Loney Afternoon Strip Clubs

BY : suicidein_angeleyes
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Disclaimer: I in absolutely no way own Yu Yu Hakusho and I make no money from writing this fiction

This fic is a result of my mother calling me a stoner and telling me I had too many strippers for friends. I told her I was a proud stoner, and there was no such thing as too many stripper friends. Then I got an idea, and, well... Here it is. Pointless smut, and if you can find a plot here, you're more creative than me.

By the by, I haven't writen Yu Yu Hakusho fiction in years, so... Well, it's AU because the last connon fic I started, I'm still reviewing to make sure it works. It's AU mostly because I needed to make Kurama a stripper, and this was the easiest way I could come up with without making it into some long drawn out chapter story that I would never finish.


This is unbeta'd, seeing as I don't have one. So, all mistakes are my own, and I apologize for them, deeply.

Warning: Sex, language, mentions of strippers, drinking, and smoking weed.


Disclaimer: I don't own anything, especially not Yu Yu Hakusho, and I have no money and I'm making no money from this.




It was a lonely, slow Wednesday afternoon, and Yuskue Urameshi was sitting in a near empty strip club. Yes, a strip club, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. Dark brown eyes considered the drink swirling in his glass through a fringe of black bangs as he considered his predicament. It was his one day off that week, and he was there to blow money, get drunk and watch pretty girls and boys take their clothes off.


Yes, girls and boys. Yuskue wasn’t especially picky when it came down to it. Sex was sex, and he could appreciate a nice body, no matter the parts attached. He may have preferred his boys nearly as pretty as the girls, but it wasn’t always required.


Take Yuskue’s roommate, Hiei Jaganshi. At twenty-one, the same age as Yuskue, Hiei looked eighteen at best, often mistaken still as a high school student, and carded absolutely everywhere he went. His short stature, and almond shaped chestnut colored eyes, combined with black hair that stood nearly straight from his head gave the boy an almost innocent look, though sexy, when you knew he was of age, and especially when his eyes caught the right light, almost looking red. Many people would look at Hiei and consider him delicate, and probably breakable, but he was anything but. Yuskue had learned that one the hard way.


While some could say his size made him feminine, Hiei was not. His features were distinctly male, and while Yuskue wouldn’t call him pretty per say, especially not to his face, he had his own unique beauty.


Otherwise, Yuskue wouldn’t have put the effort he had into seducing the smaller boy into bed when they’d both been in high school. And, he wouldn’t have a roommate five years later. Yuskue had figured that if he as moving out, he might as well do it with someone who he already knew he could live with, and getting a live in fuck-buddy out of the deal was just icing on the cake; Hiei had agreed.


It did not mean that he wasn’t allowed to go out to strip clubs in the middle of the day while Hiei was sleeping after his night shift, and in no condition to have sex.


Yuskue was horny, god damn it!


Though, now sitting at the bar, watching girls on one half of the club twine themselves around bars on upraised stages, and boys on the other half of the bar, he didn’t really find himself interested in actually getting a closer look.


Just as he was debating if he was sober enough to stumble home and attempt to rouse Hiei for a midafternoon, half-drunk, half-asleep fuck, a familiar sigh sounded from beside him as a figure dropped onto the barstool.


“You know, Yuskue, when this is the first place I look, it shouldn’t actually be the place I find you,” Speak of the devil, Yuskue’s somewhat sullen looking roommate was glaring at him in the dark light of the club. Yuskue couldn’t help but notice that in the dim light of the bar, Hiei’s eyes definitely looked red, and in torn jeans and a black tee-shirt, he looked like he’d rolled out of bed. Which, knowing Hiei, wasn’t much of a stretch. Yuskue snapped his attention back to what his roommate was saying to him. “You know I hate coming here. If Yomi or Mukuro aren’t here I get carded and doubted and held up at the fucking door,” Hiei was still glaring as he grabbed Yuskue’s drink and downing it. The hell if Yuskue was the only one allowed to get drunk in the middle of the day.


Yuskue shook his head with a laugh. “Yeah, but I know for a fact that Mukuro was up front today, man. She wants to fuck you so bad that she has to believe that you’re legal.”


“Hn,” Hiei replied, his eyes scanning the club with an air of indifference. “Picked a great day to come, idiot,” His glare turned back on Yuskue. “You couldn’t have waited until the sun set at least? Maybe you wouldn’t look so sleazy.”



Dark eyes glared at Hiei. “Hey, you’re here too,” He muttered, giving the bartender a grateful look as another drink was set before him. “What’re you doing here anyways? You don’t usually come looking for me.”


“I was horny, and jacking off alone in the shower just didn’t do the trick. I figured I’d find you and drag you home, or hope a stripper was hot enough to inspire me.”


