Losing's not so bad

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A/N: There was a disturbing lack of Jin/Touya on this site and while I don't have time to write a story with a plot I decided I needed to at least try to fix the lack of love these two get so enjoy the PWP.

“You a’right there, Touya?” the flaming haired demon asked his long time companion.


The ice master opened his chillingly blue eyes to look over at Jin. “Yes… It could have been worse,” he said softly. “I underestimated Kurama. Most demons who do that end up with far worse than a stab wound.”


Jin hummed a bit in thought where he was floating next to the bed. After they had lost the match against Team Urameshi Touya and himself had come back to their room to recover. He gently let himself float down to sit on the bed beside Touya. “I dinna like seein’ ya hurt, luv,” Jin said laying down and wrapping on arm around Touya’s bandaged waist.


Touya regarded Jin coolly. “We’re demons. It’s a hazard of our existence…” he pointed out.


“Yeah,” Jin agreed. “Still donna have ta like it.”


“I don’t need your protection, Jin,” Touya pointed out. “I am a Master Shinobi. I just got a bit careless is all.”


Jin hummed again and let one hand slide down Touya’s side. They’d been together almost a decade and Jin still had problems keeping his hands to himself. Touya ignored the roaming hand though and just enjoyed the warmth being wrapped in the Wind Master’s arms provided. Despite ice and the cold being in his nature Touya did like to be wrapped in a pair of strong warm arms. Not that he’d admit that.


Jin’s hand slipped down beneath Touya’s silk pants, running lightly over his smaller lover’s smooth cool skin. Touya looked over at Jin. “We are both injured you know,” he pointed out softly as Jin’s warmer hand easily pushed Touya’s trousers down from his hips.


Jin smiled, showing a fang and his eyes twinkling. “So? We’ve buggered lookin’ worse,” he said as one hand wrapped around Touya’s length and started stroking slowly. Touya inhaled sharply and arched a bit. He really should protest but with sharing a room with their now mostly deceased teammates they hadn’t been able to be intimate in weeks. Quite a length of time for them. So now that they were alone for a while –Risho was still off sulking for losing to a half dead Kuwabara and wouldn’t be back for quite a long time- and not quite as battered they were going to take advantage of it.


The Wind Master lowered his head and covered Touya’s mouth, plundering it instantly. Touya fought with Jin’s tongue while he wrapped his arms around Jin’s mostly bare shoulders. The fight didn’t last long and Jin quickly took control of the kiss as he pushed Touya’s clothes out of the way impatiently. Jin pulled back from the kiss, tugging slightly on Touya’s lip with his fang to tease the Ice Master a little. Jin studied his lover’s body with a softer smile than usually adorned his face; he loved the way the blue haired demon looked. He was made of all compact muscles from years of training and snowy white skin that didn’t bear a single scar despite all the injuries over the years.


Touya raised a slender eyebrow. “Are you just going to stare at me all night?”


Jin’s grin widened. “Na even close, luv. Just takin’ a moment ta enjoy the view, don’cha know?” He ducked his head and nipped lightly at one of Touya’s pale pink nipples. Touya’s breath caught and his hands moved up to tangle in Jin’s bright red hair.


Jin smiled and lowered his hand to slowly stroke the ice shinobi’s length as his mouth wandered from one nipple to the other, turning them hard easily. Jin took his time slowly kissing and nipping at every inch of Touya’s skin while slowly moving downwards. By the time Jin reached Touya’s hip the Ice Master was almost writhing on the bed under him.


Touya let out a high-pitched gasp as he felt Jin’s warm mouth wrap around his hard on. His fingers tangled tightly in Jin’s hair as the Wind Master slowly started bobbing his head and sucking. “J-jin…” Touya moaned as his lover began to deep throat him while one hand fondled his balls.


Jin ignored the fingers pulling at his hair. He was greatly enjoying himself; giving Touya head was one of his more favorite activities, both because of how the shinobi reacted and how bloody good he tasted. Touya writhed and thrust his hips into Jin’s warm mouth as he felt his climax getting closer. “Jin!”


The red headed demon swallowed all of Touya’s cum, sucking a little to make sure he got it all before sitting up some and licking his lips. His lover didn’t taste like any other person he’d had before it was almost… minty was the closest word Jin could come up with but that certainly wasn’t right. He wasn’t sure what the word he was looking for was and didn’t much care. He just knew he liked it. Touya panted to catch his breath, looking up at Jin with half-lidded eyes. Jin smiled widely. “Ya know ya look good all sweatin’ and pantin’ and what have you,” he said leaning forward and kissing Touya briefly.


Touya met the kiss instantly and let one hand dip down to push at Jin’s pants. Without breaking the kiss Jin helped him push the pants down and then kick them off. Only after they had used up all their oxygen did they break away from the kiss and Jin used his knee to direct Touya to spread his legs, which he did willingly. Jin once again slid down Touya’s body and hooked those pale thighs over his shoulders to expose the tight ring of muscles that was Touya’s entrance. Jin smiled a little before licking the puckered hole, causing Touya to gasp.


Touya’s gasp soon turned to moans as Jin used his tongue on him, thrusting it as deep as he could manage to help prepare Touya’s body for more. Jin took his time, making sure Touya was well moistened before adding in two fingers and beginning to thrust them. Touya moaned even more and rode the fingers to adjust faster to the feeling. Jin started searching for that spot that would make the composed ice master loose all sense and control and through ease of years of practice found it quickly. Touya cried out and grabbed at Jin’s hair again as his cock twitched in response to the prodding.


