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It's the middle of winter.

The gang is in school right now, trying to keep as warm as possible in their uniform's winter coats, but they aren't providing them with much heat. The heating system broke down a few days ago, and still hasn't gotten around to being fixed yet.

The student's teeth chatter away, blocking out the sound of their teacher, Mr. Iwakami, who was trying his hardest to talk over their overly dramatic teeth chattering.

"And 'please' would obviously be the adjective used in this sentence. Not-..." He cut himself off angrily baring his teeth, the sound of the students is cutting through him like a keyhole saw, and he'd had enough! "Dammit!" He shouted.

The class looked at the man as if they had just now noticed he were there, since they'd arrived at school.

"I bought my heater from home, my own home just to keep you little idiots quiet," He turned the machine off and groans and sighs went up into the air. "But since it isn't working than suffer."

The class only went into a stream of conversation about how rude the man was being. Until Mr. Iwakami turned around snapping.

"Shut up and pay attention!" He turned back around to face the board muttering. "Try to be nice to them and this is what you get, backlash."

Some of the class had quieted, deciding to pay attention, but others continued to talk in a low voice. And Kuwabara was one of them; he had been waiting all day to tell Yusuke about the ski trip he had been planning to go on this winter, and since the others were talking... When in Rome.

"Urameshi," He reached over an aisle and shook the boy's shoulder. "Hey... Urameshi?"

Yusuke cracked an eye open, then straightened up seeing who was getting his attention. "What?" He asked irritably. "Can't you see I'm trying to preserve body heat, I can't talk right now."

"Then shut up and listen a minute."

Kuwabara opened his school book bag, and, moving a few books aside he produced a piece of paper decorated with bright colors and a big heading.

"Ah ha! Tada!" He handed the flyer to Yusuke.

"What's this?" Yusuke took the flyer from his hand, and flipped it over and read. "10th annual ski competition. Saturday, December 15th on Mt. Arai. Participants must be-...

"15 years of age or older..." Kuwabara pointed out. "That's not all, first place winner gets five hundred dollars and second place gets three. And we're gonna enter it."

"We are?" Yusuke looked amused by this.

"Yeah," He grinned. "And we can all go too. You, me, Kurama- even Hiei. It'll be like a vacation!"

Yusuke twisted his mouth up a little, then frowned; handing the flyer back to Kuwabara. "And do you know how much rental fees are for a hotel room, not to mention equipment?" He bunched his self up again and closed his eyes. "Maybe you and Kurama can go, but I'm not exactly made of money."

Kuwabara rolled his eyes at him, correcting. "First of all that's Inns Urameshi, they have Inns in the mountains"


"And second," Ignores Yusuke. "we don't have to rent a hotel room cause we got this!" He shoved a picture in his boyfriend's face.

Yusuke took the picture, narrowing his eyes at it. "A really blurred picture of you standing in front of a..." Gets a snooty accent before saying. "cottage." Knowing that his dear Kuwabara would only correct him if he got it wrong.

"Not just any cottage, the Kuwabara family cottage. My-..."

Cuts him off. "No way."

"My family goes up there almost every Christmas, it's really nice."

Yusuke continued to look at the picture. "So that's where you've been going." He handed the photo back.

Waves a hand and shakes his head. "Who cares about that, we're going on a ski trip!"

"It looks as if someone has been going through my desk." Said Mr. Iwakami eavesdropping on the pairs conversation.

"What'da ya mean?" Asked Kuwabara looking confused.

"The school is going to be taking the sixth grade to Mt. Arai for a three day ski trip." They hadn't even noticed that the man had been walking around handing out permission slips to everyone. "I trust since you have your own place you won't be mooching off the school's funding?"

"Uh..." Kuwabara didn't know what to say, exactly he was still a little confused. "I guess so."

"Good, make sure your parents sign this though." He gave him permission slips as well as Yusuke then he continued by.

Picks up the slips of paper. "And they're doing this because...?"

Sighing, the teacher returned to his desk turning on his portable heater, aiming it at himself. "Because last year was the seventh grade, and the year before was the eighth. Lucky you it's your turns now. So be happy."

"This is so cool!" Shouted Kuwabara.

Yusuke was smiling at all the trouble he could get into; and pulling out a pen from his book bag, he signed the permission slip with his mother's name. "Haha, permission granted." He applauded.

