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Okay everyone, I hope I don’t regret this. I don’t mean writing it, but posting it before it’s finished. I’ve actually been writing this for over a year and I’m no where near done. Don’t know why, but I keep getting stuck. I know I’ve done something a little similar, but not quite the same. This sounded like a good idea at first, but I’m having trouble keeping it working. Especially since I’ve never written in first person before. Kurama is very OOC, but he’ll come around eventually.

To all of you who asked for a new story, this one’s for you. Updates may be slow in coming, but as my regular readers know, I’ll never leave a story unfinished. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to leave me a review. TTFN


Damn my head hurts, and I really don’t want to open my eyes yet. I lay still for a few minutes and the pain dulls a little. Flexing my feet tells me my legs feel fine. Trying to do the same with my hands I discover two things. First, is that right my arm is pinned. Second, is that my left arm is draped over the someone pinning my right.

Daring a peek, I open my eyes to see that I’m cuddled… yes cuddled… against the chest of what appears to be a naked man. Shifting just slightly confirms my suspicion… we are both completely naked. Trying to figure out what to do I lay there and think. Looking at the man, I don’t recognize him. Careful not to wake him I scan what I can see of the room. We’re in a bedroom, though there is nothing remarkable about it, it’s rather large and well furnished.

Confused, I shift my gaze back to the man beside me. Though I can’t see much, I am sure the body beneath me is strong and muscular. Then I saw it… a huge tattoo of a dragon winding around his right arm from the back of his hand all the way to his bicep. Ignoring the curious apprehension the dragon gave me, my gaze moved to his face. With his features softened by sleep the man appeared to be in his late teens or early twenties. His sleep tousled hair draped around his shoulders. It was black with an interesting splash of white scattered in his bangs.

Still not recognizing him, I look around the room for anything that might trigger a memory of where I am or who the man might be. “Damn it Fox, how am I supposed to sleep with you thinking so loud?”

His sudden gruff complaint startled me and I would have jumped away but his strong arm held me in place. Not sure how to respond I say the first thing that popped into my head. “I think too loud?”

When he opened his eyes and gave me an odd look I couldn’t help but stare. His almond shaped eyes were ruby red. Somehow that struck me as odd. “Relax Kurama. I wasn’t eavesdropping on your thoughts, I just know how your mind works. Besides, we’ve slept together long enough for me to know the minute you wake up.”

Luckily the man didn’t seem to expect a response because faster than I could react he leaned over, kissed me, then climbed out of bed. If I had any doubt before that he had been naked, those doubts were gone as I watched his firm ass as he walked across the room to an open doorway and disappeared. He called out from what I could only assume is a bathroom. “How does your head feel?”

I barely manage to say “it hurts” before he comes back. Dumbstruck, I grab the sheet to cover myself as he approaches the bed. Yep, he is definitely a naked man. A very well hung naked man. My mouth suddenly went dry and I felt my own length twitch in response to his exquisite physique. “Kurama, are you alright?”

Guilty of being caught staring, I gulp and look up to his face. Grasping for anything that might explain what was going on I stammered. “Mm… my head hurts.”

I gulp again as he sits back on the bed. In his hand was a wet washcloth and I tried not to flinch when he reached towards me. “Hold still so I can get this bandage off and have a look.”

Reaching my hand up I feel a bandage wrapped around my head. Over my left eye there is a bump and it hurts to touch it. With a little growl the man swatted my hand away and began unwrapping the bandage. When it dropped onto the sheet I see it is a strip of white cloth much like he has wrapped around his forehead. Was he hurt too?

A moment later I see a bloody wad of gauze drop on to the wrapping. I can feel him using the washcloth to clean my wound and, though I can tell he is trying to be gentle, I can’t help but wince. At the obvious remorse in his eyes at hurting me, I bite back a gasp. “If you had just let me take you to Yukina last night she could have healed this in minutes.”

Not knowing who this Yukina is I remain silent, afraid of saying the wrong thing. When he finishes and gathers up the bloody bandages I can see there is also a fair amount of blood on the washcloth. He left again, presumably to dispose of the mess only to return and crawl back on the bed. My heart is racing as he slowly moves closer. I’m sure he is about to kiss me so I try to move away from him. “What’s the matter Fox? I seem to remember you telling me more than once that sex was a good cure for a headache.”

