These Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

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"I'm actually glad that my mother and brother are at his soccer game," Kurama was saying. "It gives us a chance to be alone together."

Leaning over onto his elbow, Kurama held a dangling piece of soba noodle from his mouth over his lover's.

Opening his mouth, Hiei encircled each inch past his lips by coiling it around his tongue as it came down. Lower and lower inside, until the twosomes lips met in a kiss.

Kurama's tongue coursed its way over the roof of Hiei's mouth, while his fire demon closed the gap underneath; taking his tongue left then right and in between. Parting their lips for only a second to catch a breath, they dove back into each other this time with more ferocity than before.

Both tongues darting at the familiar friend across the hall, cupping each other as though shaking hands. The thin noodle still wrapped around Hiei's tongue giving the entanglement a sensual bumpy tingle.

Kurama placed the bowl down beside Hiei's hip making the first move by grabbing onto the waist of Hiei's pants. He pulled the cotton material away from his hips revealing the soft milky white skin underneath. Hiei never wore underwear of any kind, he didn't see the reason to. But Kurama wasn't going to complain.

With only the youkai's hips exposed, the red head slipped his hand inside brushing it briefly past his lover's growing erection. Hiei bit down on Kurama's tongue feeling the contact his hand was making inside his pants.

Wanting more, Hiei bucked his hips upward towards the playful hand of his lover, but Kurama wasn't ready to stop the dance his fingers are having, so when he felt the fire demon squirming his hips around to look for it he simply moved it away.

The two never broke the kiss, but Hiei began to make hungry, yet angry growls inside his throat at Kurama for teasing him when his lover knew how much he hated it. Letting up on his hands' activity, Kurama broke the kiss looking down at Hiei.

The red head paused in the center of his Hiei's pants; extending his index finger, Kurama traced it slowly and tauntingly up between Hiei's enraged balls, then, after gliding it especially slow over his little lover's still growing hard-on, making it stand at full attention Kurama withdrew his hand.

"Hhrrrrr... Kurama," Growled Hiei, his eyes displaying what he'd do to Kurama if he didn't follow through. The fox merely smiled and reached down beside Hiei to where he had placed the bowl of noodles. Not even giving him a chance to pick it up, Hiei knocks the bowl over so that it splattered across the floor.

Kurama smiled into a laugh, but his cocky playing was cut off when Hiei's hands clenched around his neck, and the fire demon's body pushed forward knocking Kurama onto his back with Hiei on top.

"I don't know what you're smiling for Kurama,"

The fox writhed beneath him, almost getting free, until Hiei repositioned his self so that he had the dominant weight.

"Now it's my turn to play with you." Hiei said, finishing his thoughts. He ripped the red heads night shirt opened and ran his hand across his smooth chest. "And everyone knows that when you play with fire," He held up his index finger grunting from the pleasure as it lit up like the wick of a match. "you get burned."

Placing his finger directly at Kurama's collar bone, Hiei traced a line straight to his left nipple, making sure to press hard enough to break the skin igniting Kurama's escaping blood on fire.

"Aaahh," The red head dug the back of his head into the mattress, arching from the bed as high as he could go with Hiei straddled over top of him. Bending forward Hiei stuck his tongue out at the tip of protruded nipples, brushing it lightly across the trail of fire on Kurama's chest to extinguish it.

Dropping his back back onto the bed, Kurama's hands landed on Hiei's thighs caressing them up and down at a steady pace with his own breathy pants. Hiei grabbed the red heads wrist holding them down beside him; and he spread Kurama's thighs apart, pinning them there with his knees.

Bending back down to Kurama's chest, Hiei went to the right nipple taking his time to work his tongue around it. Kurama moaned feeling the cool air sting the burn he'd just received. He tensed when he felt Hiei's finger lingering around the right side of his collarbone.

Doing the same as the left side, Hiei left a flaming trail that led down to his nipple which he then soothed to a dull tingle by licking the flame away, as soon as his finger broke free from Kurama's body. This was more electrifying than the first side.

Hiei swished his tongue back and forth as he cleaned up the escaping bloody mess. The fire demon's hips began to gently rock up and down against Kurama's abdomen. The red head bent his knees, digging his heels into the bed trying to push himself up enough to sit Hiei on his lap; the dominant demon was not about to give him the satisfaction just yet.

Reaching into his own pants, Hiei began to stroke himself while his other hand moved absentmindedly up and down Kurama's chest. His thumb brushing circles around the hard little nub it came in closer contact with. Kurama remained silent relishing in the pleasure of the touch and wishing he could touch back.

"Uuuhhh," A sound from Hiei brought him out of his trance state. The fire demon's head is dipped; and his fist was stroking faster then when he started creating such delicious friction.

