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Ice Maidens cloister themselves on an island floating high in the skies over Makai; frozen, immortal, and without the contamination of man. Every hundred years in a maiden’s life cycle, she will bear a child by means of parthenogenesis. The child will always be female. A male child can only occur if she has been intimate with a man, which is forbidden in their culture.

“I want a son!” Yukina said and shocked everyone in the room. Her birthday was coming up soon and Kuwabara had just asked her what she wanted as a present.

“A-a son? Y-you mean you want ME to give you a son?” Kuwabara blushed so intensely his face threatened to burst. “But gosh, baby don’t you think we’re a little young to start a family?”

“I’m turning one hundred, so I’m going to become pregnant with or without your help. It‘s just part of my nature,” she demurred, “But I can’t have a boy without your help. And I really want a boy. Please Kazuma, I just know you‘ll give me a wonderful baby.”

“Uh…” Kuwabara was stunned.

Yusuke butted in on them, throwing his arm around Kuwabara’s neck, he laughed, “I think you broke him, Yukina. But I got to ask, why the fascination with a boy. I mean wouldn’t you be glad with any child so long as it’s healthy?”

“Of course I would! I’d love any child of mine,” she responded. “But the reason a want a boy.… My mother had a boy, but the elders took him away. I wish to have a family like the one my mother was denied. Maybe I just want to prove the elders were wrong, that it can work and we can be happy. It’s selfish and probably a little foolish, but it’s what I want.”

Kuwabara said, “I had no idea how serious you were about this. Oh Yukina, all I want to do is make you happy!”

“So you’ll help me conceive a son?” She said hopefully.

“Of course I will, baby!” He opened his arms for her and she flew into them calling his name.

On the other side of the room two quiet observers exchanged glances. Genkai lowered he cup. “So, who’s gonna tell Hiei?” She said to Kurama.

“I’ll play you Rock Paper Scissors for it,” Kurama said. They threw. He threw paper. The old woman tossed out scissors. “Best two out of three,” he demanded. But on the next throw she beat his rock with her paper. He cursed.

“Never go against the master,” she said raising her cup back to her lips.
* * *
The week passed and Yukina’s big day came. They were having her party at Genkai’s compound where friends from both the human and demon worlds could attend. The party wouldn’t be until later that night, but Yusuke and Kurama showed up early, along with Keiko, Shizuru and Atsuko, to help set up for the party.

“Why so tense, fox-boy?” Yusuke tossed off to the redhead a few feet away. They were cleaning up outside the compound. Yusuke was washing the porch. Kurama was sweeping the walk-- that is when he wasn’t looking anxiously up into the trees. “Oh, I get it you’re all antsy cuz you were elected to tell Hiei that his little sister decided to mate with Kuwabara and you’re afraid he’ll flip out and singe your tail off.”

“One, I don’t have a tail in this form,” the fox replied, “And two, I am not afraid of Hiei. I’m just… not sure how to broach the subject in a tactful way. Damn, I would have known that he wouldn’t show up in the human world until the very day of the party. If he’d arrived a few days ago I could have told him easily and then had time to calm him down.”

“You’re over reacting,” Yusuke waved him off, “I’m sure he’ll take the news just fine.”

“Who will take what news just fine?”

Yusuke jumped, nearly knocked over his soap bucket. He spun and there behind him stood Hiei with a smug look on his face. Obviously he was pleased with himself for sneaking up on the great Mazoku. “H-Hiei, what a coincidence. We were just talking about you. ” Yusuke sputtered.

Hiei frowned, “What about me?”

“Well it’s not so much about you as something you should probably know. Kurama will tell you all about--” He turned to indicate the fox, but where Kurama stood was only a broom on the ground and a few leaves swirling in the wind. “Damn fox, left me holding the bag!”

“What is it Yusuke. You know I’m not a patient man,” Hiei said.

“Uh well, how can I put this?” Yusuke grimaced, “Yukina’s gonna have a baby.”

“I know,” Hiei said point blank.

“You knew?”

