These Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

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Hiei stepped outside shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. 'Kurama, you'd better be close by.' He snarled mentally; the last thing the youkai wanted is to be spotted dressed like this!

These clothes are hardly suitable for someone of his caliber. But he didn't want to be noticed since he had to move around on foot. Speaking of noticing things, the fire demon is more than aware of the front door of the Minamino house re-opening after he had closed it.

Smirking, he continued walking without breaking his even pace.

'The boy wouldn't be stupid enough to follow me after I told him not to.' Thought Hiei, smiling at the memory of his departure from the boy's bedroom.

He had told Hatanaka that if he followed him- for even a second- and he found out, he would rip the boy to shreds.

Hatanaka laughed as though it were a joke, but Hiei merely left the room saying, "See for yourself then." The boy obviously had planned to do just that, because Hatanaka left the house right after Hiei had, and to the fire demon's knowledge he was tailing him.

'Hn. Can't say I don't give the boy some merit for his bravery.' Keeping his eyes forward, Hiei's smirk widened hearing a pebble bounce down the sidewalk from coming into contact with the mini-stalker's foot. 'Let's see you keep up with me.'

Breaking his stride effortlessly into god-like speed, Hiei vanished, leaving Hatanaka in the dust. The boy's eyes went wide with horrified shock, and he came out of hiding and looked around with his eyes, turning his head left and right. 'Where'd he go?' He wondered.

Looking over his shoulder, Hiei knew the boy could never be back there, nobody but Kurama could keep up with him, and even he had trouble sometimes.

Jumping from roof top to roof top, Hiei finally made it to his first stop. Yusuke's house. Using his jagan eye Hiei peered inside the house. Yusuke wasn't there.

'Wait.' The youkai spotted Yusuke's mother laying on the couch. 'Maybe she knows where he is.'

Hopping down from the roof, the youkai walked to the front door and raised a fist knocking on it several times before he stopped... Silence. Narrowing his eyes at the response, Hiei tried the bell... Nothing.

'Foolish woman.' Reaching for the knob, the fire demon gave it a turn and pushed it open.

Casing the place with his vision, he stepped inside the house then walked to where the sleeping woman rests.

"Hn." Figured Hiei. "Looks like the mother is lazier than the son."

Almost as though he were drilling holes in Atsuko's head he stared at her. Extending a finger he reached out to poke the woman, in hopes to wake her up without having to speak. Slowly, his finger inched it's way towards the woman.

"Hhhhaaaauuuiiii," A hand came flying out of nowhere, smacking Hiei right in the face! Atsuko rolled over yawing again, before her eyes cracked open seeing the small boy hold his cheek.

"Rrr." Growled Hiei.

Atsuko heard the sound confirming that she wasn't dreaming and no longer asleep, so opening her eyes all the way she said with a casual tone. "The money's in the purse, take it and go." She rubbed her eyes.

Narrowing his red eyes to a cat like slit, Hiei replied very coldly. "I'm not a thief, and I don't want your money."

The woman cocked an eyebrow at him "Oh," another yawn. "Then what is it, I'm busy."

"I'm sure you are." He replied, biting his tongue from his further comment. "Where is Yusuke, your son?"

Scratches her head, "Beats me... He left earlier- he's probably at Kuwabara's house. They're seeing each other you know."

"And I have nightmares about it everyday."

Atsuko laughed at his remark and tried standing up. "I can show you where he lives it's just..." Losing her balance, the tired woman flopped back down on the couch.

It made no difference to Hiei, he already knows where Kuwabara lives. And even if Kurama were there, he had no intensions of going.

Watching Hiei walk to the door Atsuko called after him, "Sorry for hitting you!"

He paused for a brief second, "Hn." then he vanished.

Atsuko yawned; grabbing the remote off the coffee table, she mutters. "My son sure knows some strange people."

Outside. Hiei weighed his options. If Kurama were in fact at Kuwabara's house, he could easily just call and see. Kurama had showed him how to use a phone lots of times, sure he never got the hang of it, but it should be fairly easy. Now if he could just find a phone, he couldn't go back to Kurama's house, Kurama's little brother might be waiting there for him.

'No. I have to find someone else's phone,' Hiei figured. 'some ningen's tend to leave them outside.' Beginning to walk away from the house, he scanned the area for any nearby payphones.

A red car sped by up the street. Hiei glanced to his left getting a brief look at the driver. 'Where have I seen that girl before?' Scanning his memories, he seemed to recall seeing the girl at the dark tournament. 'But who is she?' That he didn't know, but he was sure she was there.