Yuskue nodded at Hiei’s explanation. Honestly, he shouldn’t have expected much else. “Well, lemme finish my drink, and commence with the dragging,” Hiei just rolled his eyes, his gaze sweeping the club again. Yuskue let his eyes wander as well, blinking as he realized new dancers had taken to the stages. A certain redhead currently wrapped around a pole caught his attention, green eyes standing out, even from a distance. He nudged Hiei. “Hey, you remember that really smart kid in school? Shuichi something or another? Went by Kurama?”


“Hn,” Yuskue took the rather noncommittal grunt as affirmation.


“Well, if he’d had tits, this chick would be a spitting image of him.”


Hiei blinked, turning to follow Yuskue’s gaze to a girl across the room. He raised an eyebrow. “As much as Kurama looked like a girl, he wasn’t,” Hiei had taken a couple classes with the aforementioned redhead, including gym. Kurama had been pretty enough to be a girl, and Hiei had, with no shame, peeked. He nodded across the room to the male half of the club. “That being the case, that’s him, if I’m not mistaken.”


A long, curious blink, and Yuskue turned to look at the indicated dancer. And his jaw dropped. “I’ll be damned,” he muttered, his eyes following the redhead currently grinding against a pole in skin tight leather pants. The Shuichi Yuskue had met in school wasn’t someone he could see in a strip club, especially not working. And working the boy was, rolling his hips against the pole as he worked the pants over his hips.


Yuskue jumped from his musing as the bartender spoke. “Romeo and Juliet.”


Hiei and Yuskue both turned to look at him. “What?”


The bartender, Raizen, shook his head with a grin. “The two redheads dancing. They’re twins. Romeo and Juliet,” He nodded to each dancer in turn. “Those two are pretty wild together, so I’ve heard. Package deal from another club, they just started here a couple days ago. The boss set ‘em up with two for one combos for private dances for people willing to take ‘em together.”


“People’ve turned them down?”


Raizen shrugged. “Some people. They can’t accept that Romeo over there isn’t a girl, or they’re so gay, the thought of Juliet’s girl parts make ‘em run for the hills. But, I haven’t seen anyone yet who hasn’t come out of a private dance with the two of them completely satisfied.”


Hiei grunted, his gaze drawn to ‘Romeo’ again, because he couldn’t be entirely sure it was the kid they’d known in school from this distance. “Wasn’t Shuichi valedictorian when we graduated?”


“Uh, yeah, I think. This is a far cry from the kid in high school who barely spoke to anyone, and couldn’t be seen without his nose in a book,” Yuskue’s gaze was still on the redhead, who was down to a g-string, writing indecently on the stage, red locks fanning around him like a fiery halo.


Rizen interrupted him thoughts on his possible former classmate again. “Come back on a weekend. They don’t do private dances during the week, but they’re here every Friday and Saturday night. This,” He waved a hand to include both redheads. “is nothing. You have to watch them when they’re really putting on a show. They go on the main stages simultaneously and money flies.”


Yuskue and Hiei nodded, and Yuskue finished his drink, throwing money down on the bar, before allowing Hiei to drag him out of the strip club, into the harsh light of day, and then back to their apartment.






Yuskue found his back slammed against the door of the apartment as soon as it closed, Hiei’s teeth connecting with his collar bone as the shorter boys worked at removing his shirt. Yuskue returned the favor, tossing the offending garment across the room, wherever it would land. He gasped, his head slamming back against the somewhat insubstantial wood of the door as Hiei’s teeth found his nipple, biting at the pebbled flesh, and the piercing he found there.


Hiei had a matching piercing. Far too many bottles of vodka, two overconfident boys, and a needle had consequences.


Consequences that Yuskue really didn’t mind, because Hiei had the silver hoop caught between his teeth, alternating between tugging on it roughly, and sucking the nipple into his mouth to bite the entire thing. Hiei’s hands skated down Yuskue’s abdomen, working on getting his pants undone.


One of Yuskue’s hands found its way into Hiei’s hair, gripping in just the way to make Hiei moan around his nipple, making Yuskue moan in turn. Yuskue’s other hand petted down Hiei’s neck and shoulders, making the smaller boy shudder as his hands found Hiei’s own nipple piercing, rubbing over the pierced nub.


Hiei made a noise of success when he finally managed to get Yuskue’s pants undone, but before he could see to Yuskue’s very excited erection, the taller boy had dragged him up, crushing their lips together in a battle of dominance. Normally, it was something Yuskue and Hiei really duked out, and it was a tossup as to who would end up on top when they finally made it to the bed, but something about Yuskue’s hand in his hair, and the way Yuskue had started manhandling him towards the bed had Hiei shuddering in Yuskue’s hands and gripping almost desperately at the other boys shoulders.


The ‘bedroom’ was a bed tucked into the corner of the studio apartment, and Yuskue wasted no time in tossing Hiei onto it. He grinned as he met chestnut eyes that were nearly black with lust, making a show up crawling up Hiei’s body, removing belts and pants with practiced ease and tossing them aside. Hiei could only watch as Yuskue examined his cock with a grin.