“She’s a Koorime and it’s her hundredth birthday. All Koorime’s conceive a daughter by immaculate means every hundred years.”

“About that,” Yusuke said, “She don’t plan on having a daughter and as for immaculate… well I can’t really say. It depends on Kuwabara’s technique.”

Hiei’s brows knitted, “Run that by me again.”

He didn’t need to because at that moment Keiko came rushing out onto the porch. “Oh Yusuke, wonderful news; it’s happening! We were in the common room hanging decorations when Yukina suddenly leaned over and whispered ‘it’s time’ into Kuwabara’s ear. The he turned all red and gasped, ‘Now?’ like he didn’t understand at all. It was so cute. Yukina took him by the hand and dragged him to one of the back bedrooms. They’re becoming a mommy and daddy right now as we speak!”

“Mommy and daddy,” Hiei’s eyes widened, “Yukina and… Kuwabara.”

“Oh Hiei, I didn’t see you there,” Keiko said carelessly. “We were gonna announce it publicly tonight, but I guess there’s no harm in telling you now. Yukina and Kuwabara are getting married. The wedding won’t be until this spring, but their making a baby right now, because it’s Yukina’s cycle or something. Isn‘t it exciting? Oh, I have to go tell Atsuko, she was in the wine cellar when it happened.”

Keiko tottered off, having no idea what the bombshell she had just dropped. Of course she didn’t know that Hiei was Yukina’s long lost brother. Only Yusuke, Kurama, Botan, Shizuru, Koenma and several people in Spirit World-- and Genkai because she was smart cookie-- knew that bit of information. When he thought about it, the only people who didn’t know were Kuwabara, Keiko and of course Yukina.

Hiei didn’t want Yukina to know and Yusuke never bothered to inform the other two. It was just easier to leave them ignorant rather than to make them suffer having to keep a secret from someone who was so dear to them. Well it WAS easier, until now. Keiko’s obliviousness just caused her to reveal a very delicate subject in a very indelicate manner.

Hiei’s eye twitched, “Yukina… Kuwabara… making a baby… right now! I’ll kill him!” Hiei grabbed for the hilt of his sword.

“Whoa, whoa there!” In a panic, Yusuke scooped Hiei up and threw him over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Hiei demanded.

“Stopping you from doing something you’ll regret later,” Yusuke said as he took off at a full gallop into the trees. By the time Hiei was able to wiggle himself in a position where he could kick out of Yusuke’s grasp, they were already far from the complex.

“Listen, I know you got this whole over-protective brother thing going,” Yusuke started in on him, “But think about it for a second. Kuwabara’s a pretty decent guy. He’ll be kind and take good care of her. And he’s probably one of the strongest human psychics in the world so you know he’ll keep her safe. And… she asked him to do it.”

That gave Hiei pause, “She asked him?”

“Begged,” Yusuke told him. “Hiei dude, she really wants this. So, don’t go busting up in there and ruining it for her.”

“Fuck,” Hiei spit because he knew that Yusuke was right.

“Thanks for understanding, man,” Yusuke breathed a sigh of relief, but too soon it seemed, because in the next second, he had a sword at his throat. “Hiei?”

“I’ll accept her choice, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. So if it’s all the same to you I’d like to be preoccupied until they… finish,” Hiei said lowering his sword. “Fight me.”

“Fight you?”

“Unless you’re scared, I might beat you.”

“Pssh! You’re on Short Stack!”

“Hn,” Hiei grunted in satisfaction. He’d goaded Yusuke into a fight. He snatched at his coat, throwing it away into the brush. Yusuke in similar fashion disposed of his red jacket and then his tee-shirt.

“It’ll only get torn up if I wear it during our fight, “he explained, “Seeing that I’m was attending Yukina’s party tonight. And however casual the dress is, I don’t think shirtless and covered in burses will be appropriate.”

“Not much of a party then, if you ask me,” Hiei retorted as he initiated his challenge by charging full tilt at Yusuke.