Continuing up the street, Hiei soon came to a corner payphone.

A dial tone sounded when he picked up the receiver, remembering to place it to his ear he waited to hear the rings. When it didn't come he tried to remember his lessons with Kurama.

/ "Alright Hiei, the first thing you need to know is that you talk into this end of the phone." Kurama was saying picking up the receiver, showing Hiei how to hold it to his ear.

The youkai watched and it seemed simple enough.

"Then you dial the number seen in here," Kurama picked up a medium-sized book. "This is a phonebook, Hiei. It has the number listings of almost everyone in the city."

He wanted to say "So what", he had no intentions of calling anyone, but he listened on anyway.

"Here," Kurama handed Hiei the receiver. "try dialing a number, you can call Yusuke."

Taking the phone from Kurama, Hiei put it back on the table saying. "I'd rather not, and this is pointless because I don't call people, Kurama."

A tiny laugh came from the red head before commenting. "You should listen, Hiei, you might need it someday." /

Furrows his brows. 'Why does he have to be right.'

Looking at the machine in front of him, he noticed that there was a phonebook right beside it. A tiny smirk came to his mouth. Grabbing the book, Hiei thumbed through it not entirely sure how it worked, but maybe he'd come across Kuwabara's name.

Just seeing the hundreds of tiny words listed in the book was enough to drive anyone insane. How anybody found anybody this way was beyond him. Because to Hiei, it didn't make any sense. The 'K' section finally came up; looking down at the paper, Hiei recognized Kuwabara's name... only there was more than one listed.

'I didn't ask for all of them, I just need one.' Wondering which of the Kuwabara's was Kuwabara would be tough, because he didn't exactly know any other part of his name.

Doo, doo, doo. The sound called to Hiei's attention. He looked at the receiver that was still pressed to his ear. "If you would like to make a call," The operator was saying. "please dial a number or dial zero for your local operator. Thank you."

Pressing the 'zero' he heard the sound again and he waited for the woman to speak. "Operator, how may I help you?" She said.

"I want Kuwabara." Said Hiei.

"There are many listed, do you know the first name?" She asked.

"That is the first name." He replied, not knowing him by any other.

"I'm sorry, but there are no Kuwabara's listed under the first name. Do you have another name you'd like to try?"

Hiei was sure that Kuwabara is the gorilla's first name, what is he going to do now? 'A lot of help this is Kurama.' He snapped at the unavailable male.

"How about I name some off to you?" The woman suggested bringing Hiei from his thoughts. "There's a, Eugene Kuwabara..." she waited for his reply before going on saying. "A Hikaru Kuwabara... Kazuma Kuwabara?"

None of them sounded right to him, 'Wait.' That last one. "What was that last one you said?" He asked.

"Kazuma Kuwabara?"

"Yes, what is that number?"

"I'll patch you right through sir." With a bit of callous in her voice, as though she knew Hiei would either never get it right, or just wouldn't know how to dial it.

Finally, the sound Hiei had heard when he practiced calling Kurama's house.

It rang three times before it picked up. "This is Kuwabara," Hiei gasped hearing the red head's voice so suddenly. "I'm not in right now,"

"But I could be,"

Hiei dropped the phone turning his head seeing Kuwabara standing next to him. The red head moved behind him slipping a hand up the new red shirt Hatanaka had given him.

Hiei tried to keep his body from reacting to the touch, but it was kind of hard when Kuwabara was now pinching his sensitive nipples, around and around.

"Well Hiei, do you want me..?" Kuwabara asked.

His mouth betrayed him, Hiei's lips were actually forming a 'yes'. "Rrr, no." He had to shake it off.

But he couldn't! Kuwabara rocked the two of them side to side while caressing his chest up and down; he pressed the smaller male against the phonebooth, the red head's hard-on was firmly pressed into the youkai's back driving his senses crazy.

Then he felt the welt moving down and Kuwabara's tongue ran up the side of Hiei's ear then inside. A tiny moan escaped the youkai's mouth, and he leaned back into the red head's strong touch.

"We're alone, we could..." He trailed off.

Hiei felt like he was ready for whatever the guy had in mind and he was, shockingly, willing to surrender easily.

"Boy are you lucky I just got in." A voice said. "Shizuru speaking. Is someone there?" Breaking Hiei out of his thoughts, he looked down at the receiver, panting hard. "If this is one of those breathing perverts... I want you to know I will track you down, and it won't be pretty."

Looking down, Hiei regained his composure and picked up the receiver hanging it up. 'Forget the phone, Kurama has to be somewhere.'


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