Indigo Temptation

BY : RaineTensai
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Dragon prints: 1981
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Indigo Temptation


The late afternoon sun sent its rays through the trees and directly into Hiei’s eyes, making him scowl.  No matter how he positioned the car’s visor he couldn’t escape the blinding light, another inconvenience of his short stature.

The driver gave a short chuckle as he saw Hiei’s struggles, and reached into the glove box to withdraw a spare pair of sunglasses and hand them to Hiei. They were a rather nice pair of Ray Bans, and Hiei didn’t miss the glint of the man’s Rolex from beneath the sleeve of his custom-tailored Italian leather coat, either.

“Here you are,” the man said with a small smile.

Hiei gave an appreciative nod as he slipped the glasses on, determined not to gawk. He wasn’t one to keep up with fashion trends, but he would have to live under a pretty large rock not to know the wealth that these things represented. The last few weeks had seemed like an incredible dream from which he was certain to wake up at any moment.

His present was such a striking contrast to his past that it was almost laughable. Both Hiei and his twin sister, Yukina, had been orphaned when they were very young. Yukina was fortunate enough to be adopted by a wealthy family, while Hiei was bounced from foster home to foster home until, at the age of twelve, his psychic abilities began to fully manifest, and his foster-father-of-the-month saw potential in him. He was adopted, and used as a pawn, cheating easy dupes out of their money. By the time he was fifteen, Hiei had reached his limits. He ran away from his foster parents and went deep underground.

Hiei soon found himself falling back on the very same tricks he had been running from, but it was a necessary evil in order to survive. And survive he did. Not only did he make it on his own at an early age, he actually thrived. Once he was able to get himself off of the streets, he built a life that allowed him to live simply, and undetectably.  He was content to keep it that way. Content, that was, until he was contacted by a man. Not just any man, but Sakyo Valdez, head of an infamous crime syndicate. Well, public head, anyway. There were of course others pulling the strings behind the scenes, but it was doubtful Hiei would ever meet them.

He very nearly blew the call off as a joke. That was, until a familiar name was dropped. The man on the phone had said Hiei had been highly recommended to him by someone named Yukina. He had laughed at the pause, and told Hiei to relax, that she was as safe and happy as she’d always been. That was how Hiei was talked into meeting with some of Sakyo’s men.

As it turned out, Yukina had been adopted by one of those heads-behind-the-scenes and was, for all intents and purposes, a mafia princess. She was originally adopted to be doted upon by the leader, and groomed to follow in his footsteps. He needed an heir, but feared the repercussions of being closely enough involved with someone to produce one. Adoption had been an ideal option.

Hiei was happy to hear that his twin had grown up in a loving environment, wanting for nothing. She had been traumatized by their parent’s death, and couldn’t speak when she had been adopted, but through extensive therapy and much patience she overcame that, and her adoptive father felt he’d struck gold when her own unique abilities had surfaced. She was a strong empath, capable of knowing when someone was lying even through written correspondence. In addition to that, she showed promise as a healer, and was currently being trained in directing her energy for such purposes by an old master of such techniques.

Hiei was told that she was eager to see him, but wouldn’t be returning from her training for several months. In the meantime she had written him a letter, urging him to accept the work he was about to be offered. It was simple really; if the crime syndicate had its own personal seer keeping track of all its goings on, it was better than an insurance policy for them.

Hiei had no moral hang-ups about accepting the job. In his world there was neither good nor evil. There was only honor, and in his experience the boundaries of said honor tended to differ greatly from person to person.  He wasn’t thrilled about stepping out of the shadows he had become so accustomed to, but over the last week he had definitely seen a few upsides to working for such a wealthy and well-connected organization. It wasn’t really as if he had any choice in the matter anyway. Pretending that it was a request was just a courtesy. Hiei was not naïve enough to think they wouldn’t force him to comply anyway. Hiei was strong, but even he had his weaknesses, and they would exploit every single one of them if they had to.

“They look good on you. You should keep them.”  Hiei was pulled from his thoughts by the driver’s comment, and hoped the other man’s glasses were every bit as dark as his so that he wouldn’t see the slight signs of embarrassment that crept to his cheeks. He was going to argue that they were too expensive, but he already knew that money meant very little to this man, and that he would lose the argument. One of the great advantages to having psychic abilities is that it kept one from wasting their time. A downside, of course, was that it made one realize how very little influence they had over their own lives. As a result, Hiei was a man of few words. He did, however, have basic manners, and offered a simple thank you.

Money indeed meant very little to the man next to Hiei, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t shallow. The only thing this man cared about, as Hiei had come to learn, was beauty. And he had a strange definition of it. There was no doubt Hiei shared his taste in some things. This car, for instance, was a thing of beauty: a sleek, sporty contraption in Hiei’s favorite color, black. It was classy in the way that its beauty and power were understated. Not enough to detract from the driver, and not intended to awe others, just intended to grab their attention and a small amount of respect along with it.

