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When a telltale squink caught Hiei's ear he knew his job on the floor was finished. Shuffling his bucket of water to the next room, he can hear his best friend lurking about in one of the storage closets.

"Kuronue, turn up the radio, I'm cleaning on nothing back here!" He shouts to the other.

His request received some type of grunt which meant his friend was already in that room, CD between his lips- still in the case, of course- while he changes the other one out. When a loud blast of music fills the short male's ears, he rolls his eyes in boredom. Moving the bucket of water over to the cleaned room they set the stereo up in, Hiei shoved the door open a bit more, receiving a questioning look from the soon-to-be fired DJ.

"Just leave on the radio!" He shouts over the music "I'm tired of hearing the same-!" the radio's volume is lowered causing Hiei to awkwardly drop his tone. "Thing." He ends his fit.

Parting his lips so the CD case falls into his hands, Kuronue says. "And you think I'm not?" Setting all objects in hand down on top of the sound system, he turned on the FM radio. "I've been in here deciding over the same things for ten minutes."

Why am I not surprised. Getting annoyed that he's been the only one really doing work today, he sighs. "Just check the water temperatures, and we can go after my last room."

With a thumbs up that looked more like a flip-off from his friend, Hiei wheeled the bucket down the hall.

(This song is from America- called Living La Vida Loca) Announces the radio personality.

Smiling the DJ turns it up a bit more so Hiei can hear it in the back of the building.

She's in to superstition, black cats and voodoo dolls, I've got a preminition... that girls gonna make me fall.

Walking along the shiny wooden hall of the building, Kuronue goes into the storage closet to grab the thermometor and a wooden paddle to be sure none of the temps in the tub is over 44.

"Upside down, inside out- livin la vida loca." He sings casually as he cruises through each room checking on the waters heat level. "She'll push and pull you down, livin la vida loca." His English isn't so good, neither is Hiei's for that matter but that doesn't stop a true musician from learning any song he hears.

"Her lips are devil red!" Sings Hiei suddenly beside him in the hall, mop handle subbing as his microphone.

"And her skins the color mocha!" Kuronue picks it back up while singing into the top of the paddle.

"She will wear you out!" They scream in unison. "Livin la vida loca, livin la vida loca!"

Laughing, they move away from each other to finish their jobs.

"Hiei, are you almost done!"

"I wanna check the bathroom first, just hang on."

"What?!" He leaned in the shorter male's direction in an attempt to hear him over the music, but Hiei was done talking and already at his next location.

The shorter raven-haired male mouthed the song as he walked through the bathroom checking the soap and toilet paper, he was about to leave after a brief sweep when he noticed that one of the doors was closed and he was sure he left them all open when he'd been in a half hour ago. Walking closer Hiei cocks his head, brows furrowed in question. He doesn't much believe in ghost, and he's never once heard any stories about haunted onsens so then...

"Aaaahh! More, yes..."

Wide-eyed from the sudden plea; he wonders if he heard what he thought he did.

"Aaah! Aaahhh!"

Mouth agape in disbelief, he kneels down to the floor ducking his head low enough to peek a bit under the stall, and to his surprise there are two of the other men that work in the bathhouse, on hands and knees, fucking like dogs! Staggering backward, although he's sure to watch out for his bucket in his path, he quickly leaves the bathroom. Hiei dashed down the hall to wherever Kuronue has positioned himself.

Feeling the oldman death grip drop down on his forearm, he bellows. "What the hell? I'm not that eager to leave."

"Just come on, they might be done." Hiei urgently states.

The two rush down the hall to where the bathrooms are, and opening the door Hiei instructs his friend to lay down on the floor with him, and before he can say anything about it being the grossest idea he's ever been asked to do, Kuronue's ears prick up with sounds of sex. Miming with a pointed finger he asks-

"Are they?"

Nodding, Hiei presses a finger to his lips telling his friend to be silent. They watched for about three minutes, nearly losing it when they hear the banging sounds from the stall walls.

"How long can they keep that up?" Wonders Hiei in a quiet voice.

Kuronue shakes his head; but as all good and amusing things it came to an end with a loud moan from both men. Scrambling to their feet the two youngest workers at the onsen hurry down the hall to act inconspicuous, getting a start when only moments after they arrived in the room where they keep the radio, the two men that gave theirselves a little break in the bathroom came walking by.

"Hiei," says the man with a thick mustach. "Clean stall four, someone spilled something back there. Don't be careless."


"Get your things together and go when you're done."

Kuronue nods. Both young men follow the two seniors' path away from the door, and down the hall while looking at them from around the door frame.

"Hn. They've got some nerve telling me to clean that up."

"Maybe you should blackmail them into some extra cash- ya know, tell them what made it dirty."

"Yeah right, managers are shitheads." Walking out into the hall, he grabs his bucket and mop.

"You're not actually gonna clean that up?"

"Do I have a choice? We can't afford to lose this job right now, if we're gonna put a CD together. Even Yusuke and Koenma took on jobs they hate, just to make some money."

