Sick of- Achoo!

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Hiei licked the kitsune's nipple until it became erect, then he gave the tight pinkish nub a nip, grazing it- only a little- with his teeth. A quick swirl around it then he was at the other nipple; that was being aroused by the pad of the youkai's thumb. Covering it with his mouth, he darts his tongue out on top of it over and over.

Kurama's shuddered breathing sounded through the quiet room. "Aaaa," he was trying his hardest to stay silent, so that his family would continue to know nothing of his and Hiei's nightly activities. But the youkai was making that impossible, as his quiet little laughs filled his sensitive fox-style sense of hearing every time he ground his erection against his own, causing a moan.


The two had gotten so bad that they had taken to just settling on the carpeted floor so the bed wouldn't shake and hit the wall. Kurama had some time explaining the banging sounds on the wall to his mother. He made up something along the lines of trying to move it when he lost track of time or something along that nature. She bought it, but every other time their was just a shy laugh and he would make up an excuse to leave the room.

Panting, Kurama bucked his hips up against the shorter male's thighs. "Hiei, please..." He breathed almost soundlessly.

Hiei kissed his lover on the ear, then quietly whispered. "What's the problem Kurama, you can't control yourself anymore." A kiss landed sweetly on his lips, with a hungry menace behind it. "You want me inside of you already?"

"Yesss," He sighed in heated pleasure.

"Mmm, your sweat taste good Kurama," Hiei licked Kurama's collarbone, scooping up a bit of sweat from his perspiring body then scooting up a bit, "taste it." he sticks his tongue into Kurama's mouth.

The kitsune sucked feverishly on the salted, pink flesh, swirling his tongue around and around. "Hiei," Kurama muttered between the kiss, but got no response from his lover.

Hiei was too enthralled with touching and kissing the red head to relieve him in the way that he knew they both wanted. But sometimes you had to let those needs go to heighten the pleasure. When Hiei began to massage the kitsune's sensitive neck, it drove Kurama over the edge.


His breath hitched in a gasp as his brain swam in the feeling of those little fingers touching, where he considered, to be a private place. Kurama's hands sought out the location of the shorter male's rear, whisking them over his sweaty back until they found his firm buttocks to give a hard squeeze.

Hiei responded to this by rocking his balls against the kitsune's torso. A smile, from Hiei, cut through their kissing when Kurama's kisses grew fierce with want. He loved when the younger half-demon made him bleed, because he tended to feel kisses from Youko were projecting through his physical lover.

When Kurama's fingers traced his entrance, Hiei smacked the hands away and sat up, looking down on the boy. "Not good, Kurama... You said I get to be on top." Scooting back, he tucked his lover's length over his torso, sitting snuggly on it then began to rock languidly back and forth to torture the cheat further.

"Rrr," Kurama bit his bottom lip to bleed, from the pain he had in wanting to release.

Hiei pushed up and down against the Kitsune's throbbing member, pushing Kurama closer to climax. The red head would have liked to do this with Hiei inside of him following a little after; but since he had, seemingly, insulted the demon he would have to settle for what his little lover had thought was best.

Arching his back off the soft padded floor, Kurama gripped his lover's thighs; he needed more pressure!

Hiei was laughing heartily by this. He liked to watch Kurama enjoy his foreplay. 'Hn. Better stop playing with him though, for my own sake.' Swiveling his hips sensually in a circle, he pressed the weight of his thighs and sack down harder within the rotation until Kurama's back lay flat against the floor again.

It was all he could stand. "Hhhaaaa," he came on his chest, panting, with his head turned away.

The youkai took his lover's hands into his own then lay them over his burning shaft. "Coat me, Fox."

Kurama did it for a moment, not looking, as his eyes had remained closed while he caught his breath. His own come slipped over and around Hiei's member; the hard shaft lay against his sticky chest while it was being massaged with the inner lube of himself. Once he had caught his breath, Kurama turned his gaze to the shorter male on top of him.

Hiei had his back arched from the pleasure of Kurama's skilled hands, his head leaned back, eyes closed. Kurama thought about giving him a little torture his self, when a mental voice interrupted the mischievous thought.

'Don't even think about it.'

Hiei looked down at Kurama with a playfully dangerous smirk, then pushing himself down the taller male's body, which slipped his member out from Kurama's hands he parts the red heads legs, Hiei positioned himself at the entrance then slowly moved inside.

Kurama's breath drew in with every inch the shorter male filled him with. Once inside Hiei lay against Kurama's chest and began to suck at his nipples again while he let the red head hold him. A fond gesture that he liked, in secret.

Then without warning he moved back then thrust in. Over and over he hit just the right place inside of Kurama's body to make him want to scream.