Not that much could detract from Karasu. He was beautiful himself, albeit in a predatory way: sleek and fanged, dangerous, mysterious, a panther is human skin. Hiei was mildly jealous of the man’s impressive height, but mostly he just admired the grace with which such a tall form could move. It wasn’t as if he were bulky, though, so Hiei reasoned that probably helped immensely. In fact, the other man was slender, almost to the point of being too thin, and though Hiei was certain he could hold his own in a fight, he could think of much better ways to put those lithe muscles to use.  Hiei’s mind offered him images that he had not requested of the taller man spread out beneath him, his vampire-pale skin bared to Hiei’s caresses, endless ebony hair spilling all around them. Hiei was not one to desire others. He enjoyed sexual encounters every now and then, but he had never felt he needed to have them with a particular person. He very rarely fantasized about people he saw, but since meeting the crime syndicate’s explosives expert and interrogation specialist, Hiei had found his thoughts consumed by the gorgeous man. Of course, the lust the other continuously threw in his direction was not helping matters.

“So, Hiei, “ Karasu spoke, mercifully delivering Hiei from his thoughts, and distracting him from the growing heat within his body. “I hear that you can read minds in addition to seeing the future. Is that true?”

“I don’t so much read minds, as see them,” Hiei tried to explain, “I see strong thoughts as colors. And sometimes, if the other person is weak-willed or openly allowing me in I can see blurry images, or hear whispers of their thoughts. I can rarely make them out though.”

“How interesting,” Karasu mused, “and do different emotions have different colors?”

“Yes and no,” Hiei always struggled to explain these things. “It’s rare that someone is ever feeling just one emotion at a time, so they do have their own colors, but usually I see a jumble of colors and can only get a basic idea of their thoughts based on the strongest colors.”

Karasu nodded as if he understood, even though it was a hard concept to wrap one’s mind around. He fell silent, however, as they pulled into his driveway. “Here we are, hopefully dinner is ready for us,” he announced as he removed his sunglasses and slid them into the holder attached to his visor.

“You have a chef?” Hiei was a bit surprisedthat didn’t really seem like Karasu’s stylebut when he gave a devious little chuckle Hiei became genuinely confused. 

“Something like that,” the raven-haired man informed him, amusement dancing in those stunning violet eyes.

Hiei didn’t question further, however, as he exited the car and took in the mansion-like house. From the front it didn’t look overdone, but it was still impressive. The paved length of driveway circled around a small fountain which looked a bit too cute for Karasu’s tastes at first glance. It featured the stone likeness of a beautiful angel standing in a pool of water with an upturned face. Upon closer inspection, however, Hiei noticed that the water was trickling from its eyes and down its cheeks, and smirked.

That’s more like Karasu.

The psychic followed him up a stone-lined walkway, and the blood-red blooms of the rose bushes that lined the path filled the air with their perfume. Hiei took a deep breath of it, steadying his nerves before following the other up onto the Victorian-style porch. With its large stone pillars and fence-like railing, Hiei got an odd sense of stepping into a cage as he reached the top of the steps.

The foyer of the house was not as spacious as Hiei had imagined it, even from the outside. In fact, it felt cozy, rather than overwhelming. There was a coat rack in a shallow alcove to the left of the front door, which Hiei promptly made use of as he shrugged off his jacket.

“Welcome home,” the warm greeting made Hiei curious, so he poked his head around the wall, flushing at the sight that greeted him. Karasu was being helped out of his coat by a pretty creature in a maid outfit, complete with stockings and garters, though not wearing any shoes. Were it not for Hiei’s unique abilities, he might have confused those delicate features and the long fiery locks with those of a woman, but Hiei could plainly see with his “third eye,” as he jokingly referred to it, that this emerald-eyed vixen was indeed male.

It wasn’t until Karasu had taken a seat on a bench that was against the wall, and that pretty face was smiling at Hiei as he squeezed past to hang up Karasu’s coat, that Hiei realized he was openly staring. He had thought Karasu was good looking, but his looks absolutely paled in comparison to the scantily clad red head. He tore his eyes from his personal siren to look nervously at Karasu, unsure if he’d appreciate him ogling his…whatever he was.

Karasu offered him a small chuckle, and patted the bench. “Have a seat, take your shoes off,” he encouraged, clearly not fazed by Hiei’s actions.

The shorter man nodded and took a seat, working at the laces of his shoes, which was more difficult than it should have been. It probably would have been easier if he was actually watching what he was doing, but his eyes were once again glued to the redhead as he sank gracefully to his knees and began to unlace Karasu’s boots, and remove them.

Karasu noticed this, and ran a hand through red silken strands as he spoke. “Thank you, pet,” he praised, “I think our guest could also use some help.”

The other’s face flushed slightly, but he gave a nod and scooted over so that he was in front of Hiei, glancing up at him through long, mascara-coated, lashes with a shy smile gracing his lips as he wordlessly began working at the laces of Hiei’s shoes. Hiei could only stare. He found the beautiful man’s obedience to be puzzling, but those thoughts were muted under the louder voice of confusion that echoed in his head. Hiei could clearly see the colors coming off of him.