Yusuke put up his guard and shifted his weight as if to retaliate with a left hook after blocking Hiei’s punch. But then just a few feet shy, Hiei burred and disappeared. Half a heart beat later he materialized behind Yusuke. Both feet were off the ground and one of them was posed to take Yusuke’s head off. It would have, if Yusuke hadn’t seen it coming.

“That old move?” Yusuke said as he ducked and spun at the same time, “That might work on most opponents, but you forget, I know you!” He caught Hiei’s balancing leg behind the knee causing the demon to topple over in a very awkward way.

He hit the ground with an, “Omph!” Yusuke moved to cover his body as if this were a match that would be decided by pin fall. But Hiei regained his composer, “Very well then, no more sneaky stuff. This contest shall be straight forward fist to fist combat. I like it better that way anyway!” He rolled and caught Yusuke full in the chest with a devastating mule kick.

“Dang Shorty, those are some legs you got,” Yusuke said grinning excitedly as he rubbed the sore spot on his chest.

Hiei simply returned with a grunt and smirk. Then they really went at it; no tricks or strategies, just good old fashioned hitting, kicking and blocking. Flesh trying flesh. It was pure and exhilarating. Fighting Yusuke was like nothing else. There were no ambitions or animosity to taint the pure thrill of the battle. Each blow given and received was a gift that Hiei enjoyed with the utmost pleasure.

Hiei managed to mess up Yusuke’s footing, but Yusuke reached out, grabbed him and brought him down with him. They rolled and grappled, neither one willing to let go of the other long enough to grain their footing. It was sheer bliss, Hiei decided. There was no room in his mind at the moment for things that might disturb him. All he could think about was Yusuke’s hands grasping and pulling at his body. And the warm strain he felt in his own muscles as he struggled to match Yusuke’s bigger more powerful body.

The disproportion of their anatomies was never so apparent than at that moment, when Yusuke rolled Hiei over, pinned his shoulder down with one strong callused hand and held him around the waist with the other. Yusuke hovered just above him. Hiei could feel his heat coming off Yusuke’s bare chest to settle on his own. He suddenly felt so tiny under the other man’s body. Strangely enough, it wasn’t that bad of a feeling. He felt… secure.

“Uh, Hiei? Ya okay man?” Yusuke called to him.

Hiei opened his eyes, not even realizing he had closed them. “Hm?”

“Ya just kinda stopped fighting back there,” Yusuke said, “You okay?”

Hiei nodded. He lifted his hands from where he let them fall on the grass and put them to Yusuke’s shoulders, but not to grapple with him. He just touched him there, let his hand fall over his collar, and trail down perspiration slicked chest. Yusuke’s eyes widened, his frown deepened, but he didn’t move to stop Hiei. He was too confused to act.

“You get aroused when you fight,” Hiei muttered absently as his nimble fingertips danced over the thick bulge in the front of Yusuke’s jeans.

“N-not always. Just when the fight‘s g-good,” Yusuke stuttered.

“I know what you mean,” Hiei said, arching his back so that his own growing erection came in contact with Yusuke’s, “Ahh. I rarely get this revved up by a fight, though. You must really, really be on your game today.”

Yusuke shook his head furiously, “No, I think it’s you.” His hand jumped, of its own accord to grasp Hiei’s hip. They both hissed at the increased pressure between them.

“Ahh, so good!” Hiei gasped and wiggled under Yusuke’s embrace. His eyes darkened and a faint blush spread across his cheeks. Yusuke couldn’t help notice with a start that Hiei was kinda sexy. And the way he was writhing against his body….

“I think-- Hiei, I think I gotta… I need…” his hips twitched with need.

“Me too,” Hiei grunted, “Uhn, we’d better take off our pants first… the mess you know.”

“Right,” Yusuke breathed. He backed away and tad so he could wriggle out of his jeans. Hiei did the same. Had Yusuke backed away farther they might have had time to rethink things, but as it was it only took a minor shifting of his weight to bring his body back down on Hiei’s.

“Oh damn!” Yusuke moaned. The raw sensation of hot hard flesh on flesh was almost too much to bear. “What a turn of events! Hunhh! I can’t believe I’m doing this with you of all people!”

