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Disclaimer: I don’t own Yu Yu Hakusho at all. I just burrowed the characters for my stories for which I’m not making any money off of. I do however, claim the minor children that I have created and the story line involved.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Yu Yu Hakusho at all. I just burrowed the characters for my stories for which I’m not making any money off of. I do however, claim the minor children that I have created and the story line involved.

Full Summary: Toushi’s sister has finally been found and it’s time for the rescue of her. But how will Hiei, Kurama, and their family fair when things don’t go exactly as planned? Will the mission be a success when so many big surprises are thrown into the mix? It seems that bitch, fate, is once again playing in the demons’ lives, just how will things change this time around. The 17th book in the Love’s Destiny story arc.

Warnings for this story: Yaoi or malexmale relationships, Heterosexual relationships, violence, blood, mentions of rape, mentions of sex, nursing of babies, OOC, childbirth, you know the usual that’s in my stories. I’m sure there are even a few more warnings that I forgot to mention, so don’t be surprised if there is something else.

Warnings for this chapter! : malexmale relationships and heterosexual relationships, but not much else.

AN: First thing first, let me say a big, huge grateful thank you to zsfantasy!! She types up all my stories for me as I type really badly, actually I really can‘t type. I’m a hunt and peck kind of person. She also betas for me too. She is great!! The best!!! Thank You!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!!

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Now to an announcement for any new readers, this story is part of a very large story arc. The arc is called Love’s Destiny. This particular story is number 17 out of 25 in the story arc. It might can be read as a stand alone, but I would suggest you go back and read all the other stories. It would help with who everyone is and how they are related.

Anyway, I’m back, my story arc is back, and you all have waited long enough……. On with the new story, #17 in my story arc, and thank you for reading, for sticking with me!!!


Mission Rose

Chapter 1 of 10

News At Last



Kurama and Hiei were waiting patiently in their office with one of their many spies. They had sent word for their sons to quickly join them and they could feel Toushi’s and Kaihei’s energy heading their way. It had been a little over two months since the boys had told the fox and fire demon that they were mated; and two months exactly since little Namida joined their family. Toushi and Kaihei had yet to conceive a child, but the plans were there and it had been decided that the black fox would be the first of the two to get pregnant. They just wanted to wait until the perfect time and they were still exploring the many aspects of their mating.

Though the wolf was also still very worried about his teenage sister that had been sold into slavery. He wouldn’t do anything until she was found. Hiei and Kurama recognized the signs that Toushi was ready to leave to search for his sister. They also recognized the signs that kept the wolf from running, the desire to be with one’s mate and to protect that mate from anything.

In the end, Toushi hadn’t left. He stayed with Kaihei and was happy that he did, but deep down he still had the insatiable urge to find his stolen sister. Hiei understood this urge well, so he had sent out many spies and put them in villages all over the Makai with the sole purpose of finding the girl. Now after two months of nothing, they finally had a lead.

Kaihei and Toushi came running into the office, not even bothering to knock and slamming the door behind them. They went over to the large table in the middle of the room where their parents, Junaco, and one other demon were waiting.

“Have a seat boys.” Hiei offered, pointing out the two empty chairs.

“Have you word?” Toushi asked as he sat down. “Did your spies find her?”

“Yes,” Kurama smiled, watching his sons very closely. “And yes.”

“That’s great!” Kaihei grinned, nearly bouncing in his seat. “We can go save her.” He turned slightly to his mate, “And then we can get on with our lives and start our family.”

“Yes, we can.” Toushi took his lover‘s hand into his larger one, a smile spreading across his face.

“Hn, it’s not that easy you two.” Hiei cut in before the boys could get too happy.

“Huh?” Kaihei raised an eyebrow in a nearly silent question.

“What do you mean?” Toushi asked quickly.

“The demon that has her is known for paying his workers fairly.”

“There is nothing we can do unless he is treating her badly or if she truly is a slave.” Kurama added to what his mate had said. “That is the law.”

“Here we go with laws again.” Toushi spat angrily. “The laws tore Kaihei and I apart when we were little, and I suffered through every possible abuse at my father’s hands because of the law!! Damn your laws to hell!!”

“Toushi please,” Kaihei whispered, laying a comforting hand on his mate’s arm. He glanced nervously to his parents and what he found wasn’t good. Hiei was barely controlling his anger towards the wolf and his insubordination. Kurama’s face held the look of complete shock.

