These Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

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Seeing the look that Kuwabara was giving him, Hacchi had an inner asthma, panic attack. 'Does he know something?' The man shuddered to wonder. 'Hmph, well if he thinks I'm missing out on a date with Shizuru, he's nutsTime to kick this up a knotch.'

Kuwabara stood beside the man and gave a nod; the red head opened the fake car door and sitting himself inside the imagined vehical.

"Ready to go?" Asked Hacchi with a smile.

"Sure am, Mr. Hacchi. Bring on the next test." Said Kuwabara giving nothing away.

But little did he know, he was already found out. With a broader smile on, the man climbed into the car as well then pulled something out of his back pocket.

"Everybody listen up!" Hacchi announced to get their attention.

The three drivers gave him their full attention this time; knowing that their lessons were nearly complete, the three boys wanted nothing to stand in the way of their student drivers licenses.

"This next part of the test is free-range driving," Pointing outward, its at a goal post about a mile ahead.

"You are going to drive the three of us to that goal point and then you're through." Lowering his voice. "We'll be grading your performance, and we aren't going to help you out as you explain everything you're doing to us, but there's a catch this time..."

Reaching into his back pocket Hacchi pulled out three spoons. Kuwabara and Yusuke cringed at the thought, and raised a shoulder to curl the rest of their body inward to shrink back from the already rising pains.

"For everything you do wrong, you will be tapped on the hand until you get it right." The man explained.

Kurama was the first to speak up saying, "Are you sure that's permitted at a driving school?"

Hacchi smiled reassurance to the teen, holding out a hand hitting hisself with the spoon as hard as he could. "See, doesn't really hurt at all. It's just to teach you how to relax in tense situations, so you don't become a dangerous driver."

"Touche." Said the fox.

It made some sense, he supposed; and the man had already shown that it really didn't hurt so there must not be a problem then.

"So everyone, hands on the wheel, and start your engines." Hacchi pulled over his seat belt and turned to them adding. "Remember, drive carefully- this isn't a race. Good luck."

Kurama scoffed. 'A lot of luck we'll need in an imaginary car.'

The three students started the engines by making their vrrrrrrrmmm, rrrrrmmm sounds. Hacchi kept a sharp eye on Kuwabara, who had turned his face into stone; breaking this guy down wouldn't work if he thought he was on to him.

'Get ready for the ride of your life, Hacchi. Heh heh heh heeeh.' The red head smiled.

Hacchi turned his face away thinking to himself. 'Get ready for the hardest exam of your life.'

The two of them mentally threw their heads back and burst into silent inward laughter.

"Ready...?" Said Lenny. "On my count...Three..."

Kurama steaded his feet. 'As strange as these test seem, I've got to do this.'


Yusuke's eyes narrowed in sheer arrogance of his own confidence to succeed. 'Ha! No real cars and all I have to do is answer questions.' Snickers. 'How can I go wrong.'


Kuwabara narrowed his eyes thinking. 'That Shizuru thinks she's so smart, this probably isn't even gonna accomplish anything for us, we're just out here to look stupid. Well we'll see who looks stupid in the end, sis.'


Fired up the three boys sped ahead, but they had not gone but three steps forward before all of them were cracked on the backs of their hands. "OW!" They wailed, clutching the sore hand with the other one. Then proceeded to blow on the swell.

"Uh uh uh, you've forgotten the first major part of driving." Said Seira to everyone- but mostly Yusuke.

"Wha-..." The boy was shocked. "What did I forget?" He asked.

The woman crossed her arms showing that she wasn't supposed to answer him.

Kurama furrowed his eyebrows, a little annoyed at himself for not remembering one of the first things they had gone over. Calming his barely raised nerves, the teen reached beside himself and pulled a fake seatbelt over his body.

"Placing on my seatbelt."

The others looked over at the Kitsune to get the idea, only to receive a tap to the hand. "Ow!" They cried out.

"Hey!" Shouted Yusuke. "That thing doesn't exactly tickle like you said it does, so lay off!"

