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Well I’m back for the sequel to In Need of a Title. I hope you guys have read it before reading this because it picks up right after the last chapter of that fic. I’m not asking you guys to review but I will say I don’t mind them at all. Thank you guys for reading this.

I do not own Yu-Yu or Inuyasha. I do not make money from this fic even if that would be one kick ass deal. I really wish that jobs could be that easy. I would trade mine in in a heart beat.

Chapter I

Kurama and Yusuke were laying in bed, Yusuke had his arms around Kurama’s waist lightly as he sleep on and Kurama was reading with a small book light that didn’t bother his lover. Closing his book and his eyes Kurama reached out with his senses and then turned to his lover. “Yusuke, do you feel that?”

The half asleep lover and room mate of the sliver kitsune trapped in the red head human body, just rolled over, his eyes still closed and with a slight yawn said, “What does Hiei have to do with anything?” Something in the detective’s mind clicked and he too set up, opening his eyes and looking at his lover. “Hiei’s back? But what’s that other aura with his?”

“I don’t know but it’s just as strong as Hiei, and if I didn’t know any better I would say it was Hiei’s mate, from the way their auras are twisted and connected,” Kurama threw the blanket off his nude form and started to pull on his pants.

“So that’s what mates feel like.” Yusuke said as he had never really met a set of mates, as many couples didn’t take that last step anymore. The detective followed his lover’s actions and soon they were both running toward Genkai’s Temple.


Hiei and Sesshomaru were walking up to the temple’s front yard. Soon Yukina came out, shocked that her brother was back and seemingly in one piece. Running to him, she jumped in his arms and hugged him tightly. She pulled away at a deep growl that came from behind her brother. Looking over Hiei’s shoulder Yukina got her first look at Hiei’s mate. “Brother? You brought some one home with you?” Yukina asked wondering what the tall youkai in white meant to her brother.

“Yukina, this is Sesshomaru,” Hiei said to his sister then turned to his mate. Sesshomaru was looking at the smaller youkai as though he wanted an answer. “Sesshomaru, this is my sister, Yukina. I spoke with you of her.”

“The ice maiden.” Sesshomaru said bowing his head to his sister-in-law slightly. He could feel the hidden power of the maiden something that should be respected. “I’m honored to meet my mate’s sister.”

Yukina’s eyes widened just a fraction of a hair but otherwise her expression stayed that of a happy sister. “Mate? I’m so happy for you brother.” Yukina hugged Hiei again. “But you’ve been gone for so long, where were you?”

“Five hundred years in the past,” Hiei said simply. And being a youkai Yukina didn’t even blink at the statement. The mage that had damaged then fixed the portal said there was no telling where it would led and he was sorry for the lost of Hiei if he was never to return but he also knew that Yukina’s brother wasn’t dead and so he just left and returned to the Makai. “Yusuke and Kurama are coming this way.”

“Why don’t we head inside and wait for them. I’ll get some tea on.” The ice maiden headed back into the temple. Hiei turned to Sesshomaru.

“Kurama and Yusuke are the members of the team I was on before I met you. They don’t know anything about me compared to you and Rin. Rin.” Hiei said turning to the West. He was clearly thinking of the young girl they had left in the past. Hiei had a clue of what she would be like now but Sesshomaru was clueless for the time being. The Wielder of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame knew his mate and the True Lord of the Western Lands wouldn’t be really surprised.

“I’m sure she’ll find us when she feels the time is right,” Sesshomaru said touching Hiei’s shoulder. Hiei looked up at his mate. “Let’s follow your sister.”


Kurama all but ran into Yusuke as the later stopped at the top of the temple stairs. “Kurama, the aura of the other person is really strong. At least a high A class.”

Kurama nodded his head as he walked passed his lover. Part of him was happy if Hiei did in fact find love where ever he was but another part of him was ready to fight for his partner in crime and at one time his would be lover. He remembered the heart ache of Hiei leaving the day he told him his true feelings but some where in his human heart he still loved the shorter demon. Shaking his head the kitsune knew he shouldn’t be thinking like that when the man that showed his so much love wasn’t even two feet away.

Walking up the few short steps to the temple’s door Kurama opened the door to find Hiei, Yukina, and a third youkai sitting down to tea. “Hiei, you’ve returned.”

“Kurama, you still smell of the detective, you two must still be together.” Hiei had his cup of tea to his lips while he said his comment not in a hateful or angry tone but a calm statement as though he was saying that Kurama’s hair was still red. Hiei went on to sip his tea as though waiting for some one else to speak.