“And just who did you imagine you’d wind up grinding meat with?” Hiei said in a voice that was half sneer, half shutter.

“That’s not what I meant, I-- oh screw it. I can’t think right now!” Yusuke exclaimed and started thrusting his hips making his now full rod rub hotly over Hiei’s. His mind clouded over. Who knew pressing his nasty bits with another guy’s bits could feel so good? The contrast between hard length, soft balls, and abrasive pubic hair was almost mesmerizing.

“Y-Yusuke…” Hiei whimpered as he arched under him.

“Am I crushing you?” Yusuke asked worriedly. But then he noticed Hiei’s arm tucked under his back; his hand desperately trying to work its way under his bottom and into his cleft. “You… want to be touched… down there?”

“Uh,” Hiei averted his eyes, the blush on his cheeks intensifying.

That reaction was so cute. Yusuke couldn’t help it, he dove down on Hiei barbarically capturing his lips. Hiei moaned, whether in appreciation or protest, Yusuke would never know because he was not about to let up. He darted his tongue into Hiei’s mouth, swept briskly over his cavern and back out again, only to repeat the process until Hiei became dizzy. At the same time Yusuke’s hand strayed down to Hiei’s bottom with the intent to give him exactly what he was wanting.

“Mmmm!” Hiei moaned loudly into Yusuke’s mouth as Yusuke’s finger pressed boldly into his rear.

Yusuke was vaguely amazed with himself. He had never thought to fool around with another guy before and now here he was fooling around with Hiei-- even fingering his ass. On that note, he was also amazed with Hiei’s ass. Once again, he’d never done this before, but he thought Hiei’s anus would have put up some sort of resistance to his intrusion. “You’ve done this before?” Yusuke panted.

Hiei shook his head, “Never let anyone… some tried… killed them.” Why the sudden urge to have it now?

“You never…?”

“Ngh, Yusuke it’s so good. Give me another.”

Yusuke shuttered. Between the sweet friction between their bodies and Hiei’s wanton words, Yusuke felt like he going to come. He bit his lip and held on. I felt too good to end already! He did as Hiei told him, withdrew his finger and replaced it with two.
The way Hiei’s inner wall undulated around his fingers… Yusuke could only imagine what it would feel like if he put another part of his body in there.

Yusuke instantly berated himself. That was going too far. That was like sex. All he and Hiei were doing right then was grinding their sweaty, naked bodies against each other. His digits were up Hiei’s ass and his tongue in his mouth. Perfectly innocent in Yusuke’s lust idled brain.

“Oh oh oh!” Hiei’s body started into an uncontrollable spasm. “I’m coming!”

“I’m with ya!” Yusuke husked as he lunged his hips harder. He felt Hiei’s walls suckling on his fingers, imagined it was his cock and it was all over after that. With intermingling cries the demons spilled their seed between them.

“Now you’re crushing me,” Hiei said after a moment when Yusuke went limp on top of him.

Yusuke’s eyes shot wide open. Desire dissipated, his mind cleared. He all but jumped off of Hiei. Sticky strings of semen still connected them. “Oh my god, what did we just do?!”

Hiei‘s expression was just as horrified, “I- I don’t know what came over me.”

“Uh, you don’t got any, like, special feelings for me do ya?” Yusuke asked delicately.

“Are you kidding or are you just stupid?” Hiei snapped. That meant no.

“That’s a relief,” Yusuke sighed. Then added hurriedly, “Not that I don’t think your good enough or nothing. It’s just that it’s less complicated this way.”

“Both of us get horny when we fight and it was a real good fight. I suppose, we just got a little out of hand.” Hiei sat up. His muscles still felt pleasantly drained from the encounter. He couldn’t say he regretted it. It was a marvelous experience, sensationally speaking. “It was just a thing that happened. I don’t think we need to fret over it.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Yusuke agreed. As shocked as he was by what happened, he wasn’t really bothered by it-- which made the whole thing stranger. “Uh, we’d better get back or people are gonna start missing us.”