Seira raised the spoon, and Yusuke quieted, grouchily, but he remained silent and went through the proper procedure of checking the mirrors and his seatbelt, then he turned to Seira with a snotty smile.

"Happy." He said through clenched teeth.

Turning her nose up, the woman replied. "Delighted, thank you."

Kuwabara tied up his loose ends as well, and he was already starting down the course. Yusuke brought up the rear following behind Kuwabara, resisting the urge to tailgate him again. He couldn't help it, the big lug was just jumpable. But he knew that Kuwabara wanted to take this seriously and for him, Yusuke would too.

Kurama's voice was heard faintly up ahead, when he slowed to a stop at a STOP sign then continued walking on. Kuwabara came to a turn and he spun the fake wheel, but doing so he got another whack to the hand.

"Will you stop that it hurts!" He blew on his mild injury.

"Sorry Kuwabara, but those are the rules to driving." Said Hacchi shrugging his arms out. "Now you've missed one crucial thing about turning, I'll cheat this time and give you a hint."

The man said nothing and Kuwabara raised an eyebrow shaking his head around as if mentally shouting, 'Come on already.' But he settled for a dry, "Well?"

"Well... What, you can't cheat unless you want points taken off." Said Hacchi receiving a growl from the red head.

Kuwabara remained at the turn and thought. 'Now what is it that you do at a turn...?' He wondered. 'I must have seen my mom, and Shizuru, do this about a hundred times.' A smile brightened his face before saying, "Flip the turn signal on, and if it's broke Iiii... hold out an arm."

Hacchi looked surprised as the boy continued saying. "Up if it's right and extended if it's left."

"That's absolutely right." The man replied. 'He may not be too bright, but I like his determination.' Beamed the man.

The fake car finally turned the corner; Kuwabara looked ahead, surprised to see and hear that Yusuke had passed him without taking a beating for the turn signal. 'Heh, Urameshi must be more serious about this than I thought.' The red head smiled.

The three of them walked along smoothly, and their instructors jotted notes onto a clip-board they were holding. Kuwabara was actually reconsidering his plans to break the man down, until he got to a sign with the large 'X' on it.

He caught his voice in his throat. He hadn't seen this sign before. What did it mean?! 'That's it!' He remembered now.

"Uuuhhh... Ow! What did you do that for? I was thinking!" He heard Yusuke shout.

"Sorry Yusuke but thinking shouldn't be an option when you see a sign, it should already have been learned." The woman stated.

Her words only made Yusuke growl in his throat at her. He's never seen this sign before! "How do you expect me to know what a sign I've never seen before means?" He asked trying to calm his voice.

Kuwabara was becoming restless standing there a few feet behind him, making honking sounds. "Let's go Grandma! Beep! Beep!"

"Hold your horses dumb ass, I'm thinking!" The dark haired boy shouted over his shoulder.

"How hard could it be," Retorted Kuwabara. "it's a train track sign, now keep pedaling jackass!"

Yusuke scowled in a low growl. From the corner of his eye he saw Kuwabara going past him- sticking his tongue out- but there was a wink that followed it, and Yusuke was beginning to get the hint.

After a brief checking for any... 'trains'. Yusuke followed after the red head picking up his speed as he went. Kuwabara glanced to his right and picked up speed as well.

"Hey wait." Called Hacchi picking up his pace as well. "This isn't a race Kuwabara. What are you doing?"

The ticked student didn't answer, instead was following behind his lover laughing up a storm as he passed by him.

"See you later, Urameshi!" He called going by.

"That's what you think." Yusuke's pace became a little faster, and Seira started running as well.

"What are you doing, kid!?" She panted. "Slow down!"

Kurama gasped seeing his friends rushing by him. He resisted the ridiculous urge to speed up as well, but something inside got the better of him and he didn't want to lose his place of first.

The three boys laughed excitedly the further they ran; turning this corner and that of the course, with their instructors practically being dragged along. Seira had since grabbed a hold of Yusuke's arm for support, but her balance was fading quickly.

"Slow down, I'm getting whip lash!" She cried out. 'Plush I'm wearing heels, you little creep.'

