These Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

BY : Resting-Madness
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"Well come on, climb in!" Hacchi shouted.

The three remain where they stand, with skepticism on their faces. He just couldn't be serious? Kuwabara was the first to make a move, and he walked down the sidewalk to their driving instructor. Kurama and Yusuke watched him with eyes wide and interest at its maximum.

"There's a good boy." Hacchi said. "Climb in, take a seat."

Although feeling a little foolish Kuwabara grabbed a hold of a fake door handle and opened the fake door, climbing into the fake car.

That was all Yusuke needed before he clutched his stomach bursting into laughter. "HAHAHAHA!"

Kuwabara's face twitched with annoyance and embarrassment, but he was not about to let Yusuke take this from him. He had to prove his sister wrong! And if imagining he was in a car would get him their... Then so be it.

Kurama watched his friend humiliate his own lover by laughing; feeling a wrench of guilt surge through him, Kurama walked over to the next gentleman and did just as Kuwabara had.

"Beep! Beep!" Honked the remaining female driver.

Yusuke's laughter didn't cease, and the fact that the woman had just honked at him only made it funnier. "Seriously guys, my sides are sta-...Ahahaha..." The spirit detective struggled through laughs to say.

"Come on Urameshi, don't you wanna get Shizuru back?!" Coaxed Kuwabara.

Shrugs, "Hey I like your sister," replied Yusuke, wiping his eyes from the discarded tears.

Making a sound of disbelief, Kuwabara fumed and shouted. "Then at least do it for me!"

Waves him off. "Alright alright, don't have a baby on me." Stepping beside the quote un-quote "Car" he was to drive, Yusuke sat down. Looks at the situation he's in at the moment. "Well this is a little disturbing."

"What's disturbing is that you just walked through a car," Seira pointed.

Yusuke tried to figure what exactly it was the woman was getting at, then he remembered Kurama and Kuwabara opening the imaginary doors. Smiling, the spirit detective crossed his arms saying. "I jumped in through the window."

"A person doesn't jump by walking through it," Seira said. "You're gonna have to get out and show me."

Yusuke's jaw dropped to his lap. "You can't be serious."

The woman looked at him as though she were the most serious person in the world; Yusuke's shoulders shrank in defeat. "I can't believe this."

Getting out of the car, just as enthusiastically as he had gotten in, Yusuke grabbed a hold of the fake door knob and raised the door up. Seeing the looks everyone was giving him, the spirit detective grinned and boasted.

"So my cars a little more advanced than yours, can we just get on with this." Climbing in the car, Yusuke pulled the door closed and they waited for further instructions.

"Start the cars, and let's move onto the course." Said Hacchi. "Make sure you explain everything you're doing, and we'll record your progress."

With a completely serious look in his eyes, Kuwabara held up a set of imaginary keys and placed them into the key hole. "I'm uhh, starting the car, Mr. Hacchi, sir." He said. Then, twisting it, he dared the sounds that came from his mouth. "Vrrrooomm, vrrrrmmmm."

Hacchi stifled a laugh and nodded his head.

"Next I put on my seatbelt, check my mirrors," With a bit of hesitance from embarrassment, Kuwabara reached up and fixed the rear view then the side view mirrors.

"You're doing great." His teacher said. Scribbling on a notepad, he then looked to Kuwabara.

Taking a breath, the red head swallowed hard and looked at both the back and side of them. "Putting the car in drive, I'm pulling away from the curb." The two of them, Hacchi and Kuwabara, walked away from the curb at an even pacing as though they were really driving in a car.

Kuwabara kept his hands out in front of him on the wheel and kept his eyes forward. Kurama was the next to move away from the sidewalk, but Yusuke was having some cooperative trouble.

"What's the first thing that you do, Yusuke?" Seira asked.

Seeing that the others were already on their ways to the course, Yusuke sighed with annoyance. Panicking a bit, he waved the situation off as easily. "First we place the key in the hole and turn the car on."

Sticking the pretend key into the said hole, Yusuke made car engine sounds then he sputtered it to a stop.

With a laugh, the boy stated. "Looks like I gave her too much kick and I'm outta gas." Straightening his slightly bent knees, he goes on saying. "Looks like I'll have to sit this one out. Uuuaaa-...!"

