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BY : Resting-Madness
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Disclaimer: I don't own any character nor did I make up the basics of Yu Yu Hakusho. I also make no money from this work of fiction, it's just fun.

It's been raining all week. And with every strong gust of wind a storm blew closer to the sleeping city. A low rumble started up, then a dim flash of light before the hard slap of rain jumped out of the clouds down onto the streets and houses, anything it could touch to catch its fall.

Kurama had gotten himself up from a very deep slumber, suddenly remembering to shut his window, that he'd left open earlier for Hiei when he came back from the Makai. Crawling lazily back into bed, he practically rolled over Hiei, who made a small sound of protest but remained asleep.

The fox couldn't blame him, from what he saw when the tattered shirt fell to the floor, Hiei had had a tiresome day. Only problem now was Kurama couldn't get back to sleep. Instead, he got up from his bed and went into the kitchen to pour himself something hot to take him back into dreamland.

Maybe Yusuke should try that, because he too can't seem to sleep. But it isn't because of foul weather or even the fact that he has to wake up and do some forgotten task. It's because tonight he was having a reaccuring nightmare, one that's plagued him from time to time after the defeat of Tuguro.

"Kuwabara!" The spirit detective shouted, seeing the swordsman walking over to the man.

Tuguro grinned watching the red head come to him, and he reached out for the boy.

"What are you doing, turn back!" Yusuke shouted at the top of his already powerful in volume voice, but it seemed as though the red head couldn't hear him.

His earth brown eyes widened seeing the picture jump, and Tuguro had Kuwabara by the hair holding him before him.

"No!" Yusuke spat out in a panicked voice. "Kuwabara wait, I'm coming!"

The terrified spirit detective ran at them, but an unscene barrier knocked him back. He leapt to his feet and began pounding the field but it was hopeless. No! He wouldn't give up.

Tuguro grinned again, this time looking at Kuwabara, raising his hand. Sticking his fingers out like a sword the man plunged his fingers deep into the red heads chest, getting a solid grip around his pulsing heart before it began pulling it out.

"Kuwabaraaa!" Yusuke shouted.

He beat at the barrier, painfully, and his knuckles began to bleed from the lack of progress in breaking it. The red head cried out in pain, saying his name lowly before his head nodded down and he remained still.


Little illuminating lights circled the swordsman, deteriorating him into themselves. Yusuke dropped to his knees watching the scene unfold. Kuwabara was really dead. And he would never come back. Never. Even if he begged, even if he cried. He couldn't bring him back, just when he was starting him.

"Detective." Tuguro hissed lowly. When Yusuke looked up a large fist slammed into his face and...

"Aaah!" Yusuke jumped up out of his sleep, panting. 'It was another dream.' He assured to himself. But still...he had to make sure.

Getting up out of bed, Yusuke looked at the alarm clock in his room. Not being a neon digital, he had to bring it into the light from outside his window. It read: 5:30 a.m.

'Kuwabara should be getting up by now.' Placing the clock back down, Yusuke wandered into the closet and grabbed his school uniform to slip on.

Once dressed, he's walks out into the livingroom, makes his way to the front door; avoiding several things in the darkness so he wouldn't tumble over, getting to the end game of slipping into his sneakers; with an added force of urgency, and he walked out of the front door.

The rain was still splattering against the streets and sidewalks giving him a little relief of itself only when he walked under a thick leaved tree. With another flash of lightning his steady pace turned into a full fledged sprint, as he made his way through the city to another set of apartment buildings. One of which had a red head living in it, that he had to make sure was still living there.

The first time Yusuke had a dream about Kuwabara dying, he had awakened from it only to find out he was in another dream, dreaming that he was coping with it. But it felt so real, he had to go out and check to make sure Kuwabara was still in his house, alive and well, much like his sudden venture this morning.

