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Drip... drop... drop...

Yusuke's eyes scrunched on the second drop of wetness. His hand came up to his cheek brushing the water aside, making it then nothing but mild dampness on his person. With a low snort the sleeping figure rolled onto his other side as though he were trying to escape the wetness, merely by turning away from it.


This time his eyes scrunched angrily and he, again, brushed the water aside. 'If this is what's considered a wet-dream, I think I'll pass.' Thought the boy as his eyes slowly began to peel apart. 'Don't tell me the roof's leaking again.'

"There you are sleepy head." A woman's voice said.

"Huh?" He supported himself on his arm waiting for his eyes to focus, although, he had a pretty good guess of who the female's voice belonged to; and seconds before his eyes could focus did his brain tell him as to why she is in his room. Yup, it's all coming in clear now.

"Haaaaaapppy Birthday, Yusuke!" She shouted while shoving a plate full of pancakes into his, now cleared, vision.

Bouncing back about a foot, the startled boy popped his head against the wall behind him. "Ow," He muttered reaching a hand up to soothe the acute pain with a rub. Seeing the glass beside his bed, that answered where the water had come from.

"Mooom, do you have too!?"

Grabbing his pillow, Yusuke covered the back of his head with it before dropping his face down onto his mattress. He grumbled raising his face again to look at her.

"And could you at least say it on the actual day like nooormal people..." He plopped back down onto the mattress with his head still covered, saying in a muffled voice, "Or not at all."

"Ohh you don't mean that," She scooted him over with her hip as she sat down.

Receiving another groan from her son, Atsuko rolled her eyes and began to pick at the pancakes she'd brought in for him, speaking with a full mouth.

"Remember when you were five, and I didn't give you a birthday party because you said you didn't want one?" She popped another torn off chunk of pancake into her mouth.

"I was FIVE..." Yusuke uncovered his head sitting completely up. "besides, I only said I didn't want a party because I knew we couldn't afford it, and NO ONE would have come anyway. So why bother with it?"

Atsuko shrugged then plastered a smile on her face. "Well now you do have friends, so they can come. And thanks to that fire we have money."

This time it was Yusuke who rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and they all wanna party with me and my mom." He reached for a chunk of the pancakes, or what was left of them, but pulled his hand away seeing it raise from the plate and go into his mother's mouth. "Besides, those guys are kinda low key. I doubt a birthday party is really their thing."

With an exasperated sigh, Atsuko stood up from the bed. "Honestly Yusuke, you're exhausting." Heading for the door she turned and said. "Why don't you go out and play or something, I'm sure your nonchalant friends are awake by now," As the door slid open the woman muttered. "go pester them for a while."

"What about breakfast?" Yusuke looked at the empty plate left on his bed post.

"Sorry, that's all we had." The door slid quickly shut leaving Yusuke alone.

Blinking, he placed a hand to his head. "At least that nightmare is over." Looking at his calendar he sighed. 'Three days till my dumb birthday, why do these things keep coming back.'

Yusuke stretched, yawning widely then released a loud moan in its closing. "You should be given an option, having your life be over, or never have to celebrate a birthday for the rest of your life." Yanking his shirt free from his body over his head, he tossed it down to the floor.

'Might as well see what Kuwabara's been up too.' Dropping his pants as well, Yusuke headed out of his room in nothing but boxers, down the hall into the bathroom. 'At least this day can't get any worse.'


"Fooood..." Moaned Yusuke.

It's now going on eleven thirty, and the spirit detective has been hunched over with an arm around his stomach, walking down the sidewalks of Tokyo since that morning, and he hasn't found anyone so far.

Hunger was taking over him, and having- un-intentionally- missed breakfast, Yusuke's stomach was now screaming for something to eat. He had already been to Kuwabara's house and the red head wasn't at home, not even his sister and she was usually at home around this time.

Kurama and Hiei were also a no show, so he was out of his luck. Yusuke's stomach gave another hungry growl and he sighed dropping his posture further.

"This isn't fair, where is everybody?" Straightening up, his eyes angered. "They'd better not be off somewhere planning a birthday party, or I'll kick all their a-aaoooowww!" He collapsed to the ground. "I'm too hungry even to threaten,"

He sighed sitting up. His back pressed firmly against something behind him. Turning his head, he snapped his entire body around realizing what it is.

"Ahaha! A vending machine!"

Yusuke stood to his feet while fishing around inside of his pockets for loose change. Feeling nothing in the first pocket, his hand pulled free and plunged into the next, which somehow ejected the teen's tongue out of his mouth and beside it.

"Come on, come on." His eyes turned up to the sky as though he were mentally identifying everything inside of his pocket.

