A Dream Come True

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A Dream Come True


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San- is the most common honorific and is a title of respect similar to "Mr.", "Miss", "Mrs.", or "Ms." 

Author Note:

So I was going back through my stuff again (especially since I did get a note saying my disclaimers were not completely done right.) So I found I had spelling errors amongst other things so I'm gonna try to fix everything and re-post it ^_^. SO on that note...




Chapter 1: The Arrival

A car drove away as you waved to it from the porch. It was a chilly rainy night in the middle of summer. You pulled back your black raincoat’s hood to shake out your shoulder length golden-brownish hair. You dropped your umbrella next to the door on the outside porch before entering the two-story house. You took off your drenched work boots before un-zipping your coat to re-veil your black work pants and navy blue apron. You draped the coat over the railing, which lead downstairs to the den. Your periwinkle eyes were glazed over with how tired you were as you headed towards the kitchen; which was barely five feet from where you stood. 

You turned to the fridge and found a note clipped to the door.

“Hey Hon,

Shane is sleeping over your dad’s house. He won’t be home until late tomorrow because of work. I had to get my haircut up at that place by aunt A’s house. I’m sleeping over there tonight. I left you a plate from last night’s dinner you just need to heat it up when you get home. You can reach me on my cell if you need me.

Love you, Mom.”


You sigh as you remove the note from the fridge and tossing it in the trashcan. You went back to the refrigerator and opened it, taking out the plate your mother had made for you. You placed it down on the table with a yawn. You felt like you needed a shower before you could eat anything, otherwise you felt you would pass out right there. You had just worked a ten-hour day. It was something that wasn’t allowed, however, you were the one who said you would stay a few extra hours if they needed you. You began to regret your decision however, you were sure you wouldn’t once you saw your paycheck the next week. 

Another sigh confirmed you needed a shower to wake you up a bit so you could eat. You were starved since you had barely eaten anything since you had your break five hours ago. You could stay up late as well, since you didn’t have to go into work the next day. It was nice to have Sunday off. Your feet dragged as you climbed the stairs to the second level and into your room. You pulled out a set of light blue pajamas along with Scooby-Doo boxers; a gift from your younger brother. 

You headed to the bathroom and grabbed a towel before closing the door and turning on the shower. 

You are a 19-year-old girl who would be turning 20 in a month. You lived with your mother and younger brother who was only three years younger than yourself. You had a different dad then him, so technically, you were step siblings; however, neither of you saw each other anything less than just siblings. You worked at the locale grocery store doing many different things. That night you were not just a cashier but you helped stock the shelves. You were taking a year off from college. You aren’t sure what you want to do however, you are sure its not working at Shop Rite for the rest of your life. 

The colleges in the area didn’t have anything you were interested in doing. You were a major ‘geek' when it comes to anime, or even video games. However, you wanted to do something in the anime field and the only places that had courses for that were at colleges out of state and were too much money that you couldn’t afford on the salary that you were making. You were determined to earn enough money no matter what you cut out. Although, anime wasn’t in that budget. 

Once your shower was done, you walked out a little more refreshed and much warmer. You dried your hair with a towel as two cats rubbed against your legs as you walked back into your room. You pushed them out of your room before finishing your hair. You grabbed your Scooby-Doo blanket and a stuff wolf that you named after Inu Yasha’s Koga. You wrapped the blanket around yourself as you headed back downstairs to the kitchen. You covered the dish with a paper towel before nuking it. 

You poured yourself a glass of orange juice as you turned on the Television located by the window. As the screen began to go from black to a picture, you could hear the rain outside come down harder. You sat down with the blanket still wrapped around yourself and hugged Koga close to yourself. You flipped through the channels until you stopped at Cartoon Network. There were a few commercials on. You got up and took out your dinner from the microwave, however, as you placed it on the table you heard something from the screen. You turned around and your eyes widen. 

“Welcome back to the Yu Yu Hakusho marathon, now back to the show.  You stood there staring as it looked to be in the middle of the second episode from the anime, Yu Yu Hakusho. 

