3 Shades of Kuwabara

BY : Resting-Madness
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Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho characters, not their universe of which I use when I type, nothing but the plot is mine but geez *looks it up and down* should I take claims to it? Lol. I also don't get paid anything other than reader reviews.

Head thrown back Yusuke is practically in tears from laughing so hard. "Kuwabara, have you read this one yet?" The trouble-making teen points a very dingy nailed finger at the comic book in his hand.

Looking over in the direction his boyfriend is, Kuwabara asks. "Is that the lastest one or the one from before because" He crosses the store to Yusuke. "I didn't get that last copy before they took it off the shelf at Magnificant Manga."

Smile fading Yusuke informs the red head in mocking tone. "It's a wonder you find anything at all in that kiddie place, you should always go to World of Stuff- stupid."

Glaring, Kuwabara snatches the book from his boyfriend's hands. "You just had to throw in that last part." He looks through the comic. "Aaw sweet it is the one I missed."

"Turn to page twenty eight, though."

The store owner, whose been watching them the entire time, has finally had enough of the two laughing unnecessarily hard and loud while inbetween shouting back and forth to each other; it's time for them to go.

Sucking air into his big lungs the man shouts over their noise "This isn't a hang out spot, you little shits! Buy something or go!" hard enough to turn himself red in the face.

Blinking first at the man then at each other; Kuwabara asks. "...- the heck is that guy talking to?"

"Hell if I know," Yusuke shrugs. "must be someone in back." Figures the male since the two of them are close enough to the man to hear him without the shouting; so continuing his conversation with Kuwabara he points at the book saying. "That's the part."

After reading the words on the page the red head laughs hysterically.

Teeth bared the shop owner counts slowly to 10; his face becoming even more red with anger, before slamming his fist down onto the glass counter it breaks as though representing his own breaking point. Eyes widened in rage he barks. "That's it!" Stomping from around the now broken counter he grabs the two by their shirt collars.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Yusuke tries to pull free of the man's meaty paws.

"You could ask nicely." Points Kuwabara, verbally, when they begin to move being escorted to the exit.

Before they could dig their heels into the floor of the store to stop the man from shoving them out they're tossed out the door, landing chins first on the hard concrete of the parking lot.

Rolling over to a sitting position Yusuke shakes his fist like an angry oldman. "You heard him, you could have just asked!" He yelled to the man that is no longer there, muttering after. "Last time I come to this place."

"Thought you said that this place was soooo great." Kuwabara stands.

Groaning, Yusuke replied. "Oh, shut up."

"Here, gimme your hand." The red head reaches out for his boyfriend's hand. Curtesy before insults even in love.

Taking the offer Yusuke is helped to a stand and he then brushes off the back of his pants then front of his shirt.

Out of nowhere comes a voice. "Eeeuwww, ahahahaha!"

The two look in the direction of the unfamiliar voice. There, standing not far from them, are 5 boys that look around their age maybe a year older; two have the jelly roll hair style, another with a fan ponytail, another has lavander bangs the rest of his hair is black, and the ring leader has slicked back blond hair and a nasty snarling look on his face.

"Looks like we finally caught up to ya; it's bad enough you're on our turf" The ring leader went on to say. "but you're a couple of Rainbow Brights at that." Spitting a toothpick from his mouth, he asks his followers. "What should we do to 'em boys."

"Let's cut 'em up." Responds the male with the lavander bangs.

The others mutter their agreement to the punishment.

"Hn." Yusuke cracks his knuckles as the familiar tingle of battle courses through his veins. "Hey Kuwabara?"

Grinning from his own excitment the red head replies slyly. "Yeah, Urameshi?"

"It looks like that old group Ouch came out with a new album, a six-track of its greatest hits. How 'bout we give it a listen?"

"Love to." He cracks his neck while choosing whom he wants to start with.

Tired of the private conversation of his victims lavander bangs asks. "What the hell are you two bab- Ooofff!"

