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Three years had passed since the Demon World Tournament. Enki’s law of keeping humans off the main course list had gone, for the most part, untainted. Some humans did wander through unseen portals. It depended on who found them if they’d go home, or if they ended up on a chopping block. While Enki had employed demons to keep the laws in check, criminals and black market dealings always thrived.

Lord Enki wasn’t the only one taking on new employees. King Yama decided to keep the line of Spirit Detectives active. However, no humans had such potential on Earth. None that could take on the powerful demonic energy of B-class demons. Due to this, he enlisted the aid of four demons that would have otherwise rotted away in the cells of Spirit World. They started shortly after Yusuke was fired, since the Human World and Demon World was becoming more unstable. Their time in the Spirit Detective gig would slowly pay off the debts they had to society and earn back their freedom.

Sukuna Kumo. Spider demon. Age one-hundred-and-ninety-nine. Wanted for arson, extortion, and accessory to murder. Kitsu Shiori. Fox demon. Age one-hundred-and-ninety-seven. Wanted for thievery, arson, drug possession, and participation in black market dealings. Hyouga Inoki. Half dog, half ice apparition. Age two-hundred-and-nine. Wanted for mass murder, thievery, various hate crimes, voluntary manslaughter, and active participation in the black market. Shakaku Fanelia. Half dragon, half fire apparition. Age two-hundred-and-thirty. Wanted for mass murder, grand arson, thievery, and various crimes.

Sukuna and Kitsu had operated on their own, but Shakaku and Hyouga worked as a team. They killed and stole whatever was to their liking, keeping a few steps ahead of the SDF the entire time. Both had their own reasons for their crimes, keeping them on their course for fifty years. Towards the end, Shakaku began to slow down, unable to tolerate the needless bloodshed any longer. She parted ways with Hyouga, and went into hiding for twenty-two years. Eventually, the SDF caught up with both of them, locking them away in top security. After a year, Yama paid each of the females a visit, granting them probation in the form of public service.

While Demon World was preoccupied with the Demon World Tournament preparations, the girls worked together, keeping the peace as best as they could. Due to their past crime lives, they weren’t seen in the best of light by the rest of their kind. Being the next batch of peace keepers did not help their reputations.

They didn’t let it bother them. In their own ways, they found it to be a way for redemption. A second chance. So, for three years, they worked off their debts, finding it to be exactly what they all needed.

As Sha was almost done with her last mound of paperwork for the week, she was interrupted by her office door swinging open. The resulting gust of wind blew all her papers askew. She blew upwards to get a stray piece off her head. Just as she was about to yell, thinking it was one of her squad, she stopped herself. “Botan, what is it?”

The ferry girl twisted her fingers around. “I’m terribly sorry for your papers, and I’ll clean it up while you’re gone. You’re needed in Lord Koenma’s office right away. Some urgent case has come up.”

Sha groaned, leaning back in her chair. “It’s the weekend! We all had plans. You, me, and the girls.”

“I know, but it’s not up to me. You should know I was looking forward to this weekend as well. This case is top priority though.” She bit her lip. “There’s always other weekends to go male-hunting.”

She scoffed. “Not if Koenma keeps working us to the bone on days we have those plans.” She pointed at Botan. “I still think he knows when we do this. I mean, yeah, there’s always something to the cases, but… it’s all too convenient, you know?”

Botan gave her a weak smile. “I know, Sweetie.”

She gave a heavy sigh and stood, tugging off her dress jacket. “How bad is bad?”

“Well.” She started playing with her fingers again as Sha pulled an emergency change of clothes from her desk. “You know how Koenma sometimes has a vein that pops on his head when he’s angry?”

She pulled the chopsticks holding her hair in a bun out. “I’m aware of the one. It’s actually amusing seeing how far it will pop.”

“Yes well I think he’s gotten a second one from stress with this case.”

She frowned. “Okay, so then bad. Do you have any details?”

“No, I’m sorry. I was just told to fetch you.”

“Well, that’s fun.” She sighed again, fidgeting with the clothes. “Alright, tell him we’ll be right there. Just have to change.”

She nodded. “Once you leave I’ll get the papers.” She left her in silence.

Sha looked around, blowing a harsh breath to force her red bangs out of her face. “Fun times for all…” She picked up her phone, dialing an extension. “Hey, Hyou. Time to suit up. Again.”


After rounding the other three from their own office spaces and changing into field clothes, the girls traveled through the chaotic main-office of rampaging ogres. They dodged a few wayward phones and horns, coming up to the massive doors of their boss. They opened automatically upon their arrival.

“So what is this grand master problem that has appeared to ruin our weekend?” Sha asked as they approached the desk, seeing Koenma in his teenaged form.

He handed her a file folder. “I have a mission for you in Demon World. It seems we have a breech over in Mukuro’s patrol area. She’s reported that sensors have gone off multiple times, indicating wayward humans, but when she’s sent groups out, there’s nothing there. I cross-referenced the areas where the portals let out in Human World. There are indeed humans going missing.”

“Are you sure it’s not some human serial killer?” Kitsu said, eyeing Koenma warily with her intense hazel gaze. “You’ve sent us on a similar wild goose chase before. Hyouga had to shift to scare the piss out of the killer to keep him from running.” One of her white-tipped ears twitched, something it did only when she was irritated. Which was often enough.

“No, this time we’re sure. We ran thorough checks.”

“What’s the bounty?” Hyouga asked, examining the photographs of the area in question. She didn’t have to hunch over Sha to see what the file contained.

“Mukuro has offered a generous amount of 500,000 rurimaru stones.” He crossed his arms. “Split four ways, of course.”

“Still good enough for my rent,” Sha said as she noted the area. “Why hasn’t she done a stake-out of the area herself?”

“They’ve tried that. Why do you think my father wants you sent in? She personally requested your presence. She believes that there must be a hidden portal along the stream of the one above ground.”

“We’re on it,” Sukuna said. “When are we to leave?”

“ASAP, so leave me to my own paperwork,” Koenma answered. “I’ll be checking in periodically.”

The girls nodded their agreement, heading to the nearest secured portal to Demon World.


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