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Kurama woke up when he felt his lover slowly get out of the bed. Kurama groggily looked up at him, and saw him jog towards the bathroom. Even from where he sat on the bed, he could hear the retching noise Yusuke made, as he regurgitated the previous nights meal. He looked over at the clock, and saw that it was 5:30. “Well, I needed to get up soon anyway.” He mumbled to himself as he slowly walked towards the bathroom.

He leaned against the doorframe as he saw Yusuke sit up, and wipe his mouth clean.

“Yusuke, I don’t think that you should go on that mission today.” Kurama said sternly.

“Kurama, I feel fine.”

“You mean, other than the fact that you’re puking out your guts, you’ve been having stomachaches, and your powers are fluctuating and weak?”

“Yeah, other then that I’m great.” He said, standing up, and starting to brush his teeth. Kurama walked behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist and said “Alright, I believe you, but if you’re still not feeling better after this case, you have to go see Yukina, got it?”

“Yeah, yeah, Fluffy, I get it.” Yusuke said back, after he finished brushing his teeth. He walked out of the bathroom, and back into the bedroom, as he and Kurama both got ready for work.

Kurama was now CEO of a security company, a.k.a a demon-hunting organization that was really run by Koenma. Basically, it was a business filled with temp spirit detectives, and Yusuke was the best there was. However, there were quite a few talented and familiar faces working with him such as Chu, Jin, Hiei, and on a strictly case-by-case basis, Kuwabara. Yusuke was the only one there that was employed full-time, as he was the only other one there (besides Kurama) that wasn’t employed elsewhere as well.

Yusuke pulled on a pair of light jeans and a white tee-shirt that showed off his rock-hard muscles. But Yusuke noticed as he pulled on the shirt that his abs weren’t as hard as they were before. He was gaining just a little weight in his stomach. He decided to make a mental note and continue with what he was doing. He pulled on a light leather-jacket and put some leather fingerless gloves in his pocket. He turned to Kurama to see him putting on his usual business suit, with his hair pulled back in a low pony-tail. He walked over to him and put his arms around him until his hands were resting on his ass and asked “How did I ever end up with someone as sexy as you?”

“Because you’re sexy too, and are great in bed.” Kurama smiled with a devilish grin. He kissed Yusuke lightly before saying “I guess there is no way for me to convince you not to go, is there?”

“Nope. No way in hell.”

“I figured as much.” Kurama said with a sigh, and then added “Just be careful, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“Kurama, I’ll be there with Kuwabara, and this in only a b-class demon, I’ll be fine. Will you please calm down? Look, how about this, once I come back, I’ll immediately go see Genkai, and then do what ever you want me to do in the bedroom later on. How does that sound?”

“Hm, aren’t you the sexy little negotiator. I guess that will be fine.” Kurama whispered in Yusuke ear. Before giving him a kiss on the cheek and saying “I got a really early meeting with Koenma, so I have to go, but I will see you tonight.”

“You bet your ass I will.” Yusuke said, before squeezing Kurama’s ass, and then letting him go. With that, Kurama gave him a light kiss, and then left. Yusuke finished getting ready, barfed some more, skipped breakfast, and then headed towards Kuwabara’s house an hour-and-a-half later.

Kuwabara answered the door at around 7:35, and let Yusuke in the house. Even though Yusuke would never tell Kuwabara, but he was really proud of his friend. He had graduated high school, and even went to collage, and now was teaching a course on demons in different cultures at a local High School. He lived in a pretty good-sized house with his two kids and his wife, Yukina.

When Yusuke walked in, Yukina was making breakfast for them. She made pancakes, bacon and eggs. Yusuke got one whiff of the food, and high-tailed it to the bathroom where he promptly threw up again. Kuwabara walked over to him a couple minutes later and said “Are you alright, Urameshi?”

“Yeah, just dandy.”

“I’m surprised Kurama let you out of the house like this.”

“He didn’t. Anyway, I’m going to take a break after this case, and see Yukina about this.”

“You could ask her now, you know.”

“No I couldn’t, because if I’m actually sick, then I couldn’t go on this mission, and then Kurama would never let me hear the end of it.”

Kuwabara chuckled lightly and said “Urameshi, you’re just as stubborn as usual.”
“Hell yeah, now can we get out of here soon?”

“Yep, I’m going to finish breakfast, and then we’ll go, just give me five minutes, you can wait in the living room if you’d like.”