Nervously I put a hand on his chest to hold him back. “Sh… shouldn’t we take care of your wound too?”

If it weren’t hidden by the bandage on his forehead I’m sure I would have seen his brow wrinkle in a frown. “My wound? I didn’t get wounded. You were the only one stupid enough to get slammed into a wall trying to get that demon off of the oaf. Next time remember that, unlike you, there’s nothing in Kuwabara’s head to hurt.”

That last comment might have been funny if I knew what the hell he was talking about. “Demon?”

The man sat back then but reached out to take my chin in his hand. He gave me a good long look before speaking. “Did you rattle your brain when you hit that wall? Yusuke called last night. A demon attacked a group of humans just outside of town so he and Kuwabara chased him our way so we could trap him. He’d be in a Reikai jail cell or maybe back in Makai by now if he hadn’t hurt you. Instead he’s dead.”

I could feel my heart racing. “He’s dead?”

The man looked at me like I was crazy. “What’s the matter with you? Of course he’s dead. No one hurts my mate and lives.”

Suddenly I wasn’t sure I could breathe. “Y…you killed for me?”

Alarm suddenly crossed the man’s face and he stiffened. “Calm down Kurama. What’s wrong? Your pets are going crazy.”

Following his gaze I gasp. There are quite a few plants in the large room and every one of them is moving or growing or blooming. “What’s going on? How is that happening?”

I watch as his ruby eyes dart back and forth from me to the plants before settling on me again. “Listen to me carefully. I need you to understand that I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to help you calm down before your plants attack us.”

He quickly reaches out to hold my face in both of his hands. Terrified, I grab his hands to try and pull them away. I gasp when all of a sudden the bandage around his forehead went up in flames revealing a purple eye that seemed to stare right into my soul. I was about to scream when, like a sudden shower putting out a flame, a wave of calm washed over me. Dropping my hands, I can’t do anything but stare hypnotized into that purple eye.

Though I hear nothing, I know my body is responding to the eye’s silent commands. My heart rate slows to normal, as does my breathing. I’m not afraid any more. Somehow I know I’m safe. With a deep sigh I close my eyes, only then do I hear the man’s deep voice. “Everything is going to be alright. No one is going to hurt you. I’m right here with you my Fox.”

I’m not sure how long I sat there with my eyes closed. When I open them the man is holding my hands and watching me anxiously. After a moment I turn to look at the plants. They all look like normal house plants and I begin to wonder if I am having some kind of weird dream. Hoping he has answers, I look back at the man. If this is a dream it has to be a nightmare. The man has three eyes for crying out loud. Before I can say anything though he begins questioning me. “Do you know who I am?”

I shake my head. “No.”

His expression is blank. “Do you know your name?”

Biting my lip I think a moment. “You’ve called me Fox and Kurama.”

I watch as a sudden look of sadness flashes across his face before it’s gone. His voice is soft when he speaks. “My name is Hiei.”

The fact that it hurts this total stranger that I don’t know him causes an unfamiliar ache in my heart. “Why did you call me your mate? Don’t animals mate?”

Though I can tell he’s trying to hide it, that fleeting sadness enters his eyes again. Why am I so attuned to his feelings? “We were mated as demons. For your mother we also had a human marriage ceremony.”

It’s hard not to let his words upset me, especially when this is obviously no ordinary man. It’s not normal to have red eyes let alone an extra purple one. “So you’re saying you are a demon and I am human. Is that right?”

I see his eyes dart towards the plants again and realize they are beginning to quiver. It’s almost as if they’re agitated. “Take a deep breath and try to calm down. They can sense when you are upset.”

Nervously, I do as he says. When he sighed I opened my eyes. Again the plants looked normal. “Is it me that is doing that to the plants?”

Hiei nods. “Yes. You are not an ordinary human. You were born with the soul and powers of a demon.”

My shoulders slump. “Why can’t I remember any of this?”

He shakes his head. “Your head was injured last night. It must have something to do with that. We need to get you to Yukina.”

Hiei then stood and walked to the dresser. I can’t resist following his naked form, disappointed when he steps into a pair of boxers. “Here, put these on.”