'Rubber band... gum wrapper... lint...' His hand pulled free again, this time moving to the pockets that inhabited his jacket. 'Toilet paper...' He noted. '...piece of string- Bingo!' Enclosing his hand around the change, Yusuke smiled as he opened his hand.


His face quickly dropped seeing that it was only a penny. Letting out a long moan, Yusuke sank to his butt with every breath that came out of his mouth.

"I guess asking if anyone has change for a penny, ain't exactly gonna work."

The starving male turned himself around so that he is now facing the machine. Yusuke pressed his face firmly to the glass and began to drool. His slime-trail outlined all the yummy things that he'd like to eat. And he was only ninety nine cents away from his dreams! Leaning back a bit, he began repeatedly banging his forehead lightly against the glass.

"Come on, JUMP!"

PlinkPlink! The mechanical sounds of the gears inside the machine began to circulate. Yusuke's eyes darted upward watching a line of cans sacrafice the can infront to the fall ahead by shoving it from behind.

"Uuuh..." He groaned again, wishing that he were the one recieving it.

The item in the machine tumbled heavily down into the bin. Once the can of soup had fallen out of its resting place upon the shelf, the purchaser reached inside pulling it out.

Yusuke remained plastered to the machine listening as the buyer opened the can and began to eat rather noisily. "Mmm, that really hits the spot."

"Huh?" Turning his head to the familiar scratchy tone, Yusuke's face went from almost dead into a complete grin. "Ahaha.. Kuwabara!"

The red head smiled down at his boyfriend, replying. "Hey Urameshi."

Pressing down on his knees to support his standing, Yusuke moved right up into Kuwabara's face wrapping his arms around him asking, "You're gonna share that right?" he now reaches for the can.

Kuwabara raised it above his head grinning. "Oh, you mean this?" Lowering the can, he used the plastic toothpick to pull out another vegetable which he ate in his starving lover's face.

"Yeah yeah yeah" He nodded like a hungry puppy, waiting for his master to give him a new brand of kibble.

He looked as though he were thinking it over then with a smile he held it out to Yusuke. "...Yeah sure, I guess you can have some."

Laughing, Yusuke snatched the can and turns away from Kuwabara, crouching down to the ground he then began to shovel the small can of vegetable soup down his throat like it were an edible prescious. Hungry sounds escaped his mouth followed by slurping and a few refreshed, aaahhh's.

Kuwabara watched, waiting for an opening between the guy's noisy eating. Seeing none, he decided to take the direct approach. "Guess what, Urameshi?"

Looking over his shoulder at the red head, he says nothing before returning to eating.


Wondering if he had actually heard what he had said or not, Kuwabara waited silently for words that weren't coming. Sighing, he figured he might as well continue with what he was saying.

"So guess what, you know how I've been blowing you off all week-...?"

"Yeah, and thanks a lot by the way, I had a really swell time." Yusuke said sarcastically.

Kuwabara grinned, replying. "Glad to hear it,"

Yusuke rolled his eyes.

"but the reason I did it is because I was studying for my drivers test, and I passed!"

"Aaand?" Yusuke stood now, feeling recharged.

"Aaand," Kuwabara mocked. "Don't you know what that means!?" He was not gonna let Yusuke's moody personality bring him down, because he is now a proud citizen of the road.

He slurped a stray noodle into his mouth before saying with an impish smile. "I haven't got a clue."

Okay, so now he's getting a little flustered. "It meeeeans, now I can get a car of my own."

"...Aaaand?" Yusuke started to drink the broth that the contents had been floating around in.

Now he's mad! Why does Yusuke have to ruin everything?! "So you know what that means!" He was beginning to shout.

"Yeah, now we can do it in the back of your car instead of Shizuru's," He began to laugh seeing Kuwabara's face turn red. Hey, he deserved it for ditching him all week, and for something as lame as studying.

"No dumbass! It means now I can drive us around instead of my sister!"

"Duh-" He quickly said before throwing his arm around the red head. "Hey thanks for the food, I owe you one." He detached himself from his boyfriend and began walking away.

Watching Yusuke's departure, Kuwabara took a step or two before calling out. "Urameshi! Where're you going?"

"To your house," Yusuke called back, without turning to face the other boy. "gotta work off those calories, right."

It took him a few seconds, but a smile crept back up on his face realizing what his boyfriend had meant. "Oh right, a workout. Hehehehee." He rubbed his hands together and followed after his hot-blooded lover.

8 8 8

"Will you hurry up." Hiei crossed his arms after planting himself atop of the counter. "The park is probably filling with ningen as we speak."