Five hours later found Yusuke and Kuwabara running through the woods, trying to catch that damn demon. They had been chasing him for two hours already, and Kuwabara was running out of energy. Yusuke finally picked up the speed, and came within ten feet of the fleeting demon. That was when something extreamly unexpted happened. The demon turned around and pulled out a sawed-off shotgun, stopping all of them in their tracks. Yusuke was only five-feet away now, and couldn’t dodge the bullet as it sped towards him. It hit him in the shoulder, and then again in the leg, as he fell to the ground, all he could think was “I hate it when Kurama is right.”

Kurama sat in his office not paying attention to the droning toddler that was currently lecturing him. His mind was else where, and for once in his life he couldn’t concentrate on anything. He could feel that something was wrong. Every bone in his body was screaming that, including the part of him that was still Yoko. He was nervous and couldn’t stop fidgeting, his mind race with thoughts of Yusuke getting hurt. His phone rang loudly, and he snatched it up immediately.

“Hello?” He said uneasily. The voice on the other line was Hiei’s, all he said was “Come to Genkai’s now, Yusuke’s been injured.”

Kurama told Koenma what happened, and rushed out the door. As he sped to Genkai’s house, all he could think was ‘Hold in there Yusuke.”

Kuwabara had brought a bleeding, unconscious Yusuke to Genkai, who in turn called Boton to help with the healing. Yusuke was loosing a lot of blood, and was scraped, bruised, had internal bleeding and broken bones. Kuwabara had been shot as well, but it had only been a grazed bullet on his shoulder. Unfortunately, that had stopped him long enough for the demon to get close enough to Yusuke to kick him and pistol-whip him for a couple of minutes, before Kuwabara to pound the hell out of the demon. There was no doubt about it, that demon would not be able to live after Kuwabara’s brutal attacks.

Yusuke was currently gasping for breath, and was already in shock. All of this was to be expected; however, what wasn’t expected was the amount of Yusuke’s energy surrounding his stomach. It was protecting him, and no one could touch that area with out getting attacked with Yusuke’s energy. Boton and Genkai decided not to mess with that area until Yukina could get up there and help, so started treating some of his other wounds, such as the bullet wounds and broken bones. After those had been healed, the protective energy died down enough for Genkai to see what was causing it to gather there. As she placed her hands on Yusuke’s abdomen, and felt out the situation, she felt the heartbeat of another being.

Her eyes flashed open, and she leaned back a little before saying to Boton, “He’s…pregnant.”

Kurama ran through the door and towards Yusuke’s energy. He was about to bust through the door, when Genkai came out of the room, and abruptly told him to halt. He was about to protest, and yell at the old hag, when she silenced him and started talking.
“I know that you want to see Yusuke, but so does everyone else, unfortunately right now he’s not doing that well, and we need the healers to stay extreamly focused, however at the present time we don’t think that his life is in danger.” She looked around and saw everyone else looking at them expectantly. “Kurama, may I speak to you in private please?”

She led and irritable Kurama down the hall and into one of the rooms, and closed the door behind them.

“Kurama, what I am about to tell you is extremely hard for me to word, so I need to have no interruptions. It seems that there is something about the mazoku transformation that none of us knew about. When a human body transforms into a demonic being, parts of their body changed completely. Some are as little as added muscle mass, while others are more serious, such as organs changing to accommodate the transformation. One such change is the addition of a uterus in a male. This means that in rare cases, and male may be able to give birth to offspring. It is rare even among mazoku, so it is no surprise that we didn’t know. I only found this out after calling an old friend of mine that works as a demonic midwife. Kurama, if this child is able to survive from Yusuke’s injuries, Yusuke will have to live in demon world, and you have to stay for the entire length of the pregnancy. Yusuke will get extremely weak, and if his mate is not there with him, he and the child could both die. If you cannot promise to stay with him, I will have no choice but to terminate the pregnancy now. Do you understand, Kurama?”

Kurama sat there stunned, and managed a weak nod. He couldn’t believe this was happening, although now that he thought about it, it all made sense. Yusuke’s stomachaches, aversion towards food, and light mood swings all fell into place. He understood fully that this was happening, and that there was no stopping it. He looked at Genkai and asked “Does Yusuke know about this?”

“No, at this point, he isn’t even conscious; he’s been knocked out since the attack.”

“What happened, Hiei didn’t tell me much.”

