Spring Rain

BY : Moon Minamino
Category: Yuyu Hakusho > Yaoi - Male/Male > Hiei/Kurama
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His expression is focused and blank. While it is obvious that he is thinking about something, something that is taking the entirety of his attention, I cannot fathom a guess as to what. Kurama has always been a closed book.

I can tell that he feels me looking, staring for far too long, and I manage to turn away right as he blinks himself out of his thought. His hard green eyes soften as they look at me, and he gently asks if anything is wrong.

"No," I respond and turn away from him, staring out the window. I can hear him chuckle slightly under his breath before he goes back to his stern contemplation. I suppose I could use the Jagan to figure out just what he's thinking about, but surely he would feel it.

After a few more moments of regulated breathing and a perfect posture, Kurama stands and stretches. I look at him, trying to not betray my nonchalant attitude with a questioning look. Apparently I fail, as he offers a slight smile and says, "Going on a run."

"You'll get wet," I say quietly and turn my head back to the window, watching the small droplets of water race each other down the cold glass. I can still see his reflection against the dark sky, but I pretend to not notice him.

"Rain never hurt anyone. Besides, its spring."

I don't respond, but silently wonder if spring holds special meaning for a plant master. Everything is blooming with new life—can he feel that? Do the budding plants call out to him? I let my question remain silent, dipping my chin in such a way that my mouth falls below my scarf. My now-unseen expression cannot give my thoughts away.

Kurama smiles once more and looks at me for a moment, as if he can read my thoughts with more skill than the most experienced telepath. I do not respond. Looking away and giving a slight shake of his head, he leaves the room for a run.

From my perch on his windowsill, I can see him leave the front of his home and run down the road, disappearing in the dark fog of the first spring rain.

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