The Three Sacred Gems

BY : Creyu
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The Three Sacred Gems





*Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho or the movie (Yoshihiro Togashi does), but I do own my imagination... Enjoy!!*



A groan echoed through the darkness, gradually fading into a silence that was amplified by its absence. Slowly, a figure rose—a shadow amongst shadows—and leaned heavily on a rough, damp wall for balance. "Where am I?" asked the bloody, beaten girl. But the only sound that greeted her was her own, ragged breathing. Although distinctly aware of the bone-chilling cold that had invaded her body, its presence grew more pressing as the unyielding blackness closed in around her, filling her senses, suffocating her. And yet, she stood there, eyes straining to see something where there was nothing. For moments that stretched on like hours, she stood there. Then—finally—her legs crumpled beneath her. She hit the ground with a dull thud. It barely registered that a bright, blinding light had spread in a half circle not far before her—a doorway. She looked up in time to see her captor step in, the light flooding in around him, shading his features drastically. "Ah, I see you're awake," he said in his calm, sadistic voice. He came to kneel before her and, with gentleness he had not shown earlier, tilted her head to look at her. There was no fear in her pale face, and her deep, blue-green eyes flared only with anger. "Fuck off and die, Yakumo; you're not getting anything out of me, or my friends," she spat. For her bold words, she was flung into the wall beside her. The entire right side of her body cracked against the stone bricks, which gave a little with the impact. Somehow, she staggered back to her feet. With a cynical laugh and absolute confidence, Yakumo replied, "You stupid bitch. It's too late for that. I already have what I want, and your friends aren't here to save you." With that, he snatched the precious item from the chain around her neck, which bit into her skin before snapping loose. "Shit! Give that back!" she screamed at his receding form. His laugh echoed off the walls, coming from everywhere, filled with dark mirth. The door slammed shut, taking the last few rays of light with it. Lowering her head, she sank slowly to her knees and, barely at human hearing, whispered, "I've failed... Lord Enma... forgive me..." Once those quiet words of despair passed her lips, silent tears hit the bitter stone beneath her.  

Author's notes: This is my first story (co-written and edited by my friend, WingzOfMorte [Brandy]), so please review, and I hope you like it. Please review to let me know how I did…if no one likes it I can take it off.

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