The boy doubles over in pain after the spirit detective's fist came into direct contact with his gut hard enough to remove his lunch, had he eaten it yet. Watching his friend get pounded the male with the fanned ponytail missed Kuwabara approaching, turning his head when the male grabbed a hold of his arm jerking him toward him, as he then shoves his knee painfully into his gut.

"YOW!" He whails before going down.

"Heh heh heh, track two." Declares the red head.

Laughing, Yusuke says to his boyfriend. "That one's always been a personal favorite."

"Nnnope," Kuwabara brings his fist back sharply slamming it into the jaw of the second boy with a jelly roll, who tried sneaking up on him. "I'm waiting on-..."

"DYAH!" Cries the male when hit, mostly from his tooth coming lose.

Laughing hard enough to draw a tear Kuwabara says with joy. "That's the one!"

The first of the hair twins waves his hands out defensively as they visably shook with fear, backing up he says to them. "Don't, please, it was Edi's idea to-..."

Yusuke took this one, landing the tip of his sneaker into the wannabe thugs's crotch.

Holding himself as he falls over he screams. "GAAHHH!"

The blond ring leader is the last one on the list; frightened, the male attempted to run but was easily caught up to and grabbed by the arms.

"Uh uh uh." Kuwabara wags a finger. "Don't think we'll let you escape, you're a best seller."

One hand holding the punk by his arm, the spirit detectives team up smashing the fist of their free hand into the male's ears. Kuwabara left and Yusuke right. Simultaniously, and the impact is hard enough to cause a trickle of blood to come out from them.


Howling with laughter Yusuke throws his fist into the air like in a Rocky movie, spinning circles as he cheers their victory. "Ye-he-heah!" He laughs out.

Beside him, Kuwabara recalls what his lover had said earlier about a six-track cd and counting the thugs he sees that there are only 5 of them. "Urameshi, that's only five, you said that there was a-... YOUCH!" His words are cut off when his bouncing lover turns around and suddenly slugs him in the nose. Holding his now bleeding nose he barks sounding rather stuffy. "What the hell was that for?"

"And Kuwabara makes six," Announces the spirit detective. "That's for mocking me a while ago about the comic book store." Waving a hand in scoop for the red head to follow him to his car, he says bland toned. "Let's go to my house for a while."

Perking up Kuwabara follows. "To hang out hang out or to just hang out?" His pace to his car slows a bit and he turns his head in the direction of what his side-view's glance. "Huh?"

In the distance a man just walked past a woman, apologizing for nearly banging into her- big deal, normally- but the unique thing about this near hit situation is that the woman's swinging purse passed right through the man's side.

'Oh great,' Thinks the male. 'not another dead head that doesn't know.' having his shirt grabbed by his impatient boyfriend he's dragged to his car, a Scion, and slowly gets inside. On the drive home- well, to Yusuke's place- the swordsman continues to think.

'Ever since I was born I've been living divided, but the main thing that's been the most consistant in my life as a friend, a lover, and brother is that I'm a medium. I can see the dead, and have been able to since birth; at first there were nice ghost- the kind that pull your blanket up around you when you forget, or the type to hold you steady if you're about to fall down the stairs or something. And other times there are bad ghost.

They want for you to fall. And when you're sleeping they stand beside your bed and scream in your ear- an old woman used to chase me down the hall to my parents' room when I was ten and didn't let up until I was eleven. Then there are the ones like the man on the street, they don't know they're dead and when you tell 'em they're usually the ones that turn bad because they just don't want to accept it and they follow you around arguing about how wrong you are and what not.'

The dark blue car pulls up along side the Urameshi home coming to a halt. Yusuke and Kuwabara head up the stairs in too much of a rush to take the elevator- no comment- and then go straight into the homeowner's bedroom. Yusuke shoves his lover to the bed straddling him and giving his hips a good rocking about to situate himself then he leans over giving his lover pleasing kisses that are made audible by the moans. At the speed they're going, Kuwabara can tell that his boyfriend's battle erection needs a lot more 'umph' to get it harder since their opponents were children compared to them- although, everyone is these days if he were gonna be fair. They do hold back, sometimes, to make it more fun. That, or they battle one another.