There were two main hues standing out among his emotions: a pinkish color that Hiei had learned signaled arousal, and a yellow-green that bordered between embarrassment and discomfort. He was intensely confused as to how one could be equal amounts of those three things. It was a combination he had certainly never encountered before. Then again, Hiei tried to refrain from reading people, since it usually only served to depress him. Seeing the darkness in everyone around him made him lose what little faith he had in humanity.

“Hiei,” Karasu finally said as Hiei’s last shoe was removed, deciding he’d derived enough entertainment from the other man’s reactions, “This is Kurama. He specializes in the development and production of opiates for us. You two will be working closely together since his division is the financial backbone of our little family.

Kurama locked eyes with Karasu in an unspoken question, and once the raven-haired man nodded his consent, Kurama offered Hiei his hand and a warm smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hn,” was all Hiei could manage along with a small incline of his head as he shook the offered hand, surprised by the firm grip despite the delicate appearance and softness of the skin.

“Come, let’s eat.” Karasu said, heading for the kitchen, “It smells wonderful, lovely.”

Kurama smiled, and motioned for Hiei to go first. He was thankful for that, since he knew he’d be staring at the other’s skirt-clad ass if he had to follow him. “So then, you two are…” he let his question trail off, hoping someone would answer.

“Kurama belongs to me,” Karasu answered as he took a seat at one end of the table, as if that were actually supposed to explain everything.

“I…see…” Hiei answered, taking his seat at the other end, though he clearly didn’t see, and confusion was still etched into his features. He looked to Kurama hoping for further explanation, only to find him busy carrying a roast to the table. After that, Kurama poured them both a glass of some fine-smelling wine, never once meeting either of their eyes in the process.

“Very good, pet.” Karasu said, bringing his hand to rest on the back of Kurama’s thigh, “You may relax now.”

Hiei watched in disbelief as Kurama lowered himself onto his knees next to Karasu’s chair. “Let’s make you more comfortable,” Karasu purred as he reached behind Kurama and unfastened the lace neck piece, removing it and the large bow to reveal a tempting expanse of pale skin. Hiei’s eyes instantly drifted to the metal collar around that long neck, and the chain that was attached to it that stretched downward across that milky flesh, and disappeared to places Hiei pictured all too easily.

Hiei forced himself to take a few quick gulps of the wine to steady his nerves, and Karasu mercifully pretended not to notice. “So then,” Karasu said as he positioned himself more comfortably in his chair and took a few bites of the roast, nodding in approval at the taste, “Sakyo has asked me to brief you on what exactly will be required of you in your new position.”

Hiei fought hard to focus on Karasu’s words all through dinner, somehow managing to nod occasionally. Just when he would begin to block out the fact that there was a beautiful man kneeling beside the table like a dog, it would be brought back to his attention as Karasu would hold a morsel of food out, only to have it licked from his hands. Hiei was suddenly able to see perfectly well how one could feel embarrassment, discomfort and arousal all at once, for he was sure his own thoughts were showing off similar hues.

When dinner was finished, Karasu suggested that he and Hiei move to the living-room for drinks, while Kurama busied himself clearing the dishes. Hiei, of course, jumped at the chance to put some distance between himself and the source of his arousal. Once they were alone, Hiei was actually able to ask the questions he’d been too distracted to think of before, and began to feel that he might actually enjoy his position, especially if he would get to see Yukina as frequently as Karasu seemed to think. His body and mind began to calm down a bit as he started to wonder what kind of a person she had become. That was, until Kurama reappeared and he lost all train of thought.

As Kurama knelt at Karasu’s feet, and began to massage them, Hiei was once again openly staring without realizing it. He was seeking out the redheaded man’s thoughts, trying to figure out why he would subjugate himself so, but the only thing he saw in him now was calm thoughts, with a tint of arousal. 

The seer was pulled from his thoughts by a dark chuckle. “Does his presence make you uncomfortable?” he asked, for the first time acknowledging that the situation was abnormal, “I can send him away if you prefer.”

“No, that’s not necessary.” Hiei answered, perhaps a little too quickly, since this too made Karasu laugh.

“Then relax,” Karasu instructed. “Why don’t you help him, Pet?”

Kurama nodded obediently and rose gracefully to his feet, walking behind Hiei’s chair, and laying gentle hands on his shoulders. “No, really, I’m…” Hiei let his words trail off as those fingers began to work magic on his tense muscles, kneading and soothing away every knot.

“You were saying?” Karasu asked with a victorious little grin.

“He’s very good,” Hiei said, his tone laced with pleasure. It was only after the words had left his mouth that he realized he’d fallen into Karasu’s habit of speaking about the man as if he wasn’t there, and felt a twinge of guilt.

“Yes, he is. Kurama has many skills, and he loves using them to please me,” Karasu turned an intense, almost stern, gaze upon Kurama as he continued, “Don’t you, Pet?”