Hiei was growing impatient waiting on Kurama to finish his lunch. The two of them had spent the morning out training and... enjoying themselves and now- having just gotten back to the Minaminos'- had decided on lunch. Well, Kurama had decided on lunch while Hiei sat back- impatiently- watching and waiting.

"Then perhaps you should head out without me," said Kurama. "I'll catch up when I'm through." He then continued eating the lunch at his set pace.

Hiei only seemed to strengthen his sitting position as if silently saying, 'He'll wait.' Kurama smiled knowingly and tried, for Hiei's sake, to eat a little faster without rushing food down his throat.


Kurama turned his vision to the phone, then pushing his hands against the table his seat moved back a bit, and he stood from the chair. Going over to the phone he picked it up at the third ring.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey Shuuichi! You won't believe how tough practice is, I can't wait for the big game. You're coming aren't you? It's this Wednesday."

"Of course, Hatanaka."

Hiei watched Kurama a moment, then he slipped off the counter walking over to the kitchen table. Picking up Kurama's chopsticks the fiery youkai began to eat the remaining food from the kitsune's bento box.

Kurama laughed about something as he talked to his brother over the phone, about something Hiei wasn't sure of. Making a face behind the male's back he then continued eating.

"Alright Hatanaka, I'll see you later." He listened as his brother said something else to him, then with a quick nod Kurama replied, "I'll remember to. Goodbye." Hanging up the receiver, he turned around just in time to see Hiei swallowing the last bite of his lunch.

"You're through now, let's go." The youkai said.

Kurama laughed softly agreeing with Hiei. "I see, let me clean up the dishes first and then we may go." He walked over to the table picking up his lunch box. "Unless of course, you'd like to do it for me?" He teased.

"Hn. Nanra."


"You know when I said I was still hungry, I was hoping that maybe we'd be eating inside." Complained Yusuke as he and Kuwabara entered the park. "You know, like normal people."

Kuwabara ignored him continuing a steady pace through the park, looking for a nice shady tree to sit under. Seeing that he was being ignored, Yusuke began his complaining again in hopes that the red head would listen to him, so they could turn around before someone saw them.

"Come ooon this is lame..." No response. "It's not like we're some straight couple that needs to go on a date or something."

Kuwabara stopped under a tree serveying the view from that point, and he smiled saying. "Perfect." Crouching down, he opened the basket to reveal a blanket.

"And a blanket too! Couldn't we just eat at your house?"

Kuwabara turned his head and snapped at the person responsible for the constant shrill complaining in his ears. "Are you gonna complain the whole time?!"

Yusuke's face scrunched, and he narrowed his eyes replying in a snip. "I might."

Kuwabara engaged in a brief staring contest with his hot-headed lover then blinked saying. "Well go ahead, cuz it's not gonna bother me ooone bit." He sat himself down taking a sandwich from the basket and then began to eat.

Yusuke threw his arms up in defeat and sat down grabbing something himself. "Sometimes I hate giving into you."

"Yeah, yeah," replied Kuwabara, leaning over to give Yusuke a kiss.

One of their rival school punching bags just happened to be walking by at that very moment baring witness to the two's liplock. With a sneering smirk on his face, he brought his hands up to his mouth and called right at them,

"Fucking faggots!"

"What?!" Yusuke stood, fist clenched and ready to fight.

"Ha ha ha ha haa!" The guy ran off.

"Come back here asshole!" He shook his fist in the air. "I dare you to say that again! Hey!"

"Sit down Urameshi," Kuwabara said between the disgruntled shouts.

"Be a man and fight!" Yusuke went on.

"he's not worth it anyways." Continued Kuwabara.


Throwing his hands up into the air with exasperation. "Geez, why're you so wound up lately?"

"I'm not wound up!" Yusuke flopped back down beside the red head; crossing his arms.

Kuwabara rubbed his Yusuke's shoulder with his free hand while feeding himself with the other. "You seem wound up to me..." Though he trailed off at the end. 'Hope it's not 'cause of his birthday, I've been planning a party for weeks, and he's gonna have fun whether he likes it or not.'

"Who cares about him anyway," Placing his hands to his mouth, he calls after the retreating creep. "At least I'm not the one flossing my teeth between-..."

Kuwabara began to laugh pulling Yusuke towards him for a kiss, but as their lips met something was obstructing them from connecting. "Huh?" They looked down between their bodies.

"Aside from that acorn, you don't have a nut between you." Said a low familiar tone.

A subtle low laugh followed. "Come now, Hiei, I think it's sweet."

"Hn, to think thirty more seconds and we'd of been gone long before the first one." One, meaning 'the kiss'.

Looking up the two confirmed the faces to the voices. With a smile on his face Yusuke greeted them but spoke with his usual cool tone. "Hiei and Kurama, why am I not surprised." Waving a hand. "Come down here and join us."