Pushing his hips up Kuwabara smiles during a pant session, feeling the detective's weight pressing into his groin to shove his hips back down.

"Aaah." They moan in unison, their heated breaths mingling.

Kuwabara sought skin the moment his jeans tightened, and he unzipped giving them a small tug downward until his genitals were exposed; his busy hands then return to caressing up the shorter male's shirt.

Yusuke responds by pinching his lover's nipple through the thick shirt covering his chest. The red head can hardly stand the feeling of Yusuke's back muscles flexing beneath his hands; having had enough of the push and pull he hastly undoes his boyfriend's jeans sliding them down as low as they'll go before his body got in the way.

Breathless, Yusuke stopped kissing Kuwabara to raise his hips to help with the removal of his pants, while the swordsman removes his own, and once he's successfully crawled out of them he hovers over Kuwabara on hands and knees, reaching for the tube of purple lubricant in the side drawer; sitting back rocking his hips once it's in his hand.

Coating himself with a thick glob of the stuff, he tugs his length with purposefully long strokes, sighing in heat from his own touches before he's satisfied with the task; applying the same treatment to Kuwabara, he smirks at the arching of his lover's back and the titling of his head giving him a prime chance to nibble at Kuwabara's neck.

"In or out?" He whispers when his nibbling lips make it to Kuwabara's ear.

Yusuke's question is answered by action as Kuwabara's sticky member aligned itself with the spirit detective's entrance before easing in. Their bodies move together perfectly, used to each others' patterns but never over the familiar feeling of pleasure they give one another. Yusuke groans when his tightening thighs are gripped and kneeded by the swordsman's strong hands, up and down, his thumbs dipping deep enough to brush Yusuke's sack when they pass by.

"Shit." Swears the dark haired male as the strain in his gut leaks a little more of his life from him in a feeling so good he could scream.

It doesn't go unnoticed as it sticks to his belly before bobbing back up, Kuwabara grips the thick meat giving it rhythmic squeezes and tugs to match and propell his thrust upward. Yusuke tipped forward as the tingles shot up his back hard, it was like being shoved; lifting and dropping his hips down on his boyfriend's sex he moans quietly.

"Kuwabara." In a pant he then says "Kuwabaraaa!" a little louder with a moan at the last 'a' when feeling the twitch of the said male's gender against his lower cheeks.

Never able to resist his name being said that way the red head rolls them over, gripping the detective's 'shotgun' a little more firmly he slams into him like a raging bull, finishing his lover to completion that left them both screaming in climax.

Kissing him, Yusuke pulls his lover down onto him while riggling his hips until the red head is freed from his body. "Now that's good music." He mutters before drifting off to sleep.

Kuwabara would have slept as well if it weren't for his having to sit up to find a more comfortable position, at which point he spots the man from before across the street staring at the apartment with a confused look on his face.

'I've seen that look before.' He starts to dress. 'Being gifted with the paranormal tends to send out some sort of- I don't know, pyschic wave length that attracts spirits to me; they all wanna talk or they all wanna know what's going on, but for those that don't know they're dead they unwillingly find me not knowing why. Then I have to tell them why, and that's something that will never stop getting to me.'

The man outside turns away from the apartment building and starts away.


Commentary: I bring you a not so Yu Yu Hakusho, while still being Hakusho. I hope that you like it, I wrote this long ago during my six month break from the internet because, sadly, a bill was not paid and I suffered dearly with mental meltdown until I recalled my friends good old paper and pen and staved off insanity yet again. This is also the last Yu Yu story I've ever written, which sucks because I adore Kuwabara and writing things for him is too fun. And believe me, I've been trying here and now in this future to write a new story, but woof. Gonna have to watch the show over to recall any stories I had planned or to make up something new. That or do some AUs with them. Never done that before, so it'd be kind of neat.

And thank you very much for the review Nari-chan! I thought that anyone who reads YuYu Hakusho has long since stopped because the show hadn't been around for awhile. Readers like you keep them alive for writers like me who sometimes revisit the classics. Thank you.


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