“Well, when chasing the suspect, the demon pulled out a gun and shot Yusuke twice, once in the shoulder, near the chest, and another time in the leg. He shot Kuwabara, although it was just a graze on the arm, but it still stopped Kuwabara for a couple minutes. In that time he proceeded to assault Yusuke, and kicked, hit, and punched Yusuke until he was unconscious. Unfortunately, he hit Yusuke hard in the abdomen a couple of times, and Yusuke’s protective energy won’t let us heal that area.” Genkai said sadly.

“I understand…can I please see him? Please, I won’t get in the way; I just have to be there for him.” Genkai nodded, and said “Of course, follow me.”

Kurama walked into the room, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Yusuke was in a horrible shape, sweating, panting and moaning. Yukina and Boton where both sweating from the effort of healing all of the wounds. Kurama never thought he would see Yusuke so beaten up, but then again, being pregnant and malnourished weakens a person significantly. He walked behind Yusuke, and put his head in his lap, and began running his hands through his short hair comfortingly while muttering incoherent sentences of reassurance, and begging Yusuke to get through this.

The next couple of days went by extremely slowly for the entire gang. Yusuke’s condition had finally stabilized, although he was still out cold. His internal bleeding had been treated, along with the broken bones, but it was still unsure as to how the baby would end up.

Kurama never once left Yusuke’s side other than to pee, other than that he was somewhere in the room with his lover. He prayed to the gods both demonic and human, everything from Ala to Inari, and even Ra…once. He knew that Yusuke wouldn’t go without a fight, but what about their child? It was hard for him to remember, that the idea of their child, that was a constant presence in his mind, was unknown to his lover. He thought about telling Yusuke over and over again, but he didn’t know how he would react. He hoped Yusuke would be happy for them, but he never knew with Yusuke.

Five days after the fight, Yusuke slowly opened his eyes, to see a sleeping Kurama curled up next to him on the floor. He saw Genkai at the other side of the room and said “Is he alright, Genkai?”

Genkai chuckled to herself before saying “Yes, Yusuke. Do you remember what happened to you?” Yusuke thought back for a moment before saying loudly “That bastard shot me!” He covered his mouth after that, but the damage had been done, and he saw Kurama slowly waking up. Kurama looked up at Yusuke and than said “Thank god you’re awake!” and giving him a hug. Genkai smiled lightly, and left the room to give Kurama time to tell Yusuke the situation.

“How long was I out?” Yusuke asked as he tried to sit up, but then thought better of it.

“Five days.”



“Jesus Christ! Why was I so weak? Usually I would have woken up before then.”

“Well, Yusuke, that’s what I have to talk to you about.” Kurama said, biting his lip slightly.

“What… is it?” Yusuke asked nervously.

“Nothing bad, at least, I don’t think so. Yusuke… when you became a demon, your body went through physical changes that we didn’t even know about, and in your case, something extreamly rare happened… you gained the ability to… bear children. Yusuke… there’s no easy way to put this but…you’re…pregnant.”

Yusuke stayed completely still, his mind was racing from the shock. He knew a couple things for sure. One, that it was Kurama’s child. Two, that this wasn’t a practical joke, it was real. And finally, that he wanted to keep the child. He looked at Kurama and said weakly, “The child is okay, isn’t it? I mean, it wasn’t permanently harmed when I was, was it?”

“As far as Genkai and Yukina are able to tell, no.”

“Thank god. How far along am I?”

“Genkai says somewhere around 3 months.”

“3 MONTHS?!”

“Yes, however, you still have one more month to go before you hit your 2nd trimester. While demons have a low gestation time, mazoku’s are even longer than humans, at 12 months.”

“I’m…going to be pregnant… for an entire year.”

“…Yes. And, one more thing, Genkai says we will have to move to the makai in order for this to work, and there are a few other things you should know about, the most important being that you will become extremely weak during this pregnancy. If for any reason I were to leave you, you and the child could easily die, not that I would ever leave you Yusuke.”

“…I understand, you and I can live with the baldies. Um… Kurama… do the others know yet?”

“… Yes, and they all support you.”

“Okay.” Yusuke sighed loudly before saying emotionally, “Holy shit, Kurama. We’re going to be parents.” He looked down at his stomach, and rubbed it slightly. After a couple of minutes Yusuke noticed just how tired he was, and began to nod off again. This time Kurama crawled into bed with him, and spooned behind Yusuke and put his arm around Yusuke protectively. As Yusuke drifted off to sleep, Kurama whispered in his ear “I love you Yusuke, and I will never let anyone harm you or our child.” Yusuke simply curled up closer to Kurama in response, content with the world. He had everything he always wanted, someone who loved him unconditionally and a family. What more could a guy ask for?

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