"How can you be getting whiplash, the wind shield isn't broken." Teased the boy knowing the fake car provided no protection for the woman, or anyone for that matter.

Hacchi was fading fast, as his feet began to drag along the ground but he pulled himself back up to the right standing position. 'I've got to...' Pants. 'Keep up.' Looking at Kuwabara, whose speed seemed to increase the further they went. 'How long can this kid run.'

The three boys sped along the course, missing sign after sign and practically running over the little orange cones, strategically placed along the course to separate the lanes.

Taking a sudden corner, Kuwabara smashed into the back of Yusuke staggering the boy forward a bit. The spirit detective merely laughed, slowing his pace down a bit.

"Oh good." Said Seira, seeing her student slowing.

Yusuke only slowed hisself just enough for the red head to pass him, before he jutted to the side of the street where Kuwabara is running slamming to play a little bumper cars; slamming himself into Seira's shoulder, she went sailing sideways slamming into Kuwabara, who slammed into Hacchi, who ended up tripping over the orange cone spiraling to the ground.

Over and over the man tumbled, crashing into both Kurama and Lenny who're up ahead, trying to avoid the wreckage in back and the collision sent the two face-down to the ground.

Ringing ran through all of their ears, it was intimidating, kind of like a police siren or something. Wait that wasn't their imagination, so where was that sound coming from?

Covering their ears the group looked around seeing a girl standing at the end of the lot watching them all, holding a bull-horn in one hand, and cigarette in the other.

"I knew it." Said Kuwabara when the noise from the bull-horn died down.

"Shizuru?" Yusuke blinked.

The girl raised an arm waving to the three guinea pigs and her friend, Hacchi. The three boys groaned; they couldn't believe they fell right into her trick.

"April fools." Hacchi said weakly.


"How could you do that to me, sis'?" Asked Kuwabara throwing his arms out in her direction.

The group had returned inside the building in the video room; and Kuwabara has been chewing his sister out since.

"I actually thought I was really gonna learn how to drive, and you just wanted to humiliate me in front of my friends." The boy crossed his arms.

Shizuru was hardly intimidated by her brother's outburst, and she reached out tousiling the male's strange hairstyle, so that it sat messy on his head. "Calm down squirt, how are you embarrassed when they were doing it too? Stop being such a baby."

Fuming, Kuwabara balled up his fist shouting. "I am not being a baby!"

Yusuke, who had been sitting back watching the tiff, raised a hand and spoke up saying. "Come Kuwabara, it wasn't that bad... I actually thought it was kinda fun."

The red head glanced at his boyfriend and returned his arms over his chest, grumbling something too low to be heard by anyone.

Yusuke didn't seem to take it lightly asking. "What did you say?"

As the two of them began to argue; Kurama, who was standing near a window with his back against the wall, remained silent watching his two friends argue in mock anger.

Shizuru shook her head in dismay then turning her attention to Hacchi. Holding out a hand to him, she shakes the return. "Thanks for helping me, I think he's learned his lesson by now."

The man blushed taking when the girl's hand. "Uhh, it was nothing Shizu'... and about that date on Saturday...?" He began, his blush deepening.

"I never agreed to any date, Hacchi. Forget it." Said the girl snatching her hand back.

The man slumped himself in the chair, placing a hard pout on his mouth.

Shizuru rolled her eyes while shrugging her hands out. Kurama placed a hand to his mouth chuckling to himself. Calming down, the fox demon walked to where Shizuru stood getting her attention in his actions.

"Do you think you could give us a lift home, Shizuru? Hiei must be wondering where I am by now." He explained.

"Hm. Sure Kurama," The brunette replied, adding. "I think he may have called earlier, but I can't be sure."

"Hiei?" Wondered Kurama.

Walking over to her brother and his lover, the woman grabbed them by the shirt collar pulling them out of each other's faces. "We're leaving twerps." She said, then shooting a look over at Hacchi who is still pouting in his chair, her face relaxed and she said. "Listen."

The man looked up with a hopeful smile, but it soon faded hearing what the girl had to say.