“You two out, now!” Hiei growled, looking over to Junaco and the other demon. “But don’t go far!”

“Yes, sir.” Junaco jumped up and practically dragged the still shocked demon with him.

The fire demon turned back to his still very angry son. “I don’t care if you’re mad at me, but you will never speak to me and Kurama in such a way again. If you had been anyone else, you’d be dead by now. Am I understood?”

“No, you’re not!” Toushi growled, clenching his hands into fists. “I won’t lose my sister again even if I have to go after her myself.”

“You won’t be alone.” Kaihei assured his lover. “I’ll be with you of course.”

“Calm down you two!” Kurama had finally shaken off his shock. “No one said we’re going to leave your sister there, Toushi. We just have to be careful of how we go about getting her out.”

Kaihei let a small smile appear on his face as he turned fully to his mate. “You hear that, Toushi? We’re getting her out and she can come live here with us. Right, daddy?”

“Of course she can.” Kurama smiled, hoping the escalating fight was dying down. “In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Hn,” Hiei stalked off towards the back of the room and his desk.

“Hiei! You don’t mean that, you’re just mad right now.” Kurama called after his fire demon.

“I don’t need his help or his generosity!” Toushi growled angrily as he lurched to his feet. “He doesn’t have to worry; I won’t be living here any longer.”

“What of Kaihei?” Kurama asked, turning his attention to the wolf. “Are you going to leave him, your mate?”

“I don’t want too, but I’m not welcomed here if my sister isn’t.” Toushi answered quickly. “I know he has to stay for training to take over the throne. I guess he could come see me if he wants.”

“You promised me you’d never leave me, Toushi.” Kaihei stated, very near tears.

“I’m sorry, Rosey. I just may have to.” Toushi turned and quickly left the room through a side door.

The kit looked up to the fox helplessly.

“Go talk to your stubborn mate, firebug.” Kurama ordered, pointing towards the closed door. “And I’ll talk to mine. We have to get them back in the same room. Also, remember what I have been teaching.”

“Oh, you mean how to get what I want?”

“Yes, use whatever means at your disposal.”

“My body, my mind, or my mouth.” Kaihei let a wicked looking smile appear on his face.

“That’s right, I‘ve taught you well.” A very similar smile was on Kurama’s face. “Now, let’s get to work.”

“Yes, sir.” Kaihei replied before rushing off to find his angry mate.

Kurama turned and began walking over to his mate as well. An hour later, the wolf and fire demon were back in the same room, but it hadn’t been easy. The fox had to do a little lap dance for his mate and make all kinds of sexual promises. The kit, however, had to make only a couple of promises, but he did have to give his mate a blow job. No one had to know the father’s and son’s secret of how to get what they wanted. In that time, Namida had been brought to Kurama by Kola, the head nanny. The little girl was hungry.

“Alright you two. You are both wrong at what you said or didn’t say.” Kurama was looking back and forth between the two, his tiny daughter asleep in his arms, her belly full. “However you both will put aside the hurt egos and pride. We have a young girl we need to find and save. Am I understood?”

Hiei and Toushi grudgingly nodded, glancing at each other.

“Toushi, your sister Siaira is more than welcomed here when we save her.” Hiei said softly, in an apologetic tone.

The wolf perked up when he heard this. It was his father’s way of saying he was sorry and as close to a full apology he would ever get. “Thank you, father,” Toushi bowed slightly. “I’m sure she will take you up on the offer. I’m sorry for what I said and for being insubordinate in front of others. Can you ever forgive me?”

“You’re forgiven.” Hiei muttered, shuffling through the papers on the table. He pulled out a map and laid it on top of everything else. He then pointed to a spot near a mountain range. “This is where Siaira is at.”

“Good, that’s not to far from here, just a week’s journey.” Toushi smirked, staring down at the rather large map. “I hope she’ll remember me. She was twelve years old the last time I saw her. Miriee and her mother sold her when she was almost fourteen. She would be about fifteen years old now and very close to her first heat if she hasn‘t already had it.”

“I’m sure she’ll remember you.” Kaihei put an arm around his mate‘s waist. “I was three years younger and I remembered you.”

“That’s only because of what we already felt for each other.” Toushi stated, sounding quite sad.