Kuwabara laughed and signed his sister's name. "Yeah, permission granted. And," He joked writing a little more on the paper. "she would like to see the teacher for a stern talking to for mistreating her little brother."

The two of them laughed. "And if the two of you plan to get credit for the Friday that you're up there, I'd get them honestly signed if I were you." Remarked their teacher. "Or you'll be given an F for that day as being absent."

The two made a sour expression, but laughed it off. "Ahahahaha... huuu."

8 8 8

At the Minamino house. The four are sitting in Kurama's bedroom, drinking hot chocolate and eating store bought chocolate chip muffins.

"So we're all going with your sister on a skiing trip this weekend?" Kurama asked to be sure.

"Yup, all four of us." Looking his way. "That means you too, shorty."

"Skiing?" Asked Hiei, looking to Kurama for the answer but Kuwabara seemed to wanna reply instead.

"Yeah," He stood up, bending slightly over while keeping his arms pinned to his side. "Ssswiish, swwwish. You get on long skiis that help you glide over the snow, then you plummet down a mountain side or on one of those ramp things for a long jump."

"...Sounds as stupid as it looks." Hiei remarked on the res head's posture.

"Yeah skiing, but snowboarding is where the fun is." Yusuke hopped to his feet and spread his arms out, one in front and another in back. Then he proceeded to rock back and forth. "You're feet are on one board, and leaning your weight down you can go faster and do a lot more tricks than on skiis."

Looking offended, Kuwabara shoved Yusuke's shoulder retorting. "Skiis are more traditional."

"But snowboarding is better."


Hiei crossed his arms watching the two bickering, then he decided to interrupt by saying. "It still sounds stupid, and I won't be going."

Kuwabara closed his eyes reviving his voice as he said. "Aaaww, you're only saying that because you don't know how to ski, half-pint."

"So." Hiei retorted.

"Sooo? Hahaha." The red head laughed. "What kind of idiot doesn't know how to ski?"

"I don't." Chimed Kurama. "I guess that makes me an idiot." He didn't sound offended just amused.

"Well..." Kuwabara back pedaled. "Well see… on you it's- different. You've probably just never skiied before. That's all."

"True enough, but neither has Hiei..." Kurama smiled bringing his cup up to his lips saying before he took a sip. "So, who's the idiot making fun of two people who have never done something?" He began to drink.

Yusuke burst into laughter at Kurama's comment, and punched his boyfriend on the shoulder. "Got ya there, huh Kuwabara?" Yusuke strolled over to the kitsune's bedroom door. "Good burn, Kurama, but don't sweat it. I'll teach you how to ski, you too Hiei."

"Hn." The smaller male replied.

"Thank you, Yusuke," Said Kurama then he turned to his other friend. "will you be helping us, Kuwabara?"

"Yes, and be sure you take your foot out of your mouth before you answer." Added Hiei. smugly.

"Yeah sure," He laughed. "Sorry about calling ya names, Kurama."

"It's alright, thank you for inviting us." He stood from his seat on the bed, to walk his friends to the door. "Hiei and I are glad to go."

"Great, we'll come by and pick you guys up tomorrow." The red head walked out the door into the hallway. "Bring some money for skis, unless you don't mind borrowing a pair of my old ones."

"Not at all." Replied the Kitsune.

"See ya, Kurama... Hiei." Said Yusuke.

Kurama waved them off as they left the house, then returning to his bedroom he opened the door and caught the youkai trying to slip out of the window. "You're leaving?"

Hiei paused in his escape. "I'm not going to this skiing if that's what you're thinking, so don't bother trying to talk me into it."

Kurama smiled and shrugged. "I wasn't going to try anything like that. I just thought it would be nice if you and I spent some time together outside of this house, and the park of course." He sat down on his bed crossing his legs. "But if you don't want to go, I can't make you."

"Glad you see it my way, bye." Jumping out the window, Kurama knew that Hiei has already vanished out of plain sight.

But he still went to the window looking after him. "Goodbye." He replied.

As small as it was, just having Hiei say 'bye' to him was enough for Kurama to be hopeful for a future with the little fire starter. 'Now if I can get him to go on this trip tomorrow. I can set my plans into action.'


Commentary: If you're confused, this is between 'A christmas for Hiei' and 'To be Announced'. Shows do these sorts of things ahaha. Sorry for the mistakes, and have a good season.


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