“Ah, FUCK Yuskue!” Hiei’s voice echoed around the small space as Yuskue licked a long stripe up the underside of his cock, before taking the whole thing in his mouth. Hiei’s mind flicked briefly to a time when Yuskue hadn’t been so good at sucking cock, and neither had Hiei, but lots and lots of practice…. The thought disappeared as Yuskue put that practice to use, and Hiei was reduced to a sweating mess under Yuskue, his hands buried in dark hair, Yuskue’s hands on his hips keeping Hiei from thrusting up into his mouth.


Yuskue was in control of this, and he wasn’t letting Hiei forget it.


Yuskue took Hiei deep in his throat, grinning as his nose met Hiei’s pubic hair, and swallowed, making Hiei cry out and arch under him. All the while, Yuskue’s hand had been fumbling over the side of the mattress for a half full tube of lube that he knew was there. He made a triumphant sound around Hiei as he found it, sending the smaller boy writhing again.


Keeping Hiei just on the verge of climax as he coated his fingers in slick, Yuskue shifted enough that he could press his fingers between himself and Hiei to Hiei’s entrance.


Yuskue and Hiei fucked often enough that when Yuskue pushed two fingers into him, Hiei relaxed easily, pressing back into the invasion of his body, while still attempting to thrust up into Yuskue’s mouth. Yuskue allowed it as he prepared his friend, teasing him with what was probably an unnecessarily amount of stretching, and fingers that just missed Hiei’s sweet spot, thought Hiei squirmed in an attempt to either get enough stimulation from Yuskue’s mouth to climax, or pressure on his prostate to really push him over.


“God damn it, Yuskue, I swear on all things unholy in this world, I am going to fucking kill you if you keep teasing me. Fuck. Me!” Yuskue laughed as Hiei swore at him. Hiei was quiet as a top, but as a bottom he was loud, and he attempted to be pushy. Attempted, because Yuskue didn’t believe in topping from the bottom, unless he was trying to do it.


Hiei swore again as Yuskue released his erection from his mouth with a pop, and removed his fingers. Yuskue laughed, sitting up from between his friend’s sprawled legs. “Turn over, Hiei. I wanna see you on your hands and knees,” Hiei groaned at the loss, but complied with Yuskue’s request, spreading his knees and letting his head hand between his shoulders as Yuskue ran his hands up his sides. Yuskue grinned, kissing between Hiei’s shoulder blades, a spot guaranteed to make Hiei squirm. “I know I’ve said it before, but you’re fucking hot when you’re desperate,” Hiei shook. Yuskue’s voice was sexy. It was something that had drawn Hiei to him as a teen. But, in bed? Yuskue’s voice took on a whole new quality. The boy was the king of pillow talk, and it never failed to make Hiei hot; begging for release, or the soft, teasing words Yuskue used when he was working on making Hiei into a living, breathing puddle of goo, Yuskue’s voice was ice cream and sex all mixed into one incredible package.


“Yuskue,” Hiei panted out as the taller boy laid kissed up his spine, teasingly rubbing his cock over Hiei’s hole, without any real pressure. Yuskue just shook his head, pressing his chest to Hiei’s back, pinning Hiei’s hands under his own. Yuskue rocked against him, biting lightly at Hiei’s neck as Hiei writhed under him.


“C’mon, Hiei, you know exactly what I want to hear. Say it, and I’ll give you everything you’re asking for,” Yuskue pressed his hips harder into Hiei’s, making him press back into him, arms collapsing.


“Please fuck me, Yuskue. Just, please, please fucking,” Hiei’s begging was muffled from his cheek pressed into the sheets, and it was cut off as Yuskue carefully pressed inside of him. Hiei groaned, his back arching, his now free hands gripping the sheet as Yuskue continued to press inside him, until his hips were flush against Hiei’s ass.


He gave Hiei a moment to adjust, but, for all his teasing, he was as close as Hiei, and Yuskue began thrusting into the smaller body. Hiei could feel Yuskue’s fingers leaving bruises on his hips, and he couldn’t bring himself to care. He was clutching the sheets and hanging on for dear life, crying out as Yuskue’s cock hit his prostate, making electric shock of pleasure spark through his body.


Yuskue shifted his knees, before shifting an arm under the smaller boy, and lifting him so Hiei was practically sitting in his lap. Hiei cried out at the deeper angle, an arm coming up over his shoulder to grip at Yuskue’s hair as he gasped. The position also allowed for Yuskue to wrap a hand around Hiei’s dick, his upwards thrusts pushing Hiei through his fist, before back down on his cock.


“Tell me you like this, Hiei. You like me fucking you,” Liquid sex, over sex flavored ice cream. That was the only good description Hiei could come up with for Yuskue’s voice as he attempted to make his own work.


“Fu-Ugh… Yuskue!” Hiei cried out as Yuskue’s teeth left imprints in the skin of his neck, his body tightening as he came, hard, over Yuskue’s hand and himself. Yuskue’s arm around Hiei’s chest tightened, and he cried out Hiei’s name as he came as well, spilling himself inside him longtime friend.