“Yes, Master.” The words rolled like honey from between those soft lips, and the silken sound invaded Hiei’s ears. The title was spoken with ease, but Hiei found himself being flooded with an emotion he couldn’t name. Was it anger? Jealousy, maybe? It was irrational and made no sense, so Hiei let it go.

As Kurama continued working skillfully at Hiei’s shoulders, the shorter man watched through half lidded eyes as his host refreshed their drinks.

“You know what I think, Hiei?” Karasu asked, his tone betraying his mischievousness as he carried Hiei’s drink back over to him.

“Hmm?”  Hiei questioned warily as he reached for the drink.

“I think,” Karasu leaned close to his ear as he placed the drink in his guest’s hand, “That you want to know my little Adonis better.”

Hiei’s eyes widened at the statement, but he made no effort to deny it as Karasu leveled him with a knowing gaze that he couldn’t even attempt to lie to. After all, who wouldn’t want to know Kurama better?

Karasu smirked as he straightened up and nodded to Kurama. They seemed to have an almost telepathic connection between them, and Hiei wondered how long they had been together like this, feeling another surge of that foreign emotion within him. That feeling, along with his thoughts, was quickly de-railed, however, as Kurama eased himself into his lap.

Despite his shock at the boldness of the move, Hiei’s hands flew up to help support him, one resting on Kurama’s lower back, and the other on his upper thigh. The seer didn’t have time to be embarrassed over his hand placement, however, as the redhead leaned in and kissed him.

Hiei had been kissed before. It was not a new experience, yet his heart was fluttering in his chest like a nervous school boy’s. No, if he were honest with himself it was more like a school girl’s. He felt suddenly shy, and inexperienced, and vulnerable. If Hiei were a blusher this would have done it, but he had never been one to blush easily. Kurama was a fantastic kisser. Hiei was certain he’d had much practice, but as he regained his senses, he refused to simply be kissed by this little vixen. He brought a hand to the back of Kurama’s head and began to kiss him back in earnest, eyes fluttering closed, heart gaining a steadier, though still frantic, pace. He noted with a smile that the other man smelled like the roses outside.

A fire seemed to ignite in Hiei’s stomach and burn through him slowly, though it seemed to concentrate more on his groin than anywhere else. He couldn’t believe he was getting this turned on by one simple kiss, no matter how stunning or skilled Kurama was.

When he felt Kurama pulling away he nearly whined at the loss. That was until he realized he wasn’t pulling away, Karasu was pulling him away, by his hair, no less. It wasn’t a violent gesture, and there wasn’t any pain registering in Kurama’s lust-filled eyes, but it still bothered Hiei slightly. Karasu released Kurama the moment he was off of the seers lap, however, and nudged him aside, grasping the arms of Hiei’s chair, he leaned close once again.

“As I said,” he explained with a dark smile, “He has many skills, and he’s incredibly obedient.”

Hiei’s eyes drifted past Karasu to where Kurama stood, watching them. That lust was still present in his eyes, but it was now joined by a spark of excitement as he seemed to be anticipating something. “Kurama,” Karasu spoke again, his voice clearly a command now, “Strip out of that uniform.”

“Yes, Master” the reply once again sweeping Hiei’s thoughts away. This time arousal and excitement colored them. Hues of pink and orange dancing and melding together, forming a new, peach-like color, nearly the same shade as the long leg Kurama was slowly baring as he inched down one of the sheer, black stockings.


Hiei was so focused on the sight before him that he barely noticed when Karasu leaned even closer. That is, until their lips were touching. Hiei’s body was burning with need, and he gladly accepted the gesture. This kiss was not like Kurama’s had been, however. Whereas the redhead was soft and yielding, the dark beauty was every inch dominant, and Hiei was unwilling to submit to him, so the kiss was more like a duel of wills. It was heated, and passionate, but also rough, and insistent.

Hiei was at a bit of a disadvantage, however, as his eyes kept drifting back to Kurama, who was putting on an excellent show for him. With Karasu’s back turned, he felt as though it was a secret that was being shared between them.

Karasu finally grabbed a hold of Hiei’s spiked hair and tugged him back, breaking the kiss with an amused smile. Neither had been the victor, but Karasu had grown bored with that part of his little game, and so he busied himself at Hiei’s neck, nipping and sucking at it, working his neck tie lose as he did so.

Hiei released a shaky moan as the new tingles of pleasure joined his mounting arousal, making him painfully hard. His eyes were now glued to Kurama, rather than glancing at him frequently. The stockings were gone, his hair had been let down so that it flowed even longer down his back. The skirt had been removed, and all that remained were black panties, the garter, and the bodice, which Kurama was slowly unzipping as he bit his lip seductively.

It was at that moment that Hiei realized he had fallen victim to a wonderfully devious trap. They had, no doubt, planned this. Between Kurama’s seductive strip tease, and Karasu’s rough, yet erotic treatment, Hiei was ready to do just about anything they asked of him. His body begged for more attention, and his mind lusted for them both.

