Secret Santa

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Secret Santa

Yusuke was just getting home. His dinner for one was in a take out sack in his hand. He was, of course, aware that it was Christmas Eve. How could he not notice all the lights and people rushing to pick up last minute gifts for those they forgot about? He mounted the stairs to his single apartment, unlocked the door and there in the foyer, found a strange surprise. It was big red bow like you’d find on a present, but there was not box attached, just a long tail of ribbon leading into his darkened apartment.

“Uh, is someone there?” He called inanely into the dark like the first victim in a horror movie. Bah, it was Christmas not Halloween.

Running the ribbon between his fingers, he followed it. The ribbon rambled through his modest living room. He flipped the light switch, but nothing came on. Was it the circuit breaker? No, Yusuke could hear the hum of his refrigerator and see the 12:00 blinking on his un-programmed VCR. Whoever left the ribbon had obviously unscrewed all his light bulbs.

Being Yusuke, he barely took note and continued to the follow the ribbon on into his bedroom. He smelled cinnamon and gingerbread. It was coming from a lone candle, burning on his nightstand. The ribbon’s trail terminated in a bow taped to the table next to it. Transfixed by the solitary source of light, Yusuke walked in muttering, “Now what on earth--?”

Just then as he stepped into the bedroom, he sensed a demonic aura. Not a second latter, Yusuke found himself being wrestled face down onto the bed. Rough, definitively male hands forced his arms over his head and bound them with the silk ribbon. Something with a fuzzy rim -- a Santa hat, Yusuke could deduce by the feel of it-- was forced onto his head and over his eyes, blacking out the soft light of the candle.

“Hey, what the hell do you think--” Yusuke started to protest, but then something thick, hard and peppermint flavored was thrust into his mouth; one of those oversized candy canes.

A deep chuckle sounded in the dark, “That’s more like it; a ‘Silent Night’.

“Ghat?” Yusuke gurgled around the candy.

“A Christmas present,” the other replied, “just for you, Yusuke Urameshi.”

The person’s weight pressed down on Yusuke’s back. Something thick and hard ground into his buttocks. He doubted it was a candy cane. Without delay those rough hands returned to Yusuke’s person, running down his shirted sides and then the circled back up, slipping under the material. They felt so hot on Yusuke’s shin that had so recently been exposed to the cold December air. He shivered and tried to stifle a moan.

“Aroused so much already and I’ve barely touched you,” the other said.

Yusuke might have tried to deny it, but the other flicked down the zipper on his jeans, allowing the irrefutable evidence to spring forth. Quickly, the other grasped Yusuke’s manhood and started to pump it with strength beyond what he would have thought that hand capable of.

“Ngh! Mmm!” Yusuke whined around the candy stalk in his mouth. He wiggled in a vain attempt to escape, but that only added to the devilish friction the other was applying to his manhood.

“You like that, don’t you?” The other teased, tweaking a nipple. Yusuke groaned in response, shaking his head wildly.

It had been too long since Yusuke had been touched like this. He’d even been neglecting to touch it himself as of late, because it just isn’t the same when he had to touch himself. Oh, but this… the other’s hand was far stronger than any girl’s grip and the callousness of those fingertips sent his nerves into overdrive. It was no wonder he was already dripping fluids and ready to burst. A few more strokes would do it. One. Two. Thr-- The other stopped, making Yusuke moan in despair.

“Uhn-huh-huh,” The other breathed hotly into his ear. “We’re nowhere near finished yet…. And just to make sure you don’t finish too soon….”

Yusuke heard a tiny jingling of bells. Then he felt a thin expanse of silk loop around the base of his cock. In a matter of seconds, nimble fingers tied the ribbon tightly around his manhood. He dropped the ends allowing the tiny cold bells attached there to jingle and tap against Yusuke’s balls. Yusuke would have had something to say to that, if his mouth wasn’t still full of minty goodness.