Faster... Faster! He drove into him, hiking Kurama's left leg over his shoulder to get in deeper until he was at the base and a bit more. Kurama could feel the thick spirts of liquid leaving Hiei, hitting his sweet spot as he came closer to climax once again.

Their breathing was harsh and ragged, almost soundless; but they had almost forgotten to keep quiet, and as if it was timed there was a knock at the door. Startled, Kurama opens his eyes and looks at the door; Hiei makes his final thrust coming inside of him.

"Hhrr!" He grunted before laying down on the red head.

"Aaa!" Kurama called out, not meaning to.

Sucking his lips in he tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle what had already come out. Panting, he tried as hard as he could to catch his breath before asking, "Who is it?" his voice still had a certain quiver in it, but it was only noticeable up close.

"It's me." It was his little brother, Hatanaka.

"What do you need?" He asked, trying to get his voice as normal as possible.

"Well," he didn't know where to start.

He wasn't even sure why he was at his brother's room. But he knew that he was old enough to identify strange sounds outside of a bedroom, and he was pretty sure he knew what these particular sounds were.

"I just wanted to make sure... that..." he was losing it, he was far too embarrassed to speak now. His brother usually answered the door by now, but the fact that he didn't clarified his suspicions. "I... Uh..."

'Get lost boy, there's nothing here for you.'

Hearing the mental projection loud and clear, Hatanaka took the hint and ran back to his room.

Kurama smiled into laughter, and chuckled quietly to himself. "I think we've been found out."

"Who cares. The boy won't tell, if he knows what's good for him." Hiei stated, rising from his lover's chest.

Walking over to the window, he pulled aside the curtains and propped himself up on the sill. It was true. Hatanaka's kept the secret of Hiei living with them since he had found out, surely he wasn't going to tell on them for showing each other they had desires.

Kurama watched Hiei a moment, before heading over to his bed. "I'd like it better if you slept with me tonight, Hiei."

"Fine." Slipping down from the window as though he were dressed, he walked his naked figure over to the large fluffy bed and climbed in.

Kurama lay the covers over Hiei's body and snuggled close to him. The two were silent a moment then Hiei rolled over, away from him, mumbling. "good night."

Kurama rests his fingers in Hiei's star burst blue, black and white hair, playing with its colors. It was the last time he could do it for a while. "Hiei, my family will be going away tomorrow to visit my Grandparents so I-..."

He cut his words short hearing a light breathing sound beside him. A tiny smile came to him. 'He must have been more tired than I had anticipated.' No matter, he snuggled in the bed. 'I'll just tell him tomorrow.' Closing his eyes, he soon fell asleep as well.

This was how nights were meant to be- except without little brothers.

0 0 0

Kurama was wrong to think Hiei would stay the entire night with him. He usually did, but the youkai must have had something important to do else where. No matter, he would leave him a note. Opening his tiny bedside table drawer, Kurama pulled out a sheet of pale purple stationary. Locating a pen in a holder above the table, he wrote a note with his delicate writing style to Hiei, and left it on the bed where he would find it.

Smiling with satisfaction he walks over to the window. A frown covered his face as he looked up at the gray clouds in the sky. 'Looks like rain, I hope Hiei returns soon.' Turning the lock so that it will be easy to open, Kurama walked out of his bedroom to brush his teeth and get ready to leave for his Grandparents house.

"Suuichi, did you remember to lock your window? We wouldn't want any burglars to get in while we're away." She tugged at her youngest son's coat.

"I think so, I'll go check." Hatanaka rushed up the stairs to his bedroom, checking the window lock, he then went into his brothers room.

He could be forgetful sometimes and he kinda wanted to see if there was any evidence left of what he had been doing last night.

"Shuichi?" He called. Hearing the water in the bathroom, he hurried over to the window and checked the lock. Seeing that it was open, he turned it in the other direction. "There."

The young boy looked around the room and saw no sign of the cool mysterious house guest they had been secretly keeping. 'He must be in the bathroom with my brother.' Going over to the door, he walks out of the room pulling the knob to close it behind him. 'Hope Hiei doesn't go into my room when we're gone. I don't think we can afford to buy me anymore new clothes after he ripped up the last ones I lent him.' Cupping his hands at the side of his mouth, he called down the hall.

"Come on Shuichi, Mom's waiting."

The water silenced, then there was a clank made by the sink. A low rustling sound after that, caused by the brush then the door opened and his brother appeared. His hair was done back in a ponytail, and he looked like he had concentrated on looking his best.

Hatanaka smirked with a playful, guile. "Sooo, you're not usually late about doing anything Shuichi; were you up too late or something?"

"I choose not to comment," Kurama replied, though his tiny smile was evident that he had had a long night. But that was none of his brother's concern.

"Don't you look handsome, Grandma will be so surprised at how much you two have grown."

