These Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

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Hiei walked along the streets of Tokyo, not wanting to miss Kurama at any turn. Even though he would have rather used his speed, it really wouldn't aid him in anyway right now.

'It isn't enough that I keep having these sick fantasies,' Thought Hiei grouchily. 'now the dumb kid is back.'

The youkai froze where he stood, turning his head slightly talking over his shoulder. "I know you're back there boy, come out."

Figuring it was pointless to hide if Hiei knew he was there, Hatanaka came out of his hiding place against the side of a large grey building.

"Why are you following me?" Asked an aggitated Hiei.

The boy caught his breath a moment, hunched over and panting, then he straightened up and spoke. "It's just that... well..."

He didn't know what to say, he just thought Hiei was really cool and he wanted to hang out with him a little bit more. But an answer like that might get him another stream of harsh words from the mysterious male, or worse an out-n-out beating to the head.

Neither of which Hatanaka wanted. "I just... thought that..."

Narrowing his eyebrows, Hiei turned his nose up saying. "Let's go."

The boy's face brightened hearing those words. "You mean it?!" He asked in disbelief.

"Might as well, you're going to follow me even if I said not to." Hiei continued walking, and Hatanaka joined him in his journey.

The two said nothing at first because Hiei wasn't entirely sure where they are, or where to look. Taking a deep breath, he swayed in emotions to ask for any type of guidence. He liked to do things for hisself, but this was the ningenkai after all, a place which he wanted to know nothing of- if he could help it.

"...So boy, where to?" The youkai finally asked.

Hatanaka wasn't entirely sure of where to look first. He knew of a lot of places his brother hung out at, because he was once taken to them when he was rather young and couldn't be left home alone. But where to first?

"How about we try the library. He often goes there on weekends."

"That place with all the books." Hiei said as though he were just making a mental note of what this... 'library' is.

"Yup. He lost one last year, pretty careless of him huh?"

The boy trotted along humming a tune as he went; and Hiei blushed slightly remembering the very book the boy was talking about. The one Kurama thought taught better kissing than him, amongst other things.

And his little lessons with Yusuke Urameshi that he would never want to repeat. Shaking the uncharacteristic flushed coloring from his cheeks, Hiei glanced ahead seeing that whatever his name is had stopped in front of a building, and was now going inside.

"Hn. Kids got a real flare for manners." Hiei commented sarcastically. Catching up, the youkai entered the library after Hatanaka.

Looking around with his eyes, Hiei turned them over towards the young boy remarking. "This place is empty, are you sure Kurama's in here?"

Biting his bottom lip timidly, Hatanaka replied. "He might have been."

Hiei cut his eye at the boy. "You brought me here on a whim?" Walking away from him, the youkai decided to look around alone.

"Weellll," The boy was saying. "My brother is a bit of a nerd."

'Hn. Whatever that is.' Thought Hiei, still proceding to the back of the room.

Hatanaka saw that talking to him was hopeless so he went to the check-out desk to ask the librarian if she had seen him.

'I wonder where she could be?' He wondered, looking around.

Hiei walked between shelves moving in and out of them, scanning the books with his eyes as he passed them. It didn't seem like the kind of place Kurama would hang out in. But, he was always reading whenever Hiei had decided to stop by and hang around with him.

Pausing by a shelf that had a book sticking out sideways, Hiei pulled it out and looked it over. Gardening for geeks. He read with a little pause before the after gardening. For Hiei it was usually easy to say hard to read when it comes to the human language.

Thumbing through the book he let it fall from his hands to the floor, Hiei continued walking between the shelves. After searching through as many as he could, the youkai came back into the main part of the library going over to Hatanaka who was now standing back at the check out desk.

"What can I do for you, young man?" The librarian asked, returning to her desk.

"I'm looking for my brother Ms. Patty, has he been in here today?" The boy asked glancing to the left when Hiei walked up beside him.

Making a sympathetic face the woman shook her head. "Sorry, I haven't seen him today, not even walking by." She replied, then asked. "Why do you ask though, is he missing?"

"In a way." The young boy replied. "Thanks anyways, we'll try someplace else."

Waving goodbye to the woman, Hatanaka began to leave with Hiei following him.