Hiei felt the neck tie slip from his shoulders, and was vaguely aware of it being laid over the back of his chair As Kurama completely removed his bodice, revealing more of the chain that ran from his collar into his panties, deviating briefly to hook artfully through his nipple rings.

Karasu busied himself unbuttoning Hiei’s shirt, kissing and nipping at the newly revealed skin as he went. Hiei could only arch helplessly into that mouth as he watched Kurama remove the garters, and then, ever so slowly, the panties.

The seer shivered slightly as he saw that Kurama’s partially erect length bore a metal cock-ring to which the chain was attached. “It’s impolite not to pay attention to someone whose undressing you.” Karasu’s voice was like velvet in his ear, and he locked his eyes with those stunning amethyst orbs as their owner descended once again on Hiei’s lips. This time the kiss was less of a battle for dominance, and more of an acknowledgment of their status as equals.  It soon turned heated, and Hiei found himself helping Karasu out of his own shirt.

Karasu broke the kiss only momentarily, to kick at Kurama’s hand which had been stroking his length while watching them. “I did not give you permission to touch yourself.” He growled.

“I’m sorry, Master,” Kurama apologized, obediently abandoning his arousal and watching the men with a deep need in his eyes as Karasu turned Hiei’s head back to him, and continued their kiss while working at the belts of his pants. When he seemed to have some difficulty with the complex buckles, Hiei chuckled into the kiss and batted his hands away, undoing them himself as Karasu did the same. 

The kiss was broken again as the two dark-haired men rid themselves of their pants and, in Hiei’s case, boxers. Karasu, it appeared, was not a believer in undergarments. Soon, however, the kiss had been resumed, and hands roamed each other’s bodies as they slowly rocked their hips together, each gasping slightly as their cocks made that first contact.

Karasu once again began attacking Hiei’s neck with kisses and nips, drawing pleasured sighs from the shorter man, who returned the favor, making Karasu’s breath hitch in pleasure. Hiei was too busy to notice the hand-gesture that Karasu made, but he didn’t miss the effects of it. He cried out softly as he felt an unexpected tongue tracing his cock from root to tip. He found himself biting Karasu’s neck, perhaps a little harder than necessary, to keep silent as Kurama took both of their lengths as far as he could into his warm mouth, and began pleasuring them with a skilled tongue.

Karasu returned the rough treatment by biting Hiei’s ear, though the pain of the gesture only served to compliment the pleasure Kurama was giving them, and resulted in a throaty moan.  Karasu turned that biting mouth to Hiei’s neck, and his hand found its way to his cock, stroking the base where Kurama’s mouth wasn’t concentrated, and his moan turned into a gasp.

This was not Hiei’s first sexual experience with a man, but he couldn’t recall any of his past experiences being this intense.  He watched as Karasu tugged Kurama’s hair to get his attention, and nodded. Hiei nearly whined when Kurama pulled away, abandoning their cocks as he slipped from the room. Karasu gave a small laugh at the bewildered look Hiei was giving. “He’ll be back,” he assured him, grabbing a fist full of his hair and tugging his head back roughly so he could run his tongue along Hiei’s throat. “You should feel privileged, Hiei” Karasu added, narrowing those amethyst eyes until Hiei could clearly feel just how dangerous the taller man could be if he so wanted, “it’s not often I share my pretty things.” His pretty things: and there it was again, that unnamed emotion surging through Hiei.

As if to prove his point, when Kurama returned with a bottle of lube in hand, Karasu turned away from Hiei, and motioned for Kurama to continue pleasuring him. The redhead did as told, of course. Kneeling and taking his master’s length into his mouth, sucking it eagerly, his cheeks tinting slightly as he coated his fingers with lube and slid them into his own entrance.

“That’s a good boy” Karasu purred as he rolled his hips deeper into Kurama, relishing the little choke he gave. “Whores like you shouldn’t need lube or preparation, but since there’s two of us, I’ll make an exception.”

Hiei’s brow furrowed at the harshness of Karasu’s words, but as he saw the yellow and pink flare in unison within Kurama’s thoughts, he understood. Kurama seemed to get off on submission and humiliation.

“Thank you, Master,” Kurama said, pausing just long enough to get the words out before his mouth was back on Karasu’s member.

Hiei found the visual stimulation to be too much to ignore, and began stroking himself as he watched. Kurama watched him out of the corner of his eye, and for a moment forgot his place as his free hand crept toward his own cock, only to be kicked harshly away.  “What did I say?” Karasu scolded him, an edge of anger apparent in his tone.

“Forgive me, Master,” Kurama was quick to apologize.

Hiei noted that his thoughts colored red momentarily, and knew that Karasu had hurt him. The red quickly died away, and left a stronger pink in its wake. So he’s a masochist as well. Hiei mused, and tentatively felt out Karasu’s thoughts. Kurama was easy to read because he was being submissive. Karasu, however, seemed to know what he was up to, and shot Hiei a harsh look before the expression relaxed away and Hiei began to see a mixture of blue and white. Blue being pleasure, and white being anger or aggression.

