These Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

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The youkai squinted his eyes at the small green bowl of orange and white ice cream that Kurama's brother had brought to him. The boy was already digging in, but Hiei needed time to think about it, he never had anyone bring him anything aside from Kurama. The kid could have laced it with something easily, he had been gone for a long while.

"This stuff sure is good." The boy said, licking his lips. "Shuiichi told me this was your favorite." He went on. "Sorry it took so long though, it was hard as a rock."

Sniffing the ice cream, Hiei raised the spoon from the bowl bringing up a good amount of ice cream with it. Hatanaka was watching as the demon did so waiting for him to take a bite. Cautiously and slowly, Hiei stuck the spoon in his mouth sinking his teeth into the creamy content.

Hatanaka smiled when he saw that Hiei was willing to eat it, and he went back to his own dessert. And eat it Hiei was, he barely got down the first spoonful before he was sticking another into his mouth and licking the bowl clean on the side that's been emptied.

"My brother was right, you really like ice cream, huh?" Asked the boy, glad for this time alone to talk with Hiei.

Everytime he had seen the strange male, it was upstairs in Kurama's room with his brother doing something or another up there for hours. What that was, he dared not think about. But wait a second...

"Hiei... can I ask you something?" The young boy put his bowl down on the coffee table, making sure not to miss the coster.

The youkai paused mid-bite waiting for what the kid had to say, this family was notorious for talking. Hiei knew that from his years with Kurama.

"Uuuhh, I don't know how exactly to word this but," Began the boy, being cut off by an impatient Hiei.

"Just spit it out." He snapped, though a little more subdued than his normal harsh tones.

Hatanaka was startled a bit by his abrupt outburst, but it gave the motive he needed to say what he had to say. "If my brother's not here, than how'd you get in? Do you have a key or something... you shouldn't wander through people's homes if they're not in."

Shrinking into the couch, the young boy waited for the fire works but all he got in repsonse was a, "I live here, you fool. Why would I need a key?"

Hatanaka's eyes went wide with question. 'He lives here?!' He thought. 'How long has this been going on? How come I never noticed?' His eyes grew wider. 'Does mom know? How come Shuiichi never told me?'

"For years now..." Hiei answered snidely.

Hatanaka jumped his mental process back a second, wondering if he had said what he was supossed to have been thinking outloud or to himself?

"Don't bother trying to figure it out, if it's too complex for your feeble mind."

"Mm." Shaking the thoughts away, the boy's face became very animated as he said. "Mmaaan, mom's gonna frrreeak when she finds out..." He looked out into his space running with his thoughts. "I always thought Shuiichi was the good son, but man... this is really gonna be big!"

Hiei rolled his eyes listening to the male's rantings. He didn't care about him right now. Hiei was still wondering where Kurama was. 'I don't know how much more of this brat I can take. Maybe I should go look for him, instead of sitting here waiting.'

Shifting to stand, Hiei felt something on his lap move. Looking down he still had half a bowl of ice cream that had to be finished, figuring he could just suffer quietly until it was gone, Hiei began to eat.

"Hey there hot stuff," Said Kuwabara's voice.

The fire demon jumped out of his skin hearing the rude voice cut through his mind. Hatanaka seemed in his own little world. How could he not have heard the voice? Calming his self, Hiei extended his arm out to place the bowl on the table, but movement from inside caught his eyes.

The orange and white dessert began to swirl the colors around and around, making the ice cream form a solid face with vanilla skin and orange hair of Kuwabara right before him. "You got some ice cream on your lip, how's about I kiss it off?" The image puckered up.

Panicking, Hiei dropped the bowl onto the table.

"Uh uh uhhh...You're not gonna get away from me." Kuwabara continued speaking.

This time Hiei watched as the red head picked up the bowl from the table, spooning up some ice cream that he held to Hiei's mouth.

"You're gonna eat every last bite, and then I'm gonna eat you."

The spoon went into his mouth and the youkai tilted his head back actually feeling the ice cream slide down his throat. Hatanaka watched Hiei for a second as he spoke, wondering why the guy was just staring off into space, until he noticed what his gaze was set on.

Seeing the bowl toppling over, "Hey...!" Setting the bowl down on the coster. The boy made sure to inform him. "I don't want mom going nuclear on me; you always have to put your things on a coster."

Hiei brought his self back to earth, watching as the child checked the table for any stains. Choosing now as the right moment to speak to him, Hiei opened his mouth first trying to recall his name. He had heard Kurama say it a million times but which was it.

'Hata...Shui...' He wondered. Settling, Hiei chose. "Boy?" It was quiet, but heard.

"Huh?" He sat hisself back down on the couch.

"I need you to answer a question?"

Nodding. The young boy asked, "Yeah?" awaiting the question.

"Have you ever... had a dream? One that felt real." Asked the youkai.

Hatanaka was a little shocked at how forward the mysterious male could be at times, especially when he stuck Hiei as the quiet type.

"Well," He began. "Sure, lots of times. Once I had a dream that an elephant ran free in my house, and it chased me down the ha-..."