"Dreams cost money, I know." He rolled his eyes. "But cleaning up sex gunk is disgusting. I'm gonna gather our stuff, see you outside."

"Uh huh."


"I'm gonna burn my skin off when I go home." Hiei says walking out. "Should anyone have that much... fluid in them." He shakes his arms out like the stuff jumped on him during the battle to clean it up.

"Don't shake that on me." Says his tall friend stepping two paces to his right.

"Whatever." He stuffs his hands into his jeans pocket. "If you'd of just done your job like you were told, we'd of been gone ages ago."

"Yap, yap, yap."

Climbing onto the train the two take out their card running them through the billing system. Sometimes it doesn't pay to live in a different area from where you work, but the rent for his apartment is much cheaper in Kochi than it would be in Matsuyama, which is why he and Kuronue bought cards to pay the fee of both to and from the Dogo Onsen. They took a seat and watch as the semi-city turned into a bit more greenery as they reach the southern part of Ehime prefecture.

Hiei stared at some bratty kid that had his eyes on him, which was fine as far as the shorter male was concerned, because with Kuronue gone for the day, CD player in his lap and earphones shutting out the sounds on the train, he had nothing better to do than stare. Why penalize the kid for it? He isn't really surprised that the kid is looking, though, most people find the starburst of white in his hair a little fixating, but when the kid pulled down a lid giving him some smartass sass, he knew the brat was just being a pest, so he turned his attention out the window.

Nudging Kuronue with his elbow, Hiei leans over whispering when the taller male removed an earbud.

"I don't think I'll be able to make practice tonight, call Yusuke and tell him its cancelled."


"I just remembered that I have to go see Yukina in the hospital later."

"Oh." Returning his phone to his ear, he nods to say he'll do it.

Yukina is Hiei's twin sister; she's been very sick lately, the girl developed an illness when she was 15 and the doctors haven't been able to sustain the disease from going to other parts of her body yet so the girl's been in and out of the hospital for years trying this treatment and that, but so far nothing seems to be working. And with all this in and out of hospital care, the medical bills are ridiculous. So you can say that Hiei is trying to be famous for two reasons: his passion for singing, and to get money for his sister before the hospital just starts refusing treatments on her. That can't happen.

(Now exiting station B5-1. Kochi.) Says the P.A. system.

Standing, the two exit the train and part ways. Hiei hurried into his apartment hearing the phone ringing from down the hall. It could only be his mother calling to make sure he was coming to see his sister, but when Yukina is feeling up to it she calls herself, mostly just to say "don't worry about me" and for him to go be with you friends, that a phone call is enough. Things like that.

Snapping up the phone, he says "Hello" a bit out of breath.

"Hiei," His mother. "Hiei the doctor finally got the diagnosis for your sister."

"What's wrong with her?" He's shaking off his work clothes as he talks, manuevering the phone around his actions.

"They say it's a bacteria in the stem of her brain, they don't know when it happened, but it explains the headaches she's been getting and the nose bleeds."

"I know." He rushed into his tiny bedroom, grabbing the first thing he saw to put on. "Can it be treated?"

"Yes, thank God. Now that they've found out what's wrong with her. But," her voice became a bit saddened. "The opperation is going to cost us greatly."

Hiei hates what this has done to the family- well, minus his father, who left before they were even born, but before Yukina got sick things were going pretty good; their mother has a job at a dress shop that pulls in pretty okay money for two people, since his sister was shy about moving out of the house but their mother was fine with it, and loved the company of one of her children still around. However, when Yukina fainted at work and the hospital couldn't figure out what it was, their sweet laughing mother became quiet and worried all the time. Even while Yukina smiled and joked it didn't work, but now that they've found the problem, things will go back to normal and he can get himself out of a financial hole as well as his family.

Pressing the phone to his ear using his shoulder, he zips his jeans then shoves his feet into his boots at the door as he heads out, telling his mother he was on his way. Taking a cab because it's faster, Hiei dashed into the hospital past a little girl who was crying because she had to get a shot; and her mother, who is trying to calm her down to tell her that everything is alright; then past a man who had a nasty cough and probably should have had it looked at a long time ago; two women who seem perfectly fine, to a set of triplets, two of them rubbing their brother's back to comfort him. Stopping at the front desk, he was about to ask the woman where his sister is but his mother met him there.

"Mother, is she alright?"

The woman nods, her frost blue bangs came down over her eyes as she grabbed her son into a hug. "I'm just so glad they found the problem and can fix it, but Hiei..." She trailed off.


"It's gonna leave Yukina somewhat... different."

Shaking his head confused he looked at his mother. "What does that mean? She's going to have brain damage?"

"The doctor said there was no way around it, the damage has been going on for too long."

Yukina... He bares his teeth angrily. "I'll get the money, mother don't worry about that. But everything will be ok, she's a fighter- all the Yeoh's are, remember?"

"Yes... you're right, Hiei." She gripped him into another hug and sobbed silently.

That was seven months ago...