"I appreciate your help and everything, and I have a friend that I can set you up with- if you're still thinking about that date."

"But?" He began to protest, but the object of his desires was already out the door. "Ha, a girl after my own heart."

Shizuru continued dragging Kuwabara and Yusuke along with her- by their ears now, while Kurama walked beside the three. He couldn't wait to get home and see what Hiei has been up to.

Releasing her brother, and Yusuke, the two of them straightened themselves and tugged their shirts down. Shizuru looked at her pissed off brother and smiled. "Come on Kazuma, you can't stay mad forever, and it's not like you aren't gonna get your license someday."

Kuwabara seemed to be listening, but said nothing in return. Rolling her eyes, Shizuru reached into her purse pulling out a handful of papers. "Here." She practically shoved them into her brother's hands and he opened his half-lidded eyes fully, looking down at the papers.

Yusuke glanced past Shizuru trying to see what his friend is looking at; Kuwabara read the papers quickly, and a huge grin lit his face. "Oh thanks, sis'! You're the best!" He jumped to his sister's side pulling her into a sideways hug.

Letting curiosity get the better of him, "What?" asked Yusuke, watching the odd- for Kuwabara and Shizuru- scene playing out.

Being shoved back by Shizuru, Kuwabara stepped beside Yusuke holding the papers up for him to see.

"It's the information that I need to get my license." The boy beamed. "I get to learn how to drive a real car, Urameshi."

Smiling, Yusuke replied. "That's great Kuwabara, you let me know how it goes."

The red heads heart sank. "What do you mean, you're not coming with me?" He asked. Yusuke nods, placing his arms behind his head. "But why?" Insisted the red head.

"Look, I had a lot of fun today... but driving really isn't my thing," Explained the spirit detective. "Besides, I'm sure Kurama will to do it with you." They looked over at their silent friend.

"Of course." Said the fox demon.

Kuwabara grinned from ear to ear, going over to the kitsune to scoop him up into a hug.

"Gee thanks, Kurama, you're a real pal!" Exclaimed Kuwabara.

Kurama held his friend back saying. "You're welcome, Kuwabara."

The red head laughed keeping a cheese-eating-grin on his face, while the four of them walked to Shizuru's car; glad to see the light of day coming to an end.

8 8 8

"Are you as hungry as I am?" Asked Hatanaka, holding his growling stomach.

It was getting late, and his mother was probably at home wondering where both of her sons were and why they weren't home for dinner- which she was probably already setting out on the table.

Hiei remained quiet, but he did feel a little pang of hunger. Or maybe he was just angry from searching an entire day and finding nothing.

"Here, we'll get some yakitori." The boy said seeing a Yatai streetstall up ahead.

A Yatai is a lot like a vending cart but a little bigger, and it often has stools for you to sit on while you eat.

"Do you like chicken or beef?"

"I'd like to find Kurama," Hiei snapped. "this is no time to eat."

The boy shrugged. "Hm, suit yourself." But he continued heading towards the cart, he's eating with or without Hiei's permission.

"Hello, what can I get you." A man asked.

Hatanaka looked at the menu on the side of the cart as though he had forgotten what he had suggested. "Uuuhh?" He couldn't decide now that he saw all the options.

"Just get something, and let's go." Hiei continued to grow angrier by the second. Who knows how much city they have left to cover, and it's becoming dark outside.

"Okay okay," He heard the boy saying. Hatanaka pulled out his wallet and fished around for enough money to get the both of them an evening snack. "Here you are." He said to the man handing him the money.

The man prepared the two boys yakitori, handing both sticks to Hatanaka when he was through. Thanking them and being thanked, the two depart.

"Here you go, Hiei." The young boy shoved the food underneath the youkai's nose.

He had eaten this once before during a barbeque thing Kurama had over the summer, and he actually liked it a lot. Hiei took the stick from the boy and dug in, Hatanaka smiled to himself and started in as well.

Hiei couldn't help but notice that they seemed to be walking back in the direction of Kurama's house, instead of going further ahead to continue their search.

