Rise of Legion

BY : SSJ04Mewtwo
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Rise of Legion

The Beerier

by SSJ04 Mewtwo


Legalities & Warnings

Is the author trying something knew? Yes. Does the author own Yu Yu Hakusho? No. Does the author know what he is doing? Maybe, but that question is better left answered by you readers.


This is the last file that has been filed under Classified Section 01 of Spirit World Law. This file, along with all prior files pertaining to the subject matter of this file are all to be declassified after 500 years have passed.


'This is boring, patrolling the border between Demon World and the human one. I should have gone to Genkai's. At least I'd see how week that moron Kuwabara has gotten since the last time I saw his ass,' Hiei thought, annoyed. He then saw in the distance a black cloud. This wouldn't normally interest him, but the cloud was hovering only three feet off the ground.

Then, for a moment, a black wall of energy flared to life, marking the bounder line between the two worlds. And, as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. Knowing the probable cause might be the cloud, Hiei took off in the direction of the cloud.


The entity was pleased. It had waited five thousand years to do what it was about to do. The millions of demons that comprised the being wanted the beerier for its own purposes. It then felt the presence of a fire demon.

"You going to hide within that cloud, or are you going to explain why you put up a beerier and left me on the side of the human world of your stupid beerier."

"Hiei, you ought to be honored that you are the first demon to see me in five thousand years," a voice that sounded like thousands were speaking said.

"Aren't you the creepy bastard."

"Can you fight a million at once?"

"A million? Al I see is one annoying looking cloud."

"Of course you wouldn't know of Legion."

Hiei glared, "Legion huh? Is that supposed to scare me?"

"It will."

"Legion, what a stupid name for the one I'm about to kill!" he shouted and attacked. However, faster than Hiei had ever seen something move, a black tentacle buried itself in his Jagan eye. The tentacle pulsed as purple energy sparked across the appendage.

"You are an A Class demon, Spirit World couldn't classify me because I wouldn't let anyone live long enough. You are nothing compared to me. However, you know that half demon...so tell him that I shall be the one to kill him. tell him that I will torture all of those that are his allies, especially his weapon. Tell that worthless half demon to keep her near by. She's the only thing that fuels his fighting spirit," Legion said as Hiei grunted in pain. the tentacle released the fire demon and Hiei dropped to the ground.

"You should...kill me...or you'll..regret it," Hiei gasped out.

"I wish for you and the rest of that halfling's supporters to suffer, forever. Death would be a release and I shall not release you. Go, find that Halfling. You'll notice that I've blinded your Jagan eye. It may returned to you or it may not," the voices of Legion said and the cloud passed through its own now invisible beerier.

'those idiots better still be there when I get there,' Hiei thought in frustration. He hoped to make it to Genkai's before his body gave out. Odds were good that a poison, a weak poison, had been injected and would probably put him down for a while.


"You look as if you've been in a war...what the hell crossed the border?" Genkai asked.

"You know of a being that's calling itself 'Legion'?" Hiei asked.

"Legion? Not one of those cluster fuck demons," Genkai growled as she helped to heal the effects of the poison. "You aren't going to go back out looking for that thing before the others wake are you?"

"Urameshi better have made it out. Legion put up his own beerier around demon world. I'm stuck on this side."
"No, the dolt is here."

"I need to rest to get this damn poison out of me. Tell that dolt that Legion is looking for him and will torture his friends to get a piece of him. Don't know why he referred to that girl Urameshi likes as a weapon."

"Legion knows Yusuke's strength and weakness all wrapped in one neat package."

"Anyone tell Yusuke's that he'll out live all his human friends being a half demon?"

Genkai bit her lip, "I doubt it, but there has to be something you demons do if you do take a human mate."

"Ask Kurama. He knows that particular piece of demon knowledge. Just make sure Kuwabara doesn't try to piss on my body while I'm hibernating," Hiei said and went into hibernation.

'Why do I get the feeling that this is another one of Spirit World's messes that they didn't clean up? This smells like a mess left by King Enma. Wonder if Yusuke cleans this one up if the great king of spirit world will still want him dead.'

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