Distracted by the sight of Hiei in the short, silky, sexy boxers, I miss when he tosses me a pair. Embarrassed, I quickly snatch them up and put them on. “Who’s Yukina?”

When I look up again Hiei is dressed all in black and is holding clothes out for me. Rising from the bed I looked at the clothes horrified. “Is that what I usually wear? Those are hideous.”

Hiei looks at the bright yellow shirt and red pants he’d chosen and grunts. “Hn, then go pick what you want.”

Taking the ugly clothes from him, I step into a closet larger than most bedrooms. One side is filled with all dark clothes. Since Hiei was dressed all in black I suppose those must be his. Turning, I see neat rows of clothes of all colors, shirts on top, pants on the bottom. I hang the ugly outfit he’d selected and sift through the large selection of clothes on the other side. Quickly I selected a pair of ordinary jeans and a long-sleeved, collared white shirt.

When I exit the closet I see Hiei is in the bathroom setting his toothbrush down. He has replaced the headband that I’d watched burn up a few minutes ago. When he turns, he must have seen the uncertainty in my eyes. “The green toothbrush is yours.”

Nodding, I go into the bathroom. I briefly scan the large elaborate room before catching my reflection in the mirror. Shocked at what I see I reach a hand up to finger a long red wave. Behind me, Hiei was watching my reflection. “What’s wrong Kurama?”

Not looking at him, my fingers lift the ends up until I can see them. I can’t tell him what I was really thinking. I was wondering where my ears were. Not the shell-like ears I feel through my hair, but the beautiful silver ones I somehow think I should see. “I didn’t realize my hair would be red.”

Hiei seems to think a moment before ignoring my comment. “Just get dressed so we can get going. Maybe Yukina can help get your memory back.”

Closing the bathroom door I look around. The room was mostly covered in expensive looking tile. There was a large glass shower next to a full Jacuzzi tub. A brush with a few long red hairs in it sits on the marble countertop next to the left of the duel sinks. Guess that it must be my side. Using the things I find there, I wash and dress. Pushing my hair back I examine my wound. Surprisingly, considering the amount of blood I’d seen on the bandage earlier, the only evidence of an injury is a slightly swollen bump on my forehead.

As I finish buttoning my shirt I suddenly notice I’m wearing a necklace. Leaning closer to the mirror I realize what I’d thought was some sort of medallion is actually an intricate oval cage-like pendant encasing something inside. At first glance it looked like a pearl, but on closer examination I realize it is some type of jewel. It’s not cut like most jewels, but an absolutely perfect sphere. The gem is exquisite. Deciding to ask Hiei about it later, I reach for the brush and do my best to tame the long mane of red hair cascading down my back.

When I’m ready, I ignore my nervousness and I rejoin Hiei. “Why are you taking me to see your sister? If I was hurt and lost my memory, shouldn’t I be going to a doctor or hospital?”

I frown when I see him consider his words once again and wonder if he is keeping something from me. “Yukina is our healer. She is better qualified to treat a demon than any human doctor.”

Somehow I know he isn’t lying, but for some reason his attempt at tact seems out of character. “I forgot about the demon thing.”

Hiei pushed a few buttons on a control panel before opening the bedroom door. As I follow him from the room I finally take note that it is not only large but furnished in rich dark woods and expensive bedding. When we enter the spacious living room I notice that it too is large and beautifully furnished. Turning my attention back to Hiei I see him reach for a large glass door leading onto a spacious balcony overlooking the city. When he spoke under his breath I’m not sure I heard him correctly. “Guess we should use the door.”

In the foyer Hiei opened the door then turned back to a nearby table. Picking a few things up he offers them to me. “Here, you don’t go anywhere without these.”

Looking down I see he’s shoved a wallet and a cell phone in my hands. Without comment I stuff them in my pockets. Again Hiei pushes buttons on another control panel before I follow him out. Outside the apartment is a small private hallway and an elevator. After a brief wait the elevator opens. Once inside Hiei pushes the button marked G1. Looking at the elevator’s panel I notice there are three garage levels. I also notice that our ride originated at the penthouse of what is obviously a high-rise complex.