"I just hope she doesn't make us eat that old candy again." Hatanaka walked out the opened front door, going over to the car he glances up at his brother's window expecting to see Hiei peering down at them as always, but the male wasn't there. "Hm?" He turned away then climbed into the car.

Kurama looked up at his window, wondering what his brother was staring at but figured it to be nothing. Climbing into the front seat, they waited for their mother to lock the front door of the house.

Shiori took the extra key hidden under a fake rock that was buried a bit, since they wouldn't be back for a few days. Once this was done, she stuffed the key into her purse and came over to the car getting in.

"Who wants to sing songs?' She teased; the car started and headed down the road; music playing softly through the city as they passed.

The sky was heavy with clouds, trickles of rain began to make their appearance later in the afternoon after the Minamino family had left. The wind played its part by blowing the wet little droplets under any spot that may have been spared of its watery wrath. Gradually the rain grew harder and heavier, pounding the pavement and people that walked the streets of Tokyo.

Being Saturday, a lot of the kids that were outside retired from their games, players boasting that they'd be back out when the rain was over to whip other kids butts, while the kids that weren't exactly winning made claims of come backs and victories.

Patrons that had forgotten their umbrella's found their ways into shops, even though they had no intention of doing any shopping, they just planned to wait until the rain got a bit lighter before they would return to the streets to go home.

Speaking of patrons, a certain red head came out of a pastry shop, carrying with him a bag of pulled pork, BBQ meat buns. "Shit, raining already?" He complained. A hand went over his head as though it would do any good to shield the rain. "Taaah," he sighed with frustration then perked up like it never happened. "Good thing I can drive now!"

Slipping on cool sunglasses, Kuwabara pulled out his car keys, pressing the 'unlock' button of the little alarm feature that he'd had installed. "Hehehehehe, Kuwabara to the rescue."

"Yeah but the thing about driving is, you need to own a car stupid." His blond high school buddy mentioned, dropping an elbow on the taller male's shoulder.

The mental image of a blue sports car faded from the red head's mind as reality returned to his high hopes. "Oh yeah."

"No biggie, we can just call that cute older sister of yours." Miyamoto mentioned.

"Shizuru!? Are you crazy! She'll laugh!" The guy was fired up now, and with a sturdy foot on the ground he stood tall. "I'll get home without my sister having to come pick me up. I've got tokens, I'll just take the subway."

"Oh come on Kuwabara, chances of getting a seat on the subway are slim to none, and besides, Shizuru is cheaper." Kirashima shrugged.

"Rrrr," the boy growled. Taking out a steaming hot meat bun he shoved it down his throat as fast as he could; his friends gasped at the speed, then gawked as he went in for another one.

"Kuwabara, what are you doing?" The dark haired male asked.

"If I'm gonna walk it, I might as well eat them while they're still hot."

"Aaaahhh," his friends had a mental fall out at their friend's pig headed ways.

Over by the Minamino house, the leaves of a tree rustle but not from the blowing winds. This was from the weight of someone dropping down on them. Hiei was soaked to the bone having been outside all morning; if he'd of known it would rain, he wouldn't have left Kurama's bed so eagerly. But having to pee and not really big on doing that in the Minamino house, he went outside but stayed longer than he thought he would.

He leapt over to the window gracefully and landed on the slightly protruded outside sill. Pulling at the window, his eyebrows furrowed when it wouldn't give. He had never had trouble opening the window before and there was no way-... Peeking through the glass his eyes narrowed in anger, seeing that the lock was turned over.

'That idiot, did he think I wasn't coming back?'

Cursing; he knew he would have to use the door and that involved: knocking, the whole song and dance with his mother- if she were home, probably passing that fool little brother of Kurama's before he could get upstairs where it was dry. Dropping down to the ground, he tried shaking off some of the water, but that only resulted in his clothes sticking more firmly to his skin, though now a bit disheveled.

Swearing again, he marched over to the door. He didn't have time for this. A single finger rose up and he aimed it for the little white button just above him.

Bing! It sounded. He waited a moment, but got no answer. Trying it again, he grew frustrated when there still seemed to be no reply, there didn't even seem to be any activity going on in the house. No running water, no TV- which Kurama's little brother Hata- whatever it was, watched as loud as he could. Just silence.

Going around to the back of the house, he tried that door as well. Locked. Hiei checked the entire Minamino home and found every door window and other entry way to be locked.

Growling the demon weighed the option of just breaking in, but soon decided against it. Kurama wouldn't exactly like the fact that something were broken like a window or a lock; Hiei was going to have to try something else.

'It's a step down, but I might as well go to Yusuke's home. Anything is better than sitting out in the rain forever.' Looking up at the clouds, he could tell the down pour didn't plan to let up anytime soon, so as fast as he could- which is pretty damn fast- he went to the spirit detectives house to stay until Kurama returned.

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