Sesshomaru looked up at the man that had the name of Kurama, this was the man that had Hiei’s affections before he met the dark youkai. Looking at the very feminine looking youkai he smelt human, but he could almost see the tall sliver kitsune in the inner parts of the boy’s soul. It was then that another darker haired male came into the room. From the scents he could tell this was the detective that they were talking about. Looking at the man that had caused Hiei to run into the defective portal right into his arms he expected…more. But just like the kitsune once Sesshomaru looked a little closer he saw something in in the young man, he was clearly a high in power. And from his aura it was so close to a friend of his he almost could think of him as the son of Raizen.

Yusuke’s eyes were focused on the third youkai with Yukina and Hiei. This was the strong aura that was twisted with Hiei’s. This was Hiei’s mate. The youkai was clearly one of the strongest in the room. Yusuke doubted that he could last long against this stranger. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands.” Sesshomaru told the couple before him, in his normal regal tone.

“The West belong to Rin-san and Bufan-dono, as it has for the last five hundred years.” Kurama said looking over the sliver haired youkai. Who did this guy think he was? Sesshomaru left his lands over five hundred years ago to a ten year old human girl. His name was so taboo in the Makai that it wasn’t uncommon to hear gasp and see widened eyes at just the mention of it even today. “If you are who you say who you are, you left it to her that long ago.”

“He left it to her not even an hour ago, fox,” Hiei said to the kitsune and his detective. “I’ve told Yukina everything.” Hiei said once Kurama and Yusuke looked at him as though he needed to tell them more.

Taking his words as the okay to tell the other couple Yukina started to talk, “Brother and Sesshomaru-san, are from the past. Five hundred years in fact. Sesshomaru and Hiei met and mated in the past and now they have come home so their won’t be two Hiei at one time. The fates just would not allow it.” Yukina said letting Kurama and Yusuke in on everything.

Yusuke looked really surprised as his lover didn’t look anything of the short. Kurama was thinking about the portal. Was it possible to find a way to the past? He was thinking of the damage that one could cause with that power. Of course there were some youkai that was destined to have such power but they worked for the fates and often didn’t have free will or emotions to guide them to do something to do such damage. There was a Bradbury short story that had that such a plot line. A hunter went back in time to kill a T-rex that was already going to die. He was instructed not to step off his hovering platform but he didn’t follow that rule. He stepped down and killed a single butterfly. When he returned home he found it to be nothing like he had left it. And then something that was complete unexpected, none of the dinosaurs died off. They were all alive and ruling the world. Killing that single butterfly had changed the whole world not just his hunt.

Thinking that he was really just a dork, Kurama turned to Sesshomaru, or the man claiming to be the once great Lord of the West. “I’m a kitsune of many names. I was once known as Youko Kurama and now I’m known as simply Kurama.”

“I’ve heard of you thief. Your band of bandits are just a little more than a great annoyance. Still I wonder how you’ve ended up in a human body.” Sesshomaru said to the ex-sliver.

“Now that is a story for another time.” Kurama said to the inu lord. “Let me introduce my lover, Yusuke Urameshi. Hiei and we have all worked together many times over the last few years. Yusuke is the Lord of the Northern Lands.”

“So you are in fact the son of Raizen.” Sesshomaru said as he looked Yusuke up and down sizing him up as another lord. “I’m to assume that he is dead if you are the lord now. Did you kill him yourself or did he finally kill himself with that hunger strike of his?”

“Raizen wasn’t my father, he was the father of my bloodline.” Yusuke said actually sounding smart for once.

“So you’re a few generations down from the hanyou child of his. I wonder of Inuyasha could have had such strong children,” Sesshomaru said to Hiei, as he was the only one who had met the hanyou face to face.

“If he wasn’t with the monk so much. I would have thought that his mate’s holy energy would have caused his balls to be purified.” Hiei replied to Sesshomaru.

Everyone else in the room watched on as the two mates went on acting like they did back at the Western Castle. It was a different Hiei than what the others were use to. They didn’t know how Sesshomaru should be acting but if they did they would be just as surprised.

Yusuke crossed his arms. ‘So not only did he run off into a damaged portal but he came back mated to a really strong youkai that is claiming to be the missing Lord of the West.’


A tall and busty woman watched the world through her wall of windows across the side of her home office. Sighing she could feel their auras today was in fact the day they came back into her world. For them it hadn’t been two hours but for her, for her it had been five hundred years. Five hundred long years. She didn’t let their absence stop her life. She grew older, feel in love and got mated. She used a little of the money she got as the Western Lady to start a business to pass the time and soon it was in the top fourth of the Fortune Five Hundred.