When he reached the building, Yusuke looked up the long length of it, at all the windows until his eyes fell upon the one that belonged to Kuwabara. He smiled seeing that the light was on and seeing a tall shadow pass by the window, silluetting the body he wanted to see. Which was Shizuru, in her brother's room kicking him to get out of bed and ready for school.

Shortly a faint bicker was heard, even from this distance; and he saw Kuwabara stand up and stretch. With a new reassurance, Yusuke turned on his heels and headed for home.

The curtains of the high up window were pulled over and the red head looked out into the sky with a scowl. He hated when it rained. His hair never stayed in place. Looking a little more over, he saw a patch of green down on the street and he blinked wondering if it was who he thought it was.

'Nah, Urameshi doesn't get up this early.' He thought dropping his hand away from the curtains so that they slid back over the window. Kuwabara walked into his bathroom to get ready for the day.

On his way home, Yusuke found his self laughing at his vicious cycle of checking up on Kuwabara. Everytime he had a bad dream. He knew Kuwabara would be all right. Kuwabara was always all right! He needed to calm down sometimes, it was making him act like a girl, always on her toes, wondering if her love is still in one piece. Bad enough Kuwabara called him those cutesy little girly names like, sweety and honey.

Which wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't do it in public and in front of Kurama and Hiei. This all made him remember the first time he'd ever felt a bit of want for Kuwabara...

It was three years ago. When they were just boys. The red head had come to school announcing that he was moving away with his family. Yusuke thought it was great at first, then he had an odd dream that Kuwabara was walking, just walking, no stride or run. Just walking. Yusuke tried to get his attention, but he was ignored.

He told him to come back and the red head finally turned to him saying. "I'm never coming back Urameshi, and you're never gonna see me again." And he faded away.

His leaving made Yusuke feel almost empty. The two of them had been rivals since forever. Why would his moving suddenly make him want the annoying voiced male around?

"Yusuke Urameshi!" His mother bellowed from above him. "There you are." She waited paitently while her arrogant son got on the elevator and came down the corridor to her. "Get inside, I was worried sick about you."

'Mom, you have no idea how mutual the feeling is.' He thought with a smile going inside.


"Ah-Choo!" Yusuke ran his arm across his nose and sniffled. "Uuughhh."

He walked into the classroom and slipped into his seat, sagging over the desk. Leaving his nose planted onto it.

'Okay, so going out on a rainy day was a dumb idea. I should have grabbed something other than my uniform if I'd of known I was gonna get wet.'

Kuwabara leaned forward in his seat, tapping Yusuke on the shoulder. "Hey Urameshi, If you'd woke up early you wouldn't have had to shower in your clothes."

Yusuke narrowed his eyes at the red head, raising his chest from the desk to better face him.

"You know, if I weren't feeling so suddenly sick I'd punch you right in the mouth."

Kuwabara shrugged, then pulled out his lunch.

Yusuke leered at him one last second then turned his self back around, laying on the desk. 'Man I'm beat, I should have just stayed home today.' He rubbed his eyes and closed them. 'Yeeah, mom would have loved that, she'd turn me into her personal slave.'

The spirit detective made a sleepy yawn and rubbed his eyes again, getting ready to let himself go to sleep when, THUMP! a large book fell down on the desk beside his face.

"Hunh! Wha-?" He looked around seeing his teacher, Mr. Akashi glaring at him angrily. "Oh it's you," Yusuke said about to drop his head again.

"I hope you don't plan on sleeping through my class, Yusuke" The man remarked. "I'd hate to think of what type of punishment I could come from such a lack of respect."

Yusuke waved a hand to disreguard the man's words. "Yeah, yeah I'm awake."

Yawning again, Yusuke sat himself up in the chair but he leaned back against the chair letting his legs stretch out underneath the one infront of him.

Figuring he's being obeyed since his back was to the misbehaving student, the teacher speaks. "Okay class today we're going to study the world of physical science. Observe."

Mr. Akashi walked to the door and closed it. He then reached beside the door and flipped the light switch down.

