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Title: Little Tastes of Delight

Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho

Pairing: Past Kurama/Yusuke, Hiei/Yusuke

Part: 1

Word count: 1,714

An: And here we go with a new story for every Tuesday. This round is set in Yu Yu Hakusho and I hope that you guys enjoy. :3


It was King Emma’s birthday once more and the part was well underway, everyone who was high enough was there with their families, mates, and some even with most of their household.

It had been three years since the last tournament that had decided that Emma would be king of them all and Yusuke had just turned 18 the last month before, and was dealing with heartache that cut. Sighing, he looked towards the party, eyebrows coming together and drawing together as brown eyes swept over the party. It was in full swing, everyone having fun, drinking and eating happening around him as everyone celebrated the Youkai Kings birthday.

His eyes found where Kurama was standing, talking with someone who was rather effeminate and looked quite a bit like Yusuke, even if he looked to be more on the girlish side. Letting his hurt shine through for a split second, Yusuke turned away and moved deeper into the shadows on the terrace and turned away from the party once more.

Kurama had broken up with him in a most hurtful way on his birthday, after nearly a year together as lovers and friends. The kitsune had said that he couldn’t stand being around him with all of his baggage from his past, nor the fact that he could be so very childish. Yusuke believed that’s what hurt the most, being called childish.

The young youkai lord couldn’t remember the last time he had been a child in any form outside of his mask.

Sighing, Yusuke brushed a bit of long hair back out of his face and leant against the railing of the terrace. He had started to grow out his hair a couple of years before in a way to remember all that he had lost since he had arrived in the Makai. First had been Raizen, and later, when he had gone to see them after a year of training, Keiko and just in the last six months, his mother. The woman had finally succumbed to her hard living lifestyle, the drugs and alcohol that had ruled her life ravaging her body to a point where it had just given out one day.

He had had Kurama there while he had been dealing with the funeral and the estate, which had been quite a bit surprisingly. But once they had come back they hadn’t been quite as close as before, growing apart until the day of his ruined birthday where the spirit fox had torn out his heart without a bit of remorse.

But now, here Kurama was flirting with someone that reminded any that saw him of a very girly, shallow Yusuke. It just added insult to injury for the young demon lord.

Sighing, Yusuke reached into a pocket and pulled out a slim silver case that had been his mother’s and opened it up. Pulling out a cigarette, he tucked it into the corner of his mouth and used a match to light it, the cherry glowing brightly in the dark. Taking a slow drag off of it, he pulled it away from his mouth and tapped the ash off of it as he let out the slow stream of smoke.

He was content with just standing there, staying away from his ex and from all those that dared to give him pitying looks.

He didn’t want their looks of pity, didn’t want to know that they knew just how Kurama had used him, had turned on him at the first chance of doing so. He should have listened to the rumors about his ex, he supposed, but he hadn’t, hoping that he had changed enough that it spilled over into his relationships with people.

“Am I a fool? I don’t think I’m a fool, but I sure was fooled,” Yusuke snorted, shaking his head as he drew in a fresh cloud of smoke, ignoring the soft footsteps and comforting feeling of heated power that could only come from one person.

“Quoting now? Does it really fit the moment?” Hiei asked as he came to stand next to Yusuke, handing him a thin glass of youkai wine, knowing that the other didn’t drink much and never something hard.

“Kenneth Lay said it and I think it can fit to a point,” Yusuke drawled, shrugging with a smile. “I know quite a few good Emily Dickinson ones to. I rather love her stuff, along with Shakespeare on occasion,” he continued, taking the glass and sipping at the wine with a smile.

“Oh? Do share?” Hiei drawled as he pulled himself up to perch on the railing, watching the lean body shift as Yusuke smoked and thought about it.

“Okay, how about this one. Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all,” he hummed, smiling at his friend as the fire youkai chuckled lowly.

“Very interesting. Wasn’t she rather morbid about some things?” Hiei asked as Yusuke swirled his drink around.