"Okay, so we'll try someplace else." The boy stated. He didn't plan on giving up until his brother was found.

"And it had better be worth the look, because so far we're getting nowhere." Snips Hiei, stuffing his hands in his pockets and closing his eyes.

Hatanaka looked the mysterious boy over but shrugged his comment off. He was pretty sure he could find Shuiichi and earn some cool points with Hiei.

'I just wish I knew where to look.' He thought recieving a glance from Hiei. Blushing, the boy placed a hand behind his head and laughed mechanically. "I think he might be this way." Turning the corner, he hopes he's followed.

Hiei stayed behind a bit and sighed rolling his eyes. 'Why did I let this kid come along. He's even more retarded than...' He didn't wanna finish what he was thinking about, it was too easy to put the idea in his head today, and Hiei prayed that these little fantasies of his were only for today.

Movement from inside a restaurant caught Hiei's eyes. Blinking as hard as he could, the youkai couldn't shake the sight of Kuwabara sitting in the eating establishment looking out the window at him.

The red head was sitting inside at a table in the middle of the room, one leg up on the table leaning back and trying to entice the little demon by sticking a piece of meat into his mouth as seductively as possible.

Hiei looked on in disgust but... lust? No. He would never admit to that. Turning his eyes away didn't work, because all he saw was another Kuwabara sitting at the table in the corner of the room sucking down some type of noodle, only reminding Hiei of the very night all this started happening.

"Rrrr," He growled. "Worthless."

Vanishing ahead to where the boy had gone to, the small crowd in the restaurant screamed when the large window shattered into pieces from Hiei's unseen assault.

9 9 9

Back at the driving school, Kuwabara, Yusuke, and Kurama were now at the final stage of the test. Free-range driving on the road. Their instructors were standing at a distance talking to one another about something, and saying it low enough so the three of them wouldn't hear it.

Taking this into oppurtunity, Kuwabara slipped over to Yusuke who has his foot raised up a little off the ground in wait for an unsuspecting bug to walk under it to be crushed.

"Psst! Yusuke..." The scratchy voice whispered.

Smiling at his lover's most noticable feature, Yusuke merely glanced up then back down saying. "Uh oh, first names, this must be serious."

"Listen, I've been doing some thinking about all this... and I've come to the conclusion that-... Why are you laughing?" The boy asked cutting hisself off.

Yusuke waved a hand to him and replied. "Sorry. But I'm still on that 'thinking' thing."

Crossing his arms. "Whatever Urameshi, now listen." Once seeing that he had the other's attention, Kuwabara went on saying. "It's Mr. Hacchi, I think he knows my sister."

"So? Lots of people know your sister, that's no big deal." Replied the boy, who is becoming bored with the conversation.

"Lllisteeen. I think these guys are fucking with us, Urameshi." He began to show his examples by sticking out a finger. "We didn't have any of the stuff needed to take the test but they let us do it anyway,"


"Aaaand, there's the video! What person in their right mind would take that seriously?"

Furrowing his eyebrows "Hey, I liked the part about the aggressive drivers. It really spoke to me." he laughed to himself.

"Will you shut up a minute and listen!" Shouted the red head, getting attention from both Seira and Hacchi. The boy laughed placing a hand behind his head, laughing uncomfortably until they looked away.

Lowering his voice Kuwabara went on. "So anyway, don't you think it's strange that even you're passing?"

Yusuke did find that a little odd, even when he tried his hardest at something, sometimes he didn't exactly come out on top. Everything about him was often just a fluke.

"Now that you mention it, that is a little weird." Yusuke smiles into a grin. "Or maybe it's just you." Going ahead of the boy he said over his shoulder. "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a drivers license waiting for me."

Kuwabara watched his friend join up with his teacher, 'Maybe Urameshi is right.'

But he still had a feeling in his gut that they were 'being taken for a ride' as they say. And he's gonna prove it by doing what he, and his partner-in-crime, did best... aggrivate. He might even get Kurama in on it.

'If this guy does know my sister, he's probably up to something. Like on one of those reality shows with the hidden cameras, heh.' Thought Kuwabara. 'Well if that's the way they want it, then two can play at this game.'


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