Cold Showers

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“I’m using your shower.”

Kurama had been idly washing the breakfast dishes when Hiei tossed the frank comment over his shoulder as he exited the room with a nonchalant stride. Emerald eyes darted to the shadowlike form just as it disappeared around the door frame. The fox spirit’s lips curved into an impish smile as the plate he’d been washing sank back in to the sink. Dishwater rolled off of his fingers, completely forgotten.

“Are you sure you know how to turn it on, Hiei?” the redheads voice floated up the steps, even though Hiei was already in the bathroom. Kurama stepped in to the room, not bothering to shield his eyes.

“Don’t you know how to knock? And yes, I do.” The fighter had already turned the water on and stripped himself of his clothing. Kurama’s lithe form rested against the doorframe while his eyes shamelessly watched the naked form in front of him step in to the shower. That impish smile never once left his face. “I’m pretty confident in my ability to knock on doors.”

Hiei let the water rain over his face, the first thing he always did when he got in the shower. Kurama mused that that was how the fire demons face stayed youthful despite years of battles and wounds.  The water flowed down his form, contouring it perfectly save for the cascade falling off of his backside. “Is there something you needed or are you just here to stare at my ass?”

“I’m afraid you’ve caught me red-handed.” Kurama held up his hands in a gesture of surrender.

Eyes the color of blood turned and locked on to Kurama’s face. It was Hiei’s strong and deep gaze, the one that requested his lover’s presence. Kurama had learned it very well in their short time together. Kurama closed the distance to the shower while disrobing himself with such graceful fluidity that Hiei wondered to himself how his mother or classmates could ever mistake him for one of their own. Kurama slid open the door to the shower before pausing, “Hiei, are you-“

Crimson eyes rolled in exhaustion, Hiei grabbed the fox by the arm and pulled him directly in to the water stream while slamming the shower door shut. Kurama’s back arched and a shocked cry escaped his mouth as ice cold shower water splashed against his body. His mouth tried in vain to form the name of his shower partner, instead only shuddering a few short uncomfortable breaths.  Hiei drug his fingertips down Kurama’s chest, admiring the prickly goose bumps that were rising on his beau’s skin.  “You didn’t know that I take cold showers?”

Kurama shakily batted away Hiei’s hands and hugged himself tightly. The calm of his voice broke and sounded now more stunned. “W-why would you?!”

Hiei smiled to himself. Kurama’s shiver induced stuttering was nothing short of adorable. “I simply prefer them to hot showers.” The fire demon finally took pity on the fox and wrapped him in his embrace, immediately warming him against the stream of cold water.  Kurama calmed, and managed to drape his arms over Hiei without shaking too badly. Hiei pressed his body firmly against Kurama’s and the taller demon was surprised when a soft groan left his lips. “Cold water makes you feel a bit sensitive, doesn’t it?”

Kurama nodded above Hiei. The cold water, while startling at first, aroused him. His lithe fingers twined themselves between surprisingly soft black locks which defied gravity even when wet. Hiei’s mouth had found its way to one of Kurama’s pale pink nipples. Heat pooled between Kurama’s legs as the hot muscle teased him, sensations only heightened by the cold shower. He tugged on the dark strands, something he had become quite fond of lately. Kurama’s hair pulling did not reflect the soft gesture of Hiei’s strong arms protecting him from the cold. Hiei grunted out of his own masochistic love of the pain pulling at his scalp.

“Touch me.” At the behest of the soft alto Hiei’s hands roamed across the lightly muscled body. His fingertips traced the dimples of Venus that sat above the gentle swell of Kurama’s ass. Though, Hiei knew this is not what Kurama meant. One hand stayed to cup a cheek and the other travelled to slip between their bodies, grasping the erection that now pressed against his own. “Needy fox.”

Kurama simultaneously yanked Hiei’s hair and ground against him, pulling a delicious moan from him. This was their lover’s battle, a battle for dominance that could easily sway from one to the other as victor.  Hiei bit the pink nub between his teeth before parting to plant kisses down the redhead’s tummy. Kurama breathed heavily, but watched the kisses trail further down with wariness. Hiei never chose to be the subservient partner without a catch. Any maintained guard fell away like the discarded clothing they often left around Kurama’s bedroom on any given evening. His eyes rolled back, shut, a deep sigh flowed from parted pink lips. Hiei’s tongue began to caress Kurama’s erection from base to tip in a manner more suited to lascivious porn stars than a hardened warrior. The fox glanced down and was caught in Hiei’s intense gaze. He could only watch as Hiei decided the teasing licks were over and engulfed most of the hardened cock in his hot mouth. That hot mouth was such a stark contrast from the frigid water on the redhead’s back.

Deep sighs and gentle moans were the only noises in the bathroom accompanying the shower spray. Soon Kurama became restless, “more.”

Hiei’s mouth left him. “Oh?”

Here it came. “I want more.”

“You’re being awfully bossy considering you’re pleasure rests in my hands.” One of Hiei’s hands crept around to Kurama’s backside, causing him to push against it. “I’m afraid if you want any more you’ll have to beg for it.”

Usually Kurama’s voice would hiss out Hiei’s name in a condemning tone sounding more feline than fox, when requested to beg. But Hiei had left him too close to release, too needy to say no. “Hiei,”


“Please, I need more.”

Kurama’s plea was raspy, much to Hiei’s well concealed delight. His fingers began to lightly massage his companion’s entrance. “What do you mean more?”

Kurama turned his head away in an attempt to maintain dignity. “I need something inside.”

Hiei grinned, skilled fingers maneuvering inside of Kurama’s entrance and finding the coveted spot with ease. At once Hiei engulfed Kurama again, rubbing against his sweet spot mercilessly. Kurama cried out, the sweet sound echoed in the room around them. Kurama’s hands pulled Hiei’s head down on him further, the feeling of that incredibly hot mouth and skilled fingers bringing him closer to the edge with every second. Nearly to the brink, Hiei stopped.  “I think I’d like to hear more before we’re done.”

Kurama, swept up in urgency pleaded, “Oh god, Hiei don’t stop! Please, I’m so close, please!”

Satisfied, Hiei took the weeping cock into his mouth again.  After only a few moments Kurama’s back arched as Hiei’s name fell off of his lips in a jumbled heap of heated cries. Hiei swallowed up the seed hungrily, grinning at his partner as he recovered (and turned the hot water on.) He stood and watched as his effeminate partner gathered his composure under the warm water. The look in Kurama’s jade eyes was nearly unreadable, “If you ever pull me in to a cold shower again, I’m withholding sex for two weeks.”

Hiei rolled his eyes, maintaining the grin. “Whatever you say, needy fox.


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