It took a few minutes for either boy to really function again, but Hiei moved to find a discarded t-shirt to clean them both up with, and Yuskue fished a packet of cigarettes and a lighter out of the mess that was the bed.  Yuskue settled with his back against a wall, Hiei between with legs with his back to Yuskue’s chest, stealing drags off the taller boy’s cigarette as he found an ashtray on the floor.


Yuskue broke the silence. “You know, if that was Kurama, I never realized how hot he was in high school.”


“Hn. I don’t think he ever stripped like that in school.”


“True.  Otherwise, I might have had to look past the nerd exterior and really make an effort to fuck him,” Yuskue took a drag off the cigarette, considering, and Hiei just rolled his eyes. Yuskue sighed. “You know, the next time we actually have a night off, and extra cash, we should stop by the club,” He said causally.


Hiei rolled his eyes again, but didn’t disagree. Pretty redheaded strippers really reminded him that he’d had to track Yuskue down to the strip club in the first place, and he was still horny. And, Yuskue had pay back coming for making him beg.






Kurama sighed as he followed Alice out of the strip club. The redhead head shook his head as he shrugged into a leather jacket. “Long night,” He muttered, fishing a crumbled pack of cigarettes out of his jacket pocket, offering one to the girl standing in front of him.


The red haired girl swept her bangs out of her face as she grinned up at Kurama. “Oh my Romeo,” She sighed with a hand on Kurama’s shoulder as she lit her cigarette, rubbing her hand up and down his arm as they started down the street in the direction of their apartment. “Long night, but, it pays the rent. Especially, you know, with our little studio apartment, and it leaves us extra money for food and whatnot.”


“You mean extra money for cigarettes and booze, oh Juliet.”



Alice wrinkled her nose delicately, glaring at Kurama. “We buy food too. Sometimes,” she was cut off as someone grabbed her arm, dragging her into an alley. Kurama had time to hear her scream before he too was dragged into the alley. He yelled, but the man who had grabbed him had size on his side, and surprise, and he had Kurama pinned against the wall before he could really fight back. That didn’t stop him from fighting. He could hear Alice screaming and her heels hitting the ground as she kicked out.


Hiei and Yuskue walked home together after Hiei got off work. Yuskue was grumbling as he ran his hands through his hair. “Remind me to buy hair gel when I get paid next. I can’t believe I ran out.”


Hiei glared at his taller friend. “Now, why the hell would I do that? I hate the shit that you keep in your hair.”


Yuskue glared suspiciously at Hiei. “You know, I wouldn’t put it past you to wash it down the sink,” Hiei gave Yuskue a mock innocent look that the taller brunette didn’t believe for a moment. He also didn’t believe that Hiei would necessarily waste money like that. He stopped as someone screamed. He glanced at Hiei as the scream came again. The shorter brunette rolled his eyes before following Yuskue down the alley.


“Let me go you asshole!”


“You’ll get your turn, bitch. Shut her up,” A burley man growled from where he had someone pressed face first into the brick wall. Red hair spilled over a jacket as the boy struggled, his hands pinned behind his back. The man pinning him laughed. “Man, if I weren’t seeing it for myself, I’d never believe you were a guy. Still pretty enough to fuck though,” Kurama yelled out as his pants were roughly removed from his body. Velcro leathers were great on stage, but no so much when keeping someone out of your pants.


“Hey fuckers,” A voice rang out down the alley. “Try picking on someone your own size!”


Yuskue came flying down the alley, his fist connecting with the man who held Kurama, sending him flying to the ground.


The man holding Alice pulled a knife on the redhead, making her freeze as it pressed into her throat. “H-hey man. Stop it, or I’ll kill the girl!”


“Hey, idiot,” the man turned at Hiei’s voice, in turn pulling the knife away from Alice’s throat. That gave Hiei enough time to connect his fist solidly with the man’s face. Alice collapsed, gasping for air as she watched Yuskue and Hiei beat the living hell out of their attackers. Kurama was struggling to get his pants back in place and get to Alice.


“Are you alright?” He asked, green eyes stressed as he assessed the smaller girl. Red hair flew as she nodded rapidly, trying to regain her breath. Yuskue and Hiei left the original two assailants behind a dumpster, moving to check on the two redheads.


“You two should really be more careful walking home in the middle of the night,” Yuskue chastised lightly, offering Kurama a hand up as Hiei lifted Alice off the ground.


The shorter boy shook his head. “Yeah, most of the world isn’t made up of wanna be hero idiots like Yuskue who will risk their own wellbeing to save complete strangers,” Hiei looked over the two redheads with a frown as his gaze landed on Kurama. “Not that we’re complete strangers. I don’t remember the silver streaks in your hair in high school.”


Kurama studied the two boys before him as Alice looked between him and their two saviors curiously. Kurama blinked. “I remember you. I was in a study group with your sister. You two would disappear up to your room to smoke weed, then come trash the kitchen in search of food.”