"Yeah there's plenty to eat." Chimed Kuwabara.

"I'd love to." Said Kurama.

"But we'd like to keep our food down once we've eaten it." The youkai shifted his sitting position on the branch and tossed a look over his shoulder to Kurama who was then moving out of the tree shade. In one quick drop the kitsune was on the grass joining his friends.

"Hiei?" Asked Yusuke, thinking his friend would cave since Kurama had joined them. But the fire demon was reluctant and stuck to his reply.

"Stay if you want Kurama," He said pointedly to show that he was ignoring the spirit detective. "but I've got better places to be." With a blur of black the young demon was gone.

The three of them watched until Hiei was completely out of sight. At least to Yusuke and Kuwabara, Kurama knew better and glanced off in the direction of a nearby tree where the youkai had actually gone to.

"So anything new with you guys, where were you this morning?" Asked Yusuke, resuming his lunch.

"Hiei and I were out training until mid-afternoon, why do you ask?" Kurama wondered helping himself to a bag of potato chips.

"Oh, I just came by and you weren't at home... kinda thought you were ignoring me, I guess."

Kurama looked a little startled by that. "Why would I ignore you?"

Yusuke grinned jabbing his elbow into Kurama's arm. "You know, because of that whole made-for-tv ignore-the-guy-when-his-birthday-is-coming thing."

Kurama laughed shaking his head. "That's not it at all, Kuwabara's actually been..." He suddenly looked past Yusuke at said male, who is waving his hands frantically, alerting Kurama to keep quiet.

Yusuke noticed Kurama's face and looked to where Kuwabara sat, and the red head instantly stopped waving but not fast enough for it to have gone unnoticed.

"Kuwabara's been what?" Asked Yusuke looking from friend to lover.

"Uuuhh...?" Kurama didn't know what to say.

He thought Yusuke knew he was getting a party, after all everyone knows when their birthday is coming. Most people wait for it. The only surprise to that party is that it's a day before his actual birthday, Kuwabara planned it like that so that the two of them could have privacy on the actual day.

Seeing that Kurama was pleading the fifth, he turned to his guilt stricken lover, who placed a hand behind his head and laughed.

Feeling a sweat drop Kurama stood saying, "I think I see Hiei, I'd better go." And turning to leave he adds. "Good luck, Kuwabara." His face displaying his deepest sympathy and apology. "And, happy birthday, Yusuke."

"Yeah thanks," The less than stunned male answered. After his friend distanced himself from earshot, Yusuke turned to his boyfriend. "Hey!"

The red head froze in his retreat. With one foot in the air and his arms in the ready to run position looking rather animated. Kuwabara dropped his pose, shrinking it into a slumped over position.

"Can't blame a guy for loving you." He said lamely as his defense.

Yusuke grabbed a handful of Kuwabara's shirt pulling the red head down onto the picnic blanket harder than Kuwabara would have liked. Straddling him, Yusuke then leaned over to his face saying. "If you ever want me to play with you again, you'll cancel whatever birthday plans you've made, and just leave me alooone."

Kuwabara sighed knowing that this was his defeat. "But I don't see what's the big deal, most people like birthday parties."

"Well I'm not most people, so I don't want a party." Said Yusuke, moving back from the closeness of their faces.

"But why not. You're always so thrilled about other peoples birthdays... and this'll be your first one with us as a couple. I thought that meant something." Kuwabara frowned.

Yusuke's face softened and he mumbled. "It does. But can't we just spend it together- alone," He quickly added.


"No "buts", me and birthday parties only reminds me of how depressing they can be. Remember two years ago...?"

Their gazes become distant, as though they were watching the moment unfold before their eyes. "You, me, and my mom," Yusuke explained. "Musical chairs, pin-the-tail on the donkey, and a stupid empty pinata because my mom spent all the rest of the party dough on herself."

"But your mom's not drinking anymore- much- but she wouldn't do that again." Explained Kuwabara on shallow ground.

Yusuke shook his head. "Just... don't. For me."

Kuwabara nodded, though he looked away from him. "Alright Urameshi, no party on your birthday."

"Thank you." Smiling he backs off. "Now, let's hurry up and eat so we can get out of here." He sat on the blanket digging into what was left in the basket.

"You mean to burn those calories we didn't get to before?" Asked Kuwabara digging in as well.

Laughing, Yusuke replied."Hey would you really wanna do it with your sister in the house?"

The two of them laughed at the idea, and Kuwabara quieted silently thinking. 'Sorry for lying Urameshi, but I'm gonna break this bad birthday curse, and give you the birthday of the year.'


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