"Kurama..." He said, almost as if out of nowhere with his voice calm enough to claim that their activities weren't going on at all.

When Hiei's knees moved from Kurama's wrist, the kitsune placed them on his lover's hips waiting for his instruction. Hiei tore open the front of his pants and got on all fours over Kurama's face.

"...Suck it."

Using Hiei's hips for support, Kurama raised himself up high enough to take his sweet dripping member into his mouth, before he fell back onto the bed bringing Hiei's body down with him. He sucked with grace yet speed, wanting to taste Hiei as quickly as he could, knowing that the youkai was near climax from his own doings.

Hiei bucked his hips up and down, plowing himself into Kurama's warm mouth. If anyone were to walk in on them they'd say it looked a lot like a rabbit trying over and over again to jump into a really small hole. And the hole has a vacuum inside that's trying to assist the rabbit. In just two more cigar-style sucks, Hiei came into Kurama's mouth.

The kitsune was ready to swallow, but Hiei's hand came down around his neck gripping it like a vice.

"Don't swallow," His voice sounded a little more strained than when he first spoke.

Kurama held the hot liquid fire in his mouth until Hiei instructed further.

Pulling himself out of Kurama's mouth he shoved backwards down that longer body, low enough to sit on Kurama's hips then, rolling over, he pulled the red head on top of him opening his mouth. Kurama did the same. Opening his mouth around Hiei's, emptying the salty liquid into his lover's waiting mouth.

He felt Hiei's tongue glide through the liquid and into his mouth, taking every bit of it into his own. The youkai then pushed at Kurama's waist raising it from off of his body so he could lower his self directly under Kurama's flaming erection, that was still locked away behind his night pants.

Quickly pulling them down to the knees, Hiei engulfed his hot member in one quick, slippery suck.

"Aaaaa!" Kurama fisted the sheet clenching his hands hard enough to cause white knuckles, and a slightly torn sheet.

His buck wildly up and down pushing his member, if possible, deeper into the burning liquid fire slip and slide going on in Hiei's mouth. He continued to moan feeling Hiei's grip around his hips tighten keeping him still.

The fire demon slowly began to push Kurama's hips away from his face, causing the kitsune to press his forehead into the mattress moaning. Hiei's teeth had clamped the red head's member, digging into it as it left the small hot tub. Feeling his hips lower back inside, Kurama's body went mad with heated pleasure.

It was as though there was a small washer inside Hiei's mouth. The liquid moved up and down, back and forth, side to side and around as Hiei's cheeks moved in and out as though he were swishing mouth wash. The cuts from on his member being both soothed and enraged with pain heightening the kitsune's pleasure.

"Aaaa," The red head continued to moan, pumping his self in and out, though his legs felt as though they were paralyzed with pleasure.

When Kurama came, Hiei took it all down as well as his own, but he released the swollen member; that was still hungry for more juding by the way it was pointing down at Hiei's face, leaving enough cum on it as lubricant for the next part of his divine plan.

"Come Kurama," Hiei said moving to the top of the bed.

He turned his self to face Kurama, who was crawling shakily from the actions before to the top of the bed. Grabbing the headboard for support Hiei let Kurama take his hips and place him down onto his lap.

Positioning them so that Hiei would be pressed firmly against the headboard, Kurama slipped into him and started his thunderous pummel. Hiei moaned, closing his eyes and throwing his head back, his fingernails left little out-grown scratches in the back of the headboard's wooden frame.

"Aaa," A scratchy voice moaned.

'What?' He wondered, noticing the sound couldn't have come from Kurama.


There it was again, but who could? Opening his eyes Hiei saw not Kurama but Kuwabara!

"This feels good doesn't it?" Asked Kuwabara pounding just a bit harder.

"Aaaahhh!" Hiei moaned outloud before jumping out of his sleep.

Kurama snapped up instantly; always alert when you're a half demon; hearing his lover's pants and gasps he realizes its only Hiei stirring the night.

Rubbing his eyes, Kurama looked at the panting, sweaty, demon and asked. "Hiei?" He touched the fire demon's shoulder. "Something wrong?"

The youkai calmed his self down long enough to say, "Nothing Kurama, go back to sleep."

Shrugging, the kitsune did just that, leaving Hiei alone with his disturbed thoughts.


Commentary: I know. Weird way to start a story, but I've got a filthy mind that's got filthy ways. And sometimes it stinks and other times not so much. I hope you liked it.

I hope you enjoy reading this, thanks for reviews or favoriting, and for caring enough to alert yourself for updates. It means everything to me, every time ^_^. And I also hope you like the elements of Rocko's Modern Life, it was my inspiration.


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