It isn’t long before we arrive at the garage. Looking at the expensive vehicles before me I try to guess which one might be his. Eyeing a beautiful sports car, that is my first pick. It is pearl white and even the artificial garage light made it sparkle like a precious gem. The back of the gorgeous car reads Fairlady 370Z, 40th Anniversary. I smile at the personalized plate that read ‘Tenshi’. This Fairlady was aptly named, if it was a woman she would be an angel.

A grunt beside me draws my attention back to Hiei. “Hn. Even without your memory you still love that car. Forget it Fox, I’m driving.”

I only had a moment to absorb that the beautiful car was mine before I saw where Hiei stopped. Next to the 370Z is a black motorcycle. A Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager, or so the insignia said. Every inch of the jet black bike was polished to perfection. It seemed Hiei liked his motorcycle as much as I did that pretty sports car. “You want me to ride on this?”

Hiei just scoffed at my unease. “Hn. ‘THIS’ is the bike you gave me for our fifth anniversary. You like riding with me because you like to feel the wind blowing through your hair.”

I still hesitate even when he straddles the bike. “Couldn’t you just drive my car?”

Hiei looked at me surprised. “Even if I knew how to drive it, you never let anyone drive your Tenshi.”

I see him smirk at the odd look I must have given him. “I really named my car Tenshi?”

Hiei shrugged and pointed at the license plate the clearly read ‘TENSHI’. “I believe you said that I was your devil, and she was your angel. Now get on the bike and let’s go.”

Looking at the sinfully handsome man dressed all in black sitting astride the big black motorcycle, I can see why I might have thought him a devil. Not knowing what else to do, I mount the seat behind him. Though the bike is large and comfortable, it feels oddly intimate. When Hiei kicked the engine to life I can’t prevent a feeling of trepidation. A moment later it got more intimate when Hiei reached back, grabbed me by the thighs and pulled me closer. Then he took my hands and wrapped them around his waist. “Hold on, I like to ride fast.”

That was all the warning I got before he revved the engine and the bike shot forward. Instinctively I hold tight as he quickly maneuvered out of the garage and into traffic. The way he was weaving in and out of the heavy city traffic didn’t do anything to relieve my anxiety. To distract myself I look around trying to identify anything that might be familiar. After a while the unfamiliar city faded and the open country road lay ahead. I still know nothing more than I did before. Leaning close to his ear, I ask. “Where are we going?”

With a little turn of his head Hiei spoke loud enough for me to hear. “My sister Yukina and her husband Kuwabara live at Genkai’s temple about an hour outside the city.”

I simply nod as I remember hearing the name Kuwabara from our earlier conversation and wonder who Genkai might be. Since conversation on the motorcycle is difficult I watch the countryside. It doesn’t take me long to realize Hiei’s words from earlier are true. I do like the feel of the wind blowing through my hair as we speed down the highway.

I don’t know how long we’d been traveling when I suddenly realize how easily I’d settled in behind Hiei. Though his hair wasn’t as long as mine, it was long enough for the wind to whip it around my face. Without even realizing it I’d tucked my face next to his neck to avoid his hair. With my attention now drawn from the landscape to Hiei I can’t help but notice how good he smells. I can’t place the smell but smoke and spice come to mind. It suits him.

Closing my eyes I think about everything that’s happened since I woke this morning. I woke naked in bed with a strange man and somehow that doesn’t bother me. Am I gay? I have no memory of this man and yet I’m trusting him to race me across the countryside on the back of a motorcycle to heaven knows where. Am I crazy? The answer to both must be yes, because not only am I enjoying the ride but also the feel of the man who my arms are willingly wrapped tightly around.

I open my eyes as I feel the bike slowing and see we are in a small village. As Hiei weaves us through the narrow streets I still recognize nothing. Just as I think we are about to pass through the village, Hiei points up a hill. “That’s the temple.”

There are a few cars at the base of the hill and there is a steep set of stairs that climbs to what must be the entrance to the temple. Passing the cars, Hiei takes us further down the road before turning off on what looks to be little more than a dirt path. Gradually the path winds its way up to the back side of the temple. When Hiei parks, I was about to climb off when he swung a leg over the front of the bike. Before I can move Hiei had turned on the seat, slipped a hand under my hair and claimed my lips in a kiss.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Kurama’s 370Z is actually my car. Everything about it is exactly as I described, and yes, her name is Tenshi. LOL

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