“Hn, since she’s your sister, she’ll remember you.” Hiei commented quickly so they could get back on track. “Now let’s come up with a plan. Kaihei, would you get Junaco and our spy?”

“Yes.” Kaihei got up and hurried out the office’s front door. Junaco and the other demon were still waiting right outside in the hall even after all that time. The threesome returned to the large table and retook their seats.

“Alright, what do you know about this demon?” Hiei asked, looking over to his spy.

“Well, he does treat his servants badly. They are more like slaves and he doesn’t pay them, though his Makai reputation states otherwise.” The demon began. “He does anything he wants to them and I do mean anything. He has many kids running around in his fortress from different slave girls. He says he’s breeding himself an army that will be forever loyal. He uses the plant called Niniosa on them.”

“Niniosa?” Toushi questioned.

“It’s a cousin to the Risoia plant.” Kurama answered his son. “Niniosa isn’t as reliable as its counterpart; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

“It could also make the woman deathly ill.” Kaihei added his own knowledge. “Many have died from trying to use this plant instead of Risoia. In fact, it can be deadly to any demon if it is not used and handled right.”

“When I saw this girl that matched the description given to me, she didn’t have a child with her, but it’s not to say she doesn’t have one yet. He often separates the child from the mother as soon as the baby can be weaned if not sooner.”

“So, my fifteen year old sister can already be a mother,” Toushi growled, very angry. “Through rape!”

“Yes.” The spy barely nodded, slightly scared for his life. He didn’t like the anger that was playing across the wolf’s face.

“Calm down, Toushi,” Hiei ordered quickly, keeping a close eye on the wolf as well. “Curb your anger until that demon is in your sights then unleash it. Getting angry now, will not help us come up with a plan.”

“He’s right!” Kurama added to his mate’s statement, even as he cuddled the startled baby in his arms. “If she’s with child or already has one she’s still welcome here. We’ll help her as much as we can.”

“Hn, I think we need to get somebody into that fortress to make contact with her.” Hiei said, picking up the papers his spy brought with him.

“It appears that he still buys slaves, males and females. We could get somebody in that way.” Kurama suggested, hoping that he was helping the situation.

“But who?”

“He likes all of his slaves young, so the person will have to be young.” The spy commented.

“I can go.” Kaihei volunteered, catching everyone’s attention.

“No, I won’t have you getting stuck in there too.” Toushi quickly said.

“I have to agree.” Kurama put in. “Besides the whole Makai knows who you are and we really can’t give him a chance to capture the heir to two thirds of the Makai, to give him that power over us.”

“Kurama is right.” Hiei agreed, his tone ordering no argument. “But who we send in needs to be able to protect him or herself.”

“Then it can’t be any of your sons.” Junaco commented quickly. “They are all known as you say. What if we send in my son, Gailic? He knows how to defend himself and will follow orders well. He has gotten himself together over the last couple months since you two have been training him.”

“If you’re sure, Junaco?” Kurama said after a few moments of thinking it over. He was going say no at first, but they didn’t have much of a choice. Using Gailic was a good idea.

“I’m sure and he’ll be fine.” Junaco smiled, his pride in his son shining through. “Plus, I’ll deal with Shiori.”

“Good, then that sounds like a plan.”

“Ummm…” The spy began hesitantly, he wanted to keep his head after all. “Might I suggest sending a female in too? This demon doesn’t let males and females mingle much. He’s afraid that the male servants of the fortress will get to the females before he does.”

“I was thinking about doing that anyway, but who can we trust and be able to defend herself.” Hiei wondered, voicing his thoughts.

“Well, I have a female that fits that description, but you won’t like it, Hiei.” Kurama answered, this time he was being hesitant.

“Who is it?” Hiei asked, though he already had an inkling of who his fox was talking about and he really didn’t like it.

“Um…how about we send Tenshi in?”

“I don’t like that idea at all!” Hiei quickly replied, briefly wondering just what the redhead had been into for thinking that they would send in their daughter.

“Me either.” Kaihei was just as quick, he was very protective of his vibrant hellcat of a sibling. “I don’t want my little sister in there at all.”