Noticing the look on Hiei's face, the boy swallowed his bite saying. "Don't worry Hiei, look how dark it's getting, I'm sure my brother is home by now."

"For your sake you had better be right." Said the fire demon, while extracting a piece of beef from the skewer.

The two of them remained silent as they walked. Hatanaka couldn't help looking down at the strange boy feeling a sense of happiness. He is so cool!

Hiei turned his eyes in the boy's direction, scowling. "What are you looking at now?" He grumbled.

"Nothing. I just can't help but feel like I know you some now." He smiled.

Hiei returned his gaze straight ahead; dumping his finished skewer into an oncoming trash can. "Well don't let it go to your head," He replied. "I don't plan on keeping this- association with you going after today."

The boy shrugged. He didn't care, he still likes him- even if he is mean.

A red car sped down the street, with not a care in the world, and Hiei couldn't help but notice that it was the same car as before.

Inside of the car; Kurama, who was looking out the window, couldn't help but notice the two walking side by side.

'Hiei?' He wondered, trying to get a better look, but the car went by far too quickly to give him a good look. 'No. I must be imagining things,' Thought the kitsune. 'Hiei would never be out on his own liesurely, or with my brother.'

The pair are coming up to the street that he lives on. Hatanaka took off to a run, when he saw his mother's car parked in the driveway. "I hope she's not too mad." He was saying as he dashed off leaving Hiei behind.

The fire demon looked after the boy and sighed, glad for the freedom of him once again.

"Where have you been, I've been worried sick about you." Shiori was saying, snatching the boy inside the house while he spit out a stream of apologies.

Hiei approached the house, and the woman glanced out seeing him. She smiled releasing her youngest son's ear.

"Hiei was it?" She asked, he nodded.

Though he wished he had just gone in through the window as he usually did.

"Would you like to stay for dinner? I don't know where Shuiichi is... but I'm sure he'd be happy to see you."

The demon remained silent as he was thinking it over. He then nods, and walked into the house. Shiori closed the door behind them and walked him into the kitchen.

Hatanaka was setting the table; smiling when he saw Hiei. "I guess you're staying for dinner too?" He had a mischievous smile on his face.

Hiei knew what the boy was getting at, and he thought of it to be kind of... flattering that he'd reduce himself to blackmail, just to get Hiei to be nice to him. Although, it would be a hot day in the ice region before that happened. But still, it was flattering.

The youkai pulled out a chair and sat down. Shiori began to set the food down on the table, and Hatanaka helped her. Hiei watched the two of them as they do so, almost running into each other and laughing the collision off.

His mouth twitched in the corner, and he turned his attention away from them. The scene was too much for him to watch as he's never seen a mother actually caring for her child, in any sort of way, and it made him a little sick.

The front door opened, and Kurama walked inside turning back to look out of of it, waving to Kuwabara and Shizuru before closing the door behind him. Walking towards the stairs the kitsune looked into the kitchen cocking his head.

'Now this is strange, Hiei at the dinner table.' He smiled to his self. 'I must be more exhausted than I thought.' The fox demon continued upstairs to wash up for bed, and no one had seemed to have heard him come in or anything.

Kurama proceeded to the bathroom in the hall, where he washed his hands and face at the sink, leaving the bathroom he finished his journey once going into his bedroom to change into his pajamas. Then dropping onto his bed, the fox closed his eyes and relaxed.

Kurama didn't want to disrupt the scene downstairs, besides, it would give Hiei more to tell him about when he returned to their room. He would be eating dinner with his family had Shizuru not suggested taking all of them out for burgers and fries as an apology for giving them the run around all day.

'Perhaps I'll take a brief nap.'

Knowing he wouldn't be seen, the fire demon departed the table and started upstairs. Walking down the hall, he grabbed the door knob of Kurama's room giving it a turn before shoving it opened. The kitsune popped his eyes opened and looked to where the sound had come from.

"Hiei." He said greeting him with a smile.

The fire demon gaped seeing Kurama laid up in bed, as though he had been there all day. "Kurama." He said walking over to the bed, climbing in.

The two were silent for sometime before the fox demon chuckled lowly closing his eyes saying, "And here I thought you had missed me, Hiei."

