Ninja Team

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Ninja Team

Jin and Touya have been kicked out of the shinobi. Both with a bounty on their heads they flee to the one place they could be safe.

Chap 1 Hunted

Risho had betrayed them; Jin and Touya, after the dark tournament all three had to return to the shadows, the other shinobi were not pleased. Risho blamed Jin and Touya for their loss. He claimed they were to soft hearted for their line of work.

Jin was outraged. “You would have never beaten Urameshi, even with all those dirty tricks.” Jin snapped.

“And Kurama would have posed a bigger threat, he was willing to put his life on the line, you were not.” Touya glared at Risho.

Several cloaked fighters appeared surrounding Jin and Touya. “You are the reason we lost, as the leader of the shinobi, I deem you unfit of being shinobi. Kazuki Hibiki capture these fools.” Risho snapped.

Kazuki removed his robe, he was a blonde haired demon with red eyes, he had red streams in his hair looking like lightning bolts, he had short pointy ears and had sharp canines, he had metal bands on his wrists forearms and neck, he wore black cotton pants and had metal anklets. He was thin with slim muscles. “Kazuki the Lightning Master shall obey.”

Hibiki removed her robe, she was a pink haired woman with green eyes, her pink hair was held up in a pony tail with a snake coiling around the hair, she had medium length pointy ears and she wore black eye shadow and purple lip stick. She wore ninja shirt that revealed her cleavage, and a short skirt. A snake was coiled around her waist making a belt. She had sharp nails going in a alternate pattern in color of purple and black. “Hibiki of the Poison Fang shall capture them.”

“Don’t do this guys!!” Touya said and Jin frowned.

“Don’t bother with these piss heads, they are too blind to see Risho’s bullshit, we have ta go!” Jin said and took a step back.

“Oh no you don’t! Lightning Javelin!” Kazuki shot out a javelin of lightning, and Jin quickly used the wind to deflect it. Hibiki was quick to counter attack, her snake belt aimed his head at Jin and Touya.

“Poison Needle!” Her snake fired a barrage of toxic needles.

Touya countered with a wall of ice. “Stop this we are allies!!” Touya pleaded but the Poison and Lightning Masters didn’t care for their words. Risho was their leader, and his orders were absolute. Jin and Touya were now enemies and were to be captured at all costs.

“It’s no use Touya we have to go.” Jin whipped up a massive wind storm, the sheer force blinded the shinobi allowing Jin and Touya to escape. Risho growled.

“Damn it find them, I don’t care if their dead or alive but I want them taken down!!” Risho screamed and the shinobi scattered.

However Jin and Touya were long gone. Jin knew there was only one bloke who they could go to. One person Jin trusted fully. The two raced through the human world, Jin followed the boy’s scent on the wind and the two demons reached Yusuke’s home.

“Jin are you sure this is a good idea, he’s a spirit detective, he works for Koenma!” Touya said, he was naturally worried all their allies were now their enemies, Risho had betrayed him, and although Yusuke was a good guy they knew little about him.

“So what? He’s a good man Touya like me, and I’d trust em with my life.” Jin said and he knocked on the door. They heard some rummaging inside a loud bang followed by a, “Damn it!”

The door opened and Yusuke dressed only in a pair of green boxers opened the door. His hair was disheveled and he yawned. Jin and Touya blushed, and Jin’s ears grew pointy. ‘Trust him more with my life in fact.’ Jin thought and licked his lips.

“Jin? Touya? Wow am I still dreaming?” Yusuke said and he yawned again and scratched just above his boxers and Jin could see some of Yusuke’s pubes peeking up from the garment.

“No Yusuke this is real. We are in trouble.” Jin said and that snapped Yusuke out of his daze.

“Ok come on in, my mom is out so we’ll have the place to ourselves.” Yusuke let the two demons into his home. Yusuke put on some pants much to the disappointment of Jin, but with him not wearing a shirt Jin was still excited and Touya was still flustered.

“Yusuke-san, we come to you on terrible news.” Touya said trying to calm himself.

“Risho being the dick he is blamed us for our loss at the dark tournament. He turned our fellow shinobi against us.” Jin said with a sneer at Risho’s name and actions.

“We are being hunted by them as we speak, it may be only a matter of time before they find us. I know sheltering us would put you in great danger and I understand if you don’t want us here.” Touya said softly.

“What are you kidding you guys can stay as long as you want. I hope you don’t mind sharing my bed, my mom may not be around much but when she’s home she’s crashed in her room.” Yusuke said, and Jin’s ears twitched and Touya blushed.

‘Sleeping in the same bed with Yusuke!’ Jin’s thoughts went very dirty, with him making noises that would wake Yusuke’s neighbors.

‘Sleeping in the same bed with Yusuke-san!’ Touya thought and his whole face went red and his cock throbbed in his pants.

“Yes!” “Yes.” Jin said cheerfully while Touya said it as an embarrassed whisper.

“Ok, then it’s settled, although I do think I should contact Kurama we are gonna need some help with this.” Yusuke said and he led the two to his room. With one call from Yusuke Kurama was already on his way. If shinobi were on the hunt things needed to be prepared.

To be continued

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