Abruptly the other forced his pants down to his knees, exposing Yusuke’s bare bottom to the cool air. “No underwear I see. Figures.” The other’s hot breath gusted across his cheeks. Yusuke started to shiver uncontrollably as those dastardly warm, rough hands caressed his smooth, sensitive globes, kneading them, parting them. And then without warning there was something hot and wet-- his tongue!-- trailing down his backside, from the tip of his tailbone, down his crack. Yusuke jolted as if by electric shock as the other’s tongue circled his hole.

Yusuke squirmed and moaned as that hot muscle lapped at his secret entrance, unbelievably coaxing it to open so that the invader could delve inside. Oh, it was so strange, so wrong, but so good. Yusuke couldn’t help letting his legs spread wider so that marauding muscle could invade him farther. It was a good thing the other had the foresight to tie off his manhood. Otherwise Yusuke was sure he’d be coming right now.

Just then the tongue was gone. Yusuke was furious. He growled garbled obstinacies around the candy cane. First the interrupted hand job and now, this! But before his rage could do much more, something hot returned to his entrance, but it was much bigger than a tongue. Yusuke barely had time to let out a protesting squeak, before the thing rammed into his shuttering core.

“Ohh ohh, Yusuke,” The other hissed sagging his weight onto Yusuke’s back, “I had no idea you’d be so tight!”

He remained stationary for several blissful moments to regain his composer and, consequently or not, allowed Yusuke to adjust to the intrusion. Then he placed his lips between Yusuke’s shoulder blades, kissing a path down his spine. His hand returned to Yusuke’s weeping cock, stroking him until he’d nearly forgotten about the uninvited cock in his ass.

Then, he moved. Yusuke gasped at the intensity of drag he felt as the member was pulled from him. And he yelped as it was slammed back home. The other pulled out, shifted and drove back in at another angle, again and again, and then--

“NGYH!” Yusuke bit down hard enough to crack the giant candy cane. That was obviously what the other had been looking for, a magical spot inside Yusuke that made him see stars even though he was blinded. He’d heard about such things, but thought they only existed in internet fanfics. What had he been missing his whole life!

“YES!” Yusuke shouted, spitting out cracked shards of the now broken candy cane.

“Hnnn, Yusuke,” the other growled heatedly and pounded into him without reserve. “I… I knew you’d like it, if… if only you shut your stupid mouth and took it!”

“So good,” Yusuke shuttered. He needed to come so badly, but the incessant jingling of little bells reminded him why he couldn’t. “The bells,” he pleaded.

“Not yet. Ngh!”

Yusuke felt the other’s member swell inside him as his hot juices filled his passage. “That’s not fair!” Yusuke felt like crying. The other came without him.

The other turned him over on his back, kissed his mint flavored lips, laughed, “That was only the card. Now you get the real present.” His body moved down Yusuke’s and soon he felt warm lips caressing his inner thigh.

Yusuke was about to question him when he heard a mysterious, “Here comes Santa Claus. Here comes Santa Claus. Right down Santa Claus Lane….” Something vibrated on his hip. As it circled his entrance Yusuke recognized the toy. It was a little rubber egg shaped thing on a pencil-like stock and broader base. They them sold as novelty toys at the conveyance store. With a flip of a recessed switch, they played music, vibrate-danced on the counter, and came in a variety of styles. This one, Yusuke knew, was mocked up like Santa Claus for the season. Yusuke never imagined the silly thing being used like this! Then again considering the apparent theme of the night, he was surprised he wasn’t being violated by a carrot plucked right off the face of Frosty the Snowman.

“Here comes Santa Claus. Here comes Santa Claus. Right down Santa Claus Lane….” It played as it pressed humming into Yusuke’s opening. “That is so NOT Santa Claus Lane!” He gibbered.

The other chuckled on Yusuke’s hip and continued on, until he reached Yusuke’s member and without farther ado took it whole in this hot little mouth.

“Haahh!” Yusuke arched on the bed. That hot mouth on his cock and that pleasant hum in his ass…. It was almost too much to bear!