“Let’s keep that hand busy, shall we?” Karasu snarled, motioning Hiei closer.

Hiei obliged, hissing as he felt Kurama’s fingers wrap around his length and begin pumping him with slow, deliberate strokes.  Karasu fisted a hand into Kurama’s hair, and used it to set the rhythm he desired as he slipped in and out of the crimson haired man’s mouth. The action caused Kurama to finger himself more vigorously, and his mind colored with splashes of red.  The rough treatment only lasted a few moments, however, as Karasu’s movements grew erratic, and he pushed himself deep inside Kurama’s throat, releasing a moan as he came hard.

Kurama swallowed every drop of his cum, being all too familiar with the punishment of not doing so. He swallowed quickly so that he could accommodate Karasu’s final thrusts, sighing in relief as he slipped from his mouth, his jaw aching and thankful for the opportunity to close, his head slumping forward, neck and shoulders burning from the angle. He never stilled either hand though. He knew better than that.

Kurama gasped as he felt his neck and shoulders protesting when his head was yanked back roughly by the hair. “Ah, ah, Lovely, you’re not finished,” Karasu scolded, guiding Kurama to Hiei’s cock, which he took without hesitation. He was at least thankful that the man’s shorter stature meant a less severe angle, and he couldn’t help but smile a little at the sounds he was pulling from Hiei. Karasu so rarely gave him any indication that he was pleased by what Kurama was doing.

Hiei couldn’t stop the gasps, and moans that escaped him as Kurama attacked him with his talents. He felt his control slipping more and more with each pass of that tongue over his slit, with every upward glance of those stunning emerald orbs, his ‘third eye’ was being assaulted as well, not only by the blues and pinks of Kurama’s mind, but by flashes of blurry images sent by Karasu as well. Skin against skin; that was all he could make out. That was all he needed to make out. His last thread of control broke and he brought his hands to Kurama’s head to still him as he came in his mouth, releasing a soft cry as he did so.

Kurama lapped and swallowed as much as he could, but was not fast enough as one drop dribbled from the corner of his mouth to the carpet below. He pulled away from Hiei quickly, knowing that the shadow he saw in his peripheral was Karasu lunging at him.

Kurama let out a small yelp as Karasu grabbed his hair savagely, all trace of gentleness evaporating from his touch. Karasu loved disciplining his pet. It’s what he lived for. He was always carefully watching, waiting for an opportunity to administer whatever new depravity he had thought up in his spare time. Kurama didn’t always enjoy this aspect of his master, but he accepted it nonetheless.  “You disgusting slut,” Karasu raged, his eyes flashing with anger and excitement, “Is that mouth of yours not big enough? You’ve soiled my carpet with your filth!”

“I’m sor…” Kurama’s words were cut off by a grunt as his head was slammed into the carpeted floor. He trembled slightly, unsure of what was to come. Hiei watched wordlessly as Kurama’s pink and orange thoughts streaked through with black. His fear was real, his quivering wasn’t for show. He was about to interject, but was shocked into silence as Karasu placed his bare foot on the side of Kurama’s head and face.

“It’s alright, Pet,” Karasu’s words and his tone did not match, and made Hiei uneasy. “I’ll just have to use your face as a rag.” Kurama barely had time to absorb the words and squeeze his eyes shut before that foot was pressing him into and across the carpet. The pain of the course material against his skin was dulled only by the fact that he was starting to see spots of darkness blot his vision from the pressure that was being applied to his temple. Kurama had thought he’d kept quiet, but when he heard a strangled cry in the distance he realized it was his own voice.

Hiei hated himself for admiring the way the red and black of Kurama’s thoughts complimented each other the moment he heard that cry. How could he just stand there watching? But was it really his place to interrupt? It wasn’t as though Kurama was a prisoner; he could end this at anytime and chose not to, so why should Hiei feel guilty for not interfering?

As quickly as it had appeared, the foot was removed, and Kurama’s vision slowly returned to normal. “Sit up.” Karasu commanded, the anger ebbing from his tone as Kurama obeyed. The redhead winced as he now clearly felt the effects of his punishment. Karasu squatted to Kurama’s level and admired the patch of red that colored his face from temple to cheek-bone. Usually Karasu avoid marring his angel’s face, but this was easy enough to conceal behind a few well-placed locks of hair if need be.  “Now you may apologize,” Karasu said calmly.

“I’m sorry, Master,” Kurama’s tone was sincere, if not a little shaky, but Karasu seemed to be waiting for more.

“And?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at his pet.

“Thank you for punishing me,” Kurama tacked on hurriedly.

Hiei watched in disbelief as Karasu offered Kurama a smile that was probably as close to genuine warmth as the taller man could come. “You’re welcome, Pet, you know I only punish you because I care, right?”