The youkai turned to his lover staring at the side of his face.

"But I can see you were very busy today, how was dinner?"

"Kurama," Hiei hissed. "don't mock me. I spent an entire day looking for you, having to spend time with your brother."

Kurama's eye brows rose hearing that.

"So don't sit here and act as if you were always at home."

"I was wondering where I had seen this outfit before." Was all he said.

Growling Hiei said in a low warning tone. "Kurama."

"I'm sorry Hiei," He waved off the male's frustrations. "Why were you searching for me?"

"I wanted to ask you about lastnight." He explained.

Kurama couldn't believe the youkai was still thinking about lastnight. Whatever it was, because Kurama was in the dark, Hiei seemed truly bothered. The two of them fooled around, had their dessert, then went to bed; but something about it seems to have rattled Hiei.

"What about it?" Asked the kitsune, full of interest.

"Just clear something up for me, it was just you and me lastnight?" Asked Hiei.

Kurama nodded, then added. "What is this all about, Hiei?"

Hiei was far too embarrassed to say anything; and Kurama was staring at him hard enough to drill a hole in his head. "...Hiei?"

Swallowing hard, he made a sound in his throat of agitation before lowering his head saying no louder than a whisper. "I dreamt that that gorilla was in our bed the yesterday night, when you and I were having sex."

"What Gorilla?" Asked Kurama confused as hell.

"Kuwabara stupid!"

"Kuwabara?!" Now this was amusing.

Hiei had just admitted to having a wet-dream about Kuwabara. Kurama tried his hardest to keep it back, but his laughter slipped past his lips echoing in the room. He had to hold his sides to keep them from splitting as they say.

Hiei grunted, and crossed his arms. "It's hardly funny, I've been seeing that moron everywhere."

That only made Kurama laugh more.

And it was irritating the hell out of the youkai. "Rrrr..." He growled. "Shut up or I'll slit that precious throat of yours!" He snapped.

Kurama waved off the threat but quieted. "Hiei, the best way to get rid of re-occurring daydreams is to just let them play out."

Hiei made a strangled sound in his throat and turned a ghostly shade of pale. "I would rather die of some ningen disease than think of that baffoon another minute."

Kurama shrugged. Deciding to distract, he tugs at Hiei's shirt, well, Hatanaka's, shirt until it came off then he dropped it to the floor and reached for his pants. "I'm afraid that's really the only way sometimes."

The fire demon was stripped of his clothes, but he remained in boxers. Sliding under the blanket, Hiei relaxed himself and closed his eyes. Deciding to change subjects, as well, he asked an easier question.

"Kurama, what is this baseball thing?"

'He must have gotten that from Hatanaka's daily chatter.' The fox figured thoughtfully. "Well, basically there's a pitcher and a catcher, a batter... and a bunch of bases in the shape of a diamond. When the bases are loaded, everybody runs the diamond." Making the shape with his index finger.

Hiei was even more confused then, when Hatanaka had tried explaining it to him on the streets. "Why?" He asked opening his eyes looking at Kurama.

"Why what?"

"Why do you run?"

Kurama shrugged. "For the series, I guess."

"What series?"

"...I really don't know, Hiei."

The youkai scoffed. "Isn't that just like a ningen, running circles for a series of nothing."

Kurama chuckled to his self and snuggle in next to Hiei. "Good night, Hiei." He said quietly. The fire demon made a sound to say the same, and closed his eyes.

Kuwabara had appeared in his thoughts just as he expected him to, only this time Hiei wasn't going to run. "Kurama says the only way to get rid of you, is to give in to you..."

Kuwabara merely smirked moving closer to him on the bed. "But as you know... I never give in that easily."

Hiei suddenly felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist, and the breath of Kuwabara at his ear whispering. "You already have."

The red head's tongue coursed up the youkai's ear, lavishingly taking in every burning hot taste of his skin.

Hiei closed his eyes leaning back into the touch though silently cursing himself for being taken off-guard in his own mind. Kuwabara's hands found their way up and down Hiei's chest pinching his nipples between his finger and thumb.