You were a huge fan of this anime. It had been a long time since you had seen it on, especially on a Saturday night and at this time; it was almost eleven o’clock. You picked up your dinner and dashed downstairs where the bigger television was located. You placed the still hot plate on the table. You ran back upstairs, finding some energy from a source you didn’t even know you had. You grabbed your drink and Koga before grabbing a fork and a few napkins before turning off the TV in the kitchen and dashing back downstairs. 

You were so much in a hurry you almost tripped and spill the drink. You cursed under your breath before straightening your self and setting everything down on the table. You looked around for the clicker and found that it was lost. You huffed.

“Damn it Shane, stop using the den as your bed room.” you huff in your alto voice. 

You ran to the TV and changed it manually to the channel you wished before going back to the couch and pulling the table closer to you. You wrapped your blanket around you and sighed in relief.

“I can’t believe I almost missed this.” you mumble while shoveling your food into your mouth.

At this time a rumbling from outside started. It wasn’t so noticeable at first, however as the episode continued it began to grow closer. You sighed, as you finished your dinner and pushed the table back. The commercials were back on and the episode only had three minutes left before it was done. Your favorite episode was coming up next, where your favorite character was about to be introduced. You sighed as another crash from outside drowned out the commercial. 

“Why does it have to storm now.” you growl weakly. 

You were still tired from the long day you had worked. You sighed again as the episode came back on and you found yourself annoyed. You stood up, keeping your blanket wrapped around you as you clung to Koga to your body. Your bare feet were cold as you walked up to the television. You stood in front of the television for a moment before you reached your finger towards the volume button. The moment your finger touched the button a bright flash of light filled the room followed by a huge crash. 

You could feel your entire body tingle; like when you sit on your leg too long kind of tingle; throughout your entire body. Your eyes closed as you soon felt like you were falling as well as the sensation as something pulling you down. You clung to Koga and pulled your blanket closer to your body as the feeling continued for what seemed like hours. However, as quickly as the sensation appeared, was how quick they seemed to stop. You stood still with your eyes closed tightly for a few moments. Your feet felt like they were on another, rougher; feeling surface. Nothing like the cold hard wooden floor of your den.

You would have stayed where you were with your eyes closed if a voice didn’t catch your attention.

"Go" came a male voice not too far from where you stood.

"But I don't even know you." Said a female voice, from the same direction of the male’s.

"We're now even for what happen yesterday ok?"

You stood still for a moment, your eyes closed. It was familiar, the voices and what they had said. You slowly opened your eyes and blinked. Not too far from you were Kazuma Kuwabara and his three friends. They were fighting a group of guys who seemed to be getting their asses handed to them by Kuwabara’s gang. Your eyes widen before you looked around.

“Shit!” you whisper; “I think I’m in Yu Yu Hakusho!" You stood stunned to your spot watching the scene in front of you. Your brain just didn’t seem to understand or even register what was going on. Were you dreaming? You pinched your arm from underneath your blanket and felt the pain from it. You felt light headed at the feeling that this wasn’t a dream. 

“This is not a dream.. " You whispered again before feeling a chill go straight down your spine. 

You shivered which caused you to pull the blanket even closer to yourself. You weren’t sure what you just had felt, however you believed it was something like Kuwabara’s ‘chills'. You shook your head trying to clear it.

‘Okay (YFN), you gotta figure out what in the seven hells is going on. Just walk through what you were doing you were watching television when a flash...' You furrowed your eyebrows in thought. “Then I closed my eyes...it makes no sense. This is like some sort of fan fiction.' You think.

You realized that you were in that second episode and close to the beginning of the third episode. It was like you were in the limbo between episodes. You thought harder before you also realized that the ‘chill' you had gotten must had been from Yusuke. Your eyes widen before a small smirk crossed your lips.

‘Well, at least I’ll fit in more with the sixth sense.' You thought. 