Kurama gave a slight nod, “Yes, Master.”

Hiei was again mesmerized by the beautiful duo’s interactions. If he were honest with himself, despite the fact that the punishment had left a bad taste in his mouth, he found the act of absolute submission to be a major turn on for him. In fact, despite his recent climax, he felt his cock stirring to life again.

Karasu took a seat in an oversized chair and Hiei followed suit, sitting across from him. “Are you ready, Pet?” Kurama nodded at the question, and crawled to the coffee table where the lube and a rather large toy sat. He retrieved the toy and brought it to Karasu, who chuckled softly. “This is the toy you want?” he asked in amusement.

Kurama blushed slightly and nodded. “Very well then, get into position,” Kurama wasted no time in obeying the order, moving so that his nose was touching the floor, and his ass was as high as the position would allow. Hiei groaned slightly at the sight, as it was possibly the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Kurama gasped slightly when the toy, that was easily bigger than either Hiei or Karasu, was pushed into him, but after the initial shock, he was rocking back against it, eager to be filled. Karasu, who knew his pet’s body well, stopped just before it hit his prostate, making Kurama whine softly. Karasu smirked as he took the remote for it and started it buzzing slowly.

Kurama began wiggling and moaning softly. The gentle vibrations were not quite enough to elicit true pleasure, only to tease him with the prospect of it. Karasu enjoyed watching his pet squirm, trying everything he could to get some semblance of contact where he actually wanted it. Even Hiei had to admit that watching the vixen squirm was entertaining.

When Kurama’s desperation got the best of him, his hand began to creep to his cock again, only to be yanked away in order to keep himself from falling over as his body was jolted forward, and a resounding crack from where Karasu’s palm had met his ass rang in his ears.

“You seem to insist on being naughty today, Pet” Karasu said, but his tone was more of a tease than true anger. He was enjoying himself too much now to let his temper spoil the fun. Instead Karasu motioned for Hiei to scoot his chair closer. The seer did so, eagerly, his cock now fully erect from watching Kurama’s writhing.  “Hiei here is going to keep your hands where they belong so you don’t get yourself into any more trouble.” Karasu informed him.

Hiei took a moment to assure himself that Kurama was enjoying this, before placing his feet lightly on the redhead’s hands, pinning them to the floor. “Th-thank y-you,” Kurama struggled to form words through his need.

“Let me help you deal with all that pleasure, Pet,” Karasu purred teasingly as he reached for his pants and removed his leather belt, trailing it down Kurama’s back, over his ass, and down his thighs, eliciting a series of shivers from him.

“Y-yes, please, Master,” Kurama nearly sobbed with his need.

Karasu was quick to oblige Kurama’s request, bringing the belt down across his ass with a thwap. Rather than the pain-laced cry and surge of red that Hiei expected, Kurama released a soft moan, and both red and blue heightened together, blending into a plum color.

As another strike descended, followed by another needy moan, and another, and another, Hiei couldn’t help but stroke himself lightly, releasing a moan of his own.

When Kurama’s ass was an intricate pattern of angry red welts, Karasu paused to rub a hand over them relishing the heat that came off of them, and inched the toy even deeper inside Kurama, who released a frustrated whine as it still wasn’t where he needed it to be. “P-please, Master,” he begged, hoping that Karasu would feel like being merciful.

“Shh, Pet, less begging, more screaming,” Karasu purred, running a finger teasingly along his perineum, causing Kurama try to push back, even though he couldn’t move very far with Hiei holding his hands down. He nearly sobbed when the finger was taken away, and yelped as the belt was brought across his sensitive thighs.

Karasu lost himself for a moment in a private fantasy as he continued striking Kurama’s legs. In his mind, Karasu was holding not a belt, but a whip, and rather than pink and red welts, his pet’s backside was decorated with streaks of blood, each lash of his whip adding paint to the canvas.

Hiei watched with some concern as Karasu seemed to drift off, his strikes unrelenting; even as Kurama’s pleasured moans gave way to cries, and eventually screams of pain. The seer waited until he was reading nothing but red from the submissive form before him, and he saw traces of tears gathering at the corners of his eyes before he spoke out sharply. “Karasu!”

Karasu’s hand stilled the moment he heard Hiei’s tone, and he examined the damage he had done to Kurama’s sensitive flesh. It had broken in some areas and blood beaded from the cuts. Kurama was eerily quiet, and he knew his pet was trying to deal with the stinging pain. As an apology, Karasu pushed the toy flush against Kurama’s prostate and turned the vibrations up.

Hiei relaxed a bit when the blue returned to Kurama’s thoughts as he concentrated on that long desired pleasure. Karasu waited until Kurama was a mewling, writhing mess, his tears falling, but with need rather than pain, before removing the toy completely, smirking as Kurama whined at the loss.

As Karasu lowered himself to the floor, however, Hiei released Kurama’s hands, and he crawled to his master who sat expectantly. “Is there something you’d like to ask me, Pretty?” Karasu asked, a flicker of amusement dancing in his violet depths.