"I don't care." Hiei assured him and finished his question. "I meant another type of dream. One involving two people."

Now the boy was confused. What other types of dreams were there that involved only two people except... Hatanaka's mouth dropped open. Hiei wouldn't ask him something like that, would he?

"I'm assuming you've forgotten how to talk." Hiei commented bringing the boy from his thoughts.

"No- no, it's just that... you don't mean..." He leaned forward and whispered. "...SEX?" Hearing no response from Hiei, Hatanaka could only assume it was a, yes. "Well..." He began kind of really embarrassed. "Sort of, I mean... I'm not real great on the subject, mom's kind of avoiding that with me for a little bit longer."

'Give this kid an inch and he'll go into his whole life story.' Hiei's face twisted to annoyed until he heard the young boy start to speak. "One time, I had one of those dreams with a girl in class." Hatanaka paused for a second wondering how much detail it was that Hiei had wanted.

"Well." The fire demon pushed.

"Well u-..uh, after the dream... everytime I saw her, I kinda kept thinking about it." The boy explained.

"Aand!?" Hiei continued to push.

"Aaannd..." Feeling pressured, Hatanaka stood from the couch and took the bowls into the kitchen calling over his shoulder. "And that was it, I never told her."

That slapped Hiei in the face a bit. That couldn't be it. 'So did he stop having the dreams or not?' He wondered. 'If I have to invision myself and that...'

He couldn't think of a thing to say, it was almost as though he were purposely biting his tongue. No, he would never believe that. He just couldn't think of a good insult right then. He had to find Kurama, he'd know what to say.

When Hatanaka reappeared he was surprised to see Hiei standing. "You can't leave. Where are you going?" He was having such a nice time sitting with Hiei he couldn't leave him now.

"Where I'm going is none of your business." Replied Hiei walking to the door.

Hatanaka crossed his arms with a smirk. "You're going to look for my brother, aren't you?" He implied.

Hiei froze by the door, confirming the boy's suspicions. Not wanting to be out smarted by a child, Hiei turned to him with a smile of his own saying.

"Don't you have any friends you can bother now?"

Returning the same smile to Hiei, the boy replied. "I already played baseball with them earlier."

Hiei had no clue as to what that was, so he left it alone for now. He just wanted to leave! Why was, whatever his name is, makng it so difficult for him?

"Besides, you're not gonna get very far like that; the cops'll take one look at you and haul you off to jail." Hatanaka exclaimed. "You've gotta blend in around here."

"Hn. I doubt anyone will see me." Hiei answered confidently.

He planned to cover as much of the city that he knew of, by his own God-like speed. But Hatanaka seemed to have another idea.

"Besides," The boy was saying, interrupting the youkai's thought train. "I know all of Shuiichi's hang outs, he used to take me with him when I was younger. I can show them to you... if you let me come along."

He was silent, then turning his nose up he informed. "I don't need a tour guide, I can find Kurama," He pointed out. "in my own way." Turning back to the door he was stopped again.

"Hmph." The boy shrugged his arms out. "Suit yourself, but you should at least consider a change of clothes."

Grouchily, Hiei turned around facing the boy, again, saying rather sharply. "Fine! If that's what it will take to be rid of you, then make it quick."

Happy for the victory, Hatanaka waved an arm for Hiei to follow him upstairs.

"Come on, we can go through my closet. I don't think Shuiichi's clothes will fit you too good."

The two of them marched upstairs. 'That's all I need,' Thought Hiei. 'to be seen by Kurama wearing ningen clothes... I'll never hear the end of it.'

Travelling down the hall to the boy's room. Hiei was shocked to see a bunch of swords, though wooden, set up on a far wall. Noticing where Hiei's vision was, Hatanaka smiled and explained.

"My step dad gave me those as a present, they used to be his when he was a boy and,"

"I couldn't muster the interest for more of your stories. I was merely noting that they were there." Remarked the youkai.

Hatanaka continued to his closet without a word. figuring Hiei didn't wanna talk anymore.

'Now let's see...' Sorting through the shirts hanging on the bar, Hatanaka was looking them over trying to find the perfect one that would suit Hiei's obvious style, but he didn't own any black shirts. 'Darn, can I be anymore uncool.'

Searching as hard as he could for something close enough to the dark of black. He settled on a long sleeved, dark blue armed, white centered Raglan shirt instead. 'Now for some pants...' Going to his dresser, he slid a drawer out and found a nice loose fitting pair of blue jeans. "Here." Spreading the chosen outfit out on the bed Hiei's face couldn't have been more horrified if he tried.

"You don't like it?" Asked Hatanaka.

"Forget it. I won't agree to wearing that." He said simply, walking out of the room.

"Wait! I can find something else." The boy said, with pleading in his voice.

Stopping his trail out the door, Hiei turned to the boy saying. "I suggest you make it quick, then. You've got ten seconds, nine... eight..."

Going back into his closet Hatanaka shoved shirts this way and that looking for something that would be perfect for the youkai.


"How's about this?" He asked making it within the time limit.

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