“I do agree with both of you.” Kurama replied, his voice calm and smooth, imploring the others to hear him out. “But she is the most likely demoness we could send and trust, she can take care of herself. The only ones that know her face and that she is the daughter of the Makai Lords are the demons and demonesses in this fortress. She doesn’t go out enough to be that well known. Tenshi is also a very good fighter, we should know as we trained her. She is as deadly as Kaihei and nearly as powerful. She‘ll kill without a thought and then skip down the hall to do it again.”

“I do remember that time she put an ice spear through a demon’s heart that was disrespecting her. Everyone knew not to bother her after that.” Kaihei agreed, but very reluctantly. “I guess she would be the best choice.”

“I still don’t like it!” Hiei said, sounding a bit angry. “I don’t want my daughter anywhere near this demon after what I’ve heard about him.”

“Why don’t we let her decide?” Kurama asked hopefully. He just knew his daughter could do this with out any problems. “Give her the facts we know and see what she says.”

“Fine.” Hiei almost growled, turning to Junaco. “Bring Tenshi and Gailic in here.”

“Yes, sir.” Junaco jumped up and hurried off to complete his task.

A good fifteen minutes later, he returned with his son and Tenshi right on his heels.

“What is it, father?” Tenshi quickly asked.

“We need to talk to the both of you.” Hiei replied, indicating the two additional empty chairs in the room. “We have a mission of sorts for you two.”

“Alright,” Tenshi ignored the chairs, smiling as she sat down in the fox’s lap without even asking and taking her baby twin sister from him. Cradling her close to her chest as she leaned back against her redheaded father.

Kurama only laughed and hugged his little girl, though she was hardly little. Tenshi was six foot tall with a well built body and she looked just like her father’s ningen form, complete with long bright red hair. Her powers, however, were all Koorime and so was her attitude, when she got mad. Tenshi would wear revealing clothes, consisting mostly of tight fitting corsets, and dare anyone to say something to her or touch her. She was a tease and she knew it.

Kurama would almost pay to see this demon try to lay a hand on his feisty daughter. The male would be pulling back a stump of an arm and not even know it. Hiei just shook his head at the almost to cute sight. He looked over to the boy who had opted to stand beside his father.

“And you?” He asked.

“I’m game. I’m in the mood for some fun.” Gailic agreed with a smile too.

“Good.” Hiei smirked. He still didn’t like the idea of his daughter going, but she was game. He knew though, she was capable of taking care of herself so he wasn’t to worried.

The next hour was spent explaining to the kids the particulars of their spy mission. The group discussed everything from possible escape routes in case of an emergency to how Tenshi and Gailic needed to act. When they were done, they sent the spy on his way as well as Gailic and Junaco.

“Well, we finally got everything worked out.” Toushi breathed a sign of relief. “My sister is as good as home.”

“Yes, she is.” Kaihei smiled, happily hugging his mate.

“I’ll be thrilled when she gets here.” Kurama smiled as he shifted the fussy baby girl so she could nurse. She was hungry yet again. When he got her situated and content, he looked back up and continued where he left off. “That way I can finally get a grandbaby from you two.”

“Dad!” Kaihei was acting shocked. “You’re really pushing for us to have a child! Father, I think you need to do something about that.”

“What do you want me to do?” Hiei asked, not seeing the trap he just walked into. “I want a grandbaby too.”

“Well, if you two want another baby so badly why don’t you just have another, you only have seven kids already.” Toushi teased with a wicked smirk planted on his lips.

“On that would be great!” Tenshi squealed, her voice happy as she clapped her hands. “I would love to have another baby brother or sister!”

“A baby brother or sister?!” Kurama asked, raising an eyebrow. “Not likely! Your father and I will most likely have another multiple birth if one of us gets pregnant again.”

“Hn, plus my fox and I are getting too old to be running after several young kits again.” Hiei reached out and patted his daughter‘s diapered butt. “No more children for us, we’ll just spoil our little Namida and the next generation of this family……. And we will do it very well.”

“Yes, dare I say that they will be more spoiled then all of you were.” Kurama smiling, lovingly staring at his mate.

“Oh, no.” Kaihei whispered, paling slightly. He had been very spoiled and he knew it. He couldn’t imagine what a child of his would be like after his fathers got a hold of it and spoiled it. They were all going to be in for a rough ride to say the least. It definitely wouldn’t be boring around the fortress when he did decide to finally have the child he and his mate wanted desperately. Yep, it was going to be an adventure, one they all would be happy to take.



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