Hiei nodded with a shrug. Hiei’s mother had never approved of smoking in the house, so he’d made it somewhat of a point to do so. Often. “Yukina had nothing but good things to say about you. She always said she was glad you were a year ahead of us so she wouldn’t have to fight you for valedictorian.”


“She ranted about it, actually,” Yuskue’s dark eyes focused on the redhead. “You know, I didn’t attend most of my classes, but I think I’d remember someone like you being on track to become a stripper.”


Alice frowned as she studied the two. “Wow, I’ve never met anyone from Kurama’s life ‘before’,” the small girl made air quotes. She was actually more petite than Hiei, though they were about the same height. She frowned at them. “That’s why you two are familiar though. You were at the Cat Scratch Club a couple days ago. At the bar.”


Kurama blinked, staring at the two men before him. Great. He hid behind a curtain of hair. “Yes, well, this isn’t exactly how I expected my life to turn out either, but here we are,” The redhead shrugged, watching his feet.


He jumped when Yuskue draped an arm over his shoulders. “Hey man, it’s all good,” the brunette grinned, and Kurama’s defensive posture deflated a little bit. “Forget high school. It sucked. Plus, I was a jerk, so it’s probably better that you didn’t know me.”


“Things have changed? Bull shit,” Hiei snorted, earning a glare from Yuskue. Hiei just rolled his eyes. “What the idiot is trying to say is we all do what we can to survive. And, he’d fall flat on his face if he ever tried to get on a pole.”


“So did Romeo over here, when he first started. As pretty and graceful as he is, those pole tricks gave him some trouble,” The girl extended a hand. “Hi, I’m Alice, but if anyone asks, it’s Juliet. Thanks for saving us.”


Yuskue just grinned, taking her hand. “Yuskue Urameshi. And no problem. If we let jerks like that assault pretty strippers, we’d be horrible people.”


“Yuskue has a hero complex,” Hiei muttered. “He wants people to think he’s a badass, but he likes saving people.”


Kurama raised an eyebrow at the boys he knew from high school. Yuskue and Hiei had been punks in school, and while Kurama had never personally had issues with them, he’d heard stories about what the two could do. And, judging by the two bodies piled behind the dumpster, what they could still do. “It seems we’ve all changed in the last few years. I didn’t see you hesitate to help us, Hiei,” He directed the statement at Hiei. Before he could respond, Kurama continued, speaking to Yuskue. “Thank you. They took me by surprise.”


“Yeah, yeah. It happens to the best of us,” Yuskue stopped speaking as his stomach growled. He looked up sheepishly. “I guess I’m hungry.”


“Figures. You fight and you always want either food or sex,” Hiei muttered. “Usually both.”


Kurama blinked between the two boys as Yuskue laughed. “Yeah, well, who can blame me,” He shook himself, looking at Kurama and Alice. “Hey, come eat with us. Give us some time to get to know each other.”


Kurama tried to stutter out a disagreement, but Alice beat him to it. “Oh, I can’t. I have errands to run tonight. But, Kurama, I know you haven’t eaten today. Plus, honey, you need friends who don’t take their clothes off for a living. Not including me, because I’m awesome.”


Green eyes fixed in a glaring contest and Alice grinned as Kurama broke first. “Fine. I’ll go.”


“Don’t sound so scared. We don’t bite,” Yuskue assured him.


Hiei smirked. “Well, not unless you ask nicely,” Yuskue punched the shorter boy in the arm, earning him a raised eyebrow that clearly said that the move would not be repeated if Yuskue ever wanted to get laid again. Yuskue’s eye rolled clearly conveyed that he knew he could seduce Hiei into bed just like he had years before.


Kurama just blinked as he was dragged off between Yuskue and Hiei, Alice yelling after him to text her if he was going to be out all night.




“So, you too are sleeping together? I thought those were just rumors in school,” Kurama sat in a booth across from Yuskue and Hiei, having his way steadily through a plate of waffles and hash browns, despite having argued that he wasn’t hungry.


Hiei snorted, and Yuskue shook his head. “Not rumors,” He shrugged. “I’m not big on denying myself what I want. I decided I wanted Hiei, and here we are now.”


“You two live together still?”


“Since my mom kicked me out when I turned eighteen,” Hiei muttered, his hands wrapped around a cup of black coffee. “If I’d been able to do so before then, I would have.”


“Dive jobs and shitty apartments, but three years now and we’re still out on our own.”


“Not that we really have a choice.”


Yuskue shrugged, a fork coming in contact with his hand as he tried to steal bacon off Hiei’s plate. He glared at the smaller boy, before turning to look at Kurama seriously. “What about you? Yukina went on and on about the scholarships you got.”