When the two returned, Yusuke was immediately reprimanded by his female for quote, “Fooling around when there was work to be done.” If only she knew. Hiei noticed a glimmer of guilt behind the ex-detective’s eyes when she spoke to him. But other than that, they went on as if nothing ever happened.
* * *
Night fell. Yukina and Kuwabara emerged from their room with pleased smiles on their faces. The conception apparently went off without a hitch. Soon after that, the guests started to arrive and the party went into full swing, demons and humans alike danced as music played loudly on the stereo and the liquor flowed like water. But amidst this madness was one quiet little corner where Hiei sat in an overstuffed chair, looking even tinier than he was. He sat brooding and watching the happy couple make their way around the room, accepting whatever congratulations were offered.

“He took it better than I thought,” Genkai muttered to Kurama, eyeing the sullen demon, “I would have thought for sure he’d go on a rampage and try to castrate Kuwabara.”

“He thought about it,” Kurama chuckled, “I suppose he decided there was no point. As Yukina said herself, her kind becomes pregnant automatically at this time in their lives anyway.” Decided that the smaller demon could use some company, Kurama picked up a second drink from the open bar and asked strolled over to him. “You looked like you could use one,” he said handing him the small glass of brownish liquid.

“Kuwabara…” Hiei muttered to himself, “Of all people, it had to be Kuwabara. The kids are gonna be stupid as well as ugly.”

“Kuwabara is attending one of the regions top collages,” Kurama defended the man, “And some people find his looks very appealing.”

“People like you?” Hiei came back.

“You jealous?”


“Of course, you know I prefer the short, dark, and handsome type.”

“Don’t screw with me fox,” Hiei muttered, “I’m not in the mood. Where‘s the detective, you can go play with him. Or is he not speaking to you. I heard that it was supposed to your job to tell me about… that.” He vaguely indicted Yukina and Kuwabara, arm in arm.

“He went to the cellar for more wine,” Kurama told him, “And he forgave me right away. Actually, he seemed sort of elated when you two came back… I think I know what that indicates.”

Hiei paled, “Do you?”

Kurama nodded smugly, “You two had a skirmish. You two are nothing but a couple of battle addicts. While the rest of us were working our preverbal tales off….”

Hiei nearly deflated with relief. The wily fox was none the wiser about what really happened in those woods. Good thing because Hiei was sure Kurama would never stop teasing him about it. He said, “Yusuke provided an adequate distraction. Now that I’ve had time to think it out, I might actually be able to accept Yukina’s decision to breed with the oaf.”

“I’m glad to hear that because I overheard Yukina say that she wished for you to be the one to give her away at the wedding this spring. I wonder, why you?” Kurama said knowingly.

“‘Why don’t you tell her, you’re her bother?’” Hiei drawled, “I knew you would bring that up, you always do.”

“And you always say no. My Hiei, we’re getting predictable,” Kurama said in fake despair. “Oh well, I guess the only thing we can do now to get out of this rut is to find an empty bedroom somewhere and screw each other senseless.”

Hiei lifted an eyebrow, “Are you drunk?”

“I’m a little buzzed,” Kurama smiled against the rim of his glass. He spotted Yusuke coming into the room with a fresh bottle in hand. He waved the other over. “You should probably drink yours. Or were you just planning on holding it all night?”

“Hey, Kurama, Hiei, how’s it shaking?” Yusuke came over looking a little tipsy himself.

“I think I might get lucky tonight,” Kurama tossed a mischievous look over to Hiei.

Hiei rolled his eyes. He knew the fox didn’t really any physical interest in him. It was just a game he played. However Makai was abounding with stories from in which Youko Kurama apparently coupled with males, females, and creatures of less determinable sexes. Hiei would be hard pressed to say what the fox was interested in these days, but he knew it wasn’t him.

Yusuke topped off the foxes glass and looked at Hiei, “You?”