Since then, Hiei's been evicted from his apartment, so he moved back home- so much for leaving being the sollution to solve the food bill, but then Kuronue offered to let his friend live with him and he gladly took the offer. Things have slowly been working their way to comfortable living for both Hiei and his mother, though, she takes a lot of time off to look after her daughter who walked out of surgery with a new wheelchair since her legs have been paralzyed in the opperation. But as far as mentality, the girl doesn't seem any different from the way she's always been- minus a few name slip ups, but it's easy to accept over her being completely gone to them.

Now the twins are together at an outdoor cafe having lunch with Yusuke, the drummer in Hiei's indie band.

"Mmm." The girl's face lights up. "Hiei have you tried the lemon cake here, its delicious." She offered a bite to her brother, who took it.

"What about me?" Begs Yusuke, mostly teasing the girl. Holding his mouth open, he says "Aah!"

Laughing, she takes another bite from the cake. "And some for Yusuke."

"Thank you."

"Well?" She asks them.

Hiei swallows hard. "Hn. A little rich for my taste. I don't like sour things."

"I like it. I'll remember to buy you some next time I wanna butter you up."

Placing a hand to her mouth, the blue haired girl begins to laugh. "Yusuke, you're such a flirt."

"Yeah, Yusuke" chimes Hiei foot extending out kicking the flirt. "Wanna tone it down a little."

"Oh Hiei, I don't mind. It's kind of hard getting compliments, when you're in a wheelchair. So let him flirt, if he wants to."

The dark haired drummer just laughed it off, sticking his tongue out to the singer.

"Oh that reminds me, have you guys seen this flyer?" Reaching into her bag, the 17 year old procured a poster that she hands to her brother.

Hiei took it and looked it over. "A bar is holding a contest for hopefull bands that want to showcase their talent this weekend at Abarai Bar in Matsuyama."

Yusuke cranes his neck to look at the piece of paper as well. "I know where that bar is, Koenma lives near there. I wonder why that jerk didn't say anything." He thinks to himself, finger and thumb on his chin while he gazes at the sky.


"Hm?" He cast his red eyed gaze to his sister's winter blue.

Her looks are clearly from their mother; whereas, Hiei is the spitting image of his father- not that he's ever seen him in person to know. But how else could he explain the way he looks?

"I know your band will win; and then you guys can finally make it big."

"Thank you. But to make it, you have to have a song." He set the sheet of paper down onto the table.

Face scrunched in disbelief, she asks in a huff. "So what have you been doing all this time? Don't tell me you've been fooling around?"

Hiei shakes his head about to explain when Yusuke butts in.

"Naah, Hiei mostly just riffs while we play." Before the shorter male could kick him again, he goes on to say. "But see, he's so good he doesn't need words yet." He waves his hands in defense.

"A song..." Hiei says to himself.

"Well, you can just write about things in your life." Suggest the girl. "Most of the bands I've heard sing about things that have happened to them."

Hiei looked thoughtfully to the sky. Things from real life... "I've got just the thing."

0 0 0

Kuronue's laughter jumped from the small living room directly into Hiei's ear in the bedroom. "Hiei you've gotta come watch this, it's funny as hell."

"As if your cackling wasn't enough to say that." Mutters the irritated roommate, pencil in his mouth. He's been working on lyrics for a song since lunch yesterday, and so far he's getting somewhere- he at least has a chorus and a couple lines for verses but nothing to really make a full song. How long should a song be when you're in a rock band? A couple verses, three chorus's and maybe a bridge.

Shuffling noises in the room brought his attention at his friend who's swaggering in, who kneeled down beside him, resting his chin on his shoulder, the cackling bird asked. "Working hard?"

"You know I am."

"Mm hmm... You should come take a break and watch some tv with me."

"I want to make a song, that contest is in three days, and we don't have anything."

"Alright, alright. Let's see what you have so far." He snatches the paper then stands up to ensure his short friend can't reach it. Clearing his throat, he reads aloud. "It's almost embarrassing, I've fallen for you... A crew sees cringed knees! Hiei, I thought you were writing a song not gay porn."

"It's not 'gay porn'." He managed to snatch the paper back. "Yukina said that most bands write about experiences they've had, so I thought it would be kind of funny to write about when we saw Gessho and Iematsu in the bathroom that time at work. But I can't seem to go beyond that part of the song."

"Ahaha, you're a bully. Do you think when they hear the song they'll know it was them?"

"I hope not, we still need that job." He has a fiendish smirk on his face, though, kind of hopeful that the guys would know.

"I can help you out, come on sit down."

Taking a seat, he hands his friend the pencil and the two of them work through the night.

X x X

Commentary: Do check out any of the songs featured in this fic. They're all amazing. You can find them at streaming sites, some of them have videos at YouTube. Just do it Nikes ahaha. But really, thank you for reading something this old. I wrote it back in... 2008, I believe. Anyway, I'll be trickling it into this site, and going over it from it's originally posted ones, because my gawd the mistakes are choking me. Which is why it won't just be one and done like my Yu Yu Hakusho stories. This is more like a movie's length, ya know?

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