“Things didn’t work out like they were supposed to,” Kurama’s eyes were fixed on his plate as he pushed the food around, suddenly far less interested in eating. Yuskue and Hiei exchanged a look that the redhead missed, and they waited silently. “Half way through my freshmen year, my mother became very ill. Within six months, she was dead. Late stage cancer, that had already taken over her system. There was nothing that we could do,” Kurama paused, green eyes flicking to look at Yuskue and Hiei. “My step father kicked me out when I lost my scholarship because my grades started slipping. Alice found me on the street, took me in, and when she realized I could dance, she got me a job,” Kurama shook his head. “That was almost three years ago. When she was still blonde, and before the Romeo and Juliet nicknames came to be.”


“That’s not her natural hair color?”


“Far from it,” Kurama shook his head. “But, the manager of one of the clubs we worked out said we looked enough alike to be twins, and at the next club we showed up to Alice’s hair color matched mine, and we were nick named Romeo and Juliet because of some forbidden love,” The smiled was wistful as he shook his head. “Again, here we are now.”


“So you two definitely aren’t twins?”


Kurama laughed, shaking his head. “Not at all. Someone made the assumption, and it’s stuck ever since.”


Yuskue laughed and raised his coffee mug. “To dive jobs and shitty apartments.”


“To not being who we thought we’d be in high school,” Hiei raised his glass.


“Friends you never thought you’d have,” Kurama added. The three clinked their mugs together, and continued their meal in silence for a while. Finally, Kurama caved to the question he’d wanted to ask since they’d really started talking. “Are you two… Dating? Or, committed? Or… Whatever?”


Yuskue bust out laughing and Hiei snorted. “He’s a great lay, but I’m not tying myself down.”


“You think I’m a great lay, Hiei? Aw, shucks,” Yuskue grabbed Hiei in a headlock, ruffling the smaller boy’s hair as she struggled and growled obscenities and threats to Yuskue’s future sex life. Yuskue released Hiei with an overly slobbery kiss to his cheek, turning back to Kurama. “Why do you ask? Because we are more than open to a threesome.”


Kurama flushed nearly as red as his hair, looking down at his hands. Hiei cocked an eyebrow at the stripper. “Really? That makes you blush? Have you never had a threesome?”


Kurama muttered something under his breath and Yuskue and Hiei blinked at him. Yuskue shook his head. “What? Twenty-two-year-old stripper, and you’ve never had a threesome? Alright, c’mon. We have to fix this. Now,” Yuskue went on a mad search through his pockets for his wallet as Kurama stared with wide eyes.


Hiei elbowed the other brunette in the side. “You’re scaring him, idiot. Calm down,” Yuskue paused, taking the time to really look at Kurama’s red cheeks, and eyes that suddenly couldn’t meet his. Hiei glared at Yuskue, the boy’s traditional lack of tact making Hiei nearly give into the urge to punch him. He turned back to Kurama. “What the idiot is trying to say, again, is that you’re pretty. We like pretty boys, and we would not object to dragging you back to our little dank apartment and showing you the pleasures of a three way.”


The redhead blinked slowly, glancing between a sheepish looking Yuskue, and Hiei, who stared unabashed. “You’re serious?”


“Well, duh. I’m too lazy to be a tease someone. If I want them, I’m not going to waste time like that,” Yuskue shrugged, tossing his money down on the table as he leaned back in his seat. “So, what do you say, Kurama. Wanna start a new friendship? I think we could all… Get along,” Yuskue leered, making Kurama blush again at the blatant come on.


Yes, he was used to men and women coming on to him, throwing themselves at him and throwing money at him, but… That was when he was taking his clothes off on stage. This was… Well, people he’d known before the stripping, and who weren’t clients in a dark club. They could be friends. Like Alice had said, friends that didn’t take their clothes off for a living.


Kurama ducked his head again, looking up at Hiei and Yuskue from under his lashes. “Your apartment?”


Hiei and Yuskue exchanged a smirk, but Hiei nodded to Kurama’s half full plate before they could stand. “Finish eating. You’re too thin.”


Yuskue rolled his eyes at Hiei. While Yuskue had a thing for saving people, Hiei was a mother hen. The small brunette would deny it, and he’d let Yuskue cook and bring food home from the diner he worked at, but if Yuskue were getting too caught up in work or whatever else was going on, Hiei tended to…. Gently remind him with a meal that had on occasion been force fed to him.


Or, secretly Hiei had a thing for watching his lovers eat.


Yuskue laughed, shaking his head. “Eat. He won’t let us leave until you do.”


Kurama blinked. “Seriously?”




“Very seriously. Now quit stalling and eat so we can go,” Hiei glared at the redhead, with a raised eyebrow.


Yuskue leaned across the table to whisper to Kurama. “He gets grumpy when he’s horny,” Kurama laughed, his gaze flicking between Yuskue and Hiei before he dug into his food.






Kurama stomped out a cigarette under his heel, replacing it with a candy cane to get the taste of smoke out of his mouth. The redhead smoked more to relax than the fact that he liked it, and he preferred the taste of peppermint over the lingering taste of smoke.