Kurama flushed, glanced over his shoulder at Hiei and back to Karasu. Embarrassment tinted his thoughts a bright yellow as he spoke. “Master, can I please ride your cock?”

A shiver of desire shot through Hiei at Kurama’s tone: the perfect blending of humiliation, submission, and raw need. Karasu clearly enjoyed it as well as he offered another genuine smile. “Of course, Pet.”

Kurama’s cheek continued burning red as he lowered himself onto Karasu’s cock, hissing in pleasure as he took him in and began rising and lowering himself over his lap, releasing pleasure-laced moans as the length brushed against his sensitive spot.

Hiei watched with interest as yellow gave way to pure blue, and Kurama became more uninhibited by the second. Karasu finally wrapped his hands around Kurama’s waist and forced him to recline back against his chest so that he could control the strength and depth of the thrusts. This also gave Hiei a better view, and he moaned softly as he stroked himself a little faster.

Karasu licked a trail from Kurama’s shoulder to his ear and nipped his lobe softly. “I think our guest would like to join in, Pet, why don’t you ask him to.”

Kurama’s cheeks were flushed again, though this time it was less from embarrassment, and more from the sheer heat within his body as he looked at Hiei. “Please,” he gasped out as Karasu intentionally thrust into him harder to make it more difficult for him to speak, “please fuck me.”

Hiei found he was both unwilling and unable to deny the redheads pleas, and was lowering himself to the floor almost before he’d made a conscious decision to do so. He paused momentarily as he reached them, but one glance at Kurama’s begging green eyes had his cock joining Karasu’s in that welcoming warmth.

Kurama tensed slightly as he was stretched beyond what he was used to, but quickly relaxed as the discomfort ebbed away. Hiei began rocking his hips slowly, to allow Kurama plenty of time to get used to the sensation, and when he noted Karasu looking bored at the pace he grabbed a fist full of ebony silk and tugged him into a heated kiss.

Kurama released a lusty whine as he watched them kiss, sandwiched between them and in need of more pleasure. As their kiss broke, both men sped up their pace, and Hiei sought out Kurama’s lips as Karasu busied himself with his neck.

Kurama was helpless to the two men, and loving every second of it. As Karasu bit his neck a little too hard, he dug his nails into Hiei’s back. Hiei released an almost feral-sounding growl, his need getting the better of him, and began to fuck the redhead in earnest. Karasu managed to match his pace, and Hiei almost couldn’t bring himself to care that Kurama’s moans changed to whimpers, and red dominated his thoughts.  After a few moments, however, Hiei found the soft cries distracting, and so wrapped a hand around Kurama’s length, giving him his long-craved attention.

At first contact, Kurama arched into that merciful hand, and opened his mouth in a silent scream.  Hiei used the colors of Kurama’s thoughts to guide his actions. He had never used his abilities during sexual acts before, but he was seeing now that he had been missing out. The colors in his mind, coupled with Kurama’s beautiful expressions, and Karasu’s calm mask of pleasure culminated in a beautiful scene that Hiei wanted to burn into his memory forever.

Hiei surprised himself with his own sadistic streak as he kept Kurama dancing the line between pleasure and pain, never letting either dominate him. If Karasu thrust hard enough to bring additional pain, the Hiei would stroke him harder to keep the balance. Both feelings simply co-existed within the man that was now quivering between them, completely lost in the experience.

When Hiei noted the change in Kurama’s breathing, he knew the other man was reaching his peak. “Please let me cum.” Kurama begged through his haze. “Not until I do, Pet,” Karasu’s voice was strained, showing just how close he was as well.

Karasu’s breath hitched after a few more thrusts, and he dug his nails into Kurama’s thighs, as his motions became harsher and erratic. Hiei watched as the blue and red melded into an indigo and seemed to consume Kurama’s thoughts as Karasu choked back a cry and shuddered out his release.

Karasu stayed firmly planted within Kurama as Hiei continued, quickening his pace as he felt his own climax approaching fast. Karasu reached down and unclasped the cock-ring, surprised when Kurama managed to refrain from releasing instantly. The redhead allowed his body to dance that indigo line. The shade darkened a touch as Karasu began pulling roughly at the chains attached to Kurama’s nipple piercings, but became bright again as Hiei drove deeper into him, blue finally taking over completely as Kurama climaxed hard, coating Hiei’s hands, chest, and his own stomach.

As Kurama tightened around his length that was the final push Hiei needed, and suddenly rather than indigos and blues he was seeing white. Not because someone was angry, but because he was in the blissful throws of what he would later determine was the best orgasm he’d ever experienced. He continued thrusting into the other as they both rode out wave after wave of ecstasy, and finally collapsed to the floor, a panting, tingling, sticky mess.

Karasu, who had been watching them and enjoying the show, and had already recovered from his own bliss laughed softly. “I rather enjoyed that. Perhaps I should share my pretty things more often.” And Hiei could only hope that he meant it.



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