"You see," He switched the lights back on. "all of you just blinked with the withdraw of light." Walking back to the desk he took his seat. "That is what you'd call physical science."

Yusuke rolled his eyes when the class made a sound of being impressed. 'Hn, I didn't blink.' He thought; the bridge of his nose twitched and he felt another sneeze coming on, but he held it back. 'Geez, I'd better not be sick.' He sucked two gusts of air into his mouth, then let them back out through a sneeze. "Ah-chhoo!"

"Eeeuww!" The class called out, seeing that the spirit detective didn't cover his mouth. "Grrooosss!"

"You ok, Urameshi?" He heard Kuwabara through the noise of the other kids.

Yusuke's voice cracked into a higher one as he spoke. "I don't feel so good, uuuhhh." He fell over from his seat onto the floor, looking rather animated, with one leg in the air and the other stretched out on the floor.

"Yyeew." Mr. Akashi took out a kleenex and covered his mouth as he spoke. "Somebody get that thing off the floor, and to the nurses office. Pronto."

Kuwabara stood up going around the desk. "Yes sir." He picked Yusuke up off the floor, placing one of the boy's arms around his shoulders while he held onto his waist. "Don't worry Urameshi, you're gonna be okay." Said Kuwabara leading the spirit detective down the hallway to the nurses office.

Yusuke continued to make little groggy sounds in the back of his throat, while his head bobbled back and forth as the two of them swayed their way down the hall.

When they got to the nurses, Kuwabara knocked on the door and the woman opened it for him. "What happened to him?" She asked.

"I think it's nothing serious ma'am, just a cold." Kuwabara walked the unconscious over to the couch and lied him down.

The nurse went to get a thermometer from the supply cabinet. After sterilizing it, she slipped it between Yusuke's lips and waited for the beep.

"Is it alright if I call his mother, Mrs. Amuro?" Asked Kuwabara, already picking up the receiver.

"Of course." She heard the beep and reached down taking the thermometer from the sleeping boys mouth.

"Hmm, he's got a temperature of 102." Noticing, she grabbed a handful of his clothing running her thumb over it. "No wonder he's got a cold, he's soaking wet."

"Dammit, she's not answering. I know!" He pressed the dial tone and called his house instead.

The phone rang twice at the Kuwabara household, before his sister picked it up. "Yes, what is it?" She asked the person on the other end.

"Shizuru," A smile appeared on her face hearing her brother's voice.

"Well well, getting sent home again, I thought those days were over baby brother."

"Stop kidding around Shizuru, this is a serious call."

She interrupted his words saying. "Yeah, like what?"

"Urameshi's sick and needs a ride home, I called his house but Atsuko isn't picking up." The boy's voice sounded as though he were on his knees pleading with her.

Shizuru shrugged and said. "How cute, you're looking out for your boyfriend, well no need to cry baby brother. I'll pick him up."

A huge grin spread across Kuwabara's face. "Thanks sis', you're all right!" She muttered something on the other end before hanging up on him. "I've gotta get back to class," He was saying to the nurse. "But my sister's coming to pick up Urameshi, she's a pretty girl with brown hair. You can't miss her." The nurse nodded and Kuwabara walked over to the couch giving the spirit detective's hot cheek a kiss. "Feel better Urameshi, I'll be by after school okay?"

Looking at him one last time, the red head walked out of the room and back down the hall. The nurse scooted her chair over to the slumbering boy and smiled. "You've got a lovely friend there, you're very lucky." Yusuke's nose twitched again causing him to rub a hand past it.

"Don't worry young man, all you need is orange juice and some bed rest, and you'll be fine." Getting up from the seat, she looked out the large window through the opened blinds. "Sure is coming down out there though."

As Yusuke lay there on the couch, he could feel himself drifting in and out of sleep, and everytime his body felt slumber a picture began to form in his mind. I wonder what he could be dreaming about?


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