Seira pulled him back down into his seat and pulled an imaginary seatbelt across his chest. "Now now, don't you wanna pass this course with your friends?" She said, using Kuwabara and Kurama as bribes. "Remember what your boyfriend said."

Yusuke raised an eyebrow.

"Do it, for him." The woman raised one herself in retort.

Giving in, Yusuke made hisself comfortable and tried again. "Put on seatbelt..." He did. "Check mirrors." He looked at the fake mirror and smiled to his reflection, then the rear-view mirror smiling again. He then checked the over-head mirror that was concealed behind the sun visor.

Seira watched him silently, then spoke when she saw him reach for his hair. "What are you doing?"

Turning to her Yusuke smirked mischievously saying. "You said check the mirrors..." Looking back at the imaginary rearview mirror. "..and I look perfect in all of them."

Seira smacked a hand to her forehead in exasperation. It looked like this kid was gonna be the one to throw loops at her, not the other way around. Hearing Yusuke finish with his prep list, she got ready to turn away from the side walk with him.

"Put the car in move," The boy continued. "and away we go."

Yusuke and Seira finally were on their ways to the driving course. Kuwabara looked into his fake sideview mirror, by just turning his eyes to the side, and saw that Yusuke was finally on the course with him and Kurama.

A smile spilled across his face. 'Ha, I thought Urameshi would be back there all day.'

"Keep your eyes on the road, Kazuma." Hacchi warned. "We're coming to a sign."

"And what does this sign mean, Mr. Minamino?" Lenny asked, when they stopped at the next road sign.

Kurama inspected the sign. There was a deer and nothing more. "If I'm correct, I believe it means that deers tend to cross this road, and I should drive with caution."

Clapping his hands, Lenny scribbled onto the clip board. "Very good, lets move up to the next one." They drove-walked ahead. "And keep that engine going." Lenny reminded.

A blush spread across Kurama's face as he began to make engine sounds while they walked. 'At least Hiei can't see me.'

"Uuuhh," Kuwabara began. He wasn't sure which of the children signs this one was. "I think this one's..." He made a strained sound in his throat. 'Just guess.' He coached himself, closing his eyes for courage. "Slow children playing?" He asked, peeking an eye opened to see if he were correct.

"Very good! Kuwabara you're a whiz at this, most people never catch on even if they passed the test." Hacchi congratulated.

"Hehehe, thank you sir." The red head beamed flicking a thumb past his nose.

Moving them ahead they paused at another sign. Bringing up the rear, Yusuke strained an ear to hear what the others had answered at the first stop of the signs.

"Pay more attention to the road signs, and less attention up ahead." Seira informed.

"The video said never take your eyes off the road." Retorted Yusuke.

Slapping a hand to her forehead. "Make an exception then." The woman fevered. This kid was a major flake.

"Huh?" Yusuke looked to the woman then smiled. "If you're feeling car sick, I can pull us over to the side of the road so you can throw up."

"No no, I'm fine. And stop stalling and answer the question!" She shouted, making Yusuke feel as though her entire body had grown to massive proportions to over power him.

He waved his hand making a timid face before saying. "Alright, alright... This sign is foooor...?" How hard could this be there was only one picture on it. "Uuhh," He began, and carefully formed the words in his mouth before saying them. "hospital zone?"

He can almost hear sirens going off, seeing the woman look rather animated as she waved fake fans in his praise. "Good job, Yusuke!"

Grins. "What can I say, some people are just naturals at driving." Speeding ahead. "Now come one we're falling behind."

Seeing Yusuke's back in the distance, Seira cries out. "Hey! Wait for me!"

Laughing. Yusuke looked over his shoulder. "You shouldn't have gotten out to pee. Now come on."

The three of them milled around the course, stopping at every sign they saw to answer questions. Kuwabara's car walked up beside Kurama's and the red head took the opportunity to wave to his friend.

"Hey Shuiichi! Beep beep!" The red head waved.

Kurama glanced at Kuwabara from the side of his eyes, and chuckled lowly to hisself.

"Hello Kuwabara." He replied.

The two teachers remained silent as the boys continued their conversation, driving along without paying attention.