“Sometimes, yes. Poetry mostly,” Yusuke hummed with a smile, shaking his head with a laugh of amusement, feeling some of the pain ease very slightly before he looked over his shoulder. Spotting Kurama lean down close to the young man as he whispered something into his ear, he turned away quickly and drank down the wine in his glass, as if he was trying to drown his misery.

“He’s really hurting you with his callousness, isn’t he?” Hiei asked. Yusuke looked up and gave his friend a studying look, but didn’t find any pity but something akin to sympathy and understanding as dark red eyes glared at the flirty kitsune.

“I suppose you can say that,” Yusuke sighed, shaking his head with a frown as he looked out over the garden that had been nurtured by Emma and his servants. “I don’t know why I let it get to me in such a way, but…no matter how much I try it still hurts to know that he didn’t want me and all that came with me, but rather he wanted the pretty looks and the power. He didn’t want the baggage that is unfortunately a part of my very being,” he sighed, finishing off his cigarette before snuffing it out and tossing it out into the garden, knowing that it would soon be nothing more than mulch.

“He was always an idiot when it came to having something perfect in his grasp, flawed or not,” Hiei snorted, shaking his head with a smile dancing on his lips. Yusuke flushed lightly as he played with his empty glass. “But to shove the newest play toy in your face is just cruel. And stupid.”

“I can’t exactly stop him now can I?” Yusuke asked, chuckling with a bit hurt and pain, eyes expressing those emotions. “I can’t even talk to him anymore. I knew that should we ever break up that it would be likely that I would have a hard time putting our relationship behind us but I could have talked with him. But with the way that he had done it just kind of ruined it all for me I suppose,” he said, shaking his head.

“He’s a fucking fool,” Hiei snorted, shaking his head before turning to Yusuke, seeing the soft sad smile on his face before the young youkai lord shook his head, hair swinging.

The shorter man felt the urge to reach out and grasp the soft hair, wanted to feel the long locks slide through his fingers, feeling the soft texture of it. He wanted to see how it would look spread out under Yusuke as his body writhed and arched up into his touches, his kisses. Hiei shifted in place as he put a clamp down on those thoughts for later perusal, making Yusuke look at him with a curious look on his face.

“Just thinking,” Hiei said, smiling slightly as his ran his clawed fingers through his hair. Yusuke chuckled and smirked as he played with a long bit of his hair, twisting it around and around his finger before braiding it and then unbraiding it.

“I see. I suppose we should go in and prepare for the present opening,” Yusuke mused, watching the way the other guests were all heading for their tables to watch their King open the presents.

“We should. Come sit with Mukuro-san, Yukina and I?” Hiei requested, tilting his head with a barely there smile on his lips. It was more a quirk of his lips then an actual smile, but it was there and it made him smile in return.

“Yeah. I really have no urge to sit next to Kurama. I know that the seating was set before we broke up but to get away from him would be perfect,” Yusuke sighed. The two youkai headed for the table that held four chairs and four places for them to sit.

The rest of the party was spent enjoying their time together, ignoring the way Kurama was so intent on playing with his newest little toy right in front of them as Emma opened the presents, smiling at a few and nodding at the rest. Yusuke and Hiei, for the most part, talked about things that didn’t include Kurama or the pain that he had caused in the young youkai lord.

Afterwards, Yusuke and Hiei went to his home, the fire youkai deciding to stay for a few days to just hang out and relax with the younger man. He was going to do what he could do to help the younger man to heal from the hurt that Kurama had caused in him.

Hiei figured that he would have to go to the Human World to ask for his own ex-lover’s help on what to do to help Yusuke. Hopefully Kuwabara would be able to help him in his thoughts.

As Hiei settled into bed that night, he was already making plans on what to do next, already making plans on how to fix Yusuke’s hurt and make him feeling better after so much pain. He would do what he needed to do and would make the other man feel loved once more now that he had a chance to do so.

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