And, Kurama needed to relax a little. He was following Yuskue and Hiei back to their apartment, completely willingly, but… He was, admittedly, a little nervous. He hadn’t really known either boy before, but he’d enjoyed the time he was spending with them. Other than Alice, he hadn’t really spent a decent amount of time with anyone in a few years. Let alone someone he’d been excited to sleep with. Most of those had been drunken fumbles, and Kurama had disappeared in the morning without a name, number, or breakfast.


The redhead had the feeling that he wasn’t going to get away with that with these two.


Yuskue offered Kurama a little mini shot as they entered the apartment, slipping out of shoes and heading through the kitchen. Kurama raised an eyebrow at the brunette as Hiei went in search of a pipe. Yuskue shrugged. “Social lubricant. You need to relax if we’re getting anywhere tonight.”


The explanation made sense, and Kurama threw back the shot, blinking at the pipe and lighter combination Hiei held out to him. He took it, giving Hiei and Yuskue a curious look. “Intoxication equates to relaxation?”


Hiei returned Kurama’s look. “You’re here of your own free will?” Kurama nodded. “Then yeah. Just enough so you’re not so damn tense.”


Kurama blinked, accepting another shot from Yuskue. So, they had a point. He was tense. He fished another candy cane out of his pocket, watching the other two as the interacted. Despite their insistence that they weren’t a couple, the way they moved around each other said otherwise. It was small touches and affectionate eye rolls and nicknames that would be insulting in another environment.


Yuskue was watching Kurama covertly as he shot gunned a hit with Hiei. Watching Kurama watch them. He brushed his fingers through Hiei’s hair, before leaning down to whisper in Hiei’s ear. “Hey, Hiei. You know your obsession with candy canes? Guess what Kurama’s got?”


Hiei coughed on his exhale, turning big eyes on Kurama. Green eyes blinked as Hiei leapt as him, tugging lightly at one the redhead’s forelocks, pulling the redhead into a deep kiss, licking across peppermint flavored lips, taking advantage as Kurama gasped to invade Kurama’s mouth with his tongue. Hiei pulled back with a grin. Kurama blinked as he realized that his candy cane now resided between Hiei’s lips. The shorter teen smirked around the striped candy. Yuskue laughed, draping an arm over Hiei’s shoulder.


“Hiei has a bit of a sweet tooth. Ice cream and candy canes are kind of his weakness,” Yuskue ruffled Hiei’s hair, dodging Hiei’s fist aimed at his head as he stalked towards Kurama. “Fortunately for me, I like when my lovers taste sweet,” He slipped a hand into Kurama’s hair, pulling him into a deep kiss. Kurama moaned, melting against Yuskue. While Hiei had been after the candy, Yuskue was going to track every bit of remaining flavor from Kurama’s mouth.


Yuskue pulled away from the kiss, grinning as Kurama blinked back at him through heavily lidded eyes that had almost been taken over by pupil. “Come on, let’s get rid of our clothes and get on the bed,” He urged Kurama in the direction of the bed, sliding the redhead’s jacket of his shoulders, and draping it over the counter. Hiei followed, sliding his hands under Kurama’s shirt, pulling that off as well, tossing it to the side.


Kurama stumbled back, let out a yelp as his heels hit the mattress and he was suddenly sprawled on his back. Yuskue grinned, advancing on Kurama, his hands immediately going to work on getting Kurama’s pants off. The leather peeled away from pale skin, revealing that Kurama’s g-string didn’t follow him off stage. The redhead was hard, his erection dripping against his stomach. Kurama gasped as the brunette breathed over his cock, nipping at the skin of his chest.


“We should have done this years ago,” Yuskue murmured, his lips buzzing against Kurama’s skin as he made his way up the redhead’s body, pressing his clothed body against Kurama’s naked one, licking a long stripe up his neck, threading his fingers through blood red strands. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me,” Yuskue nearly growled in Kurama’s ear, making the redhead shudder under him, wide eyes staring up at the tall brunette, who sat up to pull his own shirt over his head.


When he’d removed himself from Kurama’s chest, Hiei leaned in for a proper kiss with Kurama, now that he wasn’t focused on stealing the candy cane. While Yuskue had been busy with Kurama, Hiei had stripped himself, and found condoms and lube.


He ravished the redhead’s mouth, his hands tight in his hair. Yuskue chuckled as Kurama’s hands struggled for purchase against Hiei’s skin, his nails digging into Hiei’s shoulders. Yuskue stripped his own pants off, kneeling between the redhead’s legs to tease his inner thighs with licks and bites, steadily ignoring the straining erection as Kurama arched under him, gasping into his kiss with Hiei. Yuskue’s hand sought out the lube as he dipped his head to take Kurama in him mouth.


When Kurama cried out again, Hiei moved his attention from his mouth to his neck, nipping hard enough to leave marks in the morning. Kurama writhed under the expertise of the other two boys, allowing them to play his body like a well-tuned instrument.