Hiei could feel his enemy's bare chest pressing against his back, both nipples of his hardening, creating a hardening in the fire demon's pants. Kuwabara wasted no time in grabbing the enlarged member giving it a few strokes through Hiei's boxers.

The youkai moaned feeling the contact on his sensative area, and he leaned back into Kuwabara's hold to let the pleasure rush through the rest of him.

Beyond the dream Kurama had been awake the whole time, with his hand on Hiei's shaft beneath the boxer shorts. The fox chuckled as he watched Hiei's sleeping face react to his touch, and he leaned down kissing the dream striken male on the lips.

In Hiei's dream. He and Kuwabara were positioning themselves on the bed, laying down with Kuwabara on his back and Hiei straddled over him. Hiei hadn't noticed when his boxers had come off until he felt the red head sliding into him.

"Aaahhhh..." He moaned arching his back, with a good grip onto Kuwabara's sides.

Sitting up, Kuwabara folded his legs in indian-style, closing Hiei in closer against him. "Ready?" The red head asked.

"Yes," Panted Hiei feeling the hardened member of his ally/rival sliding out of him part way before shoving back in.

The both of them moaned in unison, moving their hips at a rapid pace with each other's thrust, one going up as the other pressed down. "Aahh...Aaahhh..." They moan, going faster than either thought they could.

Hiei wasn't sure if he just wanted it to be over or if he wanted it that badly. Outside of his mind Kurama moved down in the bed meeting his face to Hiei's member. Slipping the youkai's boxers down, the fox opened his mouth casing it over his lover's shaft then he began to suck.

"Aaahh!" Hiei moaned outloud at the fire that ran through his body.

In his dream Kuwabara had taken the lead, pressing him down against the bed while he drove into him. Slowing down every three thrusts before picking it up again.

Both dream Hiei and physical Hiei moaned in the same way as the other, almost at the same time.

Kurama's mouth was giving itself a good work out as he sucked every aspect of Hiei's member down his throat, soaking it in his saliva before moving away to remove his own pajama pants; taking a bottle of lube from the small side table near his bed Kurama lubed himself up thoroughly along with Hiei before he positioned his lover and slid inside.

"Aaahh!" Dream Hiei cried feeling Kuwabara explode inside of him, but he wasn't through yet, the red head backed out of the youkai and moved himself down his body pausing at his waist before grabbing Hiei's still hard erection popping it into his mouth with one quick fluent suck.

Holding the fire demon's hips in place, Kuwabara inhailed the demon, and swallowed the sticky essence his member dripped. Hiei's hands clasped onto Kuwabara's, feeling the sweat that soaked his own hips there, and he thrust himself upwards into the red head's mouth begging for more.

Kurama pressed in deeper, and further seeing his lover's eyes begin to open and he leaned down kissing him on the lips.

The fire demon's eyes were rolling up in his head as he felt the end coming near, looking down through the haze he saw the person who was giving him so much pleasure and he smiled seeing the long flowing hair of his lover spilled around his sides.

'Kurama.' He mentally breathed leaning back into the feeling.

With a loud cry both dream, and physical, Hiei exploded in pleasure. Panting heavily, letting their bodies calm down. Seeing the the face of his lover meet his own, Hiei pulled Kurama into a kiss before breaking it to let himself catch his breath again.

"Better?" Asked Kurama, knowing that the youkai's dreams would be put to rest now.

Hiei said nothing he just looked at a corner of the room glad to see the 'gorilla' had finally returned to its zoo. Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep having, a Kuwabara free dream.

The End

I hope the cost is clear; hey Kuwabara here, and as you know April is coming up and- hey! Listen a minute, it's not because of April Fools day, but Urameshi's birthday is coming up, and I wanna throw him a surprise party...

Gee, I hope everyone I invite shows up. It's gonna be a ton of laughs and a ton of fun, with Urameshi trying to avoid me at every turn. So put on your party hats, and bring a gift... cause this is one you won't wanna miss on the next on Yu Yu Hakusho: Birth-Dazed.


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