Hiei averted his eyes and started to lift his glass, but then he stopped as Yukina popped up amidst them. “Mr. Hiei I’m so glad to see you made it. I apologize for not coming over to greet you sooner, but--”

“You have a lot of guests to attend to,” Hiei said lowering his glass to his lap. Her presence was a like a refreshing breeze that blew the sexual tension out of the air around them. “I understand this is a special day for you, the day you become a mother.”

“Yes,” she said. “There’s um, something I wanted to speak with you about. It’s sort of important. It’s about my brother.”

“I haven’t anything to tell you on that front,” Hiei shook his head.

“Really? I had so hoped he’d have shown himself by today,” she sighed, “I had something important to discuss with him about my condition… and his.”

“His?” Hiei frowned.

She began, “My mother’s friend, who raised me, told me about it. She became interested in the legends about male Koorimes after my mother gave birth to one and read about them in the village’s archives. She even looked into some pieces that she was not supposed to and discovered some rather… interesting things.

“You know, of course, that all Ice Maidens become ripe with child every hundred years, it‘s a trait that all females of the Koorime race share. Well, it seems that a good quotient of the male part of the race carry this trait as well.”

“I beg your pardon?” Hiei blinked.

“Out of the twenty seven known cases of male Koorime’s born-- this was of course before the elders started banishing male children-- eighteen of them became pregnant and birthed a child when they reached the age of one hundred.”

“That’s almost a seventy five percentile,” Kurama gasped. His eyes flicked involuntarily to Hiei.

“So uh, how would, a male Koorime know if he…” Yusuke asked.

Hiei just stared at her. If there was any color left in his face, she couldn’t see it. “They say that males who carry this trait are usually of a somewhat smaller stature, but have a higher energy level, though that might just be hearsay. Can’t really know for sure until it happens. That is, when a Koorimes body is undergoing its reproductive cycle she-- or he in this case-- will suddenly have the urge to, uh… be penetrated.”

Yusuke epped, “P-penetrated? You sure?”

“Don’t go trying to convince me boys can’t do that too. I’m not so naïve. Shizuru lets me barrow her yaoi comics. Anyway I am one hundred today so I should know. Ladies in the village kept, uh, special devises for that purpose. I didn’t need one, myself, I have Kazuma,” she blushed. “Anyway, I thought you‘d find this topic interesting. But I think I‘ll get back to my Kazuma now.” She paused and took Hiei’s untouched beverage out of his slackened hand, smiled “You shouldn’t drink.”
* * *
Kurama made him pee on a stick. Hiei was skeptical at first whether a pregnancy test for human females would even work on him. The fox assured him that the pregnancy hormonal chemical that activated the test strip was more or less universal. So it should work. Still he felt silly peeing on a stick.

“Hiei are you aright in here?” Kurama poked his head in the door.

“Damn it, fox, I don’t need an audience!” Hiei snapped and became doubly irritated when his start caused him to fumble the stick and splash urine onto his hand.

Kurama offered, “If you need any help--”

“I can handle this, ma’am,” Hiei snarled. He finished and set the stick down on a towel next to the sink. Then he washed his hands.

Kurama’s eyes stayed intently focused on the test stick. “So, what are we going to do, now that you’re…?”

“One; this is not a ‘we’ thing. This thing is my problem,” Hiei sneered. “And two, we don’t know yet if I am… you know.” Hiei didn’t even want to say the word pregnant. It was all too strange to him. He, Hiei the Jaganshi, master of the darkness flame technique and one of the most feared apparitions in demon world, might be a mommy.

“But you had… that urge when you were with Yusuke,” Kurama reminded.

“That’s not proof,” Hiei huffed, embarrassed that Yusuke had shared that exchange with the fox. “I’ve always gotten… excited during a good fight. For all we know I was just being a wanton little slut.”

“We can test that,” Kurama strolled over to him, slipped his arm around Hiei’s middle. With his best seductive smile, he asked, “You feeling any urges now?”

Some blood rose to Hiei’s cheeks. He scowled and turned his head, “Hn.”

With a satisfied grin, Kurama released Hiei and moved on. “So what are we going to tell Yukina? Are you going to finally cop to being her brother?”