You pulled the blanket closer to your body as another chill went down your spine. You might like the power however, you weren’t liking the way it was alerting you; not one bit.

The fight continued on, Kuwabara and his friends winning the battle. Yusuke, who has been dead for at least a week is watching the scene from above. He is not alone however, as a pretty girl who is considered ‘deathE Under normal circumstances, Yusuke Urameshi would not cheer for Kuwabara. He was just some guy who would challenge him everyday like clock work. It’s irritating, in Yusuke’s opinion. 

However, this was different. These guys were trying to mess with his best ‘girl' friend; Keiko. Kuwabara and his friends are just taking care of those scums since Yusuke can’t.

“Yeah! That’s it! Give it to them!” Yusuke cheered.

However, something caught his eye. He blinked and looked a little to the right of the fight. There was a beautiful looking girl who didn’t seem much older then himself. She was short, standing at 4'11” She was wrapped in an odd blanket that had a cartoon character on it. Her hair was shoulder length and a bit of a mess. He tilted his head as he looked at the beautiful yet weird girl. 

“Yo Botan, who’s that?” he asked looking at the ferry of death.

Botan looked at him for a moment before looking at the girl.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember seeing her there a moment ago.” Yusuke looked back at the girl.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean, she wasn’t there before.” he said, floating down to the girl. 

The girl seemed to go stiff as if she knew he was behind her. He leaned in close to her however, turned around pulling the blanket closer to her. Yusuke jumped back in surprise.

“H-hey!” he shouted.

It looked like the girl was looking straight at him.

“I-I thought you said no one can see me!”


“Of course she can’t!” Botan said, floating down next to him with a giggle.

“She can only sense you.”

As if to make a point, the girl looked in his direction for another moment before turning around to continue watching the fight.

Yusuke gave the girl a thoughtful look before turning to look back at the fight; however, it seemed it had ended; Kuwabara and his gang the victors.

“Yeah! That’s right! Run home to yer mommies!” shouted one of the guys from Kuwabara’s gang.

You smiled; you had wondered who had won the fight. You figured Kuwabara had won, however, it wasn’t clear in the anime. You shifted your blanket again since it was starting to slip a bit. It was at this point Kuwabara turned around to you. You blinked at him not sure what you should do or say. He seemed surprise to see you standing where you were and began to walk towards you. You looked around not sure what you should do. 

You turned back to look at Kuwabara who was even closer. He was much taller than you expected him to be. You had known that he was extremely tall; however, its different from having him standing in front of you. He seemed a whole lot taller than six feet like it said on the internet. You had a small blush on your face as you were standing in front of your favorite character from one of your favorite animes. What would he say? What would you say? And the most important thing on your mind was you really were here and dressed in your pjs?!

Your eyes widen as you remembered you were still wearing your pajamas. You slowly walked backwards away from him. You were feeling extremely embarrassed. Kuwabara stopped walking and held his hands up trying to let you know he wasn’t going to hurt you.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not gonna hurt you. Are you okay? Do you need help little girl?” he asked looking concern.

Normally you are a bit shy of a girl and are quiet. However, don’t call you a little girl or meet your wrath! You stopped moving away and stood up tall; or as tall as you could being how short you are. You let your blanket fall from your shoulders to your waist as you walked towards Kuwabara with a red face. 

“Excuse me? How do you even get the nerve to just ASSUME that I’m younger then you? Just cause I have a young face doesn’t mean I’m younger then you! I could be five years older than you for all you know!” you growl.

Kuwabara jumped at how harsh your voice got. He blinked down at you before he scratched the back of his head.

“I’m sorry” he bowed his head. “You well, you just...”

“What? I LOOK like a little girl? Don’t just assume I’m a little girl.” You said with a huff and crossing your arms.

Kouga now lay on the ground with half of your blanket. You didn’t even realize that your low cut pjs top was showing. Kuwabara couldn’t help but notice the ‘development' that helped prove your point. He blushed before looking away.

“Ummm well, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to assume anything.” he said. 

You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. You had to calm down before you messed this first meeting up; although he seemed to have already done it already. 

“Let me start again.” Kuwabara said trying not to look any lower than your face. “My name is Kuwabara Kazuma. The guys behind me are my friends, Okubo, Sawamura, and Kirishima.”

Kuwabara said, pointing to each one of his friends. Okubo seemed to be the most modest of the three, making sure not to stare at your cleavage. Kirishima had no shame at staring and Sawamura had more sense to make it look like he wasn’t looking at it. 

You didn’t really pay any attention of them however and found yourself just looking up at Kuwabara; who was giving you his famous goofy smile. You couldn’t help but smile back.

“Nice to meet you, I’m (YLN)-san (YFN). Nice to meet you guys.” You said with a small bow of your head. 

However, doing so you realized Koga was on the ground, you blanket was around your waist and finally cleavage was showing. Your face turned red as a tomato before you picked up Koga and then pulled up your blanket to cover your self.

“I-I’m sorry. I think, well I think I am lost.” You said, a small sweat drop appearing.

“Well, do you live around here? Are you new?” Sawamura asked, seeming to get over the fact that you covered up.

Poor Kirishima pouted over the loss. 

You furrowed your eyes at the question. You didn’t know what to tell them. You weren’t sure how you had gotten to this place, however, you were sure that telling them what you thought happened would make the situation worse. 

You bit your lip and shrugged your shoulders.

“I have no clue, I don’t know what happened. I can’t really remember anything that happened before I came here.” you said, giving them the only truth you could tell them.

It was here you felt like any energy you had left was drained from you. You began to wobble a bit. Kuwabara leaned in close to you, a look of concern on his face. 

”(YLN)-san? You okay?” Kuwabara asked before he yelped at seeing you fall forward.

Kuwabara opened up his arms and caught you with his chest, and used his arms to situate you in a half hug. He looked down at you, as you lay against his chest, sleeping. Kuwabara could feel you sagging a bit, your legs giving out. He scooped you up, making sure to keep the blanket wrapped around you as he did so. He held you as if a baby; your head resting on the inside of his neck. He kept one arm firmly around your back while the other was positioned as a seat under your butt.

He looked worried as you felt limp in his arms. However, your head shifted to where you were breathing gently on his neck. The sensation added a bit of a pink tint to Kuwabara’s cheeks. His friends snickered at their ‘leader'.

“Looks like you have to take her home.” Winks Kirishima.

Kuwabara looked at his friends with wide eyes.

“Yeah, she doesn’t know where she lives and you’re already carrying her.” Sawamura said.

“Besides, my mom would be upset if I brought an unconscious girl home.” Okubo said. 

Kuwabara stood there. He didn’t even have a chance to say he couldn’t take you home. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to help you. It was just bringing home an unconscious girl back to his house, and in pajamas no less would earn him a beat down with his sister. However, he couldn’t argue with his friends. He knew none of them could take you home. 

Kuwabara sighed.

“Fine, I’ll bring her back with me.” Kuwabara said.

He started towards his house carrying you. Kuwabara blushed more as he felt you shift in his arms, you clinging to his shirt a bit and snuggling in the crook of his neck; continuing to hug Kouga and crushing the stuffed animal and blanket closer to Kuwabara's chest.


From the sky Yusuke floated... stunned was an understatement of how he was feeling now. It baffled him how Kuwabara could get lucky enough to have a gorgeous girl faint into his arms and snuggle up to him; not to mention have no other choice but to bring her back to his home.

Yusuke smiled at the thought of what would go on and started to laugh. An image of you waking up and screaming from seeing Kuwabara’s face close to yours caused him to chuckle, where as you running away afterward made Yusuke grin.

Botan glared at him, having thought he was having perverted ideas. Her eye twitched, Yusuke’s only warning before her oar was brought up side Yusuke’s head.

“What was that for?!” he yelled and rubbed his head.

“Like you didn’t know, pervert!” she flew off, dragging Yusuke along by his ear.

(End of Chapter One)

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