The other wiggled and hummed hungrily between his legs, driving Yusuke’s arouse to newer heights yet! Then the mouth left his cock. Oh this guy just loved to get him all revved up and leave him hanging! But that wasn’t what he was doing. He was only sucking Yusuke’s cock long enough to wet it. Yusuke realized as the other’s light body climbed up over his. Firm legs settled on either side of his waist. Then Yusuke knew exactly what he was getting for Christmas.

One of those lovely calloused hands reached back and took hold of his member, guiding it as the other slowly lowered his hips. Yusuke felt the tight ring of muscle resist his progress then finally give way, allowing him to press his way into that tight, white hot passage that pulsed and rippled around his sensitized cock. Oh, and that passage took him in completely, until he felt a round bottom settled on his balls and soft balls pressed to his skin.

“You… you like it?” The other’s lusty voice murmured as he started to move up and down.

“It’s my new favorite thing!” Yusuke grunted.

“Mmm,” The other replied, riding Yusuke’s cock with abandon. He leaned forward and kissed Yusuke on the lips with even more abandon.

It was really too much for Yusuke. The toy humming away in his ass, the hot hole wrapped around his cock, the taste of mint and another man‘s tongue in his mouth, the smell of cinnamon and gingerbread in the air, the sound of bells, all amplified by the fact his hands were bound and his sight blinded. “I… I want to touch you,” He gasped.

Without retort the other reached up to the ribbon holding Yusuke‘s hands. It was a good knot, holds strong and comes apart with one tug. Freed, Yusuke grasped the other’s hip with one hand and arched up hard into his hot body. A the same moment, his other hand dashed up and tore off the hat, so at last he could finally look upon his Secret Santa.


Yusuke already suspected as much. He knew the demon’s voice as well as his aura. He recognized his and his light pleasantly musky odor. If that wasn’t enough, Yusuke couldn’t think of anyone else with such a small, yet powerful body, so of course it was Hiei-- But not any Hiei he’d ever seen before!

Yusuke stared up at the small demon. His dark hair disheveled-- more so than usual if such a thing was possible. His pale flesh, every inch of it exposed to Yusuke’s scrutiny, shining with sweat and glowing like honey in the light of the solitary candle. His face darkened with blush, his lips swollen and shiny with spit, and his eyes-- oh his eyes-- where heavy and dark. They seemed to probe right into Yusuke’s soul, just as Yusuke’s cock was probing right up his ass. No, Yusuke had never seen this Hiei before!

“I might be in love,” Yusuke muttered to himself as he wrapped both his arms around Hiei and moved with even more gusto and excitement than ever before. It was an unbelievable situation. He was fucking Hiei. And moreover he was loving it!

“Haaa haaa,” Hiei panted as he reached behind him. Yusuke realized with relief that he was going for the ribbon tied around the base of his cock. Thankfully another well made knot, it came away with a single tug.

“HIEIII!” Yusuke’s orgasm hit him full force. It was the hardest he’d ever come in his life, bar none. It seemed to last forever, wave after wave of terrifying euphoria battering his senses as stream after stream of his essence drained out of him. All he could do was hold on to the nearest thing-- which happened to be Hiei-- and let it tear him apart.

“Oh damn, Yusuke!” Hiei cried out, grabbing his own swollen cock and pumping it hard until cum burst from his tip, frosting Yusuke like a gingerbread man.

“So what ever possessed you to do… this,” Yusuke said sometime later.

Hiei peered up at him from where he’d been lounging across Yusuke’s chest. He was wearing the Santa hat now. He shrugged, “I heard it was a human tradition to give gifts at this time of year, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

“Yeah but,” Yusuke blushed in spite of himself.

“The fox told me once that love was the greatest gift of all,” Hiei tossed him a saucy smirk. He climbed up and pressed his lips to Yusuke’s.

“Oh yeah, love, a hot fuck, cuz those are like the same thing right?” Yusuke said rhetorically. Yusuke placed his hand on Hiei’s cheek and gratefully deepened the kiss. When they parted, Yusuke asked, “So what did ya get Kurama, then?”

Hiei grinned impishly, “Same thing I got you… Want to go in half-ies on it?”

A/N: The greatest gift of all; smut. FYI reviews make great stocking stuffers. Happy Holidays!

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