“Again, not a ‘we’ thing. And I don’t see why I should have to tell her anything,” Hiei huffed.

“Well I thought it would be a good idea to tell her that you are her long lost brother. After all I’m sure she’ll figure it out once you turn up pregnant.” Kurama shrugged, “Actually I think she already suspects. Did you not notice how she wouldn’t let you hang around smokers the other day at her party? If not her brother, she must at least suspect that you‘re pregnant.”

“Stop saying I’m pregnant! We don’t know that yet!” Hiei erupted.

“On to a more present issue, I think you should stay here during your pregnancy.” At Hiei’s sharp glare he hastily added, “If there is a pregnancy, that is. You’ll be more vulnerable in that state. Every two-bit apparition in the demon plan who wants to make a name for him self over your corpse is going to try to take advantage of that. I urge you to stay here where I-- your friends can take care of you.”

“Even if I am… that, I‘m still won‘t be completely helpless,” Hiei snapped offended.

“Of course, how could I have forgotten,” Kurama thumped him self on top of the head, “Mukuro will be there in the demon world.”

Hiei paled. He forgot about her as well. He could just imagine having to go to her and tell her he was pregnant-- or worse, if she somehow found out on her own. He could just see that bemused smirk now as if she thought he’d done it just to entertain her. Oh and would she be entertained! It would be at the expense of him, his pride, not to mention his modesty. Maybe the human world would be a more… convenient place to carry a child after all-- not that he was carrying a child.

There was a loud knock and then Yusuke’s voice, “Hey, I’m here. Did he pee on the stick yet?”

“Come in Yusuke,” Kurama called him, “And yes, we’ve started the test. You’re just in time for the results.”

“Great!” Yusuke let himself in, “I got some stuff down at the store, to celebrate, ya know. Got some beer for me and you Kurama, apple juice for mama here, some chips, cookies, ice cream… Oh, I got these for you Hiei.” Yusuke pulled a pair of big, fuzzy slippers out of the bag.

“What the hell would I do with these?” Hiei scowled.

“Put them on your feet, dummy,” Yusuke grinned. “I asked the lady at the store what a good present for a pregnant lady would be-- sorry I said you were a lady, but couldn’t tell her my guy friend was knocked up-- anyway she told be to get ya slippers cuz when your body chemistry starts going all kooky, your feet are gonna swell and hurt a lot. So I got you the cushiest set I could find.”

“That was very sweet and thoughtful of you, Yusuke,” Kurama said astounded. “He was really thinking of you Hiei.”

Hiei grunted and accepted the slippers. Yusuke scratched the back of his head, “Well, yeah. I just feel kind alike I had something to do with the child being brought into this world, cuz of what happened between us. So I want to help out as much as I can, ya know.”

“You had nothing to do with this and we don’t even know if there is a ‘this’ yet,” Hiei said.

“It’s been twenty minutes,” Kurama checked his watch, “The results should be in now.”

“Good, now we’ll know for sure. You two are going feel very silly when you see that stick says I’m negative.” Hiei paced over to the bathroom and picked up the pregnancy test.

“What’s it say?” Yusuke inquired.

Hiei didn’t reply. He stared at it for a long moment, calm and completely motionless. Then in a sudden flurry he dove for the bathroom waste bin and dug out the tests packaging. With a desperate look in his eyes he looked back and forth between the test and the box, reading the directions three, four times.

“What does it say?” Kurama repeated Yusuke’s question a little more urgently. They rushed to him.

He turned and looked up them, his face pale as the bathroom tile. The stick resting in his tiny hand was clear and unmistakable with a pink plus sign showing on it. Positive. Hiei’s voice almost sounded helpless as he said, “Damn, I’m pregnant.”

A/N: Here’s my contribution to the Mpreg genre of fic (Yes, I think it’s its own genre.) I like those fics, especially when it’s Hiei who’s preggers. Like he isn’t cantankerous enough we gotta pump him full of hormones and put a five to ten pound weight on his bladder. We’ll be having lots of that kind of fun in the next chapter: Gestation. Next time!

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