" He stated.

"Oh right! Well uuuh… we'll need some really good noodles for the soup I'm making." Kuwabara noted to himself. "And some vegetables, and a few eggs..." Yusuke listened to him go on about the groceries then he replayed what Kuwabara had just said.

"Wait a sec, what do you mean 'you're making'?" Yusuke asked. "Who says you're staying?"

"Well I figure it's the perfect time to tell your mom about us," Kuwabara stated, sounding as though he meant 'duh, you should already know why'.

"No offense but, you're not meeting my mother to be introduced as my lover. So just forget about it." The spirit detective remarked with a protective tone to his voice.

Kuwabara couldn't understand why not. There has to be some kind of explanation to his reason for saying no. "Well why not, don't you think she should know?"

"Not that I think she would care, but it's really none of her damn business who I see or not." Yusuke was saying feeling his voice tensing and getting louder.

"Alright Urameshi, calm down." Kuwabara said with an understanding low voice. "You don't have to tell her about us, it's no big deal."

Yusuke sighed and started walking again. "Hey," he said in a nicer tone. "Let's not go getting all soap opera on me. I just wanna wait a while, that's all."

Kuwabara could understand that, but they have been going together for months now. He thought that maybe it was about time that they came out into the open with their parents- well, at least Yusuke's mother. He personally could never tell his own parents, they'd never allow it. Their only son gay, can't carry on the Kuwabara name for them, and dumb as a post. Ha! He'd never see the end of that nightmare. No thank you.

"Urameshi..." Kuwabara started but was cut off from the spirit detective pointing ahead of them saying. "Hey, isn't that Kurama?" Kuwabara looked ahead seeing their red headed friend grabbing a bag of oranges from a bundle. "Hey it is!" With a well welcomed distraction the two of them paraded over to their friend and his mother.

"Hey Kura-..." The words hung in Yusuke's mouth seeing the fox demon shake his head as a warning. "Shuichi." He quickly recovered.

"Shuichi?" Kuwabara wondered out loud. "Hello Yusuke, Kuwabara." Kurama said in his usual tone of neither particularly happy nor sad. "I didn't know I'd be seeing you two today."

"We've been around. You shopping with your mom today, or buying for yourself?" The spirit detective gave the fox a wink and he instantly blushed.

"Oh, hello Yusuke." Ms. Minamino said when she turned around and saw the dark haired boy behind her, along with another boy she'd never met before.

"Hey Ms. Minamino." Yusuke said.

"Ma'am." Kuwabara chimed in with a slight bow.

"Hello, what's your name?" The woman asked the boy.

"This is my friend, Kazuma."

She said another hello to him when her son introduced the boy and received a smiled reply.

"I hardly ever get to see many of Shuiichi's friends, this is a real treat for me." Ms. Minamino mentioned. "Are you doing the shopping for Atsuko, Yusuke?" The boy nodded his answer and she went on speaking. "That's wonderful, it's nice to see a son that's so helpful to his mother."

Yusuke turned away placing a hand to Kuwabara's shoulder exampling for him to do the same. "Shuichi is Kurama's human name, she doesn't know about his demon half."

"Ohhh," The red head replied and turned himself forward.

"If it's alright with you mother, I'd like to stay with my friends if you won't be needing me any further." Kurama asked without a real question.

"Go on, I don't mind at all. Meet me at the front of the store in a half hour okay?" Kissing her son on the cheek she waved walking away. "Goodbye Yusuke, it was nice seeing you and nice meeting you Kazuma."

"Goodbye ma'am." The scratchy voiced red head replied. Then turned to his fox friend with a laugh on his face. "Shuichi? Ahahahaha!" He burst into a hysterical laugh.

"Yes well, don't let my mother hear you calling me 'Kurama', she wouldn't understand." The boy requested.

"Done deal." He gave thumbs up. "I won't blow your cover Kurama." The three of them began walking along the aisles.

"Good to know." Kurama said flatly, and when noticing the picture before him he smiled. "Planning a romantic dinner?"

"Heh heh, I wish. Urameshi's shopping for his mom." Kuwabara explained.

"Isn't that nice of you." Kurama congratulated his friends helpfulness towards his mother.

"Yeah well, she's not gonna do it." Yusuke grumped and walked a distance from the two.

"Did I strike a nerve?" The fox demon asked.

Kuwabara sighed in exhaustion. "I think Urameshi's had it with mothers for today." He scratched the back of his head. "I kinda mentioned that he should tell his mother about us, and he fell an eruption short of a volcano."

"I can imagine, I don't know what I'd do if Hiei wanted me to tell my mother about us." Kurama murmured.

"What?" Kuwabara moved his body into an odd position as though he didn't want something on Kurama to rub off on him. "Don't tell me you think the same thing."

"Well..." The fox demon trailed off. "It's not an easy subject right off, so I can understand Yusuke's feelings towards the matter."

"I think you're both wrong." Kuwabara stated lowly.

Yusuke peeked around the corner back at the two stranglers and shouted. "You two coming or are you planning on leaving back there."

The two laughed nervously as though they'd been caught in a scandalous act. "He's going to be trying today." Kurama said through a false, 'nothing's up', smile.

"Ohh yeah." Kuwabara said with a hint of joking in his voice.

"Hey Kuwabara…. look what I found." Yusuke said tossing something in the swordsman's direction.

"Banana's?" He wondered. Looking at Kurama, the fox demon shrugged.

"Let's go, that stuffs not gonna put itself in the basket." They heard their friend saying an aisle or two ahead and they laughed uncomfortably again.

"Can I go home with you?" Kuwabara kidded. And Kurama chuckled lowly to himself.


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