"Did you see Urameshi?" Asked Kuwabara. Kurama shook his head in response. "Poor guy's probably still back their at the signs or somethi-..."

"Watch out!" Hacchi shouted out of nowhere.

"Huh! What?!" Kuwabara looked ahead seeing a sudden deer sign. "Ow!" Hacchi slammed down on his left foot to bring the car to a hault.

"Oh my god, you hit a deer." Hacchi exclaimed.

"What?" Kuwabara looked around. "I didn't see any deer?"

"And it could just as easily have been a child you just ran over." The man unlocked his seatbelt and climbed out of the car.

Kurama has since parked on the side of the road to join Mr. Hacchi, in front of Kuwabara's car. "Is the deer very hurt?" Kurama suddenly shook his head hearing what he'd just said. 'What am I saying, there's nothing there.'

"No, it'll be fine." Hacchi sighed, standing. "But we got lucky this time."

'This man has clearly got a few screws loose.' Thought Kurama standing as well.

Hacchi returned to his car and crossed his arms. Kuwabara looked at the man as though he had lost it, it was just pretend. Right?

"It's just pretend sir." Said the red head.

"Just pretend!" The man fumed. "Just pretend! Kuwabara, you're just itching to go back to scratch."

Kuwabara looked taken aback. He didn't think this guy would take a fake course so seriously, and when were they gonna learn to drive in a real car anyway?

"Sir, if I may ask..." Kuwabara began, but Hacchi wasn't listening. "Aren't you even gonna listen to me?" The boy asked.

Hacchi seemed to be purposely hiding his face from Kuwabara, but the red head couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was just his imagination but... is Hacchi laughing.

"What's so funny?" Asked the confused Kuwabara.

"Bumper cars!" Shouted Yusuke, rear-ending Kuwabara.

The boy went staggering forward into Kurama shouting."Hey!" But he began to laugh.

"Kuwabara?" Started the fox demon but he couldn't help but smile at their antics. It was kind of hard, even for him, to take an imaginary driving course seriously.

"Yusuke Urameshi! You get back here now!" Shouted Seira, she sounded beyond pissed.

Both Lenny and Hacchi looked a little annoyed as well. These boys were becoming a handful, and they may have to get back to their real students pretty soon.

"Uh oh, it's the Wicked Witch calling me." Said Yusuke.

"I'd take her over Hacchi any day," Kuwabara commented. "This guys freaking out because I hit an imaginary deer."

The two of them laughed. Kurama merely smiled and returned to his car, he even reopened the imaginary door to do so.

"Are you ready Mr. Takeda?" The boy asked.

The man looked exhausted, but he nodded his head. Stepping back into the imaginary car the man buckled up and proceded to pretend to slouch in his seat.

Hacchi listened as Kuwabara and Yusuke rambled to each other while wrestling on the ground, and his patients were beginning to wear thin. Clentching his teeth, he balled up a fist to dispel his temper then he looked up smiling to say.

"Let's move to the last course, then we'll see about those licenses?"

The two turned to his sudden words. "Oh yeeeah!"

They cheered with fist in the air. Returning to their cars Kuwabara judded Yusuke's arm.

"What?" He asked.

Kuwabara held up a hand to show that he was trying not to be heard by anyone else. "Urameshi, do these guys seem a little funny to you?" The red head asked.

"What do you mean, they seem like normal people to me." Yusuke looked ahead to their driving instructors.

"Yeah but... since we started this course, I've been noticing that this Hacchi guy can barely keep a straight face."

Yusuke shrugged. "So? You said it yourself that he was weird."

Grumps. "I never said that, but seriously it's like he's hiding something, I just can't figure it out yet." Kuwabara placed a hand under his chin cupping it, looking as though he were deep in thought.

Yusuke shook his head and walked beside his lover in silence. "Maybe he heard a really funny joke, and he keeps thinking about it?" Yusuke tried explaining. "I don't know."

'It's something...' Thought Kuwabara.

"Keep your eyes on the road Kazuma."

He heard the man's voice echo in his ears. "Kazuma...Kazuma..." That's it! 'There's only two people in the world who call me Kazuma, that's Yukina and..' His eyes narrowed. "Shizuru." He said to himself.


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