Kurama gasped as he was moved to be on his hands and knees, between Yuskue’s spread legs. Kurama gasped as Hiei gripped his cock in a tight grip, making sure the condom was in place, nudging Kurama forward to press into Yuskue. The tall brunette squirmed, yelling as Kurama pressed into him. Kurama stilled, panting as Hiei pressed into him. Yuskue was panting under Kurama, trying to move, but under Kurama and Hiei’s combined weight, he was pinned.


“Damn it, Hiei, move,” Yuskue as near begging . Between Kurama above him, panting and sweating, green eyes glazed in lust, and the minute movements of Kurama’s hips as Hiei’s cock pressed into him. Hiei rolled his hips, and Kurama cried out, thrusting into Yuskue.


The brunette cried out, gripping Kurama’s shoulders. Kurama panted, his fingers digging into the sheets over Yuskue’s shoulders as Hiei set a fast pace. Yuskue wrapped an arm around Kurama’s shoulders, pulling him down into a rough kiss, rolling his hips into Kurama, relishing in the friction of his cock against Kurama’s stomach.


Hiei grinned, wrapping his arms around Kurama’s chest, pulling the redhead into a seated position. Yuskue cried out as Hiei griped his hips, and Kurama pumped into him hard.


Yuskue was the first to go as Kurama’s hand wrapped around his cock, pumping him roughly, and Yuskue came, his come covering Kurama’s hand, and Yuskue’s stomach. Kurama was only seconds behind, crying out his release, and throwing out his arms again to keep from collapsing completely onto of Yuskue. He panted as Hiei thrust raggedly into him twice more before growling out his climax.


The three collapsed in the bed, tying off condoms and tossing them in the general direction of the trashcan, the size of the mattress forcing them to snuggle. Yuskue fumbled for another dirty t-shirt to wipe himself down with.


Kurama sighed as his senses started coming back to him, resisting the urge to sleep. He needed to tell Alice that he didn’t think Yuskue and Hiei were going to allow him out of bed for the night.


He stretched across Yuskue, in search of pants that had been dropped to the floor. Hopefully the struggle he’d gone through to get the phone in the pants would prevent the phone from having fallen out when they were tossed aside. He frowned at the text message he’d received from Alice.


Yuskue frowned at Kurama’s expression. “Hey, what’s up? This is supposed to be happy, post-sex relaxation,” Yuskue said firmly, tugging Kurama to he was laying in the bed again.


Kurama sighed. “It seems my apartment flooded. Alice and I need to report it within the next thirty days, and find a new place to live. Apparently we risk too much with mold if we stay there. Fuck,” Kurama sighed, shaking his head. “We’re never going to find a decent apartment at the price we’re paying right now,” He sighed again. “Fuck.”


Yuskue blinked, frowning at Kurama, and glancing at Hiei. The short brunette shrugged lightly. He had a feeling he knew what Yuskue was thinking. He liked the redhead, and while Hiei really did not want to admit it, but seeing the stripper so distressed bothered him. Yuskue just grinned, rubbing a hand up Kurama’s stomach comfortingly. “Well, you know, our lease here is up in a few weeks, if you and Alice can hold out that long. With four of us splitting rent, we might be able to get a place with an actual bedroom.”


Hiei gave Yuskue a mock hurt look. “Are you trying to tell me that after three years you’re tired of sharing a bed with me?”


Yuskue shook his head, threading fingers through Hiei’s hair to pull the shorter boy into a kiss. “I never said we’d stop sharing a bed. I just figured that while three of us fit in here comfortably, trying to fit four people on a regular basis might get uncomfortable.”


Kurama chuckled. “Well, actually, Alice doesn’t really take up much space,” The redhead joked, shaking his head. “But, she would probably prefer her own room. She tends to prefer the company of girls more often than not.”


That made Yuskue and Hiei pause. The brunettes grinned. “Hot. We can live with that,” Yuskue smirked.


“But, in that case, we should probably look for a place with two bedrooms instead,” Hiei muttered. He stretched, rolling on to his side to pluck Kurama’s phone from his fingers after Kurama returned Alice’s messages, assuring her that he had a place to stay and they would talk in the morning. “I’m tired. Sleep. We’ll talk about it more in the morning.”


Yuskue chuckled as Hiei manhandled Kurama into a comfortable cuddling position, before he was dragged down himself.


A lonely Wednesday afternoon in a strip club hadn’t been entirely fruitless, and Hiei could never again complain that nothing came from helping someone in need.




Yay! Aimless smut with some fluff thrown in so I could end it in a decent manner. Again, remember, this is coming to you from a stoner chick with a possible drinking problem, who has her own nickname among her stripper friends because I spend some much time around them and the clubs. That's why Alice was included by the way. My best stripper friend's nickname is Alice and mine's Juliet, so... There you go.

Anyways, I don't normally write lemons, for anything, and I think they were painfully awkward, but that's for you to tell me, so leavea review, let me know what you thought. I appreciate it.


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