Once Jin was certain his lover was as prepared as possible he lowered Touya’s legs from his shoulders and removed his fingers to line his own aching erection up with Touya’s entrance. He glanced up to Touya’s face and the Ice Master gave a slight nod. Jin grinned widely and thrust his hips forward, burying himself in Touya’s tight body. Touya moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain and Jin had to fight the urge to just start pounding into that tight body. He didn’t want to hurt Touya more than he already was.


Touya panted a little as he adjusted before arching up and kissing the red headed wind master. “Alright, move already,” he said and Jin instantly complied. Jin didn’t bother starting out slow, knowing his lover was more than strong enough to take a little bit of a rough start. Soon the room was filled with moans and slight creaking from the bedsprings.


Jin’s mouth wandered again, showering the pale sweaty skin under him with kisses and bites and leaving hickeys behind. Suddenly Touya cried out with pleasure and his legs tightened their hold around Jin’s waist. Jin took note and aimed for that spot again, making sure to hit it dead on. Touya cried out even louder and dug his fingers into Jin’s back as he rode the thrusts so that they came together with even more force.


The thrusts sped up even more and Jin’s hands used their grip on Touya’s hips to hit that spot harder. Touya continued to cry out in pleasure as his eyes rolled back some from the constant pleasure of his prostate being hit. He was already so close it actually hurt somewhat.


Jin lowered a hand to Touya’s length and started stroking firmly, making his smaller lover cry out even more. Between Jin’s hand, mouth, and the constant hits to his prostate it wasn’t long at all before Touya arched into Jin and came hard with a cry of pleasure. Jin groaned as how tight Touya’s body got and thrust as deep and hard as he could several times before coming hard, filling his lover with his release.


The two of them laid there panting for air for a moment before Jin pulled out and rolled to the side, resting his head on Touya’s sweaty chest. He could hear the Ice Master’s heart thundering inside his chest. “Not bad fer an injured guy, eh?” he asked with a breathless chuckle.


Touya smiled a bit. “Not bad at all…” he agreed softly. His hand absently stroked Jin’s hair back as the red head wrapped an arm around Touya’s slender waist. Touya could feel Jin’s cum seeping down his leg but he didn’t care. His own release was all over his stomach and thighs, after all. He’d clean up later.


They laid there for a while just enjoying the after glow before Jin’s hand started wandering down Touya’s side again. Touya opened his eyes and looked down at the horned demon. “Again? Already?” he asked, somewhat amused.


Jin looked up and grinned. “Wha? Haven’ had me fix in a while. Can’ ‘spect one time ta do it now can ya?”


“Except I know you’re simply insatiable,” Touya replied.


“Mm, I don’ mind the sound a tha’,” Jin said rolling Touya onto his stomach and starting to kiss his way down the smaller man’s spine. Touya shivered, already feeling his body responding to the gentle kisses. Jin slid two fingers into Touya’s entrance to make sure he was still well prepared, and simply to tease the smaller shinobi.


Touya moaned some and pushed back against the fingers, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees to do so a bit easier. Jin smiled and gave a few more thrusts with his fingers before lining his length up with Touya’s entrance. He paused though and Touya decided he didn’t want to wait and pushed himself back, impaling himself on Jin’s length. Both shinobi moaned and Jin grabbed Touya’s hips to start thrusting deep inside his lover.


It wasn’t long before Touya was crying out with pleasure as Jin thrust against his prostate and made stars bounce across his vision. The red headed demon was moaning as his lover’s tight body put delicious friction against his already throbbing member. Every time Touya cried out for a faster pace or a harder thrust Jin instantly accommodated until they were making the bed hit the wall slightly with each thrust.


Their demon stamina let them keep up the pace and force for a while until Touya couldn’t manage to hold off his climax any more and came across the bedspread beneath them. Jin groaned loudly as his lover once again clamped down hard and pushed him over the edge. Jin came inside Touya again before they both collapsed onto the bed to once again catch their breath.


Jin kissed Touya’s shoulder and wrapped an arm around his pale waist as they slowly recovered. They were still laying there, their legs intertwined and sweaty and clear evidence of sex on their naked bodies, when the door opened and Risho came in, bruised and looking hung over.


Risho looked at them for a moment, his lip curled slightly. “You two are disgusting.”


Jin scowled a bit. “Yer just jealous you can’ find a beauty like Touya. Bugger off, Risho,” he said tightening his hold on the smaller shinobi who was giving his other teammate a cold glare.


Risho scoffed. “For your information, rutting like filthy dogs is not attractive. Don’t do such a revolting thing again.”


“Wha’ does it matta? We’ve already lost,” Jin pointed out angrily.


“Yes, and maybe if you two would stop acting like beasts instead of shinobi we wouldn’t have lost!” Risho snapped.


“Risho, there are two of us and one of you…” Touya pointed out. “I suggest you not provoke us anymore than you have already.” Risho scoffed again but took the warning and left the room, slamming the door behind him.


Jin stuck his tongue out at the closed door before nuzzling against Touya a bit. They laid there for a moment or so, just holding each other. “Wanna go again?” he asked, hand sliding down towards Touya’s groin.


Touya raised an eyebrow. “Now you’re just doing this to piss Risho off,” he accused.


“Nah, tha’ be just a side benefit,” Jin replied. “I’m wantin’ ya again ‘cause yer a sexy lil’ devil.”


Touya smirked a bit. “So I guess losing was a good thing?” he asked lightly.


“Me libido was dyin’ wit all the waitin’,” Jin answered as he started kissing his way down Touya’s body once again. Touya rolled his eyes some but was still smiling a little as his lover set to the task of enjoying their newfound free time.

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