Strong Spirit

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Strong Spirit

Yusuke is born with unique spirit energy. He taps into it at a young age and uses his powers very rarely. He meets some strange demons and becomes a powerful warrior even among demons.

Chap 1 Spirit Detective?

Yusuke was born with unique spirit energy. At a young age he could see apparitions and many attacked him. Yusuke protected himself on instinct alone and he grew up tough, becoming a punk in the eyes of a few teachers, and a threat to many apparitions.

The teen started wearing a green rosary around his wrist, he used them as a medium for his spirit energy he can use the beads to bind someone, and to cast a powerful barrier. The barrier’s strength depended on how much spirit energy he puts into it, however thanks to the rosary he can re absorb his barrier so long as it’s not broken and replenish the spirit energy he used.

Yusuke didn’t have much as far as formal training. He figured out the basics for the spirit gun by channeling his spirit energy to different areas of his body, to his finger tips he could perform the spirit gun. To his fists he could increase the strength of his punches, to his feet he could amplify his speed.

It wasn’t long before Yusuke could fire 10 shots of his spirit gun a day. He also was able to turn his shield into an attack shield that fired off energy like his spirit gun, but only when struck. His skills truly became impressive, and his weren’t the only ones.

Kuwabara ended up becoming aware of Yusuke’s dealings with apparitions. He didn’t like to be left out, so he trained himself to gain a spirit power to match Yusuke’s. He learned to make the spirit sword after some time and he used it to attack Urameshi and although Yusuke was surprised, he wasn’t beaten but he had to admit he respected Kuwabara a bit more, it didn’t stop him from kicking his ass though.

Keiko also awakened her own spirit powers. She was mostly a healer and a spiritualist, she used her powerful intuition to keep track of Yusuke. She could also erect a barrier but it wasn’t a powerful one like Yusuke’s. Yusuke found it annoying that she kept following him around getting into his business.

Botan arrives with orders from Koenma. “Botan there are three young teens with unique powers, they each could make fine spirit detectives, and I want you to send them each an invitation.” Botan passed the three letters to Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Keiko.

Each letter held directions to a secure location. It also had a promise for a great opportunity and great reward. Kuwabara and Keiko thought the letters were a trap of some kind, but feeling spiritual energy in the paper had them curious.

Yusuke however had his own reasons, he went to the spot just to see what’s up. Yusuke arrived first thanks to his speed. “WHAT NO WAY URAMESHI!?” Kuwabara shouted.

“Oh great, why are you here?” Yusuke said.

“Did you send me this letter?” Kuwabara said holding up the letter.

“No I got the same letter.” Yusuke said holding up his own letter. ‘This is not looking as fun as I thought it would be.’

“Yusuke?” Keiko’s voice made Yusuke tense up and he began to sweat as he turned to see Keiko come into the area.

“Oh crap not you to!” Yusuke said smacking his forehead. “Don’t tell me we all got this stupid letter.”

“Bingo Bingo Bingo!” Botan said appearing before the three. “My name’s Botan and I’m here to offer you three the chance to become Spirit Detectives.” She said shocking the three into silence.

To be continued

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