Long raven hair swayed around her hips as she started to pace. She was a mated woman who grew up almost ninety nine percent of her life with out her fathers and now they were back. Smiling to herself she choose to wait to see what her mate thought of the whole thing before deciding on what they should do.

Tall, with blue hair and even bluer eyes, Bufan walked into Rin’s office. Rin was pacing but Bufan knew the once young girl and now beautiful woman and his mate didn’t know he was in the room because it was clear that her mind was else where. Taking a chance when she finally stopped he walked up behind her and hugged her close to his much larger chest. “Tell me Miss Workaholic have you’ve seen my mate. She looks a lot like you but she rather be warming my bed and letting me spoil her with love than working as hard as you do.”

“Yes, well this workaholic thinks it’s a time for change. I’m ready to be just your mate again. And I’m sure you can feel it too. Hiei-san and Sesshomaru-sama are back.” Rin said turning in her mate’s arms. She wasn’t even to his shoulders unless she was in heels. He bent down and kissed his lips softly.

“Do you think that your father will accept me as your mate?” Bufan asked as he hugged her closer. “Are we training today? I need to know if I need to book the dojo or not.” The office building that they owned had it’s own dojo that was open to it’s employees as long as Bufan or Rin didn’t book it for their own personal use. When they trained or sparred then they would use both their powers and strength.

“I’m all over that. I need a stress relief and if using you as a punching bag should work just fine. Of course I’ll avoid your face seeing as I like it.” Rin said smirking up at the tall fire dragon mate of hers.


Sesshomaru and Hiei finally got away from everyone that was at the temple. Over the last couple of hours several people had shown up. Keiko, Kuwabara (who started to flirt with Yukina right away), his sister who had to drive the over zealous student, and a few youkai from the Makai that had felt the large amount of familiar youki at the temple. Touya and Jin came together with Chu and --Yo-Yo Boy--. Soon there was a party going on. Yukina and the girls were in the kitchen fixing some snakes and everyone was about to push Hiei and Sesshomaru over the edge.

Hiei and Sesshomaru were out back of the temple and where finding a tree to sit under and in. Hiei was soon in the trees jumping from branch to branch and Sesshomaru was walking under his mate. It was peaceful and something they didn’t really get to do much when they were in the past. Sesshomaru couldn’t help but have a small upturn of his lips. It wasn’t a smile but the Western Lord didn’t smile, just as his mate didn’t smile. They were meant to be together, almost if some one had written their story.

“Hiei, how is it that you’ve lived with this bunch for so long?” Sesshomaru asked his mate once he was seated down at the base of the tree that even after so many months still smelled of his mate. ‘He must have spent a lot of time in this tree.’ Sesshomaru thought to himself as he looked up at the sky line. His mate’s aura so close to his own just felt right. Closing his eyes he started to drift off into an aware meditative state.

Hiei much like Sesshomaru took in the calm world around him in a meditative way. Of course Hiei’s meditative state was a lot more intense. He was looking for something out in the west. The aura of Rin. It shouldn’t be as faint as it was when she was ten but being as she was human there was no telling what it was like now, five hundred years later. He found her and she was with Bufan. They where mated. If he didn’t think they would be he would have overlooked her by a long shot. Smirking to himself lightly he touched her mind.

‘Human child how are you?’ Hiei asked to the young girl.

‘I’m no longer a child sensei.’ Rin said trying not to laugh in my mind as Bufan attacked her neck with his mouth. He was more than willing to go train with her but not in the dojo.

‘When are you going to come and meet your lord?’ Hiei asked her and then turned to Bufan. ‘Don’t touch her again until you’ve asked for permission to do so.’

‘Yes sir, I’ll make sure not to touch her, with my hands.’ Bufan said to the shorter, darker demon. Bufan being a taiyoukai and a dragon cut off Hiei and went about making sure that his mate knew just how much he cared for her.

Hiei was ready to puke when he pulled away from the broken link, but it did give him some ideas. Jumping down from the branch he was on, he landed in front of Sesshomaru. “It has been awhile since we’ve…”

“And where do we, pray tell.” Sesshomaru said already looking for a place that was root free enough for them to lay down and do what mates did, each other.

End Chapter

I was trying for three thousand words but hell two thousand eight hundred and fifty three words of fic are close enough. I just wanted to get this chapter out soon. And I’m going to be able to type more as I got my new computer! I’m finally not tied down to the family computer. My laptop is just the best thing I’ve gotten in a long time. I’m so happy right now I could dance if my feet weren’t swollen from working at a register for the last couple of weeks. I’m not kidding by the end of my shift I have to untie my shoes just so I can finish it. But that has nothing